Juvederm for Eyes ( Tear Trough ) Do Not Do It !!

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Usual story ! People kept commenting on my tired...

Usual story ! People kept commenting on my tired appearance, grew a little self-concious and did a little research !

After a few weeks digging up what i could on the internet i decided that restylane seem to be the best option for my 'affliction' !

Then having found a local branch of a well known national practioner (uk) i arranged the consultation/procedure !

After discussions with the nurse who would be injecting i was talked into having Juvederm Ultra ! She told me she had better results with the Juvederm over the years and with less side effects than Restylane ! With expertise spaning 5 years i was not one to argue !

The procedure was pleasant enough and i left happy enough with her telling me it looks great !

However i had two large 'sacks' of what look like fluid under both eyes which i had been told was swelling from the injection and it would subside after 2-3 days !

After 2 weeks there was no differance so i called the office and the same nurse said to keep massaging as its aonly a little fluid retention ! 4 Weeks later i called again and ws told the same !!

Finally after 4 months i had enough and arranged for the Juvederm to be dissolved !


My experience tells me that it seems fine when placed in the higher region of the trough where it lacks water, but as soon as its injected into the fattier, lower part of the the trough it draws in way too much fluid and u look like a freak !!

After more research i think these dermal fillers are best injected under muscle rather than the dermal layers !! Have just arranged a consultation with a leading 'tear trough rejuventation' cosmetic surgeon who uses restylane injected under muscle.... fingers crossed !!


Bad advice, poor technique

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