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I'm a 41 year old mother to four children. I'm not...

I'm a 41 year old mother to four children. I'm not terribly unhealthy, and I'm not terribly motivated. So I find myself at an impasse. After my last child, who is currently five month old, I find myself sobbing every time I must put clothes on to leave the house. It's playing havoc on my self esteem

A few days after booking my appointment

I've emailed Lauren, the surgical assistant, daily so far. I'm scared, nervous, excited. Hoping I'm going to look perfect and so fearful I'll be the case that goes horribly wrong. I forgot to mention, when I went in for my consult, I told him I would like my inner and outer thighs done, so he kneels in front of me(????) and asks me to spread my legs, and as I do, he just grabs a handful of my fatty thigh! HAHAHAHA, oh good grief! All for the greater good, right? Oh boy! I've wanted this for a while now and at this point since booking my appointment, I've had nightmares about the worst case scenarios. I'm sure this is completely normal, but I would really like it to stop!

Reading reading reading

Does anyone have any thoughts on exercising and trying to get in better shape to help aid in recovery? Also, any tips and or things you wish you had known before surgery?

Pre op tomorrow!

What are some questions I should ask about? Does anyone have a garment they didn't hate wearing, in case I need to buy one on my own?

Pre op went well

Had blood draw, paid some money and signed copious papers. Lauren, surgical assistant, tells me that the worst of the 'swell' will be day two, and will carry on for weeks afterwards. She has said that the worst pain is in the first two days, and it should lesson after that, being close to an (adjusted) normal by day five. Still sensitive, still tender, but pretty close to normal. I asked her if she will take photos of fat removed, and they will. I asked about garment, she said to wear non stop for three weeks, and than afterwards, wear when I'm most active, as that is where the swelling will come from. I will be able to shower on day two, and have a follow up the day after the procedure. The garment is from McKesson, which is a medical supply company, so no named garment. She did say it zippers up the side, so, here's hoping it's good as it will be a second skin for several weeks! As for exercising, six weeks for anything strenuous, I can start walking at three weeks and I can take 'strolls' immediately. She says to start Arnica a few days before surgery, I happen to love Arnica, so I will probably start it now. Can't hurt. I asked about hard lumpiness, she said it's very normal after surgery, and massage will help that. If I have missed anything, please feel free to ask, you may jog my memory!

Three days and counting!

I figured I'd take this time and post some before pics. I took pics in some of my old clothes as a before and after comparison but I'll share those a little later. For now, this is me. Just to reiterate, I'm 41, a mother of four, and really hoping to look like I did two kids ago! Surgery is this Wednesday and having Lipo on hips, inner/outer thighs, stomach, and a little on the back up by the bra line. He also said he wouldn't be too aggressive on the tummy. I don't feel nervous at all, which in turn, makes me feel completely unprepared!

The day before!

Just dropped off my meds. Can't believe this is the week and tomorrow is the day! Coordinator just called to see if there were any last minute questions. There aren't. Just hoping for the best!

Driving in

Feeling fairly calm, but still have anxious butterflies. *breathe girlfriend, breathe*. Whew. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be great.

Marked up and waiting

Just waiting on anesthesia dr to get here and come talk to me.


Holy crapola. Procedure is done, on my way home currently and I woke up in such pain. Man oh man. Wasn't prepared to wake up in pain. Took two and a half quartz out of me.

Surgery and day after

Got there at eight, got brought back right away by Gwen, she took my vitals, had me leave a urine sample, and had me strip down for pictures. Oy, nothing embarrassing there :-/. Dr Rankin then came in and drew his road maps. And we waited for Ken, the anesthesiologist, to come in, he was running late that morning. When he comes in to chat with me, he's very personable, nice, comforting. And than that's that! Off to the room we go. I get washed down with gauzy pads of pink goo, and I am shaking from being cold. Finally get onto bed, they cover me up, Ken comes in to administer medication and away I go. A minute and a half later I wake up in recovery. I woke up in such pain, was not prepared for that. Figured pain would come later, not searing right away. They gave me a Percocet straight away and as soon as it kicked in, things got better. They put my garment on me while I was awake and able to assist by lifting my hips. That night, stayed on top of meds, and just rested. Walked around the house a bit. Vomited three hours after taking a pain pill, so that was probably from the anesthesia, and not the pill. The only true pain I have is getting in and out of bed. It doesn't hurt to stand or walk or lie down, but the bending and stretching is what's getting to me. I haven't showered yet, and can already tell that the swelling has kicked in, but all in all, I'd say it's been a pretty decent experience.


While in recovery, it seemed everyone was coming in having conversations with me! I don't remember much at all, but Dr Rankin did say he was very aggressive with hips and thighs and he was very happy. Lol. So, happy for that.


Torn between nagging pain and jumping up and down over joy at what I see in the mirror! Took compression garment off to wash it and shower and I was expecting to be mortified, but I'm not. Holy crap, I'm not! I do feel the lumpiness that I have seen others talk about, so that is something I will ask about today. Slept so well last night, that I slept through taking pain meds. I don't advise that! Whew! Have my post op today, have a great day y'all!

Sorry! Forgot pictures!!

Two days before, two days after

So three days after?

I see the lumpiness. Not going to obsess over it though. Reached out to surgical assistant and she said it's completely normal, and to massage with soapy water while in the shower. So, I'll try that tonight just to see!

One word. OUCH

Ouch ouch ouchie. Man oh man! By the end of the day, 3-4 o clock, this girl is in some serious pain. Swelling so bad, garment is cutting into places it shouldn't be cutting into. My thighs are so achy. Ugh. Just ugh.

Waiting on a change

I'm not obsessing. I swear I'm not. I stay in my garment 23 and 1/2 hours a day. Only taking it off to shower. I'm not intensely nit picking my body for changes. It is however a little frustrating to not see any changes and be in this much pain and uncomfortableness. I mean, come on. Just something! Anyhow, I'm posting pictures of myself at week one, which was Wednesday.

Two weeks tomorrow!

I took some before photos that I didn't share here yet because I wanted to do side by side to see improvement. But tonight, for s**ts and giggles, I tried on a pair of jeans. Here goes! Week before photos are in black shirt, 1 week, 6 days and in grey shirt.

Two week post op

Went well. Dr Rankin is happy with how things look so far. But, let's be honest, does any dr look at his work and say, ehh, not my best? Lol. I got the next size down garment and no longer have to use the belly pad they gave me. This garment is so tight! Whew! Next time I see them will be in two months. I mentioned to dr about back rolls and he said I was thin through there, so a lot of that was skin and he's hoping it will blend within time. I mentioned inner thigh lumpiness to assistant and she said I can expedite that by massaging the area, but cautioned that it's just part of the progress. Over all, feeling much better and very hopeful for the coming months and the changes to take place.

One month out

Whew! Bruising is gone, moving is easier, still tender to the touch and still swollen in places. BUT, I'm happy with where I'm at thus far. Seems like my stomach may be so so, but I've had four kids, so what can I expect? My scarring looks amazing, so tiny, feeling very positive about that final outcome. The upper thigh area may the the most still swollen. Just yesterday started working out to get my butt in better shape. Squats, lunges, jumping jacks. We'll see. I'm giving myself a month deadline to do it and hit hard. That's my husbands work Holiday party and I want to be on point! So here's to no cookies for a month! Lol

Almost three months out

And while I don't look the same as before, I thought I would be better than what I am now. I'm pretty discouraged these days, unfortunately.

So actually only two months, not three!

Feeling a little better about this now!

Two months before and after

Three months and change

I'm so happy. I'm still kinda lumpy and waiting for that day when it's the final product, but man! It is truly amazing to be able to sit down and not see cottage cheese leg! I just took some photos and can't believe how far I've come. Take lots of pictures my friends. All the time. They'll give joy on desperate days. ?

Before and three months after

Oh man!

Can I just say? Wow!

Lol....and we try again!

So anyway, WOW! My legs are looking good. My hips are looking great. My stomach is looking ugh, but, I'm still hopeful it will straighten up. I've started 'dieting' though I really hate that word. Just the word makes me want to eat five cookies. Lol. But I've sorta cut out all bread and drastically cut down on sugar, and everyday that passes, I eat less of that super yummy stuff, so I'm feeling better about me! Hope you guys are doing wonderful!

Feeling middle of the road today

I feel like I'm not where I should be recovery wise. I'm still lumpy like and uneven in the stomach and thighs. Tell me this will even out please.

Ho hum

I'm not terribly happy with where I'm at. My inner thighs are awful, I'll take pictures later, my stomach is not flat, my hips are so so. I don't know. I just don't know. I'm better than I was before surgery, but not great. Does that make sense? I'm just so frustrated.

June 12th appointment

Hopefully when I go in, he will tell me what can fix it, or that he can fix it. We'll see! Fingers crossed. Have an indention in my inner thigh that is really bothering me.
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon

After thorough research, I met with Dr Rankin in his Ft Lauderdale office. He and his staff seem great. Lauren, a surgical assistant, answered all my 'whoops, I forgot to ask the dr' questions while we booked my surgery date. Dr Rankin was honest, and warm and while I was uncomfortable with my body, and dreading opening the robe, he has this air of ease about him that immediately alleviated my nervousness.

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