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Hello RS family…. I had been thinking about...

Hello RS family…. I had been thinking about getting lipo for a long time. Therefore, about a year ago I went to a PS and she told me that what I really needed was a TT. I have had 2 large babies and as a result I had a double hernia repair and bladder tack a few years ago. I was disappointed because lipo is quite a bit cheaper and as a single mother of 2 boys, money is always a problem. I am 47, 5’7” and 153 pounds. Not too out of shape.
Well, after careful consideration I decided that I just cannot afford a mommy makeover so I decided to start “shopping around’ I spoke with 5 different plastic surgeons and ALL of them said the same thing…. You DO NOT need a TT but lipo. I decided on Dr. Louis Obi because he performed the Slim Lipo, which is supposed to help tighten up the extra skin. I am going into this with some realistic expectations. I also loved the way Dr. Obi was with his explanations and he took a lot of time with me (over 2 hours) I got a tour and the whole 9 yards. I was impressed not only with his bedside manner but with his obvious skill level.
I have my pre op appointment today and I am very excited and nervous. My surgery is scheduled for February 19th. I will post some photos and how the preop goes later. Best of luck to everyone.


Well, I arrived at the center with my significant other and we had a great meeting with the surgery coordinator. I had all of my questions (that I remembered) answered, prescriptions written and some instructions for aftercare. She also made sure to write down everything because there was no way I was going to remember all of the information. I am the first person scheduled for the day, which she said, is good because he has more time to talk with you about exactly what you want. My main goals are to get rid of this tummy and have my waist back. She said to make sure that I spoke to him about that and he would make sure that he concentrated on those areas. She also told me that I was a great candidate. I was within weight range and in good physical condition. Then came the hard part……. Paying. I am like OMG I am really spending all of this money on myself and I could like pay off my car instead. It was the hardest part. I know that I am going to go through buyer’s remorse but I hope that it does not set in for a while longer… hahah I now have 1 week until surgery. Only 7 days… OMG, OMG. I will keep everyone posted on how it goes and post a few new picture and measurements..


Only a few more days to go. Getting the last of my supplies and getting the house cleaned up. Very excited.

Surgery day

Got to the office at 6:30am right on time and was warmly greeted. The nurses spoke to my husband and son and let them know what time to expect a call to come and get me and off they went. I then went over paperwork, double checking it was me and what allergies I have. Signed some releases. I then changed my clothes into a wonderful 'one size fit none' panty and robe. I got a bunch of photos taken and then immediately got a Valium and an anti nausea pill. That was such a relief as I was very nervous. The nurses were very kind and considerate. Then came the IV. Dr. Obi came in to mark me up and go over again 'exactly' the look I was going for. I knew my expectations were a bit unrealistic and he told me so....Dr. Obi stated that he will do the best that he can to achieve the results that I want but he can not change the structure underneath. Haha.

I was then wheeled into the OR. The nurse told me not to worry about all of the machines as they were scary looking but served their purpose. They even turned the, all on and off to show me how they would sound durning surgery so I would not feel afraid. Dr. Obi came in and assured me that if I felt any pain at all, he would stop and they would give me some more medication. I really do not remember much from the surgery. I do remember having to tell them it hurt and they immediately stopped and gave me more meds. Then no more pain. It was not even pIn but more of an intense burning sensation and very uncomfortable. Dr. Obi even removed a spot on my upper breast that he said he wanted to send to pathology to make sure it was not cancer and then stitched me up (no extra charge) the next thing I remember was I was in recovery with no pain at all. Amazing.

The nurse gave me another pIll pill and a it nausea pill for the ride home. My husband and son showed up and I was on my way home.

Once I got home and settled into bed with ice all over me. I had lipo of the tummy, muffin top, flanks and back along with lipo of the neck. I kept to the schedule of medications and felt discomfort but no real pain. I rested and then watched a movie and went to bed.


Update.... I am doing well. It has not been painful as I had thought. I did take the pain pills (yes, I probably could have taken Tylenol but why be uncomfortable?) I am not a sissy but I don't like pain. :( In all honesty, the chin lipo has been the most difficult. The first day, it hurt to talk, swallow and forget about moving your head. By the second day it was a bunch better and today I can move my head like normal and no other 'pain' in the neck. (Hahaha) I am still very swollen and puffy, but I was told this would take a week or two to resolve and then full results would take about a month or so. I am wearing my compression garment. I was told to wear it as much as possible for the first two weeks and then at night for the next 4 to 6 weeks. The stupid thing makes me look very silly but what the hell.... If it makes my results better, I can do silly!

As for the body lipo, I can't complain about the pain. Discomfort, yes, and very sore. It is not painful like my neck. I already see definite results (promise to post pictures). I am wearing my binder all of the time and I went to Dillard's and got some Spanks. I am wearing them under the garment. I have to say, that although the garment feels 'binding' when it is on.....when I take it off, I want to put it back on.... Hahaha. The compression from the garment feels good and supportive. All of my incisions stopped draining yesterday and look like a few small holes. Nothing really, they will probably heal without a scar. As for bruising, I am really only bruised in two places. One right above my girly parts and one over by my left hip. I am really stunned about how good I look already. I can see definite changes. I now have a waist (could not find it before) and my tummy is almost gone. I am feeling very positive about this.

Just a word or two about my post op visit to Dr. Obi. Everyone was wonderful and very helpful. The nurses were giving me tips that they used from their own lipo experiences. Dr. Obi came in and looked at all of my incisions and told me that I seemed to be doing well, He went over all of the post op directions and he said he would see me in a week. It was a great visit.

If anyone one has any questions or helpful tips, please feel free to comment. I promise to post pictures soon, for some reason I can not seem to get my 'cloud' storage to give me back my stuff.... Hahaha

Take care and happy healing!

3 weeks out

I thought I would write an update about my progress. It seems that Dr. Obi is getting some bad press from some RS people. Well, I can say that I had a wonderful experience with not only Dr. Obi but everyone on his staff. Very kind, very patient, very understanding. I have had a bunch of questions that were patiently answered. I asked dr. Obi for three things right before surgery. I wanted my muffin top gone, I wanted my pooch gone and I wanted a waist. Now, I am very short waisted so I have never really had a waist, just sort of middle section. LOL dr. Obi gave me everything I wanted and much more.
As for my results..... The numbers speak for themselves.
The day before surgery...
Waist 36"
Upper waist (under breasts) 33"
Lower waist (above hips) 39"
Hips 44"
ONLY 3 weeks later...
Waist 29"
Upper waist 31"
Lower waist 36"
Hips 38"
What is really amazing is that I know that I am going to keep getting smaller. I am so pleased. This experience has been worth every penny paid.
It is hard to believe that I have lost 7 inches on my nonexistent waist!!!
My total loss is 14 inches, in just 3 weeks. Totally amazing.
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