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After the birth of my only child in 1992, I lost...

After the birth of my only child in 1992, I lost my pregnancy weight quickly (within 6 weeks). My delivery was via C-section. I remember being so proud of my boobs when my milk came in (I never had very much in the breast department...I'm all butt and hips). For the first time in my life, my boobs were 40DD's!!!! WHAT?!?! Sadly, after 4 months of breast feeding, they shrunk, shriveled, and I was left with only stretch marks to remind me what nice, big boobies look like on my 5'3" frame.

Soon after delivery, I had an implanted birth control device placed in my arm...this is when my weight problems began. By the time my daughter had her 1st birthday, I weighed more than I did when I delivered her. I also began have a myriad of health issues related to the implanted birth control device. It had to be taken out...but even after removal, my weight continued to go up. At my heaviest, I weighed 211 pounds...on a 5'3" frame...I wore a size 18/20.

Battling depression, I began seeing a therapist, who recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day...I HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT! I kept having exercise related injuries (because I didn't know how to properly exercise), so in 2006 I hired a Personal Trainer to teach me how to exercise in a way that wouldn't result in injury...and that would allow me to loose weight.

Fast forward about 15 months...I lost 80 pounds!!!! I felt amazing...I felt sexy for the first time in a long time! Despite the weight loss, I was left with a "C-section pouch" and loose skin...especially in my boobs, arms, and tummy, that just wouldn't go away no matter how much I exercised.

In 2013 I became a certified Personal Trainer, certified Health Coach, certified Weight Loss Specialist, and certified Women's Fitness Specialist. I have been actively training women only for the last 3 years. Despite my healthy lifestyle, I still don't have the body that I want...and the most frustrating thing for me, is when I tell people what I do for a living, and they do the "full body scan", I just want to crawl under a rock and hide! No, I don't look like the typical Personal Trainer...I have curves...dangerous ones : ) Hey, nobody ever wrote a song about girls with small butts!

So...I have scheduled a Mommy Makeover for 5/2/16. I'm excited...I'm scared to death...and some days I think I must be slightly crazy! At 46, I'm finally going to have the body that I have always wanted...and one reflective of the hours of exercise that I put in...and the clean eating that I enjoy.

I'm so glad that I found realself! I have had so many questions answered, and I have confidence in what I want...and what I don't want because so many of you have shared your journey on here. Thank you for sharing!

I'll be posting pic in a day or two.

Freaking out about my stairs

So, I just realized that my stairs could potentially be an issue after my MM. (I'm still scheduled for 5/2/16.). Has anyone else had experience with stairs after a MM? I live in a townhouse, and just to get to my main living area I have 23 steps to go up (on the ground level is a garage). I plan on renting a recliner so I can sleep on my main floor (the bedrooms are on the 3rd floor). I'm just afraid the I could potentially pull my TT stitches going up the stairs. Any advice/experience would be appreciated.

3/2 marks the 2 month point for me

With my surgery 2 months away, I thought I'd finally post the dreaded "before" pics, and a couple "wish" pics. As are most of you, I'm on a roller coaster of emotions: scared, excited, worried, impatient...it changes from day-to-day and hour-by-hour.

Saline versus silicone

Ok, so I thought I was settled on silicone, but just spent time with a friend who has saline, and now I'm leaning more towards saline. I have adequate natural breast tissue, and my surgeon is placing them under the muscle, so my thoughts are, "I just feel safer with saline in my body, currently my breasts are a full cup size different (better adjustability), I can save $1000, and the incision will be smaller".

Please chime in with your personal experience...I'd love to know about your thoughts and experience. Thank you!

More wish pics

Like most of you, as I get closer, I get a little more manic (one minute I'm excited, the next I'm thinking "what the heck are you doing to your body?!?!" So...wish pics, and reading of your posts of happiness with your new bodies, keeps me looking at the prize!

1 month to go!!!

So like many of you, prior to your surgery date, I have moments of sheer excitement (especially when I imagine how I'll feel in my bikini again), and moments of utter terror (what IF something goes wrong). I'm trying to focus on the positive, trust in the skill of my PS, and prepare myself with a LOT of information.

I've scheduled my mammogram, my blood work, and my EKG. My pre-op is 4/19. I've purchased to pair of pj's that button in the front. This week, I will rent my recliner, and order my wedge and bolster pillows.

I went to Victoria's Secret and purchased a 36DD bra, came home and did the "rice bag" test. I've decided that 350 cc's will put me close to a DD…and I feel that that is WAY to large for my frame. I think I want to end up being a comfortable D cup…that way I can still buy pretty bras and cute bikini tops, and I can still play golf and do yoga comfortably.

I have several trips coming up in the next year: 6 weeks post op I'll be going to Tucson to spend 2 weeks with my dad and sister, August we'll be heading to Nashville for a pontoon boat birthday party for me, October we go on a 9 day cruise, and next February we're going to Jamaica with 4 other couples. These trips help me to keep my eye on the "prize"…I wanna look amazing…and feel like I look amazing!

I'll spend the next month continuing to stalk RS reviews, and freaking out about my surgery I'm sure. Happy healing to those of you going through it already, and thank you so much for sharing your stories!

Hyperbaric Chamber

Has anyone's PS recommended sessions in a Hyperbaric Chamber post surgery. Mine does, and the research is pretty impressive, with regards to expedited healing, reduced swelling, and smaller scars. I'm just wondering if anyone out there had sessions after their surgery.

HOLY MOLY, this just got real!!!

So, today I am 13 days pre op. I had my Pre Op appointment (it took 2 1/2 hours). Decided on my implant size/type: 350-380 cc saline, high profile, under the muscle, no lift. Lipo of the hips, waist, and flanks, and full tummy tuck with muscle repair.

I was so nervous at my appointment, that my blood pressure was 140/80…they strongly encouraged me to calm down, stop stressing, and think happy, positive thoughts. I'm a hot mess right now! If the fear of being put to sleep, and all the "what if's" that dance around in my pretty little head weren't enough, it's stressful parting with that much money!!! I feel like it's such a frivolous thing to spend money on…I've never spend $14,000 on myself before!!! Hubby didn't even flinch…he wants this for me, because he knows how badly I really want it, and what a difference it will make to my self esteem.

I picked up all my meds today. I have my lift chair scheduled to be delivered on 4/29, and I'm going to go shopping for all my other supplies over the next few days. I realized that I will actually be out of town, on a business trip with my hubby the week before my surgery (we get home on Sunday, and my surgery is Monday…what was I thinking?!?!) Just stay calm…just stay calm…just stay calm...

Happy healing all you beautiful ladies!

Not cool!!!

Pre-op done, lab work and EKG done, mammogram happening today, supplies purchased, I got a green light and a surgery time...NOW my body decides to get sick!!!!!! 10 days out and I have so much head congestion and mucus, that I could start a snot factory!!!!! : (. No Bueno!!!

I think I'm ready

Supplies purchased (a lot of them), lift recliner and walker being delivered, button front pj's washed, prescriptions picked up...counting down the next 9 days.

This time next week...

So, I just realized that this time next week I should be just about done with my surgery...I'll be out, and my Dr will be finishing things up. No one else understands, except you lovely ladies, who have already gone through this (or are in the process of), I AM FREAKING OUT!!!! I'm prepared, and trying to relax and find solace in the fact that I'm well prepared, I've carefully selected my Dr, but I''m still scared to do this. I do get excited when I dream about the results, and that's what I'm trying to focus on. Ladies how did you get through the week prior to your surgery date?

Thank you all so much for sharing...it really does help. Hugs!

24 hours to go

This time tomorrow I'll be arriving at my PS office. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but I'm also ready to have this behind me and begin the healing process. I think the months of anxiety over having a MM have just taken their toll, and now I just want to get it over with.

Please keep me (and others) in your prayers. My prayer is for a safe, successful surgery, and a quick, uncomplicated recovery.

Today got here quick!

Well, today is my surgery day. I had several meltdowns yesterday. We had to travel 7 hours home from a meeting I was at with my hubby last week. So once home, I had to go to the grocery store, unpack suitcases, do laundry, and prep myself. I stayed very busy.

I took my pill to help me relax before bed, and actually sleep pretty good.

Today, I have no choice but to trust my Dr's, my surgical team, and God. I've prayed & prayed, so now I must believe.

I'll post when all is done (around 2pm EST)

I mad eit

Been rough...throwing ups


The first 9 hours after surgery we ROUGH!!! I couldn't eat or drink because I was throwing up & couldn't stop. They had given me a phernergan suppository befor I left, a few hours later Zofran. Nothing was working! My PS called me in some "one n done", high powered med...it worked!!! praise God!!! Costed $100 out of pocket, but well worth it!

My nurse help me to the bathroom and removed my catheter, but not befor I almost passed out.

Finally got a piece of toast doe. $ some gaterAid.

Feeling sleepy...night nigh

Man oh man!

I thought I was mentally prepared for the pain, not so my friends.

Just being honest, it's painful. My rented lift recliner has been a Godsend. Had to go to PS for my 1st post op appt and hyperbaric chamber treatment.

Best advice I can give 1 day post op: rent a lift chair, take your pain meds on schedule, and drink lots.

Praying tomorrow is better.

3 days PO

So, it certainly is a slow process...healing, that is. I haven't had any problems with constipation (thankfully). Currently I'm managing discomfort with extra strength Tylenol. The discomfort stems mostly from these new rocks on my chest. They are hard as bricks & it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Icing the breasts & the lipo sites. The TT, hasn't been that much of an issue. I only did 1 hyperbaric treatment, I'm just to clostrophic for it i think. Ok, resting now. Maybe I'll feel like pics later. xx

Day 4 PO - A Roller Coaster

I barely slept last night, and just didn't have a good morning. I felt weak.

I had my 2nd PO Dr visit today, and my PS is pleased with my recovery. She said I look good, I'm moving well, and progressing as expected. Yesterday I had lymphatic massage, and today ultrasound, I'm definitely feeling less tight.

I see my PS again on Tues morning, and hopefully the drains will come out then.

Definitely feeling better right now, hoping this means that I've "turned the corner"

Hugs & happy thoughts to all my RS sisters.

Late pics (Day 4 PO)

I had high profile, saline implants. My larger breast (L) she did 350cc, and my smaller breast (R) she did 380cc. My (L) breast is still quite hard and the pec muscle is not very happy, but I have very good use of my arms. TT with lipo of hips, waist, flanks (back fat). Muscle diastase was on upper abdomen (belly button to sternum) only, and was "about 2-2 1/2 finger width".

6 days PO

Not much new to report today. I'm slowly feeling stronger & better with each passing day. Tuesday my drains are supposed to come out...I...CAN'T...WAIT!!! I've not been allowed to shower until they come out, and baby wipes just aren't cutting it anymore...let's not even mention hair that hasn't been washed in a week...

This binder is miserably uncomfortable. I don't think it will be nearly as bad once the drains come out.

My boobies are still riding high, and they're still really hard. Hubby says they look amazing, even in this state. My TT scar is healing nicely, and is very low. So far, so good. I'll take more pics on Tuesday, after my drains come out.

Happy healing ladies!

Has anyone else had this happen...

...so I'm 1 week PO. Supposed to get my drains out tomorrow. I have 2 drains, they are barely producing, BUT what they are producing (less than 20cc's in 24 hours) is still dark red. I thought it was supposed to change to light red, pink, then yellowish before stopping. Mine is still dark red...

Today's appointment didn't go as planned...

...I knew there was a chance that my drains might not come out today, but I didn't want to go there... So, the drains stay til Friday (PO day 11), which is not unheard of. My PS was slightly concerned with the amount of swelling that I still have on my tummy, but we think it's because my initial compression binder was ill fitting. I'm 5'3" and have the world's shortest torso, so the other binder was bunching and not doing its job efficiently. I was given ultrasound therapy on my breasts (to help my left pec muscle release the hold it has on my new implant), on my tummy to help with the fluid removal, and on my back (Lipo site) for bruising. They also showed me how to begin massaging the pec muscle, and I feel that I'm already feeling some relief. All I all it wasn't the visit I wanted, but I'm healing well and on schedule. So what I'm dealing with is only a minor annoyance... That first shower on Friday (after 11 days) is going to feel almost orgasmic! LOL. : )

Making Progress

Today my PS pulled one of my drains (thankfully the one that was bothering me so much). Honestly, that alone makes me feel so much better. Still no shower til the last drain is gone. I may be becoming addicted to baby wipes and dry shampoo. LOL My tummy's still pretty swollen and bruised, but Dr says it'll go down. My boobs are beginning to feel AMAZING! Happy healing ladies!!!


They haven't dropped & are far from "fluffing" yet, but here's a few pics of my new boobs!

Having a hard day : (

Maybe it's partly because I have PMS, and should be starting my period any day now, but I'm just having a hard day today. I'm very emotional, and just not feeling great. I'm 2 weeks PO today, and just thought I'd be feeling (and looking) so much better by now. I still can't stand up straight...I look like a like a little old lady when I walk. My stomach is still VERY swollen, and I'm wondering if it will ever be flat and pretty. I still have 1 drain producing 20 cc's a day...hoping to get it out tomorrow. My boobs still hurt, and are still hard. I feel like my TT scar is beginning to feel thick under the skin. I'm a personal trainer...I just thought I'd be up and running around by now. I apologize, I'm just riding the emotional roller coaster...and today I'm upset that all of this was self inflicted, and just wondering when life will be "normal" again. : (

Thank You RS ladies!!!

So after my day yesterday, I just wanted to let you know that today has been SO much better! I wish I could hug each an every one of you that encouraged me yesterday! Unless someone's been through this, they can't really understand how important to community is to the healing process. I think yesterday I was exhausted (I fell asleep at 9 pm, and slept all night), and when I woke up this morning, I was greeted by my period. That explains so much! I went to my follow up appt today, and my PS took out all of my sutures, AND MY DRAIN!!!! YAY!!!! My PS just kept looking at me smiling, saying "look how flat you are!" She looked like someone who had created something that she was really proud of. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I can actually visualize it happening now. Thank you again ladies for your support and encouragement. It has helped me get through some tough days! Hugs!

3 weeks post op

Life is slowly returning to normal. Saturday I went out shopping with hubby for a few hours, I've been cooking again, and training clients again. I'm also still sleeping in the recliner, but trying to transition to our bed. I bought a new sports bra a VS this weekend, and also bought a Faja compressions garment. I can only wear it for a couple hours at a time because it digs into my leg creases so badly! Here are some updates photos. My tummy is still a little swollen, but improving, and my boobs seem like they are beginning to drop & fluff a little. Happy healing ladies, and thank you all so much for sharing your journey's...you are inspiration and motivation!!! Hugs!

1 month!!! YAY!!!

So, it's hard to believe that it's already been a month! It's amazing how the body can change in a month, and how quickly it can heal. You've heard it before, the first 3-7 days are the worst, but it really does get better with each passing day. I'm still swollen...but improving. My boobs are not completely "dropped & fluffed", but are getting better. I'm getting stronger and feeling better with each passing day. I was given the OK to resume sexual activity (YAY!!!), and to walk on the treadmill (I have to wait another month for the elliptical, and 2 more months for push ups & ab work). I'm walking 80-90% upright, still sleeping in a reclined position. My scar is looking good; right now I'm just using organic coconut oil on my scars. Any questions from you girl whose surgeries are coming up?

6 1/2 weeks PO

Sorry, I meant to post new pics, and update at 6 weeks, but just got busy. So it appears that I entered a new phase at 6 weeks PO...the swelling in the afternoon phase! I'm sure the heat isn't helping either. I've been walking on the treadmill twice a day for 30 mins each time, and getting at (or above) 10,000 steps in a day. I'm also doing bicep curls and tricep kickbacks. My PS said to start slow...no elliptical or bicycle til 8 weeks...no push-up's or ab work for at least 3 months. Tomorrow I fly for the first time...it ought to be interesting trying to make my connection in ATL. I'm walking upright almost entirely...sometimes I'm a little stiff and hunched over after sitting for a while. My healing seems to be "textbook" to this point. It has been a much longer, more involved recovery than I imagined in my head. My body is not where I want it to be yet, but it's getting better all the time...I actually kinda like myself in a bikini again. Please let me know if you have any questions...we're all here to help and support each other. : )
Vaishali Doolabh

My experience thus far with Dr. Doolabh, her staff, and her office, has been extremely pleasant. Dr. Doolabh has such a calming, compassionate, knowledgeable presence. Her entire staff exudes patience and professionalism. These are the reasons that I choose Dr. Doolabh to perform my Mommy Makeover on 5/2/16.

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