Breast Reduction AND Liposuction on Multiple Areas... - Jupiter, FL

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I am getting a breast reduction on my size 36 DDD...

I am getting a breast reduction on my size 36 DDD or F sized breasts (goal is to be a small D or large C) with Dr David Rankin - Jupiter FL. He is having a special - liposuction at 1/2 off so I said what the hell. I have been working out for 3 years / 4 times a week with little success on my abdominal, flank and thigh fat pockets. My initial consultation was good with Dr. Rankin. He seems very honest and personable - looks you straight in the eye and tell you straight. I am FREAKING out though. this is my first PS and I am new to all of this. Worried about the recovery/pain and final outcome. Dr Ranking has top reviews so that helps to ease my nerves. The staff at Aqua seems really on top of it at well. Just had my Pre-Op 2 days ago so there is no turning back now!

Before Pics

So here I am before surgery. Like I said I worked out hard the last 3 years, but when you hit mid-40's its super hard to lose the weight (at least for me). I have no kids but my belly looks like I have one in the oven now! My breasts have always been large and Ive always hunched over to hide them (since 16 when I developed). Again thanks to getting old! Really hope Dr Rankin will do his artistry on me!

A Few More Before Pics

Here is side profile, back and my décolletage (which is getting deep wrinkles because of breasts and side sleeping).

Panic Attack and 2nd Guessing Myself

So Im pretty freaked out. Haven't been sleeping, had a minor panic attack yesterday / couldent breathe. Im super worried about the surgery and recovery. Worried my breasts will be too small or too big - Im hoping they will be lifted and proportional to my body and shape. I dont want the "side boob" and huge scar that goes under the arm that Ive seen in so many photos. Also worried about the placement of the areola... Also terrified that Im combining breast reduction with breast reduction / lit. Is it too much? Am I crazy? Last night I started to do calming / healing affirmations which were helpful. Does anyone else feel THIS STRESSED? Anybody use good positive thoughts, meditations or know any good prayers? I wish I was more excited than nervous. Already paid big $$. I guess I just need to calm down, let go and trust the DR. He has TOP reviews and is a favorite where I live...

Surgery and Recovery

So I made it through my surgery! I am now 4 days post. The night before surgery was really hard for me, I was very afraid. I didn't sleep at all, laid in bed listening to positive affirmations all night. (On YouTube look for Jason Stephenson Affirmations. He has several that are really calming and made me feel safe). I just kept saying over and over "all is well", "I am safe", "I trust the medical team" etc. It was hard not to drink any water the morning of the surgery. Luckily they got me in first at 8am (Because I was doing a big surgery - Lipo on abdomen, flanks, lower back and inner thighs AND breast reduction). My attending nurse Amy was really nice and made things go by quick. She took some before photos and told me what was going to happen. Then Dr. Rankin came in and did his artwork all over my body. I told him I was nervous and had a bunch of questions/concerns. "What about the horizontal scar? how far will it go? will it be hidden enough? Where exactly will my areola/ nipple be placed?"etc, he was very calm and confident, you can tell he has done this for a long time and you just automatically feel secure and trust him. VERY Thankful I had him as my surgeon. After he was done with drawing and measuring everything he told me a bit about recovery and that he would see me soon after in recovery. Then Ken the anesthesiologist came in (LOVE HIM!!) he was so sweet and calming. Made sure every question was answered he also told me step by step what was going to happen. (Both Amy and Ken both called the day before as well which helped me feel more secure). After meeting with Ken, Amy took me to the sterile OR where she and another very nice nurse Dana washed me down with cold goopy stuff and talked me out of my nerves and then got me onto the table. Then my BFF Ken glided in and gave me my sedative. Literally 3 seconds later I was being awakened in the recovery room. I was shaking like crazy because of the anesthesia (I guess that's normal). And my sweet angel husband was standing over me gently stroking my face. Everybody checked on me and then it was time to go home. I had my prescriptions filled beforehand and took a Percocet along with an anti nausea for the ride home. I felt pretty good that afternoon. The next day was A DOOSEY. Woof! the pain is for real! Took Percocet every 5 hours. It really hurts the most when you move, like when you get out of bed to use the bathroom (which I did A LOT because I was drinking tons of water to flush out the tumescent fluids from the lipo). By the end of day 3, I weaned off the Percocet to extra strength tylenol and now on day 4 I'm doing 1 - 500mg every 5-6 hours for pain. not too bad. Worst areas of pain are inner thighs and abs/back (but only when I move). Been trying to walk every 3-4 hours or so. Every day is getting a little better. Compression garment is a must. You wont get why until you go through this but you feel better with it on. Going to the bathroom is challenging with lipo recovery! Make sure you buy a padded toilet seat (I got a 4" thick foam padded seat! Laugh, but its like a dream come true if you had inner thigh lipo!) I also made quite the queenly bed/nest and cant get by without a neck pillow to sleep. I took a shower yesterday. Another challenge! I am still too freaked out to fully look at myself in the mirror. At my post op appt. the Dr said he wouldn't put steri tape on until Tues. so I just have the super sturdy saran wrap-like stuff hanging on over my stitches. Yesterday shower was very "light" but still felt so good to clean the "important parts" and just get freshened up. My wonderful husband helped me wash my hair, then wiped the inside of my compression garment with a Wet One and washed my surgical bra (was super bloody on the sides which made me nervous but I was told this was normal). I have the best husband, Im SO LUCKY. Today I am resting as much as possible taking my meds and supplements (Bromelain, vitamin C 1000, grape seed extract) re watching Game of Thrones and Shameless episodes. I will upload my body art drawings by Dr Rankin today. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel strong enough to take the after photos... Thanks to everyone who has read this and for your support. I hope my reviews will help some of you out there feel confident to go forward! We all deserve to feel and look our best!

2nd Shower and Finally Looked!

So this morning after an uncomfortable night, I took 2nd shower and finally got to throw out foam padding that was in between me and the compression suit. I had one on my abs and one on my lower back area. They were starting to get uncomfortably gross/ falling apart, etc. Luckily Beatrice (awesome Manager at Aqua PS) answered my prayers early this morning and said I could not only toss those suckers but could also wash my garment. Its a whole new world wearing the garment without the pads and having it be fresh and clean! I also finally had the guts to fully look at myself after today's shower. Looks a little gruesome but I was told by Dr. Rankin and Beatrice to leave the saran wrap on. I go in tomorrow to have the wrap removed and to get cleaned up and hopefully get the steri tape put on. This will be first time I will see whats really going on. As far as lipo - I can def. see where fat was removed but because Im so swollen its hard to tell if there is any difference in before/after photos yet. Im very aware that it will take months to a full year to get the full effect and thats ok. This is a big change and I'm good with taking it slow. I really like the shape of my breasts so far! And they are so lifted! Im anxious/nervous about what my areola / nipple area looks like but will find out tomorrow! Wish me luck!

After Pics -

Still pretty bruised looking and the dressings haven't come off yet but you can start to see the new shapes forming. Tomorrow I see what my breasts look like under everything and will get steri-strips put on. Yay! Will post more tomorrow...

15 Days Post!

So I am now 15 days PO. Breasts / body still bruised but its getting a little better everyday. Can finally walk without too much pain (inner thigh lipo is a killer!). The Dr. says the breasts are healing nicely and I don't have to come back for 3 weeks unless there is a complication. I had an issue with super red itchy areas after removing the paper tape. I texted Dr Rankin and he responded right away had me come in so he could check it out. He had me get on another round of antibiotics JIC but said this is normal. Said to not use tape anymore if its too irritating / just to use gauze pads under bra which is way more comfortable for me. LOVE Dr Rankin - he is so attentive and there when you need him, is HIGHLY skilled and I recommend him fully. If you are going to spend the money - get it done right! this is your body were talking about! The staff at Aqua PS is also very nice and helpful. I really lucked out and am so thankful! My breasts are now the perfect shape, size and proportion and are lifted right where they should be. If all heals right they will look like an 18 year olds! lol! Also wanted to comment on compression garments for those of you doing lipo - get the Marena brand for 2nd stage - so comfy and keeps you all snug and locked in tight! PLUS the hatch door is a nice and generous size to keep everything clean if you know what im sayin! ;)

Pics at 2 weeks PO --

here are pics at 2 weeks post op.

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