37 Years Old, Small 34 B, No Children and Wanting Firmer Full Size C Cup. South Africa, ZA

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I am 37 years old, well after my BA, 38 ????....

I am 37 years old, well after my BA, 38 ????. Birthday present to Moi! I have been surfing the site for major inspiration as some encouragement. My breast are beautiful, but can look fuller and sexier in a bikini or hot top. Contemplating between 350cc-375cc. Thinking of going with the bigger option. Dont want to suffer this whole ordeal and regret that I didnt. On the other hand, will I regret going too big ????. Choices, choices!

Boobs I like

In two minds about sizes

More dream pics

Thinking of re-scheduling my opp! EARLIER

I have now read many of the realself recovery stories. My doc mentioned that recovery would be quick and can be back at work in less than a week. Somehow, I dont think so. Getting really worried for I have taken only 8 days off and have to appear on TV on the 9 th day (12 hour day) I do NOT have a high pain threshold. I am thinking of moving it to an earlier day, in order to have a longer recovery time. Tricky!!!!

A month and 4 days to go!

Ok, I have my days where I am completely confident with my decision and then there are those days where I doubt the whole thing. Even sometimes thinking of backing out. Sure everyone experiences this. Met a South African Celeb the other day that had her Augmentation done by Saul Braun and could stop raving about her boobs and how amazing he was. I know I am in good hands, but it feels reassuring when you hear and see the doctors work. So my hopes are up again. Counting the says and I am not lying, everyday is at least filled with a few boob reminders! How will I look in this top with bigger breast? And so it goes!

21 Days to go!

I am getting so excited! Phoning Doctors rooms today to confirm my size as well as ordering the 375cc.

Cant believe how time is flying.

A week to go!

Had my doubts with sizing and decided to call the docs office. I am still in doubt between size 350 and 375 CC. So they ordered both and we will make a decision on the day. We are using Eurosilicone smooth round HP. Getting excited. Happy Birthday to me!!!

2 nd day post

In a lot of pain. OMG! Preasure on my back and chest immense.

Begging for painkillers every 3 hours.

3 day post!

i have had the most two uncomfortable nights. I am extremely sore and very swollen. Have been taking Stilpane, but keep on watching the clock to see when I can take more. Found some Tramacet, let's see if this works better.

I never thought this will be so painful. OMG. Now on top of everything its massaging them and dealing with constipation, drinking Fybogel x2 a day. Feeling so sorry for myself.

My companion

some tic from my pooch

More pics

Pain getting better. Everyday a little stronger. Starting to itch, but very happy so far. Seeing Doc on Monday for my follow up appointment. Getting meds for constipation. Oh the joys of pain killers :)

8 days post

Just wrote a long review and was kicked out of app. NOT GOOD!

Just posting pics only. Sorry ladies.
South Africa Plastic Surgeon

Had previous treatments done by Dr Braun. He has been at it for a long time and has done some challenging BA surgery. My consultation was as always very pleasant. He is kind, listens and has a conservative approach. After my consultation I decided there and then that he is the doctor of choice.

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