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I'm a 41 year old mother to four children. I'm not...

I'm a 41 year old mother to four children. I'm not terribly unhealthy, and I'm not terribly motivated. So I find myself at an impasse. After my last child, who is currently five month old, I find myself sobbing every time I must put clothes on to leave the house. It's playing havoc on my self esteem

A few days after booking my appointment

I've emailed Lauren, the surgical assistant, daily so far. I'm scared, nervous, excited. Hoping I'm going to look perfect and so fearful I'll be the case that goes horribly wrong. I forgot to mention, when I went in for my consult, I told him I would like my inner and outer thighs done, so he kneels in front of me(????) and asks me to spread my legs, and as I do, he just grabs a handful of my fatty thigh! HAHAHAHA, oh good grief! All for the greater good, right? Oh boy! I've wanted this for a while now and at this point since booking my appointment, I've had nightmares about the worst case scenarios. I'm sure this is completely normal, but I would really like it to stop!

Reading reading reading

Does anyone have any thoughts on exercising and trying to get in better shape to help aid in recovery? Also, any tips and or things you wish you had known before surgery?

Pre op tomorrow!

What are some questions I should ask about? Does anyone have a garment they didn't hate wearing, in case I need to buy one on my own?

Pre op went well

Had blood draw, paid some money and signed copious papers. Lauren, surgical assistant, tells me that the worst of the 'swell' will be day two, and will carry on for weeks afterwards. She has said that the worst pain is in the first two days, and it should lesson after that, being close to an (adjusted) normal by day five. Still sensitive, still tender, but pretty close to normal. I asked her if she will take photos of fat removed, and they will. I asked about garment, she said to wear non stop for three weeks, and than afterwards, wear when I'm most active, as that is where the swelling will come from. I will be able to shower on day two, and have a follow up the day after the procedure. The garment is from McKesson, which is a medical supply company, so no named garment. She did say it zippers up the side, so, here's hoping it's good as it will be a second skin for several weeks! As for exercising, six weeks for anything strenuous, I can start walking at three weeks and I can take 'strolls' immediately. She says to start Arnica a few days before surgery, I happen to love Arnica, so I will probably start it now. Can't hurt. I asked about hard lumpiness, she said it's very normal after surgery, and massage will help that. If I have missed anything, please feel free to ask, you may jog my memory!
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon

After thorough research, I met with Dr Rankin in his Ft Lauderdale office. He and his staff seem great. Lauren, a surgical assistant, answered all my 'whoops, I forgot to ask the dr' questions while we booked my surgery date. Dr Rankin was honest, and warm and while I was uncomfortable with my body, and dreading opening the robe, he has this air of ease about him that immediately alleviated my nervousness.

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