Permalip Implants 4 Mm - Jacksonville, FL

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Just had Permalip implants 4 mm top and bottom...

Just had Permalip implants 4 mm top and bottom this morning. Took less then an hour and the pain wasn't too bad and after the numbing injections there was none at all. I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia to anyone thinking about having this done. Great staff and bedside manner. No post operative pain yet but I will continue to update.

Day 2 post Permalip 4 mm implants

Day after receiving Permalip implants and I'm surprised how close to normal my mouth feels. As you can see in the pictures there is close to no bruising, I can almost eat and drink again like normally, and there is minimal soreness. I believe these factors are highly surgeon dependent so if you are looking for a fast recovery and an optimal result then run to Dr. Phillip Garcia in Jacksonville, Fl.

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

Still feeling really close to normal, noticed a little bruising when I got out of the shower today but nothing major and the soreness is pretty much gone. Not all the way healed yet but I am really glad I went through with this. Just can't wait to get my stitches out!

Day 5

Day 5 (been labeling the days wrong)

I've been numbering the days off by a day. This is Day 5. Soreness is gone, stitches are starting to dissolve, and mobility in my lips have greatly improved. I am loving them!

Day 6

Can almost pucker my lips completely normal again and waiting on the last stitch to dissolve.

Day 7

I love love love them! And it's such a relief to know they are permanently :)
And all the stitches are dissolved finally!

11 days after

Day 13

4mm top and bottom is perfect for my face so far :)

4 weeks

I'm still satisfied with Dr. Phillip Garcia's work. The 4mm top and bottom fits my face perfectly.

2 1/2 months later

Still the nice subtle change I was looking for. Feels like my own lips :)

Juviderm over implants

Had half a syringe of juviderm done today over the implants. Water some extra plumpness for a special occasion, but overall I'm happy with the original result.
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