25 Y/O Mom of Two TT with Lipo and BA with Lift - Jacksonville, FL

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I decided to finally make a post, if anything just...

I decided to finally make a post, if anything just to clear my head. I'm having my TT w/ lipo done Feb 25 part 2 of surgery will be a month or two down the down. I wanted my TT done first and my surgeon really wanted to do both separate he said I need good posture with my BA and the TT will leave me hunched. I'm so excited/nervous but after two kids and 75lb weight loss this mama is ready to have a flat tummy!

I did it! I'm on the flat side!

I went in yesterday at 9am with surgery time being 10am. I was so nervous the whole time. At one point I wanted to cry and another vomit the hour long wait was the worst part about my day though. When I got back in the OR she told me she told me she was giving me something for my nerves that I might feel a little light headed. I told her a few seconds later it was working and that's the last thing I remember. They woke me up in the recovery room and told me my husnand was getting the car. I then proceeded to laugh and tell them they didn't really cut me open lol. I started fading out again but my husband has video recording of me singing on the way to the car in my wheelchair while my nurse giggled. You would have thought I was on American idol (don't worry I wouldn't have made the next round lol) we borrowed my mother in laws car which is a nice luxury car with heated seats and so comfy with all the pillows and blankets u brought I didn't wake back up until my husband was walking me out the car. We live about 1.5 hours away ! Still no pain!!! I've been taking my stool softener since Monday so I hope that helps when it's time to go potty but I skipped my morning dose of painkillers and opted for ibuprofen unstead. My mil is here with hubby changing my drain and catheter. I got up last night and waklked to my kitchen and back, a little hunched but not too bad and seriously little pain. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say 4 maybe 5? Is that crazy. Dr clayman is awesome I will say I can't totally see my tummy with this binder on but I am flat :)

Belly reveal

Saw my belly for the first time and was very pleased, definitely swollen! But I am flat, I can't wait to see it more defined when the swelling goes down


So I have been gently messaging my tummy with arnicare and I don't know if it's the cream or the gentle massaging but the swelling goes down some and I can see things much better. He did a lot of lipo on my abdomen so I've seen a lot of swelling so this in nice to actually see!! My drain is there still just hidden on the side. :) pain is still very minimal, I'm thinking the lipo numbed me ?? Maybe anyways ????

More pics

So this morning I kept feeling these rolls on my side, finally I decided to go really look at my tummy and I really am in love. Just emotional this morning. I have a definition line even with all the swelling.

3.5 weeks post op

So I am about 3.5 weeks post op before surgery I had been so hesitant to buy clothes knowing my apron was rather large. I had a 75lb weight loss and two kids. Since the weather is getting warmer I needed new clothes especially shorts so off to the mall I went only to try on shorts and realize I went from a size 12 pre surgery to a six 6! Also, I'm still pretty swollen like a good bit so I'm hoping once I'm released to exercising and more swelling goes down I can eventually squeeze into a size 4! :)
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Clayman is great. I felt totally comfortable and in good hands. He takes his time during appointments and answers all questions! The procedure it self went flawless and he did a great job on everything! Best decision that I've ever made! Like

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