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Im currently around 210, 5'9. What can I say? Me...

Im currently around 210, 5'9. What can I say? Me & my son are tired of my stomach lol. I haven't set a date yet. I'll be traveling from another state to see Dr. Boutte. Im communicating w/ Crystal. So far, ive signed my docs. I was told I would get a call to pay my deposit but it's been a few days. Haven't heard anything. I'm fine with that. I'll be reaching out to them sometime this week. Then hopefully I'll get my date!!!

Countdown has begun!

My SX date is 6/6/17. Finally about to get it done after some major life events. Had a slight issue with getting the date I want but luckily someone canceled. I got a little discouraged & got a quote from the DR with Dr. Disla (a beast with lipo) but I decided to stick with Boutte. This week ill order the last min things like ab board, foams, stage 2 Faja, compression socks, and not sure what else I need.

Just Thankful

SX was tdy at 9am. When I left if was 8pm. They had me in recovery for a while. Staff was great. Had to take 8 Pills b4 I went into the operating room. I added the lower back ($750) to my quote til last min. Had to pay cash since dont accept cards if u add something same day as sx. My bestie drove to nearest Publix to take out cash.

1 day post op

Swollen of course! Draining a lot on my right side. Hardly anything on my left. I did wake up during surgery and remember a voice telling me that it'll be ok. I think it was Dr. Boutte. I felt the instrument back and forth by my upper ab area and lower back area. I remember them telling me to turn around as well. When I came to after surgery I heard voice and heard Dr.Boutte. I said someone please tell Dr. Boutte I would like to see her. They had my eyes covered with something. I lifted it up and seen her. Im not sure what I said but she told me I'm going to love my results. She was beautiful and her skin was flawless! Dont remember much after that but when I was helped to the car it was 8pm.

2nd day post op

Pain was real today especially my lower back where she shaped my butt. I can tell Im going to have a nice shape. Excited for the next few weeks. Praying the pain eases up by the time I go to work (in 4 days). I have a lot of extra skin. Will start using BioOil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Green Coffee Bean Oil for my skin once I get the okay from the nurse.

4days post. Feeling the pain of drains. Smh

Im trying to ease off the percs but man the pain of these drains and the compression garment sucks! When I use the restroom there is blood coming out too. The Nurse said it normal bcuz of where the drains are and it can knock my cycle on again. So I guess I wont hit the ER for now. The experience would be okay if I didn't have 4 drains. Its definitely stopping my daily activity. I get tired after a while. Right now I'm laying down, garment unsnapped lifted above the two drains in my private area to let them breathe. Will take a nap and hopefully wake up to no pain.

Very happy so far

I'm 20 days post. I'm walking faster & more mobile. I did notice last night the nurse didn't take my stitches out all the way. There is one left. I'll call them tdy & hopefully they just send me to the ER. Overall swelling is usually more apparent after a full work day. I'm using bio oil right now. I still have burns tho that I'm using ointment for. I bought a nice CG from Ross for $14. I love it!! So I have 2 CG's and 1 stage 2 faja. My trains insicisions are still open. Once closed I'll waist train with a corset that I've had for a while (ideally 8/9 weeks post).

Pleased so far

(The pics) 7/8/17 wouldve marked 32 days post. My burns are healing with new skin. My 2nd lymphatic massage is this weekend although I believe I could do it myself. The pics I'll post is after a long day of being on my feet & having 2 adult drinks. I was swollen & a little sore. Overall I think I looked very curvy. My fam & friends love it. I'm down 17 pounds to date. I'm finally back in the 100s. 10 -15 pounds to go! I'm not exercising much but I'm taking vitamins & not eating too many carbs. I do eat wings at least 2xs a week so it ain't all clean. I defly slipped ain't ate 2 philly cheese steaks in 2 weeks. I traded my pizza fetish for thin crust cheese pizza. I'm trying & it's working. My skin is doing well too.
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