Dreary day outside and my emotions are equivalent.

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I am 40 years old, a mother of a 17 year old son...

I am 40 years old, a mother of a 17 year old son and a wife to a wonderful husband of 17 years. I have been contemplating a mommy makeover for years but finally decided to begin my journey to the "flat and more flattering side" My research began in Dec 2012, I had consultations with two PS, it was a big toss up. After mysecond meeting with the second PS and dragging my husband along with me, i was certain that I had made the right decision. He took his time and answered all of my husbands questions in laymen terms, on a level which my husband could relate to. I scheduIed my makeover which will include mastopexy with augmentation, abdominoplasty with lipo to abdomen, hips and flanks on 4/10. I am anxious, nervous, excited....you name it, i am a roller coaster of emotions right now.
I took off 5 weeks from work and have arragned for my best friend to spend the first 5 days with me because I don't know how nurturing my husband will be during my healing process. He is extrememely supportive of my decisio but tends to be squeamish about when it comes to medical things. Not to mention, I am an RN who works in the ICU and am a little OCD when it comes to caring for patients and would expect nothing less from someone caring for me.

I have been working the past few days, so I haven...

I have been working the past few days, so I haven 't been able to log onto RS. So- tomorrow is my big day. I have to be there at 5:30am, surgery begins at 7:00 and should last 5 hours. Along with the breast lift he will be putting in small implants. The anxiety has officially begun. I ran to Walmart to pick up last minute things. I am so glad my friend will be caring for me; I think I am already driving my husband nuts with my anxiety.
I am adding a few pre-surgery pics. Good luck to all of you. See you on the flat side :)

Yeah!!! i made it to the flat side!! My MM was...

Yeah!!! i made it to the flat side!!
My MM was 4/10 and I am thrilled w/ the results so far. Anyone who is nervous about this, don't be!!! It's not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.
My surgery was at 7:00 am and was brought home by my friend around 3:00 that same afternoon. She has been so sweet and taking great care of me. The surgery staff made sure I was able to tolerate fluids and the pain was under control. The ride home was horrendous due to the nausea. Getting in and out of the recliner was tricky but I have mastered it now. I was able to shower today (the most amazing shower ever!!!) my friend was nearby to help w/ washing my hair. I felt like I was having an herbal essence moment in the shower :). I also went poo w/o any difficulty- I've been taking a stool softener twice a day because I didn't want any constipation!
My pain has been 4/10 when up and moving but 0/10 when I'm chillin; ive been taking Percocet and Valium for muscle spasms.
I have been walking around, hunched over, quite a bit and drinking a ton of water. I will be posting pics later. Happy healing to all :)

I am feeling stronger as each day passes; not...

I am feeling stronger as each day passes; not requiring help to get in and out of bed or on/off couch. I am drinking ALOT of Penta water (infused w/ ions and minerals) and cucumber lemon water to help swelling. The pain is about 2/10 for the most part, at times I am pain free. I am fortunate enough to have a prescription for toradol and was able to get one of my friends who is a nurse administer that to me- I think that helps more than the percocet. I am still walking hunched over, but that is to be expected. I can see why people use walkers, expecially if they have a long ways to walk to the bathroom.
Good luck to all of you, happy healing.

Today is PO day #4, each day seems to be getting a...

Today is PO day #4, each day seems to be getting a little easier. Last night my husband helped me shower. We didn't invest in a shower chair, so he put a towel in the tub, set a bucket upside down and folded another towel and placed it on top of the bucket to make it more comfortable for me. He handed me the hand-held shower head and let me take my time letting the water run down my back. It felt wonderful and I didn't feel rushed because I was sitting down. I still have trouble standing for longer than 10-15 min at a time, it causes lower back spasms and wears me out! My DH was so sweet, helping when I asked for help then wrapping me back up with the ace wrap and abdominal binder.
I is amazing how much I still rely on people for simple things like filling up my water, bringing me ice packs. It never fails- as soon as you get comfortable, you think of something that you need and it is inevitably out of reach.
I think life will be much easier once my drains are out- I am hoping they can come out on Wednesday (4/18) which is my follow up with my PS. My mons pubis is extremely swollen and my labia are purple- amazingly enough, i don't have too much bruising anywhere else, a litle on my sides and a little under my breasts.
Best of luck to all my mommy makeover pals, happy healing.

PO day#5 I am feeling a bit "off" today, just...

PO day#5 I am feeling a bit "off" today, just can't seem to get comfortable. It must be my body adjusting to all the changes. I keep having this burning/pain under my right arm pit. I am thinking it must be pressure from the implant. I was not instructed to wear an implant stabilizer so I am wearing a sports bra with the ace wrap wrapped really tight on the top of my breast, hoping it will help my implants settle down. I wonder if I should purchase an implant stabilizer. My Tummy has twinges from time to time, but nothing unbearable. I am TIRED of my drains, they catch on everything. They are still draining about 40-60mL/d4-6 day. I did not have any idea that my crotch would be this swollen and sore! Am hopeful that he will take them out at my follow up appointment on thursday (8days PO). I think I will feel "almost normal" again after my drains are out. Im still taking 1 percocet and 1/2 valium every 4-6 hours due to the muscle spasms.
I have left gauze in my belly button, don't know if Im supposed to remove it or leave it in until my PS takes it out. Its not draining, so I guess I'll leave it alone. Overall still happy with how my healing is progressing.
I hope you all are healing well. Until next time :)

I can't believe a week has gone by since my MM. I...

I can't believe a week has gone by since my MM. I am feeling really good, pain is normally 1/10, with twinges and burning sensations from time to time. I am getting around pretty good too. I walk a little hunched over after first getting up, but am able to stand more erect after moving around a few minutes. I still have bad muscle spasms, for which I take valium- which is God sent! Maybe I should try to biofreeze that some have mentioned on this site.
I still have two drains which will hopefully be out tomorrow. They are the major cause of my pain, they are both located on the lower portion of my mon pubis. I keep telling my husband "I feel like a dude" cuz I have to spread my legs and sit down VERY carefully! Ice is my friend!!!
The girls are healing nicely, although the implants still haven't fallen into place. They feel similar to the engorged feeling when I was breast feeding. I am religiously wearing the ace wrap to help them settle. I hope to post updated pics once my drains are removed tomorrow. Until next time- happy healing to all.

Its been a few days since I have posted; Im...

Its been a few days since I have posted; Im healing well and having no emotional roller coasters. Maybe because of my wonderful, supportive group of friends and husband.
I went for my follow up yesterday and had my drains removed. It felt like a hot iron rod on my left side, but didn't feel a thing on the right. To those of you who have not had them removed, you might want to take a pain pill prior to your appointment because it is uncomfortable. Now that they are out I have had essentially, no pain. Yes, Im still swollen, but that is to be expected. The dr said he sucked out almost 6 Liters - yes you read that right- six liters of fat!! However he is very happy with how quickly I am healing. I felt so amazing after having the drains removed yesterday that I went shopping and bought a bikini! The first since my son was born!! My implants still have not settled, but I think I will end up being a D or DD. My sports bras-that I am wearing are Ds. I was origianlly a 38D due to all the excess skin that was rolled up into my underwire bra :) I asked the Dr not to make my breast huge- I just wanted the lift with upper pole fullness.
For those of you considering a mommy makeover- or are doubting it. DONT!! I am VERY happy with my results and am only 9 days post op. And those of you interested- yes, my hubs and I were able to have "relations" last night. Initially, It was a little uncomfortable due to swelling, but he was very gentle and VERY happy. However, everyone heals at a different rate- so listen to your body, you will know when you are ready.
I am posting a few new pics, keep in mind that this is ONLY post op day #9
Until next time, happy healing to all.

Today is PO day #12. It is cold and rainy outside...

Today is PO day #12. It is cold and rainy outside and I feel a little dreary myself. I had a wonderful day yesterday, got up made homemade waffles and berry syrup then also cooked a big dinner for the family. In between cooking, I ran errands. I have been cleaning /picking up around the house, doing laundry-although I get my hubby to carry the laundry basket to and from the laundry room for a few days now. I have had minimal pain, just little aches or tighnes for a few days. I do however, still experience spasms for which I take the Valium that the PS gave me, I try to only take 1/2 when I really need it I have been feeling so great that I guess I think I can do everything and run around like a chicken with my head cut off.....until my tummy gets bigger and bigger and bigger and I go from walking up pretty straight to being hunched over again. I guess I’m paying for it today. I keep trying to remind myself that it's ok to feel a little down...I think it's normal for what we have gone through......I'm used to being the girl that has it all together. My advice to all you PO ladies....baby yourself! I guess I should just breathe, relax and take one day at a time!
Hopefully things will continue to get better each day but am prepared if they don't...I want to be realistic. Hope you are all healing well and good luck to any others that are getting close to their surgery day ;)

As I posted earlier, I was having a "blah, yucky...

As I posted earlier, I was having a "blah, yucky day" my body was telling me to rest and take it easy, so i spent the entire day chilling, putting warm compresses on my mons when it was sore. In the back of my mind I was wondering if my swelling was the beginning of a seroma, but I figured I would wait and see what tomorrow brings. I changed my bandages prior to going to bed, these bandages cover the two holes from where my drains had been removed 4 days ago. Mind you I am and ICU nurse and very anal, using hibaclens and bacitracin on any open areas before applying bandages as well as making a mental not as to what the incision and surrounding skin look like. Previously these holes that are the size of a pencil eraser have had scant drainage, only requiring a 2x2 and tape. -Sorry long description, but I had to paint the full picture for you. Needless to say I went to bed around 10pm, I layed in bed, tossing and turning and felt down to my right side and noticed that my shirt was soaked! I got out of bed, went to the bathroom and turned on the light and noticed the right hole was dripping. I grabbed a hand held mirror, hibaclen, bacitracin a peripad and tape. I sat on the toilet and pushed on under my belly button. I must have expressed 10-15 mLs of drainage. The drainage was serous fluid with a little pink color, similar to what was draining into my drains prior to removal, it had no odor, nor was it really thick discharge. I am thrilled to know that my nursing judgement didn't fail me- it was most likely the beginning of a seroma that found an outlet. My abdomen feels much less taunt, I feel as though expressing this fluid helped me relieve some of the pressure. I calmly changed my clothes and moved out to the couch for the remainder of the night as not to disrupt my husbands sleep. I made sure to put a puppy pad/chucks pad on the couch, just incase I fall asleep and it starts leaking again. Again, I can not stress enough, listen to your body, it will go though its own natural healing process if you just give it time. And for those of you concerned, yes, I will call the PS tomorrow and notify him of my leakage. He may want to put me back on an antibiotic or wait and see how it progresses over the next few days.
I will keep you posted on any new findings. Ta-Ta- for now

Update w/ pics

update w/ pics

I am 3 wks PO as of today! I feel great. ...

I am 3 wks PO as of today! I feel great. However, my abdominal area is still VERY tight and I still get frequent twinges and spasms. I posted pics yesterday of my abdominal incision- the area of concern; I have been back on antibiotics for 2 days, seem to be working, that area is looking much better, barely swollen and just a tad bit pink.
I have a follow up w/ my PS tomorrow AM and look forward to him giving me clearance to resume ligh- moderate exercise. I am very glad that I was able to take 5 wks off from work; I am hoping that I will feel even better when I return to my job which requires exuding alot of mental and physical strength. My other goal is for my PS to give me the OK to swim in my pool! I have been soaking up the sunshine but only sit on the edge to splash my arms and legs to cool off. It is calling me :)
I did go to the beach last sunday so my son could surf but wore a tankine top and regular bottoms, nothing sexy yet- I was afraid of bacteria getting in my incisions. BTW, walking in the sand to get to the water was quite the workout! I kept telling my husband and son "don't forget grandma!" Cuz I feel like an old lady all hunched over and soooo slow some times.
Well- I think im off to get a mani and pedi. All you post ops- happy healing and to those of you who are waiting for your MM- hang in there, your day will be here soon

I had my 3 week follow up yesterday. I still have...

I had my 3 week follow up yesterday. I still have the "blister" but PS said it is NOT an infection, only fluid built up under one of my old stretch marks. He offered to "stick a needle in it and aspirate the fluid, or you can massage it and the body will reabsorb it" UGH- NO, NO needle! Doesn't he know- Im the one used to poking patients, not people poking me. LOL I chose to massage it :D He also said the "girls" are still sitting kinda high- he also recommended more frequent massaging. I have a hand-held home-medic massager, so I layed in bed this morning and massaged the crap outta my tummy, incision, breast and my flanks I am hoping this will improve circulation and decrease inflamation.There is still some swelling, but he is very happy with how the incisions are healing and how I am progressing. Needless to say, I am too!!
I am off pain meds and walking straight! However, I still get muscle spasms in the abdomen and strange electrical zap feelings from time to time. PS said that is perfectly normal for what I had done.
I'll post updated pics soon- the daily transformation is amazing!
Happy healing to all!

I can't believe tomorrow will be a month since my...

I can't believe tomorrow will be a month since my MM surgery- how time has flown! I am feeling really good; not quite a 100% yet but pretty close. I still have muscle spasms and twinges in my abdomin from time to time, mainly in the evening. I go back to work on Sunday- praying for an "easy day" then off the following 2 days work Wednesday and then not again until the following sat/sun. Yes, I schedualed myself like that so I could "ease back into work".
My blistered area is still present, but healing. It seemed to me that all my compression garments rubbed right under my incision; I read somewhere that applying Mole Skin will help decrease the sensitivetly- it does the trick!! so you will see on of my pics has the square spot on the incision- thats the mole skin.
I hope you all are healing well.

Sorry, don't know why some of my pics came out...

sorry, don't know why some of my pics came out sideways- i edited them and had them upright.

Well- i survived my first day back to work after...

Well- i survived my first day back to work after having a full TT, lipo and BL w/ saline augmentation (390cc each side). My MM was 4/10, my first day back to work was 5/12 and i survived a 12 hr shift, in the ICU! As an RN, I have learned to be prepared for the worst- so i packed some tylenol and motrin in my bag and wore a spanks tanktop under my scrubs. I made a point not to tell anyone at work that I was having a MM because I didn't want to deal w/ the negativity or listen to everyones opinions. Yes, Ive seen and taken care of patients who have ended up with complications due to mommy makeovers. When my co-workers asked where I had been, I just said vacation, spending time w/ the my family. My husband said I should have told them I went on a vacation to a Jamacian spa where I worked out, ate right and laid in the sun everyday :)
I felt tired by the end of the day, and i felt like i was starting to walk a little hunched over, but nobody mentioned anything.
Now I have two days off- I think my hubby n I are going to hit the beach this afternoon- maybe I can wear one of my new bikinis :)
Happy healing to all

3 months post op

I have no idea where these last three months have gone, I guess I've been busy enjoying the "new ME". I could not be more thrilled with my results. I feel more healthier and more confident than ever.

A year later and am still thrilled!!

I had my MM over a year ago and am still loving my results. I feel as though my MM allowed my true personality to shine. I have always been a confident person, but this gave me a confidence boost. I am posting a pic so you can see the my results, and Yes, this is the same body! Dr Desai is amazing, a true artist!!
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Lots of research!! I had heard about his great work from other nurses.

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