25 Year Old Grad School Student with 1 Child-Stubborn Back and Belly Fat - Jacksonville, FL

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Hi everyone. As the title states, I'm a 25 year...

Hi everyone. As the title states, I'm a 25 year old mother of one (3 year old daughter), in my last year of graduate school, an intern, and I work! Busy busy busy! But I find time to attend a boxing gym with a personal trainer 4 times per week the last few months. During that time I've lost plenty of lbs(15 to be exact) and several inches and I feel great. But no matter how vigorous the workouts are that I do at my gym( and they ARE EXTREME. I'm talking 50lb medicine balls, pushing that huge tire around, boxing, etc.) that stubborn belly pouch and rolls on my sides and back won't budge! I feel that I'm too young for a tummy tuck, so a friend suggested Slim Lipo, a procedure that she's had and looks amazing from.

I will be going to Dr. Lewis Obi in Jacksonville, FL. He's one of the first doctors in the country to ever utilize and help innovate from smart lipo to slim lipo, so I'm pretty confident in him. I've already gone for my consultation and scheduled my procedure for July 13, 2016. My pre op appointment will be the week before that on the 7th.

I'll be getting my abdomen, flanks, and back done. The past few days I've been debating on whether or not I should add fat transfer to my butt onto it, but in a few months time at the gym I'm at with the trainer I have, I'll have the butt I want in no time. Haha! Not to mention I eat well and have cut carbs and sugars completely, so the 15lb weight loss was a real achievement for me. Currently I'm 5'4" 158lbs, so I don't look terrible or like an "Oompa Loompa", but I am overweight for my height and I hate when I go to wear certain clothing or swimsuits everything looks fine in it until you reach my middle body. The excess skin from giving birth and those stubborn areas of rolls just mess it all up.

The good news is during my consult, Dr. Obi assured me that because of my mostly healthy diet and workout routine that my skin is already nice and tight and that my abdominal muscles are extremely tight(hooray for my barely there six pack that will hopefully be more noticeable after the procedure). He wants me to consider stretch mark removal but honestly, I'm fine with them. I carried an entire human, so those don't bother me a bit. Have any of you in the community ever had Smart Lipo? If so, I want details! Your recovery time, how'd you feel during the procedure, etc. Thank you!

Problem area pics

Just realized that I did not post any pictures of my problem areas. Here they are!

**UPDATE**Got it done: 7-13-2016

Hi everyone! So as the title states, I got the procedure done and besides the annoying leakage and having to sleep on towels in my bed and the swelling, I feel fine. I will post pictures tomorrow to go along with this update. Honestly because of swelling, everything still kind of looks the same, but I'm sure it'll go down.

**Slim Lipo UPDATE with PICS: 7-14-2016- 1 day post op**

Let me start out by saying today was my 24 hour post op appointment and it went well. Dr. Obi was surprised how flat my tummy was already. My next appointment will be next week with him. I was given instructions such as: purchasing a wooden pizza dough roller by pamperedchef.com and use that as my lymphatic massages to roll any uneven spots and lumps out. Also, he told me that I am free to purchase a new compression garment besides the one they initially gave me. So I purchased a full body one from HerRoom.com since full body compression garments are more comfortable for me than the tummy training one. It will also probably feel better to wear the full body garment during my time with my trainer at the gym as well.

Cons: The leakage/drainage is horrible! Especially the first night, I had to go to bed padded down with gauze and had to sleep in a towel to prevent making a mess in my bed. I can tell that's it's gradually slowing done though, which is great. Also, early this morning when I first woke up, I was in intense pain. It felt like deep muscular pains in my stomach and I could hardly move. But I eventually got it under control and now I'm more uncomfortable than anything rather than pain. I can feel the swelling and it feels really tight. I can hardly bend over to pick things up, it hurts to stand and sit a bit too, but it's normal and I'm sure it'll pass eventually.

I had my whole stomach done, bra fat, and flanks(muffin top) done, so here are a few pictures of me in my faja(compression garment). Dr. Obi let me know that I probably won't see optimum results until 6 months or more, but since I train at a boxing gym and eat well, I could see good results and reduced swelling between 3-4 months.

**2 days post op- How everything looks without the faja**

Hi ladies! Yesterday I posted pictures of me with my compression garment on. So here is a post with photos without it. Not very many updates except for the fact that I'm barely draining anymore. I have a few of my smaller incisions near my flanks that leak a little, other than that, everything is fine.

11 days post op!

Feeling great! Still a little numb in some spots, but fine overall. Today I took my faja(compression garment) off for a few hours to sport a super cute crop top outfit so I'll post pics of that and what my surgeon recommend I use for lymphatic massages, a pizza dough roller. If you have any questions let me know.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

He's been really nice thus far. Excited for the procedure date. Will update after procedure.

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