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I purchased two syringes of juvederm for my laugh...

I purchased two syringes of juvederm for my laugh lines (naso folds). I must say that the results came out worse then before. I am in my late twenties. I really didn't have bad naso folds in the first place, but they were there. On the first side, it is so swollen and sore it doesn't seem to be healing after even two weeks, it is also twice as steep as before and twice as noticeable as before, the other side is a long line contering down like yarn threaded through. It looks freakish and worst then ever before.

So, overall, I have nasolabial folds again, but twice as bad as before and I look twice as older then before. I have read a lot of reviews people have written about juvederm, restalyine, radiesse, etc, and they mostly bad. Doctors just don't know enough about these products to be charging people hundreds and thousands of dollars to only look worse. Your doctor may acts like he knows what he is doing, but he really doesn't and he really doesn't know about the outcome of juvederm. People are getting ripped off so badly and doctors should charge significantly less for juvederm.

Updated on May 22, 2008

I had restylane put in my tear troughs, and juvederm ultra put in my upper cheek and nasolabial folds. I look years younger and my face looks so rested.  If you are considering getting your tear troughs filled, make sure you get your upper cheeks filled as well if your face is gaunt like mine was. The cheeks filled make all the difference in all my procedures. Getting my nasolabial folds was probably a mistake because the cheek lift I got would have taken care of that anyway, but oh well, it didn''t hurt only helped.

I love my results, I am thrilled and I highly recommened. If you are unhappy with your juvederm results, just remember, you may need it in more critical places like the upper cheek because that area is most important in looking youthful overall, just go try it and see you won't regret it. Oh, I felt absolutely no pain in geting any of the procedures and I only had an ice pack on my tear troughs and numbing everywhere else. The results are supposed to last along time too because this is a water loving product that binds with water and gives us great skin and volume.

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