Juvederm is Hideous

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I am a 46 year old woman and had juvederm for...

I am a 46 year old woman and had juvederm for lines on either side of my mouth. No other major wrinkles on my face. Also had previously botox for lines between eyes with good results. Believed the juvederm advertising - also same company as Botox so thought would be good. Way wrong!

Injected by MD but by that night I could start to see the horror to come. Puffed my face way up on both sides - more on one side than the other - a bulge at the side of my mouth. Could totally feel it in my face - felt hideous. Called the doctor he said temporary swelling and would go down. Not the case.

Five months later and I wake up every day and wish I hadn't done this to may face. The juvederm feels uncomfortable in my face and my face is uneven. The nice contour of my face is gone. Every day I pray and look in the mirror hoping it will go away and I can have my old face back. It is going down but now it seems to making my cheeks look loose and wrinkley. They never were before. It is going down but leaving new lines that weren't there five months ago. What a nightmare.

Someone should start a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer because they have to know what this garbage does. I think it eats your face. My cheeks are sunken in too the more this stuff dissolves.

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Don't do it!

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