35 Yrs Old 5ft 127lbs, 4 Kids, 2 C-sections Getting TT, Lipo and Breast Augmentation...Happy 35th Bday - Jupiter, FL

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I had 3 consultations and finally chose someone in...

I had 3 consultations and finally chose someone in very confident in. I have hated my small boobs my whole life and after stretching my skin so many times in not comfortable in my own body. I'm so excited but also in recovery so my husband is scared of the need for me to take narcotics. I keep trying to research to see if i can tolerate the pain but i get mixed reviews. Anxious and excited. Post pics soon!

One week left...

I keep having dreams about my surgery. I'm not nervous at all just excited. I have had no boobs my whole life and after have 4 kids 2 c-sections and breastfeeding i am not happy with my body. Looking forward to a new 35!

So excited

Just a few days left and I'm just trying to get everything ready so that my husband has an easy time.


So I justgot the call! Surgery tomorrow morning at 7am! I'm so excited but I'm starting to get nervous. Some say the pain isnt that bad others say they would never do it again. Just ready to see tge new me!

Last pics like this

I sure hope i can sleep tonight! Been waiting years for this...its like a dream coming true! Goodbye mom body!

Made it

Surgery was yesterday the pain is up and down but i just keep saying its all worth it in the end

Please help me

Where can i get a next stage compression garment for my tummy tuck and lipo? Don't want to spend a ton of more money but i need something that is going to look good under my office clothes when i go back to work. Any recommendations please

Still a lil sore

I have a couple of blisters but other than that I'm healing nicely. Not that much pain just sore and ready to get back to my daily routine. Wanting to stand up straight real bad but cant. Excited to see outcome when I'm upright...lol

Love my new bod

The staff at Dr Rankins are all great! I haven't had any complaints yet. I have 1 week post op appointment tomorrow and hopefully get at least 1 drain out. I'm excited to see the actual incision i havent seen it yet but its very low, lower than my csection scar and that makes me happy. I saw my new bb and i love it! My old one was just a big hole. Now its cute i love it and see its potential even though its still healing!

Forgot pictures

Back to work

So yesterday was day one surprise i was needed at work...lol. It isnt too bad since I work in a small office and most of our employees/reps are on the road. Still between that and wife and mommy i was in bed laying down by 8...lol. Had post op yesterday and had 1 drain removed...1 to go!!!! I'm slowly on the mend.

Sorry i haven't updated in a while

This was taken today

Feeling great

7 weeks after my surgery and I'm ready to begin exercising again

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