40 Yrs Old, Lost 65 Lbs had TT, BA and BL

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First this RS site is SO great. I read all of...

First this RS site is SO great. I read all of your stories and it is so amazing to see all of the transformations. I have learned SO much from you all on how to prepare and what to expect after....so big thank you.

Now my turn to post.......

So I'm 40, and 5 years ago decided at 199 lbs I needed to get my health and body in check. Worked out with a trainer for 3 years, changed my lifestyle over a 4 year period...diet and exercise. Maintained 140 lbs for the past year. Also started a fitness company and became a group exercise instructor. After two kids though and the weightloss lots of extra skin, sagging etc. I always thought one day I would hopefully have the mommy makeover and so excited and can't believe that the time has come. Surgery is scheduled for 11/7 and it's starting to hit me that it's really happening. Really ever since my first daughter was born 10 years ago my tummy esp lower area just stretched out and never went back. I have hated it for 10 years. With the weightloss it is MUCH smaller and I can sort of hide it in clothes. With the boobs if I get the right push up bra it looks great. So many bathing suits and dresses I can't wear because of the bra situation. After 10 years I just can't even imagine myself any different. I am very pleased with my muscle tone and all that I have accomplished. Many think I'm crazy for doing this but this is in my mind the final step of my transformation. I am doing this for me and I am very proud of myself and super excited to see the final results. Getting a little nervous but mostly just excited at this point!! Will take some photos and post.

So far I have ordered a hospital bed and walker that I will rent for 2 wks. This will stay downstairs since all bedrooms are up. Also ordered the female urinal as many of you suggested.

Questions so far....
For the Faja did you get one and did you like it...and how do you know what size to get???
Or should I wait for my preop to ask what they suggest I get?

What I'm most nervous about so far...
- Gaining weight...I know this sounds stupid since the surgery is getting rid of lots of fat but I am SO active I teach at least 2 fitness classes a week, take another 3 to 4 cardio classes, yoga and lift 2x per week and I am scared that I am going to turn to mush during recovery time and gain since I am home and bored and I tend to eat.
- Depression....I can def get depressed at times and exercise really helps me to stay up and doing well and I know that with major surgery it is common to get the blues so the combo has me a little freaked.

My mom is coming for 10 days to help out and take me to surgery, take kids to school etc. I am taking off Nov and Dec from teaching any fitness classes.

That's about it for now I guess. :)))))

20 days to go!!

New anxieties what to tell the kids

I have to girls 7 and 10 haven't told them yet what did u tell your kids? My oldest is so sensitive she cried recently when I told her I was going for acupuncture.

Here are some pics I took at my consultation a while back w/ sizers

Ok Anxiety level just shot up another notch...ughhhhhh

So I went for a mammogram 3 wks ago my first one since I turned 40 recently and they called me back to look at both breasts again. So went back today. The PS told me don't be surprised if they call me back on first one it's pretty typical. Well now they want me to get a biopsy done on one side. Said there is a salt granual size spot that is prob calcification but they want to be sure. Ugh....surgery is suppose to be 11/7 a little over 2 wks away. I told them and they got me scheduled for this Thurs for the biopsy. They couldn't tell me how long it would take to get results....I am a little anxious about results but even more upset if my surgery has to be postponed. Anyone else go through this? My mom said when she did a biopsy 10 years ago they sent it out and had to wait and recheck in 3 mo....ughhhhh Feeling so depressed right now. 1 - I hope it IS nothing!! and 2 - I hope I can stay on schedule w/ my surgery. Anyone have any insight??? :(((((

Biopsy Tomorrow

Keep me in your prayers. Having biopsy tomorrow morning and will have results no later than Tuesday, 11/4...surgery is sched for 11/7 so cutting it close! Prayers that biopsy shows nothing to worry about and I can move fwd as scheduled!!

Getting excited but can't feel like it's really happening until i get the clear from this biopsy ...ugh

Pre-op is also tomorrow afternoon excited about that! :)

Photos from consultation

I can't wait for the real ones in place!

Biopsy and PreOp done!!

Well yesterday was crazy. Had breast biopsy in the morning which was ok but they said I bled a lot and ended up w/ a hematoma. Very tender. They told me 90% of these come back benign and I shouldn't worry. Results on Tuesday so praying that all is in the clear.

Then went to PS for preop. She looked at biopsy and said no big deal doesn't effect surgery since we are going under muscle. Got rx and all info. Tried sizers on again and decided on slightly larger. Brought my husband and ofcourse he voted for bigger....she will put in some where around a 400cc implant. Also showed her under arm fat and she said she would do a little lipo there for me. Had not planned on any lipo. SO excited.

They told me to wait on buying compression garments/spanx since I won't really know what size until later.

Just praying for Tues good results so all can move fwd as planned.

Awesome news!!!

Biopsy came back benign thank goodness...so surgery still on as scheduled for Friday.......3 days!!!!!!

Freaking out!!

I have really just been excited up until now...hospital bed that I remted came today and it got real!! Running around today getting a pedicure now and just really feeling scared. My mom arrives tomorrow and sx is fri. Having major anxiety about the sx and the fact that I can't exercise I normally work out 6x per wk. going tonight for a zumba class and will lift one last time.

Question what did u eat for dinner night before?? Thinking something light but don't want to feel starving!

Few more before pics

Eek tomorrow is the big day!!

I'm so ready to just get in there and get this done!! Emotional roller coaster I can't wait to hear you are all done!

My mom flew in today. Ready to do this!

We went to teds for dinner had baked potatoe and salad and a little steak was so good!! Took a bath folded last of the laundry.

So tired just drained. I keep thinking this time tomorrow I will be done and on the road to recovery...on the flat side yay!!!!

On the flat side!!!!!!

So hahappy many it's done ...more tomorrow


PO day 1 so excited

Lots of pain but manageable with the meds in and out of my bed tricky

Surgeon came by took off gauze got first glimpse of everything...so exciting can't believe how tiny I look already with the swelling even. Surgeon said she took off 4 lbs mostly skin!! She said that is a lot for my size

Going home in a few hrs this has been such a good experience so far!!

Whoa difficult day

In lots of pain today have to get a better handle on meds. Walked around house a few laps they want me to do that every 2 to z3 hrs. Two friends came by which was nice exhausted.

Itchy PO day#2

Been taking Percocet for pain but think it's making me really itchy. Thinking of switching to Tylenol

Also skin on my breasts is sooooo tight she didn't mention massaging them is it too soon to massage them?

PO day #2

Quickly took a few pics before sponge bath which made me feel a lot better but amazing how tired I get so easily. I have no energy. Pain not as bad today. Being better about meds

Swollen!!! PO day 3

Today starts out bad last night tried to take myself off pained a and on to Tylenol bad idea spoke to nurse told me to back on them do o did and was much better just some nauseous episodes. Took first shower washed hair and I am a new woman!!!

Itching has come back so staring on Benadryl

I feel like I'm pushing my tummy out hard as I can swelling is so uncomfortable also in the boob area makes skin so tight

Pooped today woo hoo. Almost forgot that!

Another friend came by today for a visit helps

Sat on patio after lunch got some fresh air was nice

Saw bb for first time after shower it's so cute and little it seems very high up but I think it's just the old one sagged so low

Also walking a little more upright esp after the shower hunched more tonight

PO day 5

Feeling a little more normal each dey.

Tummy spasms like Braxton hicks contractions so weird. First night of somewhat norm sleep.

Showered and washed hair now tired post more later

PO Day 6 and 1st Post Op appt

Well thrilled to have my left drain gone yay!!! Hate those things they are just nasty

Told dr I have been in bed fot like 3 days straight and they tjink it's the Percocet so took me off and just taking half muscle relaxer so in a bit of pain and muscle spasms but at least I don't feel sick

Saw incisions they look really good they want
Me to start standing up more just is scary feels so tight ugh

Next appt in a wk

Coming out of a foggy week whew.....

So I'm 8 days post op and the last couple of days have been rough! Today has been a better day.

Thurs was post op dr told me to stop Percocet so started having major muscle spasms and pain. Yesterday went to lunch and attempted a very brief shopping session but kept having to sit down. Last night couldn't get comfortable major muscle spasms and burning feelings very hunched taking extra muscle relaxers oer dr. And FINALLY today I see a turn for the better and feeling more myself. My last muscle relaxer was at 2:30am with one Tylenol. Today I've had some discomfort but not enough where I felt like I had to take meds. Energy getting back up there.

Emotionally was a rough few days to. When u hit the one wk mark family and friends start running out of sympathy and now you are just being a pain lol.

I consider myself healthier than many and fit and I typically recover from things quickly but this I have to say has even way tougher then I thought. I mean it is major surgery and you just have to prepare yourself somehow for the bumpy road.

I am trying to keep focused on end result and it is ionly one wk out .

Wishing you all continued happy healing. Hugs xo

Changing my vote on what's tougher the breasts or tummy to tummy!!

Lol I was asked this and previously stated breasts :)

Post op day 11

Doing well...every day feeling so much better it's amazing. Second night back in my own bed with lots of pillows actually managed to sleep on my side which was such a nice change.

I miss taking baths and I miss my workouts.

My drain is putting out a solid 50cc a day so very low hopes that will come out on thusr at my dr appt. I'm ok either way because I know it will come out when it's time. Lower abs under bb seem always swollen and poofy also my left hip...still so happy so far.

Had the energy to try on some of my dresses and some bathing suits and wow so amazing how things fit so great now...I'm actually proportionate for once in forever. So exciting!!! Love my boobs...love my tummy...hmm I've never said that in my life :)

My mom was here helping and left Sunday and I'm getting way more rested without having someone here all day to talk to. I'm not bored yet and enjoying taking things at a slower pace for the moment normally I feel so rushed.

That's all for now. Good luck to all going for their sx in next few days and happy healing to all of you...hugs

Po day 11

3 weeks post op

3 Wks - First Day Back to Gym

So....3 wks post op and I'm feeling good. Wed went to Dr and got last drain out thank goodness!!!! It was about to drive me NUTS. Also was able to stop antibiotics yay! I hate taking meds.

Dr said I'm healing really nicely but I have a lot of swelling. The more active you are the more time it takes for swelling. Guess what I am an active person. She said it doesn't hurt anything but will take a little longer to see results. I'm ok with that.

After drains came out Wed I took it really easy on Wed and Thurs...took naps rested and watched a lot of tv. My plan was to come back to the gym today. So I did 20 min fast walking, 20 min recumbent bike, a little arms w/ light weight and some leg raises on the mat while on my side. It felt so great to break a sweat finally after 3 wks!! I am on the schedule to teach a fitness class 3 wks from today so I asked Dr to give me a plan to ease back into things. Next week I will do elliptical and some low impact group ex classes, Week 5 will do Zumba and cardio classes but not full out. No squats, core work anything w/ core. Legs and butt def losing firmness and tone but not too bad. I have also been eating not very good esp w/ Thanksgiving yesterday. I am up 4 lbs from my surgery date. But I know that will come off as soon as I am more active.

I'm really excited to see what I will look like when swelling goes down more and once I am working out regularly again.

Current Issues:
- The tape over my incisions on my breasts is making me SO itchy. I'm using Gold Bond cream and take some Benadryl at night but really is irritating.

- Have to figure out the right spanx....don't really like the shorts w/ high waist. Anyone have suggestions? I have a tank type one that comes up to under boobs. Been wearing my surgery binder at night.

I go back to Dr at almost 5 wks to start silicone strips on scars.

Things are moving along and time is going by actually pretty fast.

Hope everyone is healing nicely!! xo

Before and After Comparison

This blows me away what a change. So happy with results so far!!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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