Finally happy!!!!!

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I'm starting this new review. My previous one is...

I'm starting this new review. My previous one is under breast augmentation. But since I need a revision now I will continue here.

Anyway just to recap a bit, i had my BA on Dec 5th 2013. Right after surgery I noticed that my right breast was smaller than my left. I addressed this to my PS and he said to give it time to see if they would even out. Well that never happened so PS suggested to fill my right implant with more Saline and I agreed. So on April 25 my PS added more Saline. But not just more saline MUCH MORE saline that what I had or my PS had anticipated he will fill me up with. Before surgery he talked about adding about 50cc bit he ended up adding 100cc!!!! Way too overfilled for such a small implant. My implants are 320cc overfilled initially left to 370cc and right 360cc. After my overfill I am now 395cc left and 460cc right. So they are both overfilled way over the manufactured suggested percentage which is max 20%. My left is overfilled by 25% and my right is overfilled by 44%!!!! Ever since the overfill I have been in so much pain and discomfort. Not to mention the hardness of both of them especially my right side is insane. So I ditched my PS because obviously he is not going to touch me again. Researched the best PS in my town. Made an appt and he advised that my implants are way overfilled and he also noticed that my right side pocket is too small for the implant so he needs to open that up a bit. He also stated that he would fix my asymmetric crease. I just knew right there and then that he knew what he was talking about. He is very detail orientated and I really like that because I'm like that too.
So my revision surgery is scheduled for July 10th. Seems so far!!! 6 more weeks. My preop is in 4 weeks on June 24th.
I'm doing this review because I just want to help others know that one of the most important things to look for in a PS is years of experience. I did not realize how important that was as I just FELT comfortable with my previous PS. But that is not going to get you nice boobs. I learned that the hard way unfortunately. :-/

So I've been in so much pain....

that I called my PS yesterday and asked if there was something he could do in the meantime while I wait for my revision. He suggested to extract some saline from my right breast (since thats the one that hurts the most) via a syringe. 60cc to be exact. He would have to puncture the implant meaning that it would have a leak in it. He wouldn't know how long it will take the implant to go completely flat but he suggested to puncture it from the top instead of the bottom so that it would delay the leak. At this point I am just so desperate because of the intense pain that I am in that I figure I just do it. The worse that can happen is I go back to the way I looked before the surgery. 6 weeks is really not that long I just hate that we are in the summer time. :-(. But girls guess what?!?, when he punctured my implant I felt instant relief!!!! It was amazing!!! To top that he didn't even charge me a penny. He also suggested that if it were to go completely flat that he would empty my left breast for free too!! He is amazing!!! I love him already.

Switching to Silicone

Not sure if I mentioned this but current PS suggested I switch to Silicone also. There would be no issues with hardness of course and they feel more natural and less rippling. I do have some rippling in the bottom that I can feel. A little creepy. Believe me I was fine with my Saline's before my overfill. But with everything I've been through I just feel I will be happier with Silicone at this point. I have nothing against Salines. I was happy with them but this will be my third surgery so I feel that it is time to switch.
Also Dr says that Salines look bigger than Silicone so that if I liked the look of my implants before overfilled (when I had 370cc on my left) that I would need to do 400cc on my left and 425-450 on my right with Silicone due to asymmetry. 40 more days and counting for revision!!!!!


Im back worrying about size. This is a big deal for me. First time around I had 370cc Saline which is equivalent to 400cc Silicone. Now I have 395cc Saline which is equivalent to 425cc Silicone. So now I'm torn on which size to get. I felt good with the smaller size but always wished they were a little bigger. But when I got them just 25cc larger I wasnt sure about it. Im not sure if its because my boobs are so hard from the overfill that I just feel uncomfortable with the size. I dont know. No matter what size I pick for my left boob my right will be 25-50cc more because of asymmetry. So its either 400 left and 425 right OR 425 left and 450 right. IDK!!! I dont like the look of being top heavy or just big on top. All my friends and family think my current size is just right. Which would be the bigger of the two. But I have to be comfortable myself with my own boobs. Anyway can't wait for preop to see what size Dr recomends. 34 more days for surgery!!!!!!

29 more days!!!

I'm getting so anxious but being patient. :-)

Stats for reference...

Height- 5'2 1/2 to be exact
Weight -113lbs
Hips -35 1/2
Waist -26
Bust- 35 1/2

Also i have added pics of my projection with both 370cc and now 395cc and I can hardly see the difference. So I might just stick with the bigger ones for when I switch to Silicone. :-) 27 days left!!!!

Preop appt

So I had my preop appt yesterday. Went well. Made my payment in full. Dr went over instructions for aftercare etc. I asked about size and he says he wont know exactly what size he will be putting in until day of surgery and sees what looks the best. I told him that I wanted to stay about the same size but not bigger. He explained that Silicone will not only feel but look more natural too. Can't wait for that!!! He said he might need to do some pocket work so I'm glad I'm going under general anesthesia. Anyway that's all for now. Gotta fill out my prx's and wait 15 more days!!!!! So excited!!!

3 more sleeps!!!!

Excited and nervous about Thursday. Going to fill my prx today and wash clothes and clean the whole house. I REALLY do hope and pray that this is it for me for a VERY long time. XOXO

All done!!!

Feel like crap right now!! But managed to take a pic of the implant cards. Will update tomorrow. Thanks for all of your concern and support girls!!! I really appreciate it.

Just a few pics...

I dont feel too bad today. Just sore. My boobs are very swollen and tender.


Its only been 3 days and they already look amazing and proportionate and way more natural looking than before. I have to say so far I am very happy. They are still a bit swollen especially on the sides but they feel AMAZING girls. Im SO happy I switched to Silicone. Thank you all for all your support. It means a lot to me. Please give me your honest opinion of my new boobs. Thanks lovies!!!! Here are a few pics of today. XOXO

Before n After

Here is a before revision (left) and now after revision (right) pic. Before revision I had 395cc left and 460cc right Saline. Now I have 450cc left and 475 right Silicone. Very similar in size but now looking more natural and WAY softer. :-)

Sorry forgot to add pic...

5 days postop...

Postop visit..

Just had my first postop visit. Dr. removed tape to check out my incision and said they were still not ready for the stitches to be removed so I have to wait another week for stitch removal. He just put some neosporin on some gauze and told me to take care of it. I've been cut 4 times on my left boob and 3 times on my right in the same incision in less than a year so they are a bit raw. Besides that he said boobs are looking as they should. He told me he had to do a lot of pocket work since my previous pockets were so tight. Surgery lasted 1hr and a half even though he thought it would just be 45 min. Final results he says will be 6 weeks postop. That's it for now. Finally happy with my results!!!! Happy healing everyone!

At the beach.

Had to wear a tankini due to stitches but very happy with boobs!!

10 days postop revision.

Got the new Knockout VS sportsbra. Love it!!! And brought a bra from Aerie. Both 34D. Having too much fun taking pics. :-)

2 weeks today!!

Time does fly!! Went to my second postop yesterday. Everything is looking great. I love my new PS. He is so hands on and just so nice and considerate. I am so happy I picked him to do my revision. I think most if not all the swelling has gone down. He did say it would be 6 weeks for final results. So I guess about 1 more month. Happy so far!!! Best wishes to all you girls with your boobie journies.

Almost 1 month!!

Just wanted to do a quick update. Everything is going well. Except that my right side is still tender to the touch for some reason. And a tiny bit harder than my left. My left is very soft and no pain whatsoever. I can still see small changes happening everyday. Incision is doing fine. Just my left incision has a few stitches sticking out that are poking me. Not sure if they will just fall off or what. Never had that before with previous surgeries. Anyway still happy with my revision decision. As far as size goes, sometimes I think the size is perfect and other times I think they are a tiny bit bigger than what I wanted. But thinking about it, I rather be a tiny bit bigger than smaller than my my ideal size. I used to think the other way around before I had my first BA. Lol. Anyway here are a few pics with bras on. Bra sizes are just so different depending on the brand. I can wear a 34D, 32DD and even a 32DDD. SO WEIRD!! Anyway hope everyone is happy with their boobs and healing good.

Exactly 1 month post op!!

Here is just a comparison pic of my wish boobs and mine. Mine are the top boobs. Close, but I think mine are a tiny bit bigger. Oh well I still LOVE them!! :-)

6 weeks today!!!

I have to say that I am very happy with my results!!! They look better and more natural as time passes by. I LOVE THEM!!! Now that all the swelling has gone down I love the size. I thought that 450-475cc would be too big but they are actually not. I can play them up or down depending on the clothes I wear. I'm about 90% back to normal and starting to work out this week. The only negative thing I have is numbness on both sides from under my nipple to incision. I hope it gets better in time. I encourage everyone that is in need of a revision to find yourself a good PS and go for it. We all deserve to be happy with ourselves. I'm glad I went for it. I hope everyone is healing great and happy with your new additions. XOXO. Here are some pics as of today.

8 wks today!!!

Hello ladies!! So its been 8 wks since my surgery. I feel great. The only time I feel some discomfort is if I stretch my arms all the way up like to reach something high. Scars are healing good. Not much to say in this update. But wanted to post some pics. At times I feel that they are a tiny bit bigger than what I wanted but I can live with it. What do you guys think? Do they look too big for my body??

Some before n after pics...

When I do side by side pics like this I realize how much better I like my current boobs. They look more natural and just nicer. Idk. And as far as size, on the before pics they are before my first revision so they are with 360-370 saline compared to what I have now 450-475 silicone. They look so close in size but I actually think the bigger ones do look better on me. Thanks ladies for all of your support. Xoxo

Love them!!!

Three months!!!

Feeling great!! Love my boobs!! But still adjusting to them. Shape is different from when I had Saline implants. These have more side boobs (which Im not too fond of) but I can deal with it. They feel so much more real for sure!!! Very soft yet firm. Hubby loves them!!!! :-). Here are some pics.

Lounging in my favorite cami!!

Still so happy!!

I have to admit that I am very happy with my boobs. I love them!! I had my ups and downs about size but I realized that this is exactly the size I always wanted and I think they compliment my body. Thanks ladies for all of your support and positive feedback. Here are a few recent pics. XOXO

5 1/2 months!!

Hello ladies!!! Just wanted to post some recent pics that my husband took of me just for fun. He is in love with my boobs!!! Lol. Sorry they were all taken in the bathroom. Oh well I love them. Will do a formal update at six months next month. XOXO

6 months post revision!!

So I'm about a week passed my 6 month anniversary. Boobs are doing great!! Finally I can lay on my stomache without any discomfort. Only down side for me to having a BA is that I stayed with numbness on both of my boobs :-(. My left nipple has about 80% sensation but my right is about 70%. But right under that all the way down to the incision I have about 10% feeling. Its pretty lame but I don't think there is anything anybody could have done wrong. Its just the way I healed I guess. But it really doesn't bother me too much. I love my boobs!! I also posted pics of my scars which I had never done before. My left scar looks worse than my right simply because its been cut more times than my right due to a benign tumor I had removed. One more thing, I need to get a mamogram and I am so scared that now it will hurt even more with these implants. Have any of you ladies gotten a mammogram yet?? Was it painful?? Best wishes to everyone!!! XOXO

Taking a relaxing bath...

Bikini top..

Hello ladies!! I am almost 8 months postop. Everything looks great!! I was shopping at Target and saw this bikini top and I had to try it on. I like retro fashion so I knew I had to try it on. Love the way it fit so I brought it. Here are some pics of me with it on. What can I say. I love having boobs!! If I had to nit pick it would be that my right side is still a bit numb so by now I'm sure I will not be gaining full sensation there. My left is about 20% numb also but not as bad as my right side. It doesn't really bother me that much though. Also when I lay down I feel that my left side goes a bit farther into my arm pit. My right side is good. I did mention this to my PS and he said if it bothers me that much he can just go back with local anesthesia and sew the side a bit. But at this point I've been cut so many times it doesn't bother me that much. It's only noticeable when I lie down and it is very minimal. That is it for now. I do love my boobs and am so happy I got them!!! Best wishes to you all


Ok girls, I've had pain in my right breast for a few days. Its sharp and it comes and goes. Its been 8 months since my surgery. Why this pain all of a sudden? I'm a bit scared!! What if its capsulure contracture!!! I will die!!! My boob is soft and does not look different. I will be calling my PS tomorrow. If it is CC I am just going to take out my implants. I cannot afford any more surgeries at this time in my life. :-(

So today....

I hardly felt any of the pain I was feeling in the past few days. You girls have all been such great support!!! Thank you so much. Did not contact my Dr today because I felt so much better today and because I already have my next postop appt scheduled for April 8th. I will see how I feel over the next few days. I do have to say that when I do ovulate (I had a hysterectomy but left my ovaries) my boobs do get sore. I guess this month was just worse than other times. I'll be crossing my fingers. Will keep you all posted. Thanks again for all your positive feedback!! xoxo

10 month update!!

Hello ladies. Just wanted to do a quick update. Everything is going great. Only complain I have is that on one side my scar is a bit hard on the end. Called my PS and he said to use scar strips till my one year postop. If it doesn't get better he will inject something on that spot to see if it softens up. Besides that everything is fine. Only other thing that sucks is that when I try to lay on my stomache I can't. Just too uncomfortable!!! Any of you ladies have that issue also?? Here are a few pics. Dont mind my wrinkled stomache from gaining 60 lbs during my pregnancies!! Lol. Hugs!!!!

Almost 13 months!!

Just a few pics!! Still loving them!!

At the beach!!

25 months with boobs!!!

Just wanted to do a short and quick update. Everything is still looking good with the boobs. Still happy. I guess the only complain I have and its not really a complain is that every once in a while I wish they were a tiny bit smaller. I mean like 25-50cc smaller so not by much. Besides that I am very happy. Oh wait one more thing, I can't seem to be comfortable laying on my stomache. So glad I'm a back sleeper but would love to get a back massage one day!! Lol
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I have to admit that my first consult with Dr. Csikai went great but I was just afraid that he would make me too big. He kept on telling me that I needed a bigger size than what I thought I needed and wanted. So I then decided to have my surgery with another Dr. Big mistake!!!!! I should have gone with Dr. Csikai from the beginning of this journey and would have saved me grief, time, and money. But you live and learn. So if anyone is looking into getting a BA in the Jacksonville FL area, he is the best!!! He is soft spoken but knows what he is doing. Has lots of experience and knows what is best for his patients. His patient coordinator Lori is amazing and caring. Thank you Dr. Csikai for fixing my boobs!!! I love them!!!

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