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Going to get a Brazilian butt lift by Dr Ercan...

Going to get a Brazilian butt lift by Dr Ercan Karacaoglu, Iv'e been checking all over realself and google for surgeons who can give me the same results as I would get, if I were to go south america. Through my research a lot of the surgeons say they can move 600cc's but that amount is too small for me because once the fat gets reabsorbed its going to be like i didn't even get the surgery.
I chose Dr Ercan because he has good reviews and claims he can transfer 800cc's into each butt through seeing my pictures, 800 is still a bit small because I want 1000cc's to be satisfied, but we'll see anyway. In an ideal world, I'd love to wake up after surgery and be told 1200'ccs was transferred, I'll keep you posted xx

on the other side

turkey is lovely, people here are so nice. today is day 1 after the surgery. I haven't taken pictures yet. i will upload later on. dr is so so lovely and nurses are lovely too, I woke up from the surgery in pain omg, but now its okay and im finding it hard to move around, it feels like ive been working out but x10. my lower abdomen is hurting like hell and i want to walk around freely but cant right now, only baby steps, ill try walking more tomorrow. Im happy, i haven't taken off my garment yet and i haven't seen the results properly but he said he put 900ccs in each buttock and im very happy that he got in that much, my butt feels nice and plump but my body is swollen. he took out fat from my lower and upper abdomen, arms, back, legs and the insides of my knees. i will give pictures soon. can anyone tell me better ways on how to cope with this recovery? kisses x


I thought I already updated y'all a few days ago lol what's up with this site hahahaha.

The surgery went very well. Dr e is lovely, absolutely wonderful and made me feel welcomed. The nurses were lovely too. Some couldn't really speak English well so google translate was very very very very helpful in communicating.

He managed to put in 900ccs. I'm happy with that. I cannot lie I wish more was put in but maybe I didn't stress it enough how much I wanted no fat anywhere other than my butt. I'm happy though, I really am. The flight home was a pain because even though I sat on a boopy pillow I could still feel my butt in some sort of agony. I wish my bum could stay exactly how it is now. I've gained about 2 inches or more from the surgery ( I hope it's not just swelling, because I'm swollen all over right now lol ) , anyway I'll check again later on to be sure because right now I'm in bed lol.

It's funny lol, I got a compliment at the airport when coming back hahaa.

The update is quite short because I don't really have anything that much important to say as of yet. In two /three days I'll do another update for you x

If anyone has any questions please let me know x
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