Love the Results, Difficult Experience - Long Beach, CA

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I received Juvederm Ultra Plus into my lips...

I received Juvederm Ultra Plus into my lips yesterday afternoon. The doctor did 80% in the upper lip and 20% in the lower, upon my request. So far they look very swollen and notably bruised. I do not feel like I can go in public without questions from acquaitences yet. I was warned this might be the case from my doctor for the next couple days.

The experience itself was pretty painful. I had a numbing cream put on my lips about an hour before the procedure, and when he injected the Juvederm Ultra Plus, I had tears rolling down my face. It was extremely painful. The hard part was knowing he HAD to inject it several times to complete the procedure. So just when I felt relived that he was done, I had to endure several more injections on the other side.

My friend came in the room with me because she was getting it done next, but the sight of me in such pain and blood on my face a teeth scared her. She went through with it, but I suggest you go alone if you are going with a friend. It made her experience a lot more difficult.

He was a great doctor, very nice results, it was painful though. I wish I had known going into it that it was going to hurt so bad. Immediately after, my lips were VERY swollen, almost freakish. But they are better today, at least not freakish, but purple.

All in all, I will refill next year. I wanted a fuller top lip, and I got it. In my book pain comes and goes, having the look I desire for a year will be great. It's a small price to pay.  I just hope I will be able to do something to lessen the pain next year.

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