Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Reduce and Contour Butt. Istanbul, TR

Like most people on here I have been following...

Like most people on here I have been following everyone and everything. I only discovered it late last year after having a not so good lower facelift and seeing what results I should have achieved. I certainly wish I had known about it before then I wouldn’t have gone with the guy that I did.
Anyway since then I have decided to have a tummy tuck. I looked at lots of drs and went to see this dr in Istanbul earlier this year. He told me I will get excellent results and that my only regret would be that I didn’t have it done sooner, ie years ago. Well that bit is definitely true. But anyway I chickened out of the TT but I did go back for fat transfer to my face and brow lift and I was so pleased with the results I booked the TT straight away and I am booked for 3rd October 2016, I just wish it was now but there is no way I would survive wearing a garment in the heat of 45 degrees celcius in the shade so I have to be patient.
I am 56 years old, mother of 3 children who were born within 3 years of each other. They are now 33,32 & 31! and my last baby was 10lb but the problem was that my muscles never had a chance to repair from the first two and I was massive at the front but still small at the back. I can not remember how much weight I put on, I know it was a lot and I never lost it after. I never realised until I saw my Ps and he told me that I have a hernia, it doesn’t hurt but he said it could in time but it can be repaired so that is being done as well. He is also going to do lipo on my bottom to reduce the size and contour it, so I really can’t wait!
I have seen all these ladies that have gone to DR to get TT and BBL and I did get a quote for TT and they included BBL but I think it looks good on younger ladies but for me I just feel I am too old and that it is big enough already, so make it smaller and look better.
PS did advise me to lose 10-20lbs if I can. Almost impossible for me. I weighed the same for a long time and then two years ago I stopped smoking & started running, that was OK, then I got a puppy too small to run so started walking with the dogs and started putting on weight and at the same time the dreaded menopause struck and no matter how much I dieted and exercised I just kept putting the weight on!
When I had the surgery in May I was 180lbs and I hope that was the peek as I have lost 3lbs which I know is nothing but at least it’s going in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong I am not doing this surgery for weight loss, I just want to get rid of this flabby tummy and the mound that makes me look 6 months pregnant all the time!
I have bought a lot of supplies already, vitamins and iron and stuff as recommended by all the lovely ladies I have been following, thank you. I just today started taking my iron tablets, I will increase the dose nearer the time. When I had my last surgery my HG was 13.5 but about a year before that at my medical it was 14.2 so I would like to get it way over 14 again. I don’t usually take any vitamins or supplements so hopefully these will help along with the healthy eating that I do anyway.
Can someone please remind me when to start taking the Bromelain and the vit c powders. I seem to have brain freeze on that.
I will post photos but I really don’t want to but I will repay the favour as other ladies before me have.
More late.

These were the photos I used when looking for my PS

A Little Update

So I thought I would update a bit more.
I have never really been a gym person. I used to go but cant say I really enjoyed it as a lot of ladies on here do. I did go again for about 3 weeks before my previous surgery and I didn’t enjoy it and so I never went back!! I don’t like the being indoors bit, I much prefer being outside, although the weather at the moment is far too hot for running etc.
I have recently purchased a stand to make my bike into an exercise bike for the garden so I hope that will work but more importantly, I have just started wind surfing lessons! This has been quite an achievement for me because I am scared of the water. I can swim when I can touch the bottom but panic when I cant, so to be able to do this I feel so proud of myself and strangely I am actually quite good at it! I will have my 10th and final lesson tomorrow and then carry on going just to practice because they are not teaching me anything now. They are all very encouraging, my main instructor is Spanish with a bit of English so we get by with my little bit of Spanish as well! One day last week there was an instructor with I assume his two children, who were doing so well and they were about 6 or 7 each! But he was Canadian and he said that I should do well because I am “strong and agile”, well that was a boost, he said age doesn’t matter. If you can do and enjoy it then just do it! He took lots of photos of me with the children for the school’s website showing age doesn’t matter!
Anyway the down side of all this is I have put the weight back on that I lost, people have said it is muscle and it is noticeable that my body is toned – not sure about that, but one of the reasons for trying this was because I have always wanted to but because I thought the strength gained in my arms, legs and back will be useful with my recovery after the TT so I hope I am right.
I just wish it was now, I am not a patient person so waiting is not for me. It seems to be all I think about. I fly to Turkey on 2nd October and go straight to the hospital. Dr is concerned because I will be on my own and I stay there for another 3 nights after surgery, again because I am on my own. Then I am booked into a hotel which is 10 minutes walk away from the Hospital. I have bought a flexible return ticket but I am booked for 12th October. I am hoping I can come home early if I am doing well enough. I have also booked airport assistance for the first leg of the flight to Barcelona but I have not booked the onward journey yet as they are not flexible I will do that when I know.
All of this was done a while ago now so none of it seems real yet. I think that’s one of the reasons I started posting so that I could talk about it because no one knows except you and me. I wont be telling people either. I have told my daughter, expecting the worst, but she is so supportive about it I was surprised how many people that she knows that has had it done, including her best friend who is only 31 and had it done after her 2nd baby as a thank you from her hubby for their children, how lovely is that!!
Thank you to everyone I have been following, you are all an inspiration. Happy healing to you all.

1 Month Today I Go To Istanbul!

One month today and I will be on my way. Should I be doing anything or taking any vitamins other than Iron and B12 I don’t know and I cant remember what other ladies have done?

What a Day

God what an awful day! I woke up this morning petrified at what I am about to do and thought about cancelling. I have been in an extremely bad mood all day as well, even being at work didnt get rid of it!

Is this normal or do I need to worry??

Will I be OK without the Lipo Foam

Hi ladies, I have finally ordered an ab board today which will arrive in time but I can not get any lipo foam in the UK.

Will I be OK without it just using the ab board.. I have lots of tops to put under the garment.

Answers Please xx

Flight home

Hi ladies,
Those of you that had to fly after your surgery how did you get on with carrying your bags at the airport etc.
I have booked airport assistance but they dont help from the minute you get there I dont think.

Please answer, this ismy main worry. Thank you.

12 More Days!

Only 12 days to go before the day.

I could really do with an answer ladies regarding the airport issues i am worrying about for those ladies that have done that. Thank you x

Shopping Finished?

I think I have everything I am going to get now. I bought a pair of flat black slip on shoes and some new bath stuff to take and leave. I have a lot of protein bars in case I dont want to eat. So thats it now. Just waiting until Sunday when I fly. That will take all day really even though its not far, I leave home about 8am and should get to the hospital around 9pm. At least I wont have time to worry about stuff that day????
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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