29 Yrs Old. One Child. Excited and Ready!! - Jacksonville, FL

Im currently around 210, 5'9. What can I say? Me...

Im currently around 210, 5'9. What can I say? Me & my son are tired of my stomach lol. I haven't set a date yet. I'll be traveling from another state to see Dr. Boutte. Im communicating w/ Crystal. So far, ive signed my docs. I was told I would get a call to pay my deposit but it's been a few days. Haven't heard anything. I'm fine with that. I'll be reaching out to them sometime this week. Then hopefully I'll get my date!!!

Countdown has begun!

My SX date is 6/6/17. Finally about to get it done after some major life events. Had a slight issue with getting the date I want but luckily someone canceled. I got a little discouraged & got a quote from the DR with Dr. Disla (a beast with lipo) but I decided to stick with Boutte. This week ill order the last min things like ab board, foams, stage 2 Faja, compression socks, and not sure what else I need.
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