WARNING Comfort Zone Surgery, Horrible Rhinoplasty Result - Istanbul, TR

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I went to Istanbul for rhinoplasty at Comfort zone...

I went to Istanbul for rhinoplasty at Comfort zone surgery. Biggest misstake of my life. Engin the patient coordinator is NOT a person you want to have to deal with, he is unbelievably unprofessional, first he acted nice but when my nose surgery ended up in a complete disaster, he left me with nothing. First of all, my rhinoplasty result done by Mete aksu was horrible, there was 4 things that he and I agreed on needed to be fixed: Rise the tip a bit and deproject it, shave down the bump and make the tip appear smaller from the front. Now I need revision surgery and get 9 things corrected, that is: My nose got scooped out- I cant even wear sunglasses anymore because my bridge is so low, so im going to have to harvest cartilage from my rib to rise my bridge which will leave me with a 5 cm scar… my tip is pinched, my septal cartilage is concave, tip is a bit over rotated, my supratip area goes out, I need nostril reduction, deprojection in the tip, I have indents on the side of my nose and I have restricted breathing, and I had no breathing problems from the start. My nose looks way worse then before the surgery. Before I went into surgery Engin told me he would take a profile shot at my nose right after the surgery before the cast comes on so I could see the result, but after the surgery he said he didn’t take one because “you would look at it too much” (??) but at the time he said that I was so out from the anesthesia that I didn’t thought about it, now I get that he didn’t take one because the result was so bad. I was completely out the next 3 days after the surgery, I slept basically all the time, I was fed while half-sleeping so that I could get some food in me, and I think I was so out from surgery because my anesthesia wasn’t done correctly, I didn’t know my weight that you need to know for the anesthesia and thought that they would whey me at the hospital like how its usually done but they didnt do that, so Engin just said “I think your about XX kilos...” I should have walked away in that moment. And now later I found out that they don’t even keep medical records, which is a law to do in the country I live in.

And not just that my result is a total mess, the overall experience I had at the time I spent there was awful, my surgery was post poned twice, the food was bad- didn’t see a single fresh vegetable or fruit during my whole stay, only cheap microwaved food, The villa that you stay at was raining in and they pack the cars with people so one time I had to sit in someones lap during a 40 minute car drive a few days after having surgery… I was close to hitting my face in the chair infront of me several times.

Comfort zone is also overpricing, It would have cost me half as much to go with another well known company in turkey. I have tried to get my money back to help pay for the reconstructive surgeries (that will cost 5 times as much as I paid them) I now need, but they ignore my emails and hangs up on my calls. They have responded to some emails saying they are not going to give me my money back and the one time I got to talk to him on the phone an then he almost screamed at me over the phone like I was the one that did something wrong even when they where the ones who destroyed my nose…I have gone to other surgeons and have gotten conformed by other surgeons that this is a bad result, so bad that 1 said he didn’t want to do my surgery because it was too complicated and there is too many faults to fix, I told Engin that and he replys “We do not agree with other surgeons”- Okay so you do not agree with the ideal proportions a nose should have…?.

I have now later found a lot of horrifying reviews on real self about Comfort Zone, they put breast implants in girls butts instead of butt implants (breast implants are cheaper), scars that opens and silicone leaking out of implants, bad scars from tummy tucks and so on… read for yourself…

Stay away from this company! They don’t care about their patients and they just want your money. If I had went with a good doctor from the start I would have saved me ALOT of money, time, regret, pain, anxiety and suffering. Now im just left with hoping that another surgeon will be able to fix all the problems they gave me.
I have really seen the bad and shady side of plastic surgery and please no comments about how stupid I was choosing Comfort zone surgery from the start… I had not found the bad reviews and I was too naive. Carefully do your research when you pick your surgeon/surgery company. Surgery is a serious thing and should be treated as such.
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