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3 weeks 1 day 17 hours to be exact to the NEW...

3 weeks 1 day 17 hours to be exact to the NEW me!!! I can't wait! I am having abdominoplasty, breast lift with implants and neck liposuction! I am really nervous despite having a great doctor. I am 49 years old and have had several surgeries in the past, most of them abdominal hence the mess I am in!!! I have had a recent weight loss of 70 lbs, but I haven't reached my goal weight yet, but my doctor didn't seem too concerned. Has anyone else gone through this but still had lbs. to lose? That's one of my main concerns! I don't want saggy skin if I lose another 20 or 30lbs but I have been at this weight for so long and my weight was primarily in my abdomen I feel like if I get this off (with the extra skin) it will be easier to exercise and lose. I will continue to write as things come to me!!!

2 weeks 4 days 21 hours

Things are moving right along with each passing day I keep thinking "I one month from now things are going to be different". With July 4th I thought "this is the last holiday I have to spend like this". Next July 4th is going to be my Independence Day. I am nervous about my surgery and have a lot of questions for my doctor. At this point I'm not staying overnight at the hospital, but we will see. I have to trust that he knows what he's doing. He is board certified and has privileges in 5 hospitals here so he must be good! I have to continue to lose the weight, and exercise! I am going to listen to the doctors but not exercising for 6 weeks is going to be tough!!

1 week 6 days 23 hours!!!

Wow!! I am at the two week mark and it's starting to get real!!! I mean really real!!! I am getting really nervous. I have lots of nervous energy, like the nervous energy you get a couple weeks before the baby comes!! I am cleaning the house, cleaning out the garage, closets etc! I have done some shopping for things I need off the lists here but I will get more after my pre op appt tomorrow! I am also seriously considering getting a lift chair! I have been a little sick this week and haven't exercised twice and I gained 3lbs WTH, geez! It's so frustrating! I can't win, it makes me so sad! I really hope my body reacts in a positive way to having this belly gone! My expectations aren't too high, I think anything will be an improvement! We shall see!!! I will update this tomorrow after my pre op appt.

One Week, Today!

I am getting excited, but unfortunately I have another personal family matter going on right now!! I would appreciate everyones prayers! It's nothing medical, but it's weighing heavy on my heart and making it difficult for me to eat and focus on this surgery!
I had pre-op appt. and it made me so excited, I got my arnica and some stuff I needed. Hubby fixed my recliner! He is out of town right now and will not be back to meet with the doctor tomorrow, ugh! I am all paid up! My mother comes in next Tuesday! I feel like I am ready, I just hope we get our personal problems taken care of!

2 days 2 hours 19 minutes, Getting Really Real

OK, This is getting real! We pick up my mom from airport today! Everything is ready! Ugh so nervous! Lots of emotions, but I am sure everyone on the flat side knows what I am talking about! My family is going through a very personal matter that I wish we never had to face, especially now! It doesn't feel real, It feels too good to be true!!

Has anyone bought a bikini yet?

I am wishful dreaming and shopping online and I think I found a dream bikini that will work right away! Has anyone tried the Victoria Secret fold over bottoms bikini, ruched top yet? Its really cute!!! and on sale!! I tried to upload photo but it wouldn't let me go to and look under bikini's for D DD :)

24 hours to go!

Wow, after everything I can't believe I am so close! I hope nothing stops this! I'm not nervous about what will go wrong, I can't believe it will actually happen! I have been waiting to get rid of this pouch for so long! It just feels surreal! I have everything ready I hope I don't regret getting an elevated toilet seat. I will update everyone!

Today is my day!

Just made it to the doctors office! I did my two washes. I put my scopolamine patch on last night behind my ear (for nausea) after my shower with antiseptic wash and it made me so sleepy I slept until right before my alarm went off! This am I got showered and dressed, I also took a couple more before pictures! A few weeks ago I threw away almost all my heavy weight clothes, I did save some button up shirts. The shirt I have on today that used to fit tightly I can wrap around twice! I'm so excited for my new lease on life'. See you on the flat side!

I made it hruI. 11.5 hrs post op

Hello all, the surgery was uneventful! And sorts it! The anesthesiologist was amazing she made a nice anti nausea cocktail for me, as she does for everyone. Here are the days event as I can remember them (high on Percs n morphine)!

Arrived at ps office- at 7:30. Ushered back prompty
745 - RN in to confirm allergies, drugs n explain day, and I reassured nothing by mouth. Gave me acid reflux pill and took before photos.
8:00 nurse anesthiiestist in to start IV and go over med history
8:15 ps in to explain what he's going to do and draw on mr like I'm an etch a sketch
8:35. Off to operating roon and night night quickly.
4:00i-ish woke up with flattish tummy lipo and full TT, breast aug with lift. 450 cc, lipo to neck
left ps office At 5 15
Follow up tomorrow.
Pain is tolerable.
Peed once.
Taken one Phenergan, on percocet after peeing I gagged and felt something pull in my upper abdomen called ps. He said he stitched really tight up there,no worries just loosen. Hope not too lose.
Now it's 1030. I'm going to bed post pice tomorrow

Pictures before and right after

After photos in compression

Lots of compression. Around 6pm

Oops side view

Here is view far away

Feeling better every day!

I am getting around better everyday, but weird things do happen! Since I have had a full TT I feel LOTS of pulling and tugging in my abdomen! Not sure if others feel this! The swelling isn't too bad it's tolerable and going down with the gas! I am used to all the swelling after c-sections, this is worse! Day three was bad day for was better I didn't need any pain meds thru the day!!! Yeah! I hate taken them they make make me so constipated! I use warm prune juice and mom, and I also had to take to duccolax by mouth!! geez...
My appetite is good, but I don't want to eat to much I am sticking to yogurt! I can't wait to exercise again! I really miss the gym!

Talking to myself!

That's the title to my new review/blog, it's funny to put everything and I mean everything out their only to feel like why? Does anyone care? Am I too fat for this site, also. Since I have been heavy I have felt people have judge me because of how I look and I feel it's the same way here! I'm going to continue to blog and not expect ppl to reply. It's just sad....
One day my day will come and it will
l be soon, this I know for sure.
Ok. I went to the ps today it was good. He gave me lots of hope. My two jp drains will probably come out Friday

Day 6 post op ups and downs

I hope to post photos with this. Friday when I go to my post op I plan to have a list of ? For my ps. One being my boobs seem to be slopping down. The pain is getting more tolerable but the more I do the more I hurt! Little things like car rides take all my energy. I can only lift a cup of coffee. I have switched to Tylenol mostly. I still take 1 perc usually at night.

Feeling kind of sexy!

I went to my doct yesterday I still have the drains in until Friday. He took off all my tape and some of my sutures. I still wear my abd binder my tummy is getting flatter. When I workout I hope to lose it in my thighs back n arms. Ugh

Time heals!

Ok, I'm really trying to learn patience. Not easy. It seems like I'm doubled over in pain then I realize I've done too much. Today I get my drains out. Yea! It's time! I have a couple open areas on my incisions that aren't healing either, but they don't look too bad.
I'm wonder how everyone's husbands/boyfriends are handling their mm. Our sex life prior to this was horrible. I have a horrible self image because of all the weight gain and I know my hubby wasn't into having sex with a big girl! I was hoping with this surgery his attitude would change and he would start showering me with compliments but its like he's still turned off. Last night I gave him a fashion show with all my new Victoria secret bras and panties and it was like he was dead. He didn't try to grab my boobs or nothing. When I asked him he said I have to finish healing, wth. My bruises are gone! I tried to kiss him and its always quick pecks no sexy kisses. I'm really sad. I feel lost...

Moving on!

Update: hubby and I had a huge fight this weekend with really no resolution. I think I might get into therapy just so I can figure out who I am! He says he loves me, but after 30 yrs, I just don't feel it and never really have and with no intamacy it's tough, but he always has excuses a mile long, work stress him, bills, family stuff blah blah blah. Lots of times I think maybe its me I should be happy with what I have and shut up. I'm going to see a therapist, yep

Now on healing the outside! I have several wounds that are painful. My job as a wound care nurse is paying off! Man oh man are they sore! I also will eventually educate my ps office on the importance of moist wound healing as the ma said "oh they need to scab up and dry out". She doesn't even know the difference between scabs superficial accumulation of blood cells on the epidermis and a necrotic wound which goes deep into the sub q tissue. Geez. I have not worked since I moved to Jax, but this brings my passions close to my heart and I'm going to start back part time after I fully heal!
I'm still really puffy but I'm finally starting to lose the weight. I'm down 10 lbs since surgery!
Ok ladies enjoy your process, thru all the ups and downs I'm enjoying mine

Updated side by side photo's

I am still really swollen but wanted to see if there were any difference with side by side photos. I don't see any yet!!! I am learning patience!!!!

Just over a month post op

I went to see my doctor yesterday and he said he would mostly go back in and fix a couple things! I don't think he was talking about up top, where I still feel very round, I think he meant my lower scar area! Ugh it scares me to go back in again! I am starting to feel a little normal! I love certain things about the surgery, but other things I am still struggling with. I have wounds that STILL hurt under my breast, they are taking forever to heal! I also want the dog ears gone!! My PS says he will fix all things at once, we will see, I don't see him until next month so I am going to have to wait! I did get the ok to wear regular bras and spanx! This feels good, almost normal! I also still have pains and pulling sensations, on my sides at times! I am sure these are the sutures loosening, dangit!!! I guess time will tell! I am loosing weight!! I am in the 170's. I have got to keep focused on eating healthy, and staying away from alcohol

Updated pictures One month out!

These are pictures from one month out! I still look barrel chested ugh!!

5 weeks 2 days post op

Things are progressing slowly! My pain level varies from a 3 to a 6 or so, eek! I still have pain underneath my breast (I have to small open areas), and I have pain on the right side of my abdomen that at times feels like stabbing and burning! It's also were the doctor drained the seroma and its still pretty puffy there! I hope it goes away soon. I'm really trying to get back to my life!
The good news is I continue to lose weight and I'm fitting into size 10's from American eagle!
Hope everyone is doing well!

New Bali bra!

Just found a great new bra called Bali revolution. By Bali at kohl's. it's was a little pricey for kohl'ls at 26.00, but we have a bali's outlet so I hope they have them there. They have some Lycra like sports bras and no under wire, they are super comfortable. Much more comfortable then sports bras! The rubber was digging into my incision.

6 Wks 1 day my seroma and ken parts ugh

Ok here is my 6 wk update and I will try to keep it as positive as possible! Lol. I have two large seromas. How do you know I have two you ask...! Well, I think I failed to mention in my earlier post last week I drove to Delaware. A 14 hr. drive by myself. I had to my daughter is going thru a horrible custody battle and I'm needed here! So...I thought if I put it on cruise I would be ok. Wrong!!!! My pain shot up to a 10 and I only had a couple Vicodin left since I stopped taken them weeks ago, so a promptly gobbled them up when I got here hoping the pain would go away! I also stayed on the couch from Thursday till Monday n my daughter went and got me more arinica, hypericum, and graphites! Nothing including Motrin eased the pain so I went to the er here and the confirmed I had two seromas with a ct scan! They even wanted to admit me!! Uh no! I got some pain meds and called my ps. I have an appt for next Wednesday when I get home. My daughter is going to drive md home and we will fly her back. I am also getting checked by my old pcp just to check.
The good news is I'm losing weight. I gained a couple pounds cause they love to cook and eat here. Lol!! I back down to 175lbs. I will continue to lose no snacking.
For girls that have had a full Tt with a mons lift. Do you notice your girl parts now look like ken parts? Playing barbies with my grand daughter it clicked! I remember where I saw it before! I guess I really should have specified what Barbie I wanted to look like. Seriously at six weeks I thought the swelling would be less! Ugh! I'm still happy I did this despite everything. Yes, I have been thru a lot!

Swell hell

Here are some pics with clothes on

13 weeks post op

This Thursday it will be 13 weeks. I have to say I'm not real happy. I still had a lot of weight to lose despite all ready losing 60 lbs. I cannot lose weight I exercise and I eat a great diet. I'm really upset. I thought when I got my belly fat cut off it would help my metabolism, but it doesn't.
Yesterday. I went back to ps n he took down my dog ears n finished the lipo under my neck. I was totally awake for this. I had to pay 800.00 and the only thing I got for relaxing was Ativan n Valium pulls before. N a local. I thought for sure. I would get versed iv I remember everything n it hurt!!! This better be it for my chin. I know this isn't the board but I'm venting. I had a big chunk of scar tissue hanging off my neck. It was as embarrassing as having the double chin. I wanted to get my barrel chest fixed and my scar that looks like shit on my belly. U can see the pics. It goes up near my pubic area. Not to mention of have two scars next to my labia. I have never seen other women with those??? Wth. I feel like a freak. Then I went to see him two weeks ago n he says. We can fix the front first. Meaning my chin, abdomen, scar and lipo thighs. Then bring me back n do more lipo of back, dog ears, and upper arms. The first surgery would cost another 8 grand. Geez. Not to mention I work my ass of at the gym n pay a trainer 300. A month. Min just really sad. I will post photos tonight

Going back in after almost a year!

I had my first surgery July 25th, 2013 and I have decided to go back to Dr. Fee to get everything touched up! First I am getting a lower face lift, I had neck lipo and the scar tissue has never went away despite a revision. This will be removed!!! I am also getting my breast augmentation redone. I think my capsules are large, I know this happens if they are small they can rupture the implant! They move around and cause pain especially when I am sleeping and exercising! Lastly I had abdominoplasty with lipo I am getting a scar revision and lipo to trim down my stomach YEAHHHH! This will be done a week from Friday on 6/27/14. I will be posting before pictures!! Wish me luck.

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