Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Reduce and Contour Butt. Istanbul, TR

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Like most people on here I have been following...

Like most people on here I have been following everyone and everything. I only discovered it late last year after having a not so good lower facelift and seeing what results I should have achieved. I certainly wish I had known about it before then I wouldn’t have gone with the guy that I did.
Anyway since then I have decided to have a tummy tuck. I looked at lots of drs and went to see this dr in Istanbul earlier this year. He told me I will get excellent results and that my only regret would be that I didn’t have it done sooner, ie years ago. Well that bit is definitely true. But anyway I chickened out of the TT but I did go back for fat transfer to my face and brow lift and I was so pleased with the results I booked the TT straight away and I am booked for 3rd October 2016, I just wish it was now but there is no way I would survive wearing a garment in the heat of 45 degrees celcius in the shade so I have to be patient.
I am 56 years old, mother of 3 children who were born within 3 years of each other. They are now 33,32 & 31! and my last baby was 10lb but the problem was that my muscles never had a chance to repair from the first two and I was massive at the front but still small at the back. I can not remember how much weight I put on, I know it was a lot and I never lost it after. I never realised until I saw my Ps and he told me that I have a hernia, it doesn’t hurt but he said it could in time but it can be repaired so that is being done as well. He is also going to do lipo on my bottom to reduce the size and contour it, so I really can’t wait!
I have seen all these ladies that have gone to DR to get TT and BBL and I did get a quote for TT and they included BBL but I think it looks good on younger ladies but for me I just feel I am too old and that it is big enough already, so make it smaller and look better.
PS did advise me to lose 10-20lbs if I can. Almost impossible for me. I weighed the same for a long time and then two years ago I stopped smoking & started running, that was OK, then I got a puppy too small to run so started walking with the dogs and started putting on weight and at the same time the dreaded menopause struck and no matter how much I dieted and exercised I just kept putting the weight on!
When I had the surgery in May I was 180lbs and I hope that was the peek as I have lost 3lbs which I know is nothing but at least it’s going in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong I am not doing this surgery for weight loss, I just want to get rid of this flabby tummy and the mound that makes me look 6 months pregnant all the time!
I have bought a lot of supplies already, vitamins and iron and stuff as recommended by all the lovely ladies I have been following, thank you. I just today started taking my iron tablets, I will increase the dose nearer the time. When I had my last surgery my HG was 13.5 but about a year before that at my medical it was 14.2 so I would like to get it way over 14 again. I don’t usually take any vitamins or supplements so hopefully these will help along with the healthy eating that I do anyway.
Can someone please remind me when to start taking the Bromelain and the vit c powders. I seem to have brain freeze on that.
I will post photos but I really don’t want to but I will repay the favour as other ladies before me have.
More late.

These were the photos I used when looking for my PS

A Little Update

So I thought I would update a bit more.
I have never really been a gym person. I used to go but cant say I really enjoyed it as a lot of ladies on here do. I did go again for about 3 weeks before my previous surgery and I didn’t enjoy it and so I never went back!! I don’t like the being indoors bit, I much prefer being outside, although the weather at the moment is far too hot for running etc.
I have recently purchased a stand to make my bike into an exercise bike for the garden so I hope that will work but more importantly, I have just started wind surfing lessons! This has been quite an achievement for me because I am scared of the water. I can swim when I can touch the bottom but panic when I cant, so to be able to do this I feel so proud of myself and strangely I am actually quite good at it! I will have my 10th and final lesson tomorrow and then carry on going just to practice because they are not teaching me anything now. They are all very encouraging, my main instructor is Spanish with a bit of English so we get by with my little bit of Spanish as well! One day last week there was an instructor with I assume his two children, who were doing so well and they were about 6 or 7 each! But he was Canadian and he said that I should do well because I am “strong and agile”, well that was a boost, he said age doesn’t matter. If you can do and enjoy it then just do it! He took lots of photos of me with the children for the school’s website showing age doesn’t matter!
Anyway the down side of all this is I have put the weight back on that I lost, people have said it is muscle and it is noticeable that my body is toned – not sure about that, but one of the reasons for trying this was because I have always wanted to but because I thought the strength gained in my arms, legs and back will be useful with my recovery after the TT so I hope I am right.
I just wish it was now, I am not a patient person so waiting is not for me. It seems to be all I think about. I fly to Turkey on 2nd October and go straight to the hospital. Dr is concerned because I will be on my own and I stay there for another 3 nights after surgery, again because I am on my own. Then I am booked into a hotel which is 10 minutes walk away from the Hospital. I have bought a flexible return ticket but I am booked for 12th October. I am hoping I can come home early if I am doing well enough. I have also booked airport assistance for the first leg of the flight to Barcelona but I have not booked the onward journey yet as they are not flexible I will do that when I know.
All of this was done a while ago now so none of it seems real yet. I think that’s one of the reasons I started posting so that I could talk about it because no one knows except you and me. I wont be telling people either. I have told my daughter, expecting the worst, but she is so supportive about it I was surprised how many people that she knows that has had it done, including her best friend who is only 31 and had it done after her 2nd baby as a thank you from her hubby for their children, how lovely is that!!
Thank you to everyone I have been following, you are all an inspiration. Happy healing to you all.

1 Month Today I Go To Istanbul!

One month today and I will be on my way. Should I be doing anything or taking any vitamins other than Iron and B12 I don’t know and I cant remember what other ladies have done?

What a Day

God what an awful day! I woke up this morning petrified at what I am about to do and thought about cancelling. I have been in an extremely bad mood all day as well, even being at work didnt get rid of it!

Is this normal or do I need to worry??

Will I be OK without the Lipo Foam

Hi ladies, I have finally ordered an ab board today which will arrive in time but I can not get any lipo foam in the UK.

Will I be OK without it just using the ab board.. I have lots of tops to put under the garment.

Answers Please xx

Flight home

Hi ladies,
Those of you that had to fly after your surgery how did you get on with carrying your bags at the airport etc.
I have booked airport assistance but they dont help from the minute you get there I dont think.

Please answer, this ismy main worry. Thank you.

12 More Days!

Only 12 days to go before the day.

I could really do with an answer ladies regarding the airport issues i am worrying about for those ladies that have done that. Thank you x

Shopping Finished?

I think I have everything I am going to get now. I bought a pair of flat black slip on shoes and some new bath stuff to take and leave. I have a lot of protein bars in case I dont want to eat. So thats it now. Just waiting until Sunday when I fly. That will take all day really even though its not far, I leave home about 8am and should get to the hospital around 9pm. At least I wont have time to worry about stuff that day????

Scared - Not Scared!!

Thats now I have been today. Busy all day so no time to think but when It came to mind it was worrying and then I had to tell myself it will be fine.

Just this minute read an email from my PS in answer to my question to him this morning, how long. and what time my surgery was. He has replied 3 hours and 9.30. So now the two 9.30s in the day will be significant, I will now be counting the hours!

I'm sure all you ladies before me did the same, happy healing to you all. Good night x

Last Update and Pics

My last day working tomorrrow so today was my only chance to add my final pics. God they are so awful. When I am in pain I will try to remeber to look at them.

Continued best wishes to all the ladies that have inspired me to do this and good luck to the ladies that are in the same week as me.

One Flight Done

after what seems like no sleep last night I left at 7.30am this morning for the first part of my flight. So I am now at Barcelona waiting for the next one. My fitbit says I had 4 hours, not sure when but good anyway. I got one of these as I was following a lady that used hers to track her steps to make sure she did more each day and I thought what a great idea.

All the way here I found myself holding or massaging my belly and bulge, How strange, I have never done it as far as I know! It felt like it was a security blanket, holding on to something I am losing? weird. When I was aware of it I just looked and thought "what will I look like tomorrow", no more bulge getting in the way of everything. It is such a strange feeling, I dont think Im nervous but I suppose I must be.

For the last ? weeks I have weighed 80kgs today I weighed 81.4. Thats about 2.5 lbs I have gained this week. I am not too bothered because I have eaten 2 whole pineapples, packs of apricots and almonds none of which I normally eat so I assume it must be that but it need to be done.

That reminds me I need to find food now, not eaten yet today. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I will update later x

Im alive!

You just can not prepare yourself for the pain of muscle repair. it is like nothing else. My back is also hurting due to not moving around like I usually do. Looking forward to tomorrow.
On the upside, I can not believe what i see. I send pic tomoorow x


Feeling much better than earlier. had 2 wals, the last one was about 40 steps but i also got myself out of bed and then asked the nurse, not allowed to walk alone yet, thats fine

I have such an amazing ps, he called me last night the minute i was in my room to welcome me and see if i wanted anything! He has been to see me 3 times today!
He showed me the incision etc, i was so shocked i forgotto ask him to take a pic,
He said the mr was extensive from top to bottom, although not good, at least it shows it wasnt just fat as a lot of others ps said. I have to cough every hour to clear my lungs because everything is now squahed in to wher it should have been.
He also did the butt contour and inber thighs lipo as well, I guess my hg was good I forgot to ask that too ????????

Sooo Much Better Today

Thank you everyone for your kind words, not enough brain power to reply individually at the moment!!
Well last night I had to ask for strong pain killer and liquid because I had such bad heart burn as well which I never get and it just felt like everything was stuck in my throat. I dont know but I think it was liquid morphine through the drip. It probably took half hour to empty the bag but I was dosing before they took it down I remember saying thank you and that was it until 6.30 this morning so I was really pleased. I went for a little walk and then slept again most of the morning.
Dr has been to see me twice, the drains only had 30 in them this morning and virtually nothing in one today so he says that can come out tomorrow if still the same and then maybe the other one the next day, I hope so.
There is a Starbucks in the lobby so I went down there this afternoon and bought a latte, if felt great just to do that-its the little things in life- Took it to my room and lay back in bed to drink as I was wacked after that epick walk, maximum of 100-150 steps, no actually the size of my steps it was probably 300! I have just realised thats probably why my misfit isnt working it doesnt consider it a step! Oh well you cant have everything.
I took a couple of picks of me standing this afternoon, I am not 100% but I am pleased, the longer I stand the straighter I get.
Getting the dressings changed tomorrow so I will ask the nurse to take a picture, he took it off today to look how it was and it is a lovely line but I forgot to get a picture again.
He says I will probably be OK to leave and go to the hotel on Thursday, I feel fine I just need to practice getting out of bed because at the moment I use the safety rail to pull myself up which obviously I wont have that. So thats me tomorrow, practicing rolling out without pulling up - happy days

Best wishes to everyone in their various stages of recovery

Another day post.

Not much to add today, dr came this morning, drains had 35 and 45 so he left them in till tomorrow, he said better safe than sorry. I dont mind they dont bother ne at all.
When we were chatting he said that although he took 5.5 kilos off me that is the equivalent of losing 10 kilos because it is confined to the one area and it is now so small. I am just so pleased, I cant beleive its me, I look down and no bulge just boobs and then flat. He said I have a lot of swelling, I dont see it but if I stayed like this I would feel great.
When we were talking after the op and I was saying about the pain, although no pain now, he said " what is two days pain to have a beautiful body for the rest of your life". That thought has stayed with me through this, I dont have a pre baby body, I have a body I have never had before!
I think I am getting a cold, I have a sore thoat and runny nose, very annoying and I have almost lost my voice!
Happy healing everyone x

Moved to Hotel

Moved to the hotel after lunch, that was an ordeal such hard work. I had a shower this morning and it took so long I didnt get time for my usual nap so I was really wacked.
I asked dr if it was OK if I taped a plastic bag over my front and he said so long as I didnt get anything wet there then ok. I knellt on the floor first to wash my hair, then sat on the stool to do the other bits, took ages but felt great after put loads or arnica on, although I dont think the bruising is too bad.
No drains out again, they were 40 each this morning, no matter.
Things I bought that for me were a waste of time/money.
Picker upper - I can bend to pick things up myself
Compression socks - they took them off in theatre, but I will ware then on the plane home.
Bandages, dressings and panty liners - I know I will need them at home but thats where they should have stayed.
Shewee - real waste, I was able to sit straight away and I just put my legs to the side and it didnt get wet.

I know we are all different, this is just my own view point.

I love my faja, it is so comfortable, dr has ordered me another with short legs which I pick up when I see him.

My cold is horrible and I have got a cough with it, coughing is so painful I have been to chemist to get some medicine but its not working. I am doubling up on my vit c and other vitimins hoping that will get rid of it.

I took some pics this morning, I dont think their good again. It may be easier with my phone, I'll try that next.

Good wishes to everyone.

Picks didnt load

One Drain Gone

Woke up this morning, after a lovely nights sleep, feeling and looking massive. I thought "the dreaded swell hell". Got up, had breakfast and then had an appt with my dentist who did my implants in May. I emailed dr first thing to tell him my drain readings and he said to see him at 2.30. Anyway very quick at dentist and back to hospital for coffee, far too early but dr was between patients so saw me then.
Well he is not happy with the amount of swelling I have, gave me an injection and told me complete rest and drink herbal tea. H removed the drain, simple enough and then saw a horrible looks like a bruise around my incision above the mons area. Not pleased with that at all, he put two different creams on and re-covered and asked to see me again tomorrow for another injection and to check this area. A bit of a concern, I have no idea what has caused it. I did have my drains inside my knickers, only since leaving hospital yesterday, but he has pinned the remaining drain to the top of the binder, he said that being there along with the swelling may have caused it. Have to wait and see what he says tomorrow.

I just lied

I just wrote I am not in any pain fine, that is until I cough, Which I hadnt done for a long while, then I did. Just a little one but enough to bring tears to my eyes so I took 2 paraceatamol with water. Well I dont know what set it off but I had the worst coughing fit ever! I was doubled over in agony trying to hold my muscles that I thought were going to rip open, tears were falling and I was sweating everywhere. I have had to take all my clothes off including cg to try cool down. I will put cg back on as soon as I can. Famous last words of speaking too soon. Whew!

Pics from yesterday after first drain removed

Couldnt post any more yesterday so tired, but I have loaded them now, can anyone tell me about the crease I have on my left side, drs not bothered about it but I am, will it go on its own?
I also got my new garment which I a, wearing now and it lovely posted pic of package in case anyone wants one, It cost me €150 but I expect its only half that if you buy direct. I dont care because its so good ? gave my original one to hotel laundry not sure what it would wash like as it was covered in blood and stuff and requested they only did a cold wash and its come back brand new again. I dont normally recommend things but this is different but the pics wont load for it so Ill try those later.


What a difference already. Still an awful lot of swelling in some areas but I am so pleased!

2 weeks today

Well what a week it has been. I came home on Wednesday, it was the most awful experince with airport assistance being totally useless in all the airports apart from Alicante, to the extent that I missed my connection at Madrid. I should have flown at 2.45, I was there but no one would move or understand I needed to get the flight. Anyway I then had to wait until the next available which was 11pm. I eventually got home at 2.30 after being awake almost 24 hours! Anyway at least I was home and feeling better.
The bruising/tissue damage is not doing very well. I spoke to dr and said that I thought it was the binder that had caused it because Ihave a short body it seemed to be digging nto the skin so I had turned it up away from that area. He agreed it probably was the binder that had caused it and of course the first few days you cant feel anything so I didnt realise it was happening. I am having to dress this area twice a day and it nots actually very nice to look at.
On Saturday I was feeling so well I went for two separate walks, not long by any stretch but much further than Ihave walked post TT. I also found that the cg was aggravating my injury so I took that off aling with the binder and went to bed. During the night I woke up freezing cold shivering and really not feeling well. I tried to stand up to get more clothes etc to no avail, my blood pressure was through the floor and I was white as a sheet. I immediately put my binder back on and drank lots of liquid. I slept all day yesterday only to wake to take pain killers and drink. I had all the symptoms of flu, was it a fever, I dont know. The area around the wound is so sensative now, I cant stand to touch it and it is so sore. Anybody had anything like this before? I am waiting for a reply from dr, I emailed him this morning giving him the informatiom.
I hope I have been though the worst now, it is my birthday today, I didnt expect to be feeling this bad but never mind.
The picture is from last evening after it was cleaned before dressing again. anybody has any input I would be grateful.
Happy healing to everyone and good luck to my friend who is having hers today x

3 Week Update - Necrosis!

Hi fellow tters, well I was 3 weeks PO yesterday and I have to say I would be feeling fine if it wasnt for the necrosis. The sides of my scar are just amazing, hardly visible but of course at the front it is something out of a horror film it is awful. The pain is just now starting to wear off a bit and the last few days the smell has been terrible too.
I am spending approx 1.5 hours a day, 2 or 3 times, depending o. what crfeam I am putting on, changing the dressings. I clean it with salt water and then apply steroid cream every other day once and then antibiotic cream 2 or 3 times along with another cream, depending on what needs doing. It is also leaking frrom the wound as well so this determines the number of changes and is also slowing the healing I think.
Yesterday I had to start my 3rd lot of antibiotic tablets and dr thinks this should be the last pack. God I hope so.
I also asked if it would better to get the black bits removed to aid healing and he said yes but no yet, maybe another week. So hopefully next week I get my stitches removed from BB which has healed lovely, get rid of this awful mess and then start healing, I hope.
If it wasnt for all this I think I would be back to normal but as it is I still get so tired, to be expected of course with all the healing going on. I am looking forward to 1 more week.
Thank you to everyone for their good wishes and happy healing to those that read this.

Had to go to A &E Today

Hi ladies,
My PS is aware, he wanted me to go back to Istanbul, but thos of you following will know what a horrfendous journey it was coming back and I couldnt face going again.
Anyway I needed to get the dead skin cut off so we agreed I went to A&e. I was there most of the day having blood tests put on a drip and then the surgeon came and cut off the skin and then discovered a massive infection. He drained I dont know, so much fluid and said there is a massive hole that now needs to repair from the inside out. He wanted me to stay in hospital for 3 nights so they could monitor me but I said no because my daughter hascome to look after me using her a/l and the last thing I need is more time in hospital.
He did agree but I have to go to the drs everyday for a long as necessary, I am sure the dr will love that.
The surgeon also said this is a serious reason why people shouldnt go to foreign countries for their surgery. They certainly werent happy. I dont speak Spanish but their whole body language, and there was a lot of people coming to look, was "look at the state of that, serves her right." No one was happy that I was there but I had no choice.
I do agree with the surgeon in that he said, this is serious surgery and comes with many possible complications, you should be with your surgeon the whole time in case something like this happens and he can catch it early. But here we are and it is what it is. Would I do it again? in all honesty I dont know. ai have a bigger dressing now than I did at the beginning and I have months now before this heals.
Dont know when I can get pics as I cant remove dessings myself now.

Hope others are doing much better.

4 weeks today

Well I am just so fed up. Really depressed about the whole thing now. I saw a nurse today to change the dressing he said at least 2 months to heel with packing, I tried to tell him it was being closed with stitches when the infection goes and he just shrugged as if to say I wouldnt bank on it.
I can stand the thought of all this for 2 months. It will ruin my plans for travelling back home for Christmas.
I now really wish I hadn't dont this to myself, yes I have a flat stomach but I also have a massive wound with an awful infection that is eating away at the wound and its getting bigger, its painful and its ugly. Was it worth it NO!

6 weeks PO Yesterday

Sorry for not updating more frequently but I am either at the hospital or seeing the nurse everyday and talking about any more was not something I wanted to do. I try and forget about it when I can.

I have made the decision to go back to Turkey to have the wound closed. My PS wants me to go he wants to close it. He has wanted to for a few week but I kept putting it off because of the awful infection. To my mind I didnt think it was good to close it with the infection still inside - rightly or wrongly - my thoughts.

The general surgeon who has been looking after me said yesterday that the infection had cleared and he was OK with me seeing a PS to close it. I am still in two minds, I am just so confused but my flights are booked so that is it I am going. Surgery is Friday morning so by this time Friday night I should look like I did 6 weeks ago with just a straight line. I have never been so scared to have surgery before, I think i will be a bit of state on Thursday night- not a lot of sleep!

The rest of my scar either side has healed so well I am really pleased and hoping the middle will be the same, PS thinks it will and I have to trust him the same as I did before.

I will post a picture of how it is today later.

Thank you for all the good wishes I have received, sorry I havent replied to individuals.

Pictures from Today

Its Done

Well its done with now. it took 15 minutes yesterday morning, I was actually out of my room for just over an hour.
The pain afterwards was quite bad until I got the meds to deal with it but then I never had any incision pain before it was just the MR last time.
Today I am back to normal in myself. Not walking fast, too scared and only little pain when moving about.
Dr took a picture traight after the surgery yesterday for me to see as he was going to put dressing on and everyone keeps checking it is not leaking, which it isnt.
He has just been in now whilst I was writing this and changed the dressing and I took another picture but the problem there is too much sun shining and tou can see it but it is good.
He said he wishes I had come over 2 or 3 weeks ago and I have to say so do I.
Thats all for now. Wish me luck that it continues to heal well and doesnt open again, no stretching, bending, lifting etc for me just rest apart from walking 15 mins 2-3times a day for a week and then increase it slowly after that.

I am home

I got home last night after a day of travelling but much easier this time.

The swelling though is huge, even this morning.

Nothing to update on the wound. The dressing stays on until Friday so long as there is no leakage, which there isnt, I take it off then and just leave the steri strips. I saw on Saturday when PS changed the dressing and it was amazing so I hope it stays like that .
I will try to remember to get a pic on Friday.

I have had some comments that I have recieved email for but I cant find them here so I cant reply, if one of them was yours then apolgies.

Happy healing everyone.

Update Picture

The first two are what the dr took last week of before surgery originally and then after before dressing put back on. Such a difference.

The last one is today after dressing removed, no sure, Its dry but bloody. There was only a couple of tiny blobs on the dressing.

I have sent pics to dr just waiting his review. Just got reply whilst typing and he says it looks perfect!!

Happy healing to everyone.

2 Months Update

Well I was officially 2 month PO yesterday and what a roller coaster it has been!
On surgery day I was 181lbs and now 168.5, dr said he took 11lbs so that gives me a loss of 2.5 myself, not bad when I still cant exercise. I am actually fitting in a size smaller shorts and trousers. I actually wore a pair of trousers the other day that I havent worn in over 2 years because I couldnt even get them on let alone do them up! This is all still with swelling but no where near what it was.

I have to wait until next Friday to take the remainder of the steri strips off, that will be 3 weeks since the repair and the stitches should be starting to disolve and wont need the support of the strips anymore. I know its fine because I have no pain, I can move freely most of the time. When laying in bed I still need to hold my left side sometimes just to give it support if I want to turn over and also getting up and down from a chair is still a bit fragile but once I am up I feel ai could even start exercising again but I wont not till after Friday. I am back to walking over an hour at a time now and my speed has def increased so I am happy with that.

I am driving back to the UK on the 13th, that is a 24 hour drive. I intend to stop off at least once en route, the main point being that with the open wound I had I would have had to cancel this, I could not have done it. Apart from the fatigue, once I had left the care of the Spanish nurse I would have been on my own with the packing etc but more importantly I could have picked it up again when I get back so for me I made the right decision in going back to my PS and my only regrfet is not going 2 or 3 weeks sooner but no one gave me any encouragement to go apart from him. Everyone else said you cant close it, it has to heal from the inside, not true if you have a skilled surgeon that wants the best for his patients. It may also depend on the type of hole or the reason for it I dont know and cant comment on that but for mine, that was probably caused by infection and or lack of blood supply to the site at the very beginning it was the right thing to do.

I am adding a couple of picks I took on Friday, I still have a bulge in my tummy but so e of that it the padding I put over the wound to protect it from rubbing on my cg but there is also swelling and this is taken in the morning! I am hoping that by 3 month it will ne a lot better and alsi I hope to have lost more weight anyway.

Overall, wound infection etc aside, I am pleased I did this. The recovery has been harder than I expected due to the un expected but it has given me the motivation to get rid of at least another 10lbs if I can.

I hope everyone else is healing ok

3 week post revision

Friday will be 3 weeks since surgery. All tapes have come off and some stitches come out.
I couldnt believe I got a period on Monday! 57 years old, the first one since about March. So annoying, I certainly didnt expect that. The pain and the swelling and weight gain. I do hope it will go by the end of the week. Anybody else ever heard of this? I certainly havnt.
Just 1 pic showing the scar this morning, it looks great. My tummy is so sensitive though, sometimes it hurts to touch it, then I have to gently rub it to make it feel better, is this normal. I know the iching is, I get that as well.

4 Months Post and So Fed Up

Hello, I will be 4 months post on 3rd and I havent posted for a while because I am so fed up with the swelling. I have always been a chocolate lover and I had been good, lost about 5lbs, didnt even put it on over xmas but the swelling is getting me down and I did go mad for a few days and I put a lb back on .

The thing i it doesn't seem to make any difference whether I eat chocolate or not. My scar area is rock solid due to the wound damage but below the scar and my abdomen are are just huge. My abdomen is massive and hard and lookslike I am 6 months pregnant again, so dissapointing. Before you say its the chocolate, I have now gone 4 days without anything sweet and its still the same and I have read others are going through the same thing. Any ideas anyone?

Those of you that have been following me will know of the necrosis and damage caused by it. This has also bothered me. The scar at the sides is like a razor line and so feint its hardly visible but in the middle of my tummy the scar is terrible, about half an inch wide and mauve and red and so hard. This has not helped with my satisfaction levels either.

I have been using mepitac tape for the scars and I have just run out so I thought I would check the internet to see what else to get anyway I started reading about CO2 laser treatment and decided to give it a go, there is a dr I go to locally for other things and I asked her if she did it and she does. I went to see her yesterday and had the first treatment and I have to say I am amazed already! The skin that is burned directly will fall off and I need to use antibiotic cream for 3 days but already the scar is only half the width! I cant explain it but it seemed to have stitch dots either side of the line and they have gone.

I will have at least 2 treatments but probably 3 will be needed, we will see, but I am so pleased I did it. It has made me feel a bit more positive about everything again. The only trouble is the costings for all this extra work have made my decision to go to Turkey a complete waste I have had to spend £100's more than anticipated for air fares and treatments with still more to go.

Would I recommend this surgery to anyone else I dont think so - not after all I had to go tnrough and still am.

Can someone tell me if there is a light at the end of this long long tunnel?

2 Days Off 5 Months

I will be 5 months in 2 days. Today I have looked 7 months pregnant all day!

So annoying and frustrating and dissapointing.

6 Months Today

Well I thought I would post as it is exactly 6 months ago today I had the surgery.

Its been a very bumpy road. Would I do it again, yes maybe. I wasnt really pleased with my result, its OK but not what I expected, I probably expected too much but then I have just caught my before photos, what a difference, I should have looked at them before!
Yes I am at least one size smaller in trousers/shorts and my clothes look better but I still have a way to go. Dieting is still no good, walking longer and harder is not really doing much either. I havent gained any weight but it wont come off either. So annoying. I am still about 166 lbs but I shall keep trying.

My scar treatment didnt do much so I am now back to using Mepitac tape. I should have my final lazer in a couple of weeks, Ill see. If only everything had gone to plan then my whole scar would look like the sides which you can hardly see.

You will see from the pictures, def better in clothes!!
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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