33 Years Old: 100 Lbs: Breastfed 4 Gorgeous Daughters - Jupiter, FL

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Like many of you I feel it's my turn to share on...

Like many of you I feel it's my turn to share on here as I've been obsessively reading all of your brave/amazing boobie journeys. I'm not 100% comfortable posting naked boob shots but included 2 of me in a tiny/xsmall vs bra. As you can see I have zero boobs. Pre kids I was a happy 32b and after breastfeeding I have absolutely no breast tissue to fill out any of my clothing. At this point, it's either have an augmentation or start shopping in the little girls sections. Right now my focus and worry is recovery. My littlest baby is 20 months and wants mama to carry her most of the time. I have all kids going to grandmas for 4 days but on day 5 they'll all be home with me and my husband will be at work. Any of you mama's out there have similar experience? Any suggestions are welcome. I'll also try to be descriptive about my procedure and recovery in case any fellow moms out there need info to help ease them into taking the plunge into ba.

Areola incision recovery

So I've been reading tons on recovery but haven't read much specifically on what it's like to recover from the areola incision. As I've said before I have a house full of kids who are constantly running into me.

Is it super painful? At what points in recovery does it begin to improve/get worse/etc.

Any specifics would be greatly appreciated! Tia

Today's the day!

So I didn't sleep a wink last night as the anticipation is growing. Funny though, now that I'm 3 hours away I'm feeling more peace and calm. Sometimes it's the over thinking that kills. My advice-schedule your procedure as soon after your consultation as possible so you don't have 2 months to obsess! Hope to update later today if I'm up to it. Here's a pic to give you an idea for how completely flat chested I am. 32aa or really more like-adolescent pre teen bra. :)

All done!

Everything went smoothly today! The staff at Aqua plastic surgery were truly amazing. Very sweet and laid back which helps when your adrenaline is pumping.

Waking up was interesting...my throat was killing me like I had be snoring. Ha. It was an hour ago and that pain is gone, but I just didn't expect it so I was surprised by that. I was intensely thirst and the first 20 min I just felt like I woke from a serious nap.

I wasn't loopy at all. I was clear headed just sleepy till the meds worked out of my system.

Let me just say, if I can do it, you can do it!! I was really nervous and jumpy but all was completely fine.

Pain is actually pretty intense already. I took half Percocet and half muscle relaxer to gauge how my body would respond. When all seemed okay a half hour later I took the other half because I feel really tense like I can't relax my shoulders. Also, my arms are of no use to me at this point. Using a wood spoon to scratch my face, lol.

That's it for now!

I ended with high profile 339 cc's!

I haven't mentioned the size I was going yet because I didn't know. I showed my ps what I wanted and let him work his magic. I figured he knew way more about this than I did and so far they look perfectly proportion to my body.

Recovery day 1

Okay, want to update this because for me recovery was such a mystery so I'll try to be detailed.

First things first, my husband has had to do everything for me. He has to pick me up to use the potty or hand me the remote 1 inch from my hand. As long as I'm still the pain is dull if I move a half inch pain level shoots to 10. So the less I move the more comfortable I am. Find someone who won't get tired of doing little silly things without complaint. He's been the best part of my recovery so far!

Also, get a neck pillow. It's the only way I could sleep last night. As far as food goes, saltines (unsalted) and apple sauce have been easy to get down so I can take my pills.

Again, if your wanting to get a BA and are afraid of the pain--you can do it!! It hurts like crazy but you can absolutely do it!

Later in the day (day 1)

I had a follow up a few hours ago. Dr said everything looks good! I felt like I could maybe go the rest of the day without meds and take them before bed. Not so! By the time we got home I was begging for them.

It's terrible to sit up from the sitting position. I can feel the implants go down and sit on top of my muscle which hurts initially like crazy then that pain gets a little better.

Been sleeping most of the day. Trying to be still so I don't delay my recovery.

Slept through the night--no meds

So last night (post op day 1) I decided to try to go without the heavy meds. I took 1 extra strength Tylenol and fell asleep no problem. I was uncomfortable, yes, but not enough to keep me awake. I was getting tired of feeling dizzy and drowsy with the muscle relaxer and I woke up this morning (day 2 post op) sore, but clear headed. I'm still in a fair amount of pain-7 out of 10 (yesterday was 10). But I'm not gonna go back to the heavy meds unless my pain level goes back up. I'm sore under my arms and under my boobs. I have a lot of swelling but no bruising. The areola incision is all but unnoticeable compared to the muscle pain. My neck and throat are killing me! I think the anesthesiology put a breathing tube down my throat because my throat doesn't seem to be getting better. I've been researching and this seems to be quite normal and will heal on its own in a few days. My neck pain I think is coming from being so tense so I'm using a heating pad today to try to help my muscles chill out.

3 days post op

Everything is still going smoothly. I'm pleasantly surprised that I've been sleeping through the night with no pain pills. Last night my 4 beautiful daughters came home and because of their ages I'm not sharing this with them just yet. They were told mommy isn't feeling well and that's enough information for them. Their smiles and energy came at a great time. This recovery thing gets a little old after the first 24 hrs. I really thought I would enjoy doing nothing for 4 to 5 days but add on top of that boob pain, head aches, weird appetite, and having a hard time concentrating due to heavy medication (even though I switched to Tylenol evening of day 1! It wasn't till this morning, day 3, that my head feels clear) it hasn't been the vacation I thought it would be. It's not hell on earth, but it's no walk in the park either! I'll be relieved when I can return to normal and from what I've read I have a couple weeks to go before that happens. But, so far, when I look down at my new boobies...it's worth it!! Today I'm able to get up and out of bed no problem, so light housework, pull a shirt over my head. I'm actually forcing myself to lay here and read a book because my husband goes back to work tmw and its back to mommy duty. Well wishes to all of you in the decision making process or healing--both are challenging journeys. :)

Post op day 4

Yesterday I felt almost completely myself! I took maybe 2 extra strength tylenols the whole day when my left boob would ache.

I had help for 3 of the 8 hours my husband was working and managed my 4 kids on my own the other 5 plus organized a ton of toys and cleaned my kitchen properly. I know it's perhaps frowned upon to be so active on day 4 but I moved slowly and didn't have pain reliever in my system so I could listen to my bodies cues to slow down.

That's about it for day 4!

Warning--the dr office/surgery room is FREEZING

This may be assumed for some, but I didn't know how freezing cold it would be in there! I would recommend nice warm sweat pants on the day of surgery! With nerves and cold I was shaking uncontrollably! Till they knocked me out of course. :)

11 days post op!

Hi anyone who's following, ha. I new filmed I have 4 kids right? That should explain why I haven't updated in ages.

Let me just say, if your nervous about the procedure/recovery--time to take a deep breath and not stress it. It's most painful the first 48 hours but can be managed with meds and lying still. After that it's just being careful with your arms and taking a Tylenol here or there. At least, that's what my experience was with 339cc's.

My biggest surprise so far is--I can't wear my clothes!!! I guess I should have thought this through but I didn't! Pre boobs I wore tiny tanks all day every day (it's hot here in Florida). I didn't get the boobs to let them pop out (okay if that's you-just not me). So I've been to tj max 3 times now trying to redo my wardrobe! I'm getting used to my new figure, but it hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be.

Lastly, dr rankin is amazing. If you live anywhere near south Florida you gotta go to him. I have areola incisions and they were literally invisible by day 10. He's so thorough and experienced he almost seems bored. Like, yea, I'm a boob genius..next patient please. Haha. I kid, I kid. He's very calming, kind, and fantastic at what he does.

I'll try for a bathing suit shot when I can, but for now here's a pic of me in one of my pre boob dresses-which I'm happy to see I can keep!

Trying for a better pic of the girls

Un-paded bathing suit

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