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Hi ladies, I am a candidate for getting breast...

Hi ladies, I am a candidate for getting breast implants as well as a lift. Well I'm getting pretty nervous, my preop is the day after tomorrow, and surgery is scheduled for February 11th. I never thought it would arrive this soon. My first consult was about a couple of months ago, and those months have come and gone so fast like a good slice of cheesecake lol (excuse me my monthly best fren is coming shortly lol). A little background on me: I was overweight as a child until the age of 15 when I was sick of being that way. Some very unfortunate things went on in my childhood and I would use food as my coping mechanism to deal with it. So when I did finally lose a lot of the weight, what little breast tissue I did have was left deflated and not cute :-p. I have definitely wanted beautiful breasts since I was 15, so this year I have decided to make this my 24th bday present to myself and just go for it. Anyway tho,I definitely recommend going to see a few different physicians until you have found someone you are comfortable with. I visited 3 total, the first two Dr's seemed ok, but for every one I went to I felt like I learned more each time, and for me, the 3rd time was definitely the charm. The dr I chose is Dr. Fee, as I am closer to this part of FL, it was much more convenient than to go with a Jacksonville PS than going somewhere like Miami, although a lot of people do go there cause the Dr's are said to do very good. However I've done my research and this doctor is double board certified and has been in practice for 18 and a half years, so I am praying and am confident that he will do a good job. I am currently 5'9" weighing 180 lbs. I have wide hips and always have since I was a kid, so I am able to carry a larger sized implant. The idea is to go with 650 cc silicone implants, high profile under the muscle. Ta ta for now ladies will return with updates.

????Wish Pics???? :-)

These are a couple of wish pics from other ppl's profiles and websites that I really like and capture the look I want. I definitely want to achieve more fullness in the upper pole to help add cleavage which I have never had and want so much!

Preop and becoming more and less nervous

So I had my preop yesterday and all went well. The surgical coordinator went over several different things that I would need to do throughout the healing process. This is the part that I'm a little more nervous about now whereas before I was more nervous about how the actual surgery would go. I'm really just scared that I'll feel super swollen with something big and clunky inside me. Lol I don't want my body to freak out on me. I had the surgical coordinator laughing because I told her I was worried about my nipple being cut off for the lift. She's like no it still stays attachedto your body the whole time!! I honestly was thinking that they cut around the areola to completely remove the nipple, set it to the side and sewed it back on at the end. I also received the hibicleanse to wash with the night before and morning of surgery, the prescriptions I need to have filled and the special guidelines to follow once I'm in the first week of healing. I'm so excited!!

I'm still getting my implants & lift

Hi the reason you have not gotten any updates from me is because I did have to reschedule my procedure for March1st instead of getting it on February 11th. I lost my grandma who raised me :-( but she is in a much better place now, no more suffering. I just pray all goes well with this surgery and the recovery will go smoothly so I can return to work within 5 days. I would appreciate any tips that any of you have tried or heard of to help the healing process go as well as possible including preparing my living space before it gets done. Thanks a million ladies & gents + all fellow boobers!! :-)

8 days before surgery

Here I am 8 days before surgery, thank God everything seems ready to go. So glad to be past family drama and just focus on getting my boobies lol. So excited for this weekend as well since my friends and I will be celebrating my bday this weekend! Can finally relax and just not think about all of the things that have been stressing me out,, yaaaay lol! I wanted to post a before pic in my bikini top. As you can see there is not much going on and the top actually has padding in it: I can't wait to see the after pics in this one

My new Procedure date is March 1st,2016

Hey just for anyone out there who may be wanting to follow my review and get support or tips, March 1st is my new scheduled date for surgery. As mentioned in a previous update, my date had to be pushed back due to needing to take care of things after my grandmother passed away. So I hope that the automatic timeframe that the site posts themselves isn't too confusing. I know on my latest update, I posted a pic of me preop(how I look now) wearing a bikini top, but the caption says I'm 10 days post op. I just know I would be really confused if I was someone else looking at this review.

It's getting real

Hey hunnies. Just wanted to pop a couple fuller pics up here, I just keep imagining how I'll look once I have the boobies:-) can't wait to see it for real. I also know that once im all healed up, I will definitely be getting in the gym and working on toning up because I have quite a bit of flab that I really don't need lol. I've already started trying to clean up my diet, however I do still go back and forth at times, but I will not give up.

So Happy to have support, and then...

I'm so glad that I do have friends who are very understanding and excited for me to have this procedure. It definitely feels as though I have gotten mixed reviews about it, but most have been positive. Others have said that they don't agree with me doing it, but they still support my decision. For anybody who may be reading this I just want to let you know, as long as you have God on your side and pray for Him to see you through, that is all that matters. Many a time, people will try to keep us from doing what truly makes us happy because they are truly unhappy themselves and misery loves company. If someone is doing that to you, still be kind and say: I respect your opinion, however, I am going to do what makes me happy, why don't you do the same. Then move forward with your decisions because you do not need any negativity in your life, especially from someone who is supposed to be a friend to you.

This is the Evening before boobie day!!

This is the night before surgery and I so wish I didn't have to work! I'm going to have to tell my job I need to go earlier or something. I have to be at the Dr's office tomorrow at 7:30 AM for the surgery to begin at 8:30, so my mom is going to take me. I can't believe the time is here!! I'm nervous and excited, but more excited :-) I had a nice bday weekend btw, although things did get a little crazy it was a nice bday to remember! Now for the boobies lol!!

It's 7:20 AM

Surgery is set to start at 8:30, I can't believe that in less then an hour I will be having this done! It feels so crazy like real and not real at the same time. I also have not slept since yesterday morning after being up all day, having worked last night from 11 to 5:30 this morning(I got off a couple hrs early to get to the appointment on time). Wow I just really pray that this goes the best that it can and that I'm taken good care of. I have faith that God is going to see me through and take care of everything. My mom is with me and will be here to take me home after as well. God bless all you ladies who are also having surgery today, and thank you all for your prayers and support!!! See yah later! :-)

They're here, day of surgery

Well this was still a huge surprise. :-) I did
not expect for it to go this smoothly. Honestly though, I loved the way my surgical team handled everything step by step and talked me through it all. From the nurse who first greeted me and put in my IV, the nurse in the OR,to the anesthesiologist and the PS, they did an awesome job at making me feel calm. They talked to me and made me laugh as they gave me the anesthesia: next thing I knew, the nurse was saying wake up hun you're in the recovery room. I was sooo out of it when I did wake up, I haden't been to sleep since yesterday morning as I mentioned in my previous post. It took a while for me to wake up. I did eat a couple crackers from those square orange ones with peanut butter, and sipped a little Sprite to help settle my stomach which I think ended up helping. Right after surgery, I did feel a bit nauseous, but I've never thrown up to this moment, so that's a great thing, and I have anti nausea medication just in case. . I hope all is well for my ladies who had their surgeries today as well as anyone who's had it done or thinking about doing it. There is pain, like a tight, sore sensation but it's not unbearable. Thank you Jesus for seeing me through!!! Wooh so now onto a couple photos, this is where I am so far, I still haven't seen them yet. I should see them tomorrow at my post-op appointment. :-)

Here's the photos

I had to post the pics separately because for whatever reason, would not upload correctly in the last post. I couldn't get them to go on right side up, they were all turned upside down which would have looked crazy lol.

Crap man this sucks lol

Wooh finally got them right

Good afternoon ladies, 1st post op done!

I was so surprised at how fast it went, my PS said I looked great. It was so funny he was like hot stuff right, super star lol! I'm so glad to be doing so well. There was another lady in the office saying wow, she didn't remember moving around as much as I was after getting hers done, but at the same time, she said she was a bit older when she first got them than I am. So I am scheduled to go back in two weeks where he says we will talk stitches and scars. Here is a peak at the new girls! These are still in my surgical bra, when I take a shower I'll be sure to get some pics w/o it on.

Day three post op

Today ha

Day 3 post op

Please ignore that last post, geesh I barely touch a button and next thing I know it submitted! Lol but today has been very similar to yesterday as far as pain goes. The Percocets honestly help out so much because w/o taking them, I still feel pretty sore & tight. When I do take them, the tightness is definitely not as intense and I sleep so much better. I'm amazed everything actually was done through the nipple because I do not have any other scarring besides there. Also, I was able to just have the circumareolar lift (also known as the doughnut lift I believe) which means the scar will just be around the outside of my areoles and eventually go away I pray! Boy when I say these babies are heavy, I mean they are heavy! It's just taking some getting used to carrying that extra weight, plus I'm sure they feel that way mainly because they're under the muscle, so that area has to heal before it can really become strong again. I also have some pretty notable bruises on the inner part of my right breast and on the bottom of each one. I'm sure with time those will heal up well. Can't wait to be a couple weeks further out so I can begin using oils and hopefully give them a nice run down:-)

Post op Day 4

I'm feeling a lot better today, and my nipples are already starting to heal yaaaaay:-) I know they still look pretty butchered, but it is all going to be well worth it. I'm still trying to figure out how to sleep comfortably because if I lay on my back it hurts my chest and sitting up, my neck always hurts when I get up. I think it's hard because I'm a wild sleeper lol I move all over the place no matter what. I've been enjoying my time away from work, I so don't want to go back, but I know I have to! But I thank God to have made it through this surgery and to have a job to go back to! Here's a couple pics from today

Day 4 post op pics

Sorry the pics did not upload :-p

Day 5 Post Op

I still feel kind of woozy from taking the Percocets last night. But I got up, took a shower and did my face routine, that alone made me feel a lot better! I still have not used the bathroom, and therefore am still pretty bloated, but today I'm starting to lay off the Percocets, so we'll see if that helps. They still feel heavy, of course that takes getting used to. I noticed where my stitches are, some of the scabbed areas started coming off in the shower. (That's with the water running over it, I haven't been scrubbing that area or anything as directed by my PS). So they've definitely been doing some healing:-) can't wait to see further progress day by day! I took a pic or two in that same bikini top and let me say wohhh what a difference already!!

Almost 2 weeks post op

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have not been on here to check on you all lately! I have been busy with things; and I'm so happy to say God has blessed me with a new job that's related to what I went to school to do yaaaay!!! The new girls are doing well, I have my second post op coming up Wednesday where my PS said we will discuss scars and stitches. I also have to make sure to ask him about some discoloration that I'm having on my left breast, which is also the breast that is still more swollen on the side, and not dropping as quickly as the other. I will make sure to update on what the Dr says at my appointment, here are some pics, thanks for your support ladies! And oh yeah, I got a bunch of new bra at Walmart that were all on sale, the coral one was $7 and the pink was $3, plus a few others that are such cute colors! I just don't want to go too crazy just yet, at least these were all great on price!!

Second Post Op Visit

I had my second post op visit today, it was really quick and he said I am looking great. Just the discoloration on my left breast is hemotoma, which is blood pooling around the implant and causing it to push upwards. My PS also said that the blood will dissolve and the discoloration will disappear then. But he wants me to massage it everyday, and wants to see me back on Monday to make sure it's healing properly. One of the staff members also took some pictures of them so that the profess can be monitored over time. I did have a little time to snap some pics of my own which I have here. Thanks ladies:-) happy healing!!!

Almost 4 weeks Post op

Okay so I don't know what my boobs are going through lol because now the one that was higher up looks lower than the other one now :-? Lol but I am loving how they are looking and they are healing up great. They both feel pretty soft now too compared to how they were at first. I am so happy my PS went with 650 ccs, I think it turned out to be the ideal size for me cause I don't want any less or more than what I have, like another one of you lovely ladies' said on your review I feel the same way. My second post op is supposed to be this Wednesday hopefully if they can see me during my lunch because I work during all of the office's business hrs now. My PS should take the stitches out this time as well. So we will see, until then here are a few updates pics. See yah later girls

1 Month Post Op

Hi! I had my 1 month post op appointment yesterday, and it went well:-) My PS said I am healing very nicely & said my breasts look great. He noticed the improvement since my previous visit and I had the stitches trimmed on the outside parts, & they said the parts still inside will dissolve. Also he instructed me that now I have to wear more supportive bras so that they heal in-place. He explained as being sort of like a cast, you want the breasts to sit pretty like how they are lol he's so cool. So they recommended to go to Dillard's because they have bras with great support. I went there and tried on a bunch of bras, but the nice lady helping me did not mind helping find me different ones. I could not believe she was putting me in G and F cups!! But crazily enough they fit great. So now I'm back to wearing bras with wires which isn't the most thrilling to me, but it's a must in order to protect this investment. I will post pics soon, and my next post op isn't until the beginning of May. I will update if I notice anything else changing. :-) xoxo

1 month post op pics

Here are a couple pics just to give you an idea of what I mean. This bra is a 34 H. The lady who fitted me at Dillard's said that the majority of women wear the wrong size bra. I'm like I know I would have been because before this surgery, I knew barely anything about bras lol. The wires in the bras gives the max support & keeps them in place.

A little scared

So I went to my two month post op appmnt today & found out that I have capsular contracture in my left breast:-( I am going to have to be operated on again. My PS said he may be able to get it covered but they just said they will let me know :'(


I don't really know how to feel about my procedure at this point. I love my breasts the size and the shape that they are, but I am not happy that I have this issue with my left one of course. It is shaped differently than the other one, it sits up higher, it's not as soft and ultimately it's painful. I'm getting sharp pains inside my breast coming and going. I pray that nothing more serious is wrong with me :'-( it's been a week already since I found this out and my PS still has not told me anything. I pray that I did not make a mistake choosing him to be my PS. I hate to say that but I just want this to improve. Otherwise who knows what I will end up like later down the line. I'm so upset about this that I just don't want to think about it, but I can't help doing it. Did this happen to anyone else? Do you have any advice? I know Hos is with me through it all so I need to not worry.
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