34 Yrs, 3 Kids, 5'6' 121lbs, BA Revision from 305cc Mentor Mod+ Silicone to Motiva Full 500cc Silicone Dual Plane - Italy, IT

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I had my BA almost 1 year ago, I breastfed 3...

I had my BA almost 1 year ago, I breastfed 3 children and I came out with a deflated 34AA cup size... I was 36C when I was 20!!! So unhappy with me and my husband... I decided to have a BA to have a full 34C cup but I wanted to look natural so I choose a mod+ profile. No one noticed my BA, but even if my breast is beautiful I want to go bigger to obtain my old size... Now i am a 34B... After a consultation with my PS he accepted to give me a BA revision paying half, just for the implants and for the clinic costs. We decided for Motiva Matrix 500cc full profile to have more projection and a visible change. I hope to reach a 34d cup!!!

My whish boobs

Added some pics of what i hope to be similar!!

Just 1 week to revision!!

So excited!! One last pic before my new boobs! I finally had my last consultation and decided for 500cc full projection Motiva!! Exams are done, one more week of work and then i'll go!! :)

Just had my revision!!!

I had my revision yesterday, i am ok, my PS has not to revise the pockets because they were larger than old implants so I am not having troubles!! I think they look good and not as big as I expected but it's ok!!

1 day post BA revision! Happy!! :)

First Pics, they're still beautiful!! :)

Pain and bleeding

Today is 4th day after revision and I have pain under the right breast... My scar is bleeding a bit and I have a little emathoma... Hope it will resolve shortly. My breast is looking good. I do not take any pain relief medicine now but I am taking Accolate to prevent any capsular contracture. My next contro l will be on June 13th.

1 week after op!

I feel very well! No more pain or bleeding, the boobs are settling down and they look big even if I think i am a 34C or D cup. I ma still driving very carefully and I went back to work in monday. Never thought it would be so easy this time! My scars are not very good looking but I hope they will improve and heal... Some pics with my "sexy" post op bra (very comfortable) and without it!

Before/after pic!

Pic of my before/after breast implants replacement! Before: 305cc round gummy bear moderate plus profile. After: 500cc round gummy bear full profile (high)

10 days after Revision with 500cc silicone

Here I am, i feel very very well! My scars are very bad and I hope they will improve with time. As I will have the ok from my PS I would like to use silicone sheets on them. I think my breast looks very big, maybe too much? Maybe too soon to tell...

So happy!! :)

2 weeks post revision and i ma very happy with the result!! I am currently a 34D Bra size which is what I whished to have!! Tomorrow I will take out the medication and I will be allowed to have a real shower!!! Here some new pics!

Bikini fitting!!

First bikini fitting! They really looks great!!!

7 weeks after op

Really happy!! My Bra size is 34d or 36c!

So natural!!

After almost 2 months they look and feel so natural!!
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