Starting to Freak out About Juvederm Lip Injections - Jacksonville, FL

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I can't tell what part is swelling or what part is...

I can't tell what part is swelling or what part is product. I Obviously have lots of bruising but I'm so embarrassed if this is the final look(with exception of discoloration). I had one syringe injected and it was my first time. Im considering having hyraluronidase injected asap unless someone can say otherwise. I'm so embarressed and have been crying a lot today. Hopefully one of you docs can help with you opinion on what's happening with my final look. Thank you so much ahead of time. By the way this was done at a medspa.

Second Review.

So I called out of work today because I was to embarsressed with how I look so far. Like I said it not the bruising that's hard on me but the puffiness of my top lip. I'm afraid that I'm freakishly uneven. Also the couple friends and family that know I did this, when they see me in person and I ask what they think they say it looks "weird" or that "I shouldn't have done it"


I wanted to post my before picture. I have numbing jelly on my mouth.

Additional info

Fourth day after injection

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It's now the fourth day after my injection. I realized I needed to add some more information about my story: I was injected with 1 syringe of Juvedern Ultra Plus with a greater percentage put into my top lip. ill admit some of the pics of my mouth aren't to bad looking but it must be lighting and angles because most people that I came in contact with today later were asking questions about my lips to other coworkers. I'm welcoming all opinions and thoughts. Thank you guys so much.

Now I have blisters forming.

First I want to say thank you to everyone who has messaged me so far. I didn't have a chance to write everyone back but if by chance you are reading this I want you to know it was greatly appreciated.
Well now I have a new problem. I have these little clear blisters forming. I have 2 little bumps on my left side and 4 or 5 on the right side. Its kinda hard to see any detail in the pictures but in the last photo where I'm trying to make my lip flat I did this because you can clearly see two mounds on the underside of my top lip. It looks as if it's just a "large" lump on one side and a "small" lump on the other but these lumps are made up of the little "blisters". I can't tell if it's product, a side effect of bruising, or what? Anyone else have this?

Day 9

On day nine. Picture of my lips relaxed.
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