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I have recently lost 100 lbs ao as a reward for...

I have recently lost 100 lbs ao as a reward for myself I am getting a mommy make over. I met with Dr Fee and really liked him. My sister went with me as she has had a few procedures. She has seen several ones and she immediately approved of him. I went to another for a second opinion because everyone suggests that. It was a waste if time. Dr Fee was very personable and made us very comfortable. I had my pre-op Friday and super excited.


When I went for the pre-op, we talked about look that I want to achieve. He explained that he will prop me on the table once they are in to make sure they are what I am hoping for. He explained that the cc's look different on ech person depending on the breast tissue that she currently has. So, we will go from there. Here are some pictures of my goals. He did say that since I do not want to look top heavy, he will be using the extra high profile gel.

Count down

So, the count down has begun. Next week, I will be preparing everything for the surgery. My anxiety has started to kick in with the questions and thoughts: will the implants be big enough; my nipples - scared to see them after and scared for my husband to see them after; will I heal without any complications; is something going to happen to prevent the surge6r because nothing ever goes as planned; I could go on and on. Does anyone have any advice to help keep these thoughts under control or is this normal?

5 more nights....

I since I am on here reading so many reviews, I have started to enjoy my showers more, washing my hair longer, standing under the heat and relaxing. I think I will be having a hard time not doing this own my own for a few days so, I am enjoying it and not taking it for granted.

Question: How did you know what cc your body frame can handle? I tried on some but with my tummy still being here, it is so hard to tell. I don't want to go too small especially since I am getting a lift as well and I definitely don't want to go too big and look like I am over weight. I know everyone's body frame is different and so hard to tell.

48 hours

48 hours...not counting down at all :)
Last pictures of what I have done to myself over the past 27 years , having babies, over eating, then weight loss, weigjt gain, kept yoyoing in weight, finally loosing so much.

Tomorrow is the day!

Getting up at 4:30 am.since I am the first surgery of the day!!! Wish me luck. Will post as soon as possible.


I wanted to post a photo that I was able to get before they close to my binder. I will do a complete update when I'm not so loopy from the drugs. LOL. He didn't say my tummy it was extremely flat underneath from all my workouts. And he was able to squeeze in 700 ccs.

Post op pictures

Still feeling a bit groggy. Dr Fee and his staff have been amazing. The surgery center is top of the line with all new state of the art beds, very clean. One of my drains is clogged and they will clean it today at my post op appointment.

Day of and first post op pictures

A picture is worth a 1000 words

Dr Fee

Dr Fee and his staff at Coastal Cosmetics in Jacksonville are the best. They make you feel like you are part of their close knit family. When I went in for my post-op appointment all the girls came in to check on me and see how I was doing and they were super excited for me.

Post op day 5 and time to catch you up one it all

I have wondered how anyone can feel decent by day 5 and now I am here, it is a turning point. You wake up and are ready to do something. So, I think I will adventure out with my husband later today for some healing clothes. After I lost my weight, I gave my old clothes to a single mother of 3. So, before my surgery, I only picked up one nightgown and a moo moo, lol. I had no clue on what to get or size. I am still a little clueless. But we will go someone I can use a wheelchair so I don't over do it.

The first night after the surgery, I was coming from the bathroom and fainted...twice. My husband said my color was awful and he was scared. But we made it through.

There are rough patches. For a minute, I regretted it. But when I look at my before and after pictures, I regret the minute that I regretted it. I have to keep my eye on the long term goal. I am super excited and can't wait to feel normal and be able to do things by myself. My husband, poor thing, has been a trooper. I would have never made it this far without him. He is supposed to go back to work Thursday so, I am forcing myself to be more independent. I can see that it is hurting him that he can't help me. We are super close and always have been.

We lost our 15 year old son in Dec 2013 and that made us closer, so needless to say, we wouldn't be here without each other. We are not financially wealthy and struggle so for me getting this, means more than people know. My son was my biggest cheerleader in lossing weight. He would go with me to the gym, yell at me if I wanted to eat something I shouldn't, etc. After he passed away, in 2014, I gained back about 45 lbs of the 88 lbs I had lost. So, at the beginning of 2015, I realized that he would be disappointed in me if I didn't get back on the healthy wagon. So, I started working out. Found a great, inexpensive, personal trainer. Met a great group of healthy positive wormen who have become my best friends. So, once I hit my 100 lbs weight loss goal, I started doing heavy research. I felt with all that I have been through in my life, if I can get it financially set, I deserve it. So, here we are. March 17th, I got my mommy make over, bl, ba, liposuction to shape my curves and an extended tummy tuck. Dr Fee told my husband that underneath all the skin, I had an amazingly flat stomach. (Great to hear since I couldn't see any results from working out at least 8 hours a week!)

I wanted to give you all a little more of my history since it has been more than usual reviews.

Here are some photos from late afternoon yesterday.
Here are some updated photos feom


Today, I'm 8 days post op and have so much swelling in my tummy. Is this normal swelling? Since my surgery, I thought my stomach swelling was always bigger than other reviews. I am still putting out over 50 cc's in my drain tubes.....please, tell me your opinion

17 days post op

So, I had my 2nd pist op appointment at 13 days. My drains were still at 100 and 65 so I have to keep them longer. He did remove the sterile strips. Tomorrow is my 3rd post op. I am worried that he still wont remove the drains. The left drain has already put out 50 in 13 hours. This side really concerns me because where it is attached is in the top of my bootie since my tt was extended and it is super sore and gets worse everyday. The right side has put out 25 in 13 hours but is yellowish and not painful on the back side.
I feel a lot better physically and have been able to do so much more than I thought I would be able to. I should go back to work but, as we all know, the drains are not pretty and hard to conceal.

3rd Post op, 18 days

So, I was able to get one tube removed, yay. The ither is still putting off way too much. We have an appointment for Friday but if it slows down before then, I can call them and they will work me in. Here is an updated photo from last night. It is funny how excited we get when the scabs start to come off! ????


22 days and I am finally drain free. I was still putting out more than the Dr wanted but the drain stopped working so her removed it. He mentioned that he would like to put a mesh over the tummy tuck area becuase it is tight and we will discuss more on Monday on my next follow up. Has anyone had this?

4-5 week po update

Mon, April 13, I went for a post op appointment and everything going well. My ps put some strips (one of the nurses said it had silicon on them) to help the healing speed up. On Wednesday, I worked 4.5 hours and was super swollen so I took off Thursday. Friday, after working another 4.5 hours, I felt that the compression garment was rubbing a rash on the top of my right thigh. When I got home and took mt binder off, I noticed my stomach seems to have started to come apart. I called my ps and he said to text him some pictures. I did and he said keep it clean and keep pads on them and call the office Monday to see what time to come in. He was in surgery until 1, so they said for me to be there at 1. They cleaned everything up. The nurse said that this was only the 2nd time they have seen a reaction to the strips. He came in and said that my body was rejecting the sutures. So he removed them and put on an antibiotic ointment. He gave me the hibiscus cleaner and wrote a prescription for an antibiotic ointment. I have an appointment to see him next Monday so he can see how everything is healing. I'm attaching pictures that I took Friday and this morning April 19th.

8 weeks post op

So, since I had the issue, I am now packing my wounds. I have 3 different areas. I am pretty upset because he told me not to worry about it and it is normal. After concerned friends, they had a doctor look at it. It is an infection. I'm pretty upset that he didn't tell me that it is an infection.
Another thing that upset me, is we talked about going above the muscle. I made it clear that I wanted them above the muscle because I didn't want to look natural. He never gave me any indication that there was any reason I wasn't going to get what we discussed. I asked him why he went under and he said with a lift, sometimes you have to go under. I wish he would have told me that before surgery. My breasts also look un-even, one bigger than the other. Plus I wanted them to look fake and rhey look natural. So, needless to say, as of right now, I am NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. I am trying to wait patiently yo see what the final outcome is.
AND I have gone up a size in pants after my tummy tuck. Wth? It has been 8 weeks, my stomach is still bloated.
Very frustrated. I'm scared to workout as well because I am worried that I may get sweat on my open wounds. I lost the weight because U work out. So, now I am worrying about that too.
Did I mention that I get so swollen I can't work sometimes? This is awful.

8 week post op pictures

There's some pictures of my wounds breast in stomach 8 weeks post-op I'm uneven still super swollen. I really hope this gets corrected

10 weeks po

So, for the past 5 weeks, I have been battling an infection. I had 3 areas that I had to pack with dakins. 2 of them healed enough so I could stop packing them last Monday. This Monday, my doctor said that I have 1 more week of packing the bad one. I see him again on June 13 amd he said they all should be healed by then. Sooooo looking forward to that. Living at the beach with this gorgeous weather has been rough staying out of the sun and water. Here is an updated picture of the girls. They are starting even put, yay. I also have been instructed to start "shaping" myself. So, I ran and picked up a compression garmet and ordered my merena. I already can see my top 2 abs ans my waistline coming in on the side that went straight down. Needless to say, I am starting to enjoy my body more and more. I hope it continues to improve
I admit that I am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet. ????

3 months PO

Today, Dr Fee said my wounds have healed enough for me to go into the water!!!! Im a beach junkie so I have been going through withdraws, plus I have a vacation this weekend. My breasts are starting to settle and I like them better than a month ago. I am not a patient person, so this is a lesson for me. My body is getting a better shape and the swelling is finally subsiding. I still have a little swelling in my feet. I'm just super slow at healing and I think it is bc I have a lot of extra stress with personal stuff. Here is a picture of myself in a new bathing suit

4 month update

Dr said I can enjoy my new body for a bit before he completes the revisions of the dog ears and touch up my incision where the infection was. I started back working out again and seeing some great results since I didn't eat right the past few months. With the infection, I was scared that sweat would get into my incision area that wasn't closed. I am still waiting on the girls to settle. They are still sitting pretty high. Love what I look like with clothes on, just waiting for everything to be completed to love the way I looked naked ;)
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