41 Yrs Old, 4 Kids and Have Been Putting This off for Too Long!!! - Jupiter, FL

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So excited, nervous, excited!!! I started this...

So excited, nervous, excited!!! I started this process 3 years ago and of course things kept coming up and I put this on hold, but I decided to just go ahead and get my new body!! I am 160lbs and 5.3, and hoping breast reduction helps alleviate my back and neck pain! TT and Lipo is because I've had 4 kids and my job requires me to sit at a desk ALL day! I have big expectations and can't wait to be done with this!! After 4 consults I choose Dr. Rankin's because his before and after pics had the look I was going for!

I did it!!

My surgery was two days ago and I must say I'm already thrilled with my new body!!! My stomach is flat and my boobs are much lighter! I love my new boobs!!! Lol I went from 36DDD to C! My shoulders and neck already feel much better, I can't wait to heal so I can be out enjoying my new body!!

12 days post op down 10lbs

Feeling really good 12 days after surgery! Of course I still have swelling and have to take it easy but I expected that! All of my drains came out on day 10 and I seem to be healing nicely! I do go back to work Monday, I was only able to get 2 weeks off, so I'm hoping that doesn't exhaust me too bad!! I have to say that having Dr Rankin has been awesome! He takes things one step at a time!! I came out of surgery with everything I needed till the next appointment, and at every appointment I got what I needed till my next visit! Super easy, and I felt confident leaving that I knew exactly what was going on with my body and what I needed to do! These are today's pics and I'm definitely no photographer, so they aren't the best!!

16 days post op

Still swollen!

I am still having quite a bit of swelling just under my binder, in my hip area where I had Lipo. It's also a little sore there! Also been feeling wore out, but it's the end of the school year so a lot going on with the kids!! Today I am going to do lymph drainage, as I've seen several people on here have done that! I'm hoping that helps swelling go down!
I will post pics in a couple days!

4 wks post op

It is exactly 4 weeks post op and I feel pretty good! Still have some swelling. I had an electro-sound lymph done 6 days ago and that helped! I'm going to try and fit in a manual lymph massage this week and see which one works best for me. I had a minor complication, about a 1 inch part of my incision came open and it starting to heal but looks like it's going to scar! I've been on antibiotics so no infection sets in but this is definitely a set back for me.... Just a little advice, if you love to be at the beach, boating, swimming etc. don't do this surgery in the summer!!! ???? These are a few pics taken today, I'm not very good at selfies!! Lol

6 weeks and so happy I did this!!

I'm feeling great but still tire and swell when I've over done it. Which is every weekend! Just started walking now that I'm at six weeks post op and hope to start yoga soon! My tummy is still pretty tight and my muscles are pretty weak from taking it easy since surgery! I am so happy I did this now rather than waiting!! I feel so much more comfortable with myself and clothes for me so much better!!! I'm starting to notice that I'm loosing the box shape and taking on more of an hour glass shape! ????

Compression Garment

This is the secondary garment I started wearing at 4weeks post op! I pretty much wear it all day and sometimes sleep in it! My PS nurse told me if I don't break a sweat putting it on then it's not tight enough!
So when I get it on, I keep it on!! LOL
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