I Am 26 Mother of One 5'8 148 - Jupiter, FL

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I am looking into getting lift and implants .....

I am looking into getting lift and implants .. After my baby my breast are very saggy . Deflated c-D 34 I went to one doctor ,2 more to go too . The first doctors said I should do 475-500cc ?! I don't know if I should go with that or what size I would be ? I need help I want full and sexy boobs ....

I made some appointments ladies !!! I'm excited ..

I called today and made some appointments to start the process with my lift and implant With miami PS Dr.Simon 8/29 Dr.Krau 9/14 Dr.Hochstein 8/17 .. I am very excited.. We will see which PS I pick . I want it done by end of the year ! I will keep everyone posted ..

Going to see a doctor tomorrow!!

I'm going to see Dr.Hochstein tomorrow 8/17 to get a consult for a lift and implant I will keep u posted

Surgery BOOKED October 6 !!!

So ladies booked my life with gummy bear implants I don't know how many cc yet but I want DD .. What should I order from Amazon

Some of my pre op things !!!

Heyy ladies I am having surgery with Miami Dr.Hochstein October 6. I'm having a lift with gummy bear implants I may do HP 400 or 450.. I will pick the size at my pre op appointment.. Here are some of the things I was told to get .. And the scar kit is sold at my PS office i will get it at my pre op appointment.. And another things things not in the pic heating pad ,ice pants ,neck pillow and compressor socks ..

Pre op.

Pre op was great they took pictures and and me for my wish photos also give me my prescription to get filled .. and my check list . Everything I should do and have before the big day . My wish boobs

Oct 6

Next week is the big day . Mixed emotions but I trust God I'll everything going to be okay

Surgery was pushed back because hurricane!!

Today was suppose to be the day I got the girls but hurricane in Florida today pushed it back a week ????

October 13 surgery day BL/BA

2 more days until the big day ????.. there was hurricane in fl so my date was pushed back a week .. weather is great now so 2 more days and I will post pictures and more info

Any advice or good tips or anything for the car ride I love 1-2 away depending on traffic !!'n

Picking out my size '!'

So that wAs about 2 weeks ago I want 400-500 cc my chest wAll is tiny and I'm
5'8 .. I give them my wish pic and they put it in the chart and will decide they day of

Ugly boobs

Pre op

One day op


3day post op

I am happy with my results Dr.Hochstein and his stuff is amazing .. I went at 9 and was done at 11 went home at 12pm got 385 HP gummy bear implant. With lift ..the first 2 days was the hardest for me sleeping in 45degress omg my back was hurting I start using heating pad .. after 2weeks I can sleep on my side ugh .. my surgical bra 34C but they run big hopefully Ima D inVS . I wanted to go bigger but my frame was to small . I had to take a laxative because no bowel movement .. I used pain meds for 2days then stopped .. my armpits were on fire they butted more then my boobs omg .. overall today I'm feeling a lot better first day of the house .. any questions

2weeks PO

Omg I'm in love with them
At first I thought they were to small but as they drop I like them I just started sleeping on my side and no more back pain .. also the tape comes off 6-8 weeks since I go a lift .. my incisions itch and burn so bad but i use arinca cream it helps a bit . But that's part of healing process

1 month

First time wearing side boobs ????

5wkd op lift and gummies

Tape off under the boobs ..

Omg you can't even tell wow this is amazing
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