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I'm 51 years old and I have been considering...

I'm 51 years old and I have been considering having a tummy tuck for the past several years but never had the courage to actually do it. I have had three children,one in which was a c-section that didn't leave me with many stretch marks but an ugly stomach as well as a hernia(which I just found out I had)so on February 20,2012 I will be having a full tt with lipo and a hernia repair.

I have been very nervous and the thing that bothers me the most is when will I be able to hold my two grandson's again(ages 1&3) It will break my heart to say mimi can't hold you. I'm also wondering if maybe I'm to old to be worrying about how my stomach looks,but I would love to be able to wear a blouse tucked in, and to wear a bathing suit that looks good.

Well I went for my pre-op's last week and my Dr...

Well I went for my pre-op's last week and my Dr said that my EKG wasn't abnormal but it wasn't completely normal either so I had to go for a stress test yesterday and they called me late yesterday and told me that it was perfectly normal so then I went and done my blood work so hopefully that will come back OK as well. I only have 12 more day's before my surgery and I'm praying that I don't chicken out.

My surgery is one week from today, WOW! where did...

My surgery is one week from today, WOW! where did the time go. I was so nervous, but for whatever reason I'm not feeling that way anymore. I'm sure it will return come Monday morning. I need to go ahead and take a before photo so I can post it with my new and improved after photo. wish me luck guy's and better yet please keep me in your prayer's.

Well! tomorrow is the BIG DAY and I'm a nervous...

Well! tomorrow is the BIG DAY and I'm a nervous wreck! but will be glad to get this over with and on the road to recovery!!

Today is my second day post -op and I'm feeling...

Today is my second day post -op and I'm feeling pretty good I guess. I came off the pain meds the first night and have been taking aleve. I went for my post-op appt today and my PS said that every things looks good but he did say that I need to get up and move around more than I have been. it's just that i'm bent over so much it really hurts my back. I'm already sooo reallt to stand straight. I will post pics soon.

I'm day 9 post op. I went to see my ps yesterday...

I'm day 9 post op. I went to see my ps yesterday for the second time and he removed my one drain. I'm still walking hunched over which is driving me nuts but he said this is normal because he pulled me very tight. I'm trying to walk more and more everyday as this will help with the healing process....I'm so ready to say that I'm happy I did this and have no regrets but WOW what an emotional roller coaster this has been...I knew it wasn't gonna be a walk in the park but omg.....I know that God is taking good care of me and I will be feeling better really soon....go back next monday to have my stitches removed....Happy Healing to us all!!

Day 12 post op....With everyday that goes by I'm...

Day 12 post op....With everyday that goes by I'm getting better, standing straighter, notice I said straighter, because I'm not there yet! my ps said for me not to rush it and I want to follow his orders to a T if that's possible. I think I overdone it just a lil yesterday because I was draining just a little from my incision....I go for my third post op appt on Monday to have these stitches removed, I hope he removes all of them but not sure if he will....I'm going to order my body shaper today, I know it's not going to be comfortable but it has to be better than this binder i'm in now......really,really ready to start feeling like my self again....I hope to post before and after pictures soon,maybe when I'm standind more upright.

Post op day 13...It has been a struggle for me but...

Post op day 13...It has been a struggle for me but I'm getting better everyday....I have been having some drainage from my incision but my ps said that this may happen and for me not to be alarmed if it did...but I still freaked out a lil....I go to see my ps tomorrow and hopefully have some stitches removed, at least that was the plan but now that im draining I'm not so sure he will remove them....this has been a very hard recovery for me, I don't know if it's because of the hernia repair or if I'm just a slow healer but 13 day's out and I would have expected to be getting much better but not the case for me....still sleeping in the recliner....My hubby has been taking good care of me but now he is back to work and I stay at home all day usually by myself, my sister did come stay a few days and helped me and thank God for her cause she has just had some major surgery herself....can't wait to get in the shower today, I try taking one at least every two to three day's and man do they feel good. If I ever stand straight enough to take pictures I will post them.

14 day's post op....Went to see my ps surgeon...

14 day's post op....Went to see my ps surgeon today,,,,stitches were removed from my incision and belly button.... he had to put some durabond on my incision, I go back next Monday but I'm sure every thing will be fine. still not standing straight but he told me not to rush it so I'm not going to do anything he tell's me not to do. I keep feeling like I have lil lumps popping up on my stomach, he say's that's normal and for me to message them away. I have been showering from post op day 3, and oh boy do they feel good. I have a chair in the shower because standing kills my back. my ps also gave me a picture of my stomach before surgery and what he removed during surgery..WOW!!! didn't know I had so much fat in my stomach. still waiting to post picture.

18 days po....I'm beginning to think that I should...

18 days po....I'm beginning to think that I should just rent a room at my ps's office due to the fact that I'm there every other day it seems..I'm having trouble getting my incision to close and it has had me really stressing out. he seems to think that my body may not be agreeing with the stitches so he cut a row of them out and packed me and I have to go back today to see if the packing is helping the incision close or if I'm going to have to be put to sleep and go back in and cut remaining ones out and use a different type stitch. I have been praying really hard that whatever hes doing now is working and I want have to go through that. this has been a very hard recovery for me and I find myself questioning rather I did the right thing. I feel like I'm never gonna stand straight again. I'm trying to keep myself in good spirits. my ps has a good way of calming me down and reassuring me that it's going to be ok. I feel like my cg is weighing me down, I cant stand wearing it but still afraid to put on a body shaper due to the incision issue. my ps tells me to go on with my life and dont let this set me back but it's so hard when i feel like my body can't go. It will get better and one day I will be able to say I'm glad I did this(ready for that day to be here).
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I was very pleased with Dr. Clayman and his staff was amazing. I wish I could remember the nurses name that took care of me cause she was awesome.

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