Restored Edges Jan 2016 with Dr Ali E Karadeniz

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*Treatment results may vary

Although I found this site for an entirely...

Although I found this site for an entirely different reason. I came across some reviews for hair transplant, I always thought there wasn't anything I could do regarding my hair problem. So after reading a few reviews and especially about afro hair, I was encouraged that a hair transplant could be for me.

After some more reading and researching I came across 2 American Drs, one gave me a quote of roughly $7000, the other was unfortunately too busy to get back to me to offer me a quote. After much thought, I felt if the cost range was around $7000 just for the procedure, it was too much as i'll have to factor in travel and accommodation costs. This meant it would be in the same price range as UK Drs. After stalking a fellow RealSelfer CaliD (thanks btw), he helped me to find Transest and AEK Hair Institute and in Turkey.

Because I had grown my hair quiet long I wasn't happy to shave it off for the procedure, but Dr Karadeniz from AEK Hair Institute stated he could perform a FUSS aka FUT which would mean no shaving. He also adds 'I do the graft harvesting procedure and the recipient site incisions. My assistants do graft placing while under my supervision'. I am very pleased with this.

I have tried everything to grow the edges (from Jamaican castor oil, Inversion method, every and any oil treatment and anything to promote hair growth for my edges).

My hope is there will be a vast improvement on my edges and if possible to slightly lower the hairline with the grafts.

Dr Karadeniz has estimated i'll need around 2000 grafts.

Price includes:
2 nights accommodation at 5-star hotel next to clinic
2 way airport transfers
Food and drinks during surgical procedure
All medications
Shampoo and moisturiser for aftercare
Camouflage hat
Washing the day after surgery with detailed instructions on aftercare.

So far I'm very pleased with my final choice and I'm very excited to see the outcome of this procedure.

You know the struggle of hiding those edges

My hair and accessories to hid my edges

Response from Dr Karadeniz

Nothing like peace of mind I say.

I contacted my Dr regarding my implant and how many patients he works on a day, he has sent a reply to confirm he only works on 1 patient a day. This is very reassuring for me and I am very very happy, I shall have his undivided attention :)

In a previous email he stated 'I do the graft harvesting procedure and the recipient site incisions. My assistants do graft placing while under my supervision'.

In my humble opinion, this is where I think Dr Karadeniz defers from other clinics in Istanbul and why he may cost a little more too. I really can't wait to see how my transplant procedure turns out.

Communication with Dr Karadeniz is still very good, he responds very promptly. I have my peace of mind :)

The countdown continues ...

Only 62 days, 14 hours and 50 minutes til my procedure, but whose counting :o)

1st Dec

I just realised it's been 20 days since my last update and it's the 1st of December woohoo. I am very excited about my new year and the many wondering experiences I am going to have.

So i'm having fun with my hair accessories and with my damaged edges till the new ones are transplanted.

42 days to go or 6 weeks and 3 days :)

Finalising the little bits and pieces for our trip

So I have booked my flights, organised our travel insurance and now paid for my visa to Turkey. My husband is exempt due to his French nationality.

Advice for you guys/dolls thinking of going to Turkey for your surgery, check to see if you need a Visa for your travel. If you do go to to buy your Visa, as it costs a little more if you do it in Turkey. The visa costs $20. I know UK and US citizens are not exempt from needing a visa.

Payment made

Good news first. Dr Karadeniz had confirmed he has received my payment in full, he also confirmed my reservation at the 5* Silence Hotel and car transfer details.

Now the not so good news. The bit that gets me a little anxious, is I read in the news that there was an explosion at the airport we are flying into. And to make matters worse, the airline we are using was the one that had the explosion and unfortunately someone lost their life.

With how things are these days, this trip is giving me cause for concern. I pray the travel advice doesn't change by the time we are due to travel. But I won't deny it's giving me anxiety.

Pegasus Airlines.....Possibly the WORST customer service. You have been warned

Hi all,

I'm getting excited now as I leave for my Turkey trip on Wed, however the damn airline i have picked appears to have the worst customer service imaginable. And there I was worried about terrorism. Why did I not book with British Airways...grrrrr.

I'm having a rant as I checked in using an app and there is no ticket, so now not sure what i'm supposed to do. I have tried messaging on Twitter and Facebook and so far my questions have been ignored. OMGGGG!!!! I'm stressing.

I'm praying it all turns out alright in the end.

I have checked our government site again for travel advice and so far everything appears to be ok to travel to Istanbul. I wish my blooming ticket would show so i can start to get a little excited.

I found my ticket, all is well in the world again :)

So about my little meltdown with yesterdays review.

I still stand by Pegasus not having the best customer service. And their website is not helpful enough either. I contacted Dr Karadeniz last night too and he adivsed that Pegasus is the 2nd largest airline in Turkey (honestly my mouth dropped, I could not believe, i still don't as i'm writing this). After spending at least an hour clicking everything in my passenger profile, eventually it led me to our ticket. Praise be.

I am feeling a little better now, I will be printing our tickets and my visa today for travel early Wed am.

I will update once I arrive at the Hotel (I know I always worried for those I was following until I heard they arrived safely at their destination) in case any of you might worry for me :)

Checking in

Hi all,

Not sure if you guys saw in the news but there was a bomb blast yesterday in Istanbul 12/01/16, in a tourist area and unfortunately 10 people (i believe all tourists) died. I was a bit anxious but I was too determined to stop us from coming. I believed and prayed for a safe journey there and back and if I didn't push myself to go, I honestly don't think I would have at all.

So we decided we would take the flight, we checked in, the Pegasus staff at check-in appeared to be very nice. It was swift to get all the passengers onboard there were no issues except a bit of turbulence.

We arrived safe and well in Istanbul 6am Turkish time, we left UK at 12.20. Going through security and passport control in Turkey was very easy, as I already had my visa, but I saw you could purchase your visa at the passport control. I was so excited to find out they would stamp my passport (the first one in their).

When we got outside the driver was a little late, (this driver is nothing to do with Dr Karadeniz) he took us to the hotel. This hotel is really nice and in a different district from Dr Karadeniz as I had a bright idea I would look at getting laser eye surgery whilst I was in Istanbul, which is why I am here 2 days early. Anyway, for more details on that, I will be updating a review should I go ahead with it.

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words, my husband and I really appreciate it. We initially planned to only stay in the hotel but we think we might venture out to at least local restaurants to try the cuisine. Someone advised I may not wish to go out anyway once I get my procedures done anyway, so we shall see :)


Today is finally my turn

Hi everyone,

Quick update. I'm at Dr Karadeniz's office. It it very nice, clean and his technicians are nice also. It is currently 9:04am and Dr K is not here yet. I will upload photos later at hotel and phone updates don't work.

The transfer from the other hotel was great. We were picked up at 07:15am, the car was beautiful, a BMW, full leather interior, the driver was in a suit, I felt like royalty. It definitely made a good impression, the driver also took us to the door of the office, the journey from where we were was about an hour and 15mins. There is a lot of traffic in Istanbul, think of your busiest city during rusjhour traffic. I took videos which I hope I can upload.

So just waiting....

Still in Dr's office

Hi all, quick update, I'm doing fine. I'm at the implantation part of the surgery. So far so good except some of the front of my forehead had to get shaved so Dr Karadeniz could see to make the incisions. I've taken loads of photos and videos for those of you contemplating doing this.

Can't upload til I get to hotel unfortunately. Thank you for your kind words.

Update a little delayed

Hi everyone,

My review is going to have to wait til tomorrow as I am shattered the overall procedure from inspection and introductions took about 12hours including breaks. Afro hair is a little more trickier than European hair. I got into this 5star hotel about 9:30pm, I've had dinner and my husband is advising I go to bed and rest. So that is what I'm going to do. Hopefully all my photos are in my mailbox for the am so I can start posting this.

To the mystery caller who asked about me today. Dr K passed on the message and I was/am doing well. It was a pleasant surprise, thank you for thinking of me :)

Goodnight all, it's now 00:02, not that it'll be a good one for me due to nut new elevated position. :/

Part one of my procedure with pictures

Our journey started at 07:15, we were picked up from Taksim area in the European end of Istanbul and taken to the business district Atasehir. We arrived about 8:30. The journey was pleasant and the driver was first class like I have said before. I think Dr K sent for us this early due to the traffic and to enjoy we would arrive on time. His office was nice and clean and the view was beautiful. We had to wear these plastic covers for our shoes in the office. We sat and watched some Turkish news whilst we waited and we were offered drinks and breakfast but we already had some at the hotel.
Dr K advised me my case was unusual as one of his technicians would normally collect the patient from the hotel (at a more suitable hour I am assuming). As Dr K did not arrive till about 09:30 (I was a bit annoyed at the start that we left the other hotel so early) But I supposed I could have been even later if I left later.

Dr K introduced himself and if any of you have seen his videos, he is exactly the same in person, he appeared to me to be a nice and conscientious man. His technicians were really nice too.

Dr K also explained that my case was going to be a test case for him as he mainly on works on European hair and he knows there will be some difficulties with afro hair and he will be making his plan for my care as we go along and he sees how things progress (I don’t mind being a guinea pig, am currently for my other friends, waiting to see my results). He checked my scalp for elasticity and thankfully he was happy with it to proceed, he asked me if I had any questions for him, but he had already answered what I had in mind as he already stated, he would be tailoring my care as we proceed.

Dr K works with 3 female technicians, I believe 2 out of the 3 are nurses or it could be all of them, this is his team.

First Dr K took photos and he then proceeded to give me anaesthesia to block the pain, he then cut out the strip. This wasn’t too bad or painful to be honest but I could feel the cutting. Dr K advised me what he was doing as he went along. He then stitched with dissolvable stitches and stapled. HE said he had to cut a bit at a time again due to being from an african origin.

My husband was already bored with waiting for me and due to the time of the morning he had to wait a bit longer to be able to check in. He also wanted to go sightseeing (which I wasn’t ecstatic about) and I felt guilty as I did not want to do this with him.

TIP: You may want to go on your own if you are going with Dr K, the person you take with you might be bored, fed up of waiting around for you, you may also feel guilty for them. Consider this before making that decision to come with someone. Also, now I am here, I can say I feel very safe and part of me wonders why I was so afraid in the first place. Saying that, I will not be venturing out sightseeing as my husband wants either, Mainly because it’ll cost us 250 EUROS (£192 OR $272, she crazy) oh and I DO NOT WANT TO and I’m happy staying in the hotel. My husband loves sightseeing no matter where we are.

I am breaking this down, because I will struggle otherwise to keep my focus.

Part 2 of my procedure with pictures

Implanting follicles
Part 2,

So we have to wait for the technician to get at least 50% of the grafts ready before Dr K can proceed with making the incisions in my head. My husband left to go check in and thankfully he had some work to do himself (that would keep him busy for a few hours). He also showed me the shape of my hair follicles. I couldn’t believe it they curved like S and elaborate C shapes lol. Dr K explained again why afro hair should not be transplanted using the FUE technique as it could damage your hair follicles and you may not get a good result from that.

TIP: MEN AND WOMEN (especially those from Afro backgrounds), please think about which technique is going to give you the best results, do your research, research some more and research again and then make an informed decision. This is your hair after all, choose a Doctor that is going to provide you with the best outcome and best pre and post op care. I say this as I was told FUE would give me a great results (yea right) and based on me doing further research I found it was going to be the worse thing for me. I then asked Dr K about FUE before my procedure and he said to me ‘NO, definitely not'

Dr K and I talked, he asked me why I chose him, I believe I have already answered that at the start of this review, I also should add, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact I am his only patient for the day I get his full attention, and he is tailoring my care to suits my needs. As we in the hair transplant research stage know this is a rarity and I am personally pleased I found him. BIG SHOUT OUT TO CALID, again I must stress without you I would not be here THANK YOU, my HT friend :)

HE spoke about how in Turkey the industry is saturated with HT (hair transplant) clinics and he is looking to maybe change how he does things to compete. I can understand if the ‘boutique hair transplant’ route is not for everyone. We all want cheap right…Right. Exactly. I know I wanted cheap when I was looking but I also wanted the ‘BEST CHEAP’ I could find. And I think I did.

I made my case for him to keep doing things as he is but not sure if it was worth anything as at the end of the day if he ain’t getting clients, he will have no choice right, like anyone else in an industry. Anyhow, Dr K, if you read this (I’m sure he might lol). DON’T CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING YOUR VISION, ‘BESPOKE/BOUTIQUE HAIR TRANSPLANT’ IS WORTHWHILE AND WORTH STICKING IT OUT A LITTLE LONGER. What was that film quote ‘IF YOU BELIEVE THEY WILL COME’

At this time we had lunch and OMG it was delicious, I took a picture (I have felt like a right Noob (newbie) I am taking pictures of everything).

When we finished Dr K applied anaesthesia and started to make incisions in my head, at this point he advised he could not see where to place them so he was going to shave a little. (OMG IF I KNEW WHAT HE MEANT BY A LITTLE I WOULD HAVE ASKED TO DO IT MYSELF) I have a picture for the feeling I had inside, I can laugh now, but then I was a little pissed and upset. Obviously, now i’m over it….no i’m not over it but anyway I digress. He needed to shave so he could see, Period! I have to get over it and my husband says at least it will all grow together (you should have seen the look I was giving him) My husband also has been laughing at me, again why you should think if you really want someone to come with you lol.

I also took a video and pictures, as i’m anal like that and I know it would help someone else know what to expect. As Dr K made his incision he was counting them, I can only assume to ensure he has enough sites for the new follicles. Oh as he went on, the anaethesia wore out so he had to apply (this was something new for Dr K, as he stated, normally his patients are numb for up to 8 hours, I was 5 hours in and it was wearing off).

When he was making the incisions, it felt like a had a sweatband (when you do sports) on really tight, it didn’t hurt but it was bringing on a headache. I believe I swelled up a bit as well. When Dr K, finished making the incisions his technicians took over to carry out the implantation. Again half way through I need more anaesthesia, a more intense feeling of a tight sweatband and a headache. Dr K gave me some painkillers (paracetamol). Near to the end, Dr K had to make another 200 incision sights, as there was nowhere to input my follicles.

He did so and in the end I received 2001 new follicles. I feel ugly :( but I have to believe the hair fairy is going to be visiting me soon (I plan of trying the inversion method (check out youtube for this) to aid growth and apparently with the Inversion method you can grow 1inch in 7 days. (I digress, but I actually tried this and I do believe it worked, but my ends were thinning, I’ll post a picture)

At the end of the procedure, Dr K advised we would be washing my hair today as he thinks due to my hair type it would be more difficult to wait till the next day.

TIP AFRO LADIES: Regardless of which Dr you go to make such you take your own comb/brush. The technician was using those little fishtail comb to comb my hair, OH gosh. She later found a bigger one. DON’T find yourself in my situation and take your own hairdryer with the teeth to make sure you can at least straighten your hair a little and not have a little stubble bush pony like what I’m currently sporting. Did I mention, i’m not feeling cute anymore :(

Dr K, gave me post op advice, I recorded it as I have poor short memory due to my learning difficulty and which also makes me quite anal about everything hence loads of picture and chatter LOL.

More photos

I love food so.. here is some from the hotel. It is a very nice hotel.

Photos of the hair 1 day post op, my phone and wifi is not playing ball, so more photos when it gets transferred

BTW, if you have any more questions for me, please ask. I want to help anyone anyway I can. The way those post op vets have helped me.

The Hotel - Silence Hotel and Convention Centre

The hotel is very very nice, the rooms are lovely and the view is awesome. My husband took some photos. The dinner was awesome, very delicious although I didn't love the appetiser thing they gave us, however my husband did. The dessert menu was also ok, I have a pumpkin cheesecake and well...basically I didn't love it.

This morning breakfast was Not awesome, I asked for an omelette and what i received was just not very good. I prefer hot food whenever I eat, I husband is the opposite. The had lots and lots of cold dishes which looked nice but did not interest me. He enjoyed breakfast, me not so much. Same thing at lunch Lots and lots of cold options they looked stunning, the presentation at this hotel is really First class. I opted for Chicken and some cooked sweet peppers. Out of 10 I would give the hotel a 7. Mainly because the hot food options are few for breakfast and lunch and the omelette they made me was 'pas bien' and in my opinion it lets it down. My husband rates it as a 5, for him location is important and there isn't much/anything to sightsee here. He does enjoy the food more than I do though.

How I am today

I went to sleep just after midnight and woke up around 04:30, the was due to me being really uncomfortable with my sleeping position and having a dull headache, I am not used to sleeping on my back. I took 2 paracetamol and this helped to knock the pain back. I'm keeping on top of the medications. It still took me another 2 hours to go back to sleep.

I am still a little numb from the anaesthesia, I'm getting used to my new look little by little, for a woman this is tough (ladies, be prepared for this, I was not expecting this so I am still in a bit of shock).

View from our room

Dr Karadeniz advises ...

I may need another procedure regarding density in the area as my follicles were too big for the incision sights and they had to split the grafts accordingly. He wants to wait and see how things get on, but he is thinking maybe a second procedure.

I will wait and see how things progress, but if he will have to shave my forehead again (I am not 100% certain I will do it). But I must wait and see, he did the best he could with what he had to work with. I'm ok with that, he also lowered my hairline line a little more that where is originally was.

I'm sorry this is going into multiple updates, as I am remembering I am updating.

And when he was marking out the hairline, I questioned why he didn't follow my old hairline. He informed me he would not be going by the original hair line. He states if i remember correctly, he would be designing a new one and I will have to let go of the old one. He added he has checked to make sure the new hair line would be as close to suiting the face, that is something to think about also.

Checking in, I'm back in UK safe and well

Hi Everyone,
I travelled this morning back to the UK. So you are aware on your way out of Istanbul, there are 3 check points. The first is to enter the airport for check in. you have to put your luggage through those airport machines that checks you for liquids, etc etc (you know the one) then after that there is Passport control, when you manage to get through passport control you have to go through that first machine again. I was very impressed with the additional security, however, please make sure you arrive at the airport at least 1 hour and half to 2 hours before your flight leaves as the airport was for us packed full and you don't want to miss your flight. The queues were not good and people kept trying to get in front of us. Just be prepared to delays getting through each check point and I'm sure we were stuck behind the closer security guy (I digress).

ISTANBUL AIRPORT DOES NOT HAVE FREE WIFI. When we checked in for our flight online, if gave us a web address for our ticket, my husband managed on his Sony phone to keep the page open but on my HTC phone I could not access it (obviously not internet) What Pegasus do is they have a check in desk where you can have your bags checked and they give you a ticket and they will print you out your boarding pass. We decided to get both tickets in case my husband phone didn't work once we got to boarding. That gave us peace of mind. Pegasus also only also 8kg of hand luggage so be mindful.

I had a good flight back, I actually really enjoyed Istanbul, I have promised my husband we would visit again (when things settle a bit) when we go back, and we will fly with someone else. I just couldn't deal with the anxiety. As you may have gathered I like peace of mind.

Soooooo, ladies I found a way to cover my donor area without disturbing it, rubbing against it.... I know you are all wondering 'HOW' lol

I like to braid and honestly my hair is a matted mess. I played with the idea of a halo braid, using the braid as a disguise for the hairline and voila I came up with a donut like hairstyle. You'll have to tell me what you think of it, but I was rocking it, like I saw it on Naomi Campbell in Vogue lol. I have taken photos to show you what I mean.

The braid is literally overhanging on the donor site. I thought it was genius. I think I even got a compliment about it from a Turkish security lady :), she pointed at my braid said something in Turkish and smiled (in my book a compliment, well she wasn't LOL so my husband agreed also it appeared to be a compliment).

I have also comparison shots of my pre and post day 1/2. I have this evening used argan oil on my donor site, left it on for about 30 mins and then washed it off using the shampoo Dr K provided (I took hotel shampoo bottles and filled then with Dr K's I have like 4 bottles) I am not at my home so I am not currently using Coconut oil but Coconut oil is good for detangling afro hair/ good for hair in general, excellent for removing cradle cap (newborn head scabs) so I know it will be good for my transplanted scabs. I will probably buy some tomorrow somewhere.

I lost a follicle; I saw it on the towel I was using to help me dry my head. I honestly was so distraught. But it's only one right I hopefully still have 2000 more and I really hope I did not lose any when I was rinsing. The scalp looks clean, I got rid of a lot of dried on blood. I will take a photo for you tomorrow; it's already 1am here so you know it’s a job for tomorrow.

I have attempted to answer all the questions I received. If I have missed one I am sorry, add to it so I can find it and I will do my best to reply with the best of my knowledge so far. Thank you again for reading my story. Good night :)

Donor area

Donor area

8 days post op

Nothing remarkable to report, other than on Thurs I woke up to half my face swelled up. I thought I was lucky but I was not lol. It was like that til the Fri, today Saturday my face appears to be almost back to normal. I obviously contacted Dr K and he advised hot towel over my face 4 times a day. However, as I had successful gone 5 days without swelling he should really consider giving his patients at least 7 days worth of anti-swelling medication (or whatever it was he gave me for the swelling).
As the scabs clear I can see the hair imbedded into the scalp. I am really excited and it’s on 8 days. I am optimistic that I will get good results.
Dr K advised that I moisturise the scalp 30 mins before washing out, as previously advised I am using oil. As I am washing it out, I am not concerned by using oil currently (argan and castor oil mix, no coconut at the moment, coconut would be best). My hair naturally thrives with oils. I am putting on the oil for longer than 30 mins before washing it out about an hour and a bit.
Because of my afro hair I am only washing the transplanted area everyday and cleaning the donor area with a damp soapy cloth and then wiping it clean. I plan on getting a proper wash at the hairdressers when my staples are out probably Wed.

Staples out

I had the staples removed yesterday. The nurse was very impressed with Dr K's stitching, she commented how there were no gaps, no bleeding. Excellent job, the nurse went on to say she would advise i not wash my hair for at least another 7-10 days incase I get a secondary infection. Anyway after advising Dr K, he reminded me I must follow his instructions and I should wash my hair. I did as instructed lol, is stung a bit, I was extremely gentle. I tap dry (i'm too anxious) to do anything else. I probably didn't wash as much as I should have but i was too scared. Anyway, I am currently sporting two strand twists, the scabs at the front of my head are going some have hairs, I don't know if these are grafts are not, the scabs is camouflaging them. I am surprised at the amount of hairs I still have remaining on my head. I will be doing another full head wash at the end the week. I am continuing to wash the front everyday and I am not as gentle as I have been as Dr K reminded me i will need to ensure I wash the area to get rid of the scabs, that was very important.

Oh dear, i have a constant itching feeling around the area the staples were....oh boy, I have to stop myself from scratching instead gentle tapping of the area. Oh boy it's so bad

Question for Vet HT patients, when did you (if you did at all) experience shock loss?

Scar, what scar?

Hi all,

This is an updated picture of my scar, my husband really struggled to find it to take a pic, I think you might be able to make it out (it's the shiniest part of my scalp where the light hit it).

I am washing my scalp as advised and every 3-4 days washing my whole head. I am being gentle as I don't want the scar line to expand as I was told it might if I am too rough too soon.

NOTICE: Someone asked me about WHY NO FUE FOR AFRO ORIGINS, My answers was it might affect your results not a good idea go with FUY etc. Anyway, I was watching a video the other day where a dermatologist (afro american woman) advised that FUE IS possible with good results (she has done some, not a lot) but it is more difficult a procedure to get the follicles out without damaging and it takes more time (in other words, more expensive lol). So there you go people, IT CAN BE DONE SUCCESSFULLY. If you decide to go down this route, I would advise you research, research, research and find a very good surgeon that is extremely experienced with this procedure for afro hair. Don't just let any cowboy loose on your head, you don't want to regret it (THIS IS JUST MY OPINION)

Progress so far

It looks like I was not immune to the dreaded shock loss at recipient area, it doesn't look so bad however I did develop a good bruise at the front of my head, i had that post off and till today it is still there. What i observed in the last 15 days was a spots which resemble ingrowing hairs ( i do suffer from this pretty bad in other areas) You can see the biggest cluster around the bruise and there's another within the recipient area. The bruise on my forehead it probably the one that use to itch the most. The other within the transplanted area with did not. I was worried and I got in touch with Dr K, he did not think that it would affect the grafts. I have continued to wash the areas and it has gotten better (the itching). He said he would send me a photo of a cream to use, but I think he may have forgotten as he never sent the photo, but to the itching and the spots have all gone away except where the bruising is so I did not chase him on that.

I continue to wash my whole head less frequently (7-10) but i do wash the recipient area 2-3 times a week, probably more like twice a week now if i am totally honest.

My scalp still does not totally feel like it's mine yet, but the recipient area does and continues to soften up, which I think is good news. The top of my head still feels numb and no idea why. Probably going to give it a few more weeks before I start the inversion method, as I now massage my head with no issues or concerns about the scar line has being stretched or the worry of losing grafts.

Apologies about the photos, my phone is crap but hopefully upgrading soon so better quality pictures for you to view.
Take care

2 months post op

Hi all,

Not a lot to say I can see tiny baby hairs but they are thin, I have for the last 2 days not covered my edges, I think i have enough baby hairs for it to not matter.

At the end of the day it is about my confidence and how the lack of hair makes me feel. with the very very minimal growth I am really pleased.

From my point of view the sides are growing in quicker that the front you make up your own mind.

2 months and 3 weeks progress

4 months and 1 week post op

Hair update
It's now a waiting game


This is going to be very short. But the last few days I have been feeling a very soft baby hairs. Feels like a very expensive carpet on my scalp lol.

I am so happy, I need a few more week for you to be able to see them properly in photos.

Anyway, I wanted to share my joy whilst I have some time to do so.

Hope everyone is doing well. If you are considering this procedure, don't put it off. Whomever you go to, JUST DO IT. You won't regret it at all and a whole load of hair to gain. Til a few weeks and I'll post pictures then too.

5 months post op

I couldn't wait. And 17th makes me 5 months so what the heck.
How time has gone by. I am so happy with my results so far and it'll get better and better.
i hope you can see the difference, I find it difficult taking pictures with camera. Not sure if its because my hair is coloured.

Let me know what you guys think

More pics 5 months post op

If any of you are like me. The more photos the better. And preferably the same as pre op. I have taken more pics to hopefully compare easier. Styled my hair same as pre op too. I think these photos show the progress better too

6 months post op YAY

Hi Realselfers,

Hope you guys are all well. I'm here today to report my 6 months post op results. YESSS YES Y'all I made it to 6 months ans and I continue to be overwhelmed with my progress so far.

As you can see Hair Transplant works and its getting better as each month goes by. Also what I'm feeling now is I want more. I know its way too early but I'm getting greedy.

If you've been following my journey you know that i wanted my hairline a little lower than what it currently is and its the front that appears to be quiet thin. No bother considering how i started. Anyway. Here are some photos for you to check out.

I must add in the last 2 months Dr K has also been in touch checking up on my growth. This has been a very pleasant surprise. I informed him i will look at a round 2 and he told me 6-9 months to se hoe my growth goes. I've also advised him he needs to look at implementing a 'no shave' option cause there is no way I'm looking to shave my edges again. Hopefully he is working on updating his techniques.

BIG CHOP OR NOT......Whats wrong with me ://

Hi all,

So I've been flirting with the idea of a big chop for a little while now. The end of my hair is thinning quite a bit and even though I've been natural for several years, you wouldn't know it as mostly everyone things its straighten.

The natural thick texture that I once had has for whatever reason thinned out, not sure what i did for this to happen but it did. The ends are so stringy and my hair's overall dry. I'm hoping with this chop i can start again and hopefully get it right iwh retaining moisture and ultimately gaining length

Now I am at the point I am considering a second round for my HT and my besties have told me they would beat me down if i go through another surgery and have all stated NO to a big chop. I suppose I was the one strongly encouraging them to grow their hairs long and strong. hehehe. Now I want to jump ship.

My husband is all for it.

So you realselfers, please help me decide whether to do a BIG CHOP OR NOT. I've added a few photos of me before with my hair short and i obviously think i can work a short cut but I also know I'll miss the lustre of long locks. But with my new edges, I feel as if i have the confidence to start afresh especially as my new growth is about the length I want to cut it down to.


I've decided against the Big Chop afterall

Hi everyone and thank you for your kind messages on my previous post.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

I was so desperate yesterday to cut my hair (even considered cutting it myself). The anxiety of doing it was getting too much and i just wanted it done and dusted.

I went to my go to natural hair stylist. She said No, she had no time and couldn't do the cut i wanted anyway as she doesn't do barbering. So i planned to cut today regardless, i went to the barber he said No, he was too busy so i booked a time for later, I decided i was going to go platinum blonde so i then drove to the hair salon a different one from yesterday which would do a great job. She told me No, for what i wanted she advised i go to another stylist as she is the expert on colouring hair especially platinum colours. I was getting a little anxious at this time.

I go to this new place, waited an hour to see the stylist. She complimented me on my hair and then she told me outright "I won't colour your hair" ok was my response. Why? She explains I've not been using the right products for my hair and i was apparently using way too much protein. She went on to say, "Firstly you need a reconstructive treatment, your pores are blocked and i wont colour it until you hair is in good condition to absorb the colour. Your hair has a lot of potential to soften (i complained of dryness), grow longer and stronger from root to tip without the big chop. I think we should start with that and if you still decide to cut later, we can cut it. But if i was in your situation right now I wouldn't cut it off. I can help you get your hair softer and stronger with the right care and attention".

I was surprised. As I felt all hairdressers love to cut lol. But she gave me Hope. Hope that i can improve the condition without cutting it all off and to be honest I am happy (i do like my hair) to have been told No over the last 2 days.

I feel really excited about this new journey of potentially softer, longer and stronger hair and not forgetting. Using the correct products in my hair to promote healthy hair. I'm booked in for athe reconstructive treatment, vegetable colour to add shine and aid softening the coloured part of my hair and a trim on Wednesday. Photos will follow.


Side note: I'm going to listen to you Onyx and wait 18mths to 2yrs before I review a round 2. So far i am a happy gurl.

Update 9 and a half months

Here you go people. Here is my progression. Patience is truly the key.

Hair treament, trim and steam pod

From all my hair woes it appears I've only really lost about 3ins of length.
Did another treament, a trim, a steam pod straightener for length check.

As soon as this style fizzles I'm going back to my staple of crochet braids.

My hair journey

Before I got pregnant in 2014, I went on a journey to grow my hair from shoulder length to mid back length. Because I wanted my girlfriends to know even though our hair is kinky we too can grow and healthy hair.
I guess I got lucky as I got pregnant and hormones helped with growth. But i lost my way after the birth of my child and as you can see i also lost my length.
But I take photos of everything to help motivate my lazy ass. I am hoping now I have an idea of how to look after my hair I can again grow it longer, stronger, softer and healthier than I ever imagined. How I did it before was through crochet braids, they are not too tight and they give my hair a rest.
I am also hoping with rest my edges will also flourish. Watch this space, I will update periodically, how I'm getting along..

1 year update

Hi everyone, so I finally made it to 1yr post op wooohoooo. I am extremely happy with my results. I have hair where I never thought it was possible. I also found some old photos of my edges. I have definitely come a long way.

With that being said, I'm going for a round 2, the front just needs a little thickening up. Who wants a surgery buddy?


So Round 2 is on, as my hubby is already travelling I want a buddy if possible.

After checking out another company and doing some more research and reaching out to Dr Karadeniz and talking to my darling husband.

I go again in FEBRUARY 2017.

So the week I can go is between the 12th til the 17th February. Ideally I need to be back in UK for the weekend.

So now, I am seriously looking for a buddy as I don't want to be on my lonesome. If anyone is interested but putting it off, come with me. Lets do this together and support each other. Lets have the shave together lol.

For obvious reasons, only serious people need make contact as I dont want to be messed around.

I want to go get my hair upgraded and return. If I don't find anyone I'll still be documenting my progress and how things have changed since last year.

Peace and Love

Round 2 here I come

Sooo, as I prepare for my 2nd journey to Turkey.

I start with #thecutlife on 17th Jan and I love it. Was scared I'd look like a boy but I actually look cute so #winning

Yes I can't believe I'm starting afresh. And my barber was not gentle. I took a video incase anyone is interested.

Quite liberating, cutting away the fear of what people class at beauty. A head full of long lusious hair.

Once I arrive and I plan on taking videos too. If there is anything you want to see let me know in the comments and I'll try to get it for you.

If you're in Istanbul during this period holla at me.

Stay blessed everyone.

Round 2 update and new tricks for newbies

Check out my round 2 review and the new tricks I have come up with to camouflage those edges whilst we wait for growth.
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Dr Karadeniz is highly professional, attentive and he fors make you feel as if you are a valued individual. I as you have read had a great experience with him. My edges grew, I suffered no damage to my scalp. He still responds to my questions quickly even after a year. Very good aftercare in my experience. If you can't tell, I highly recommend him. I am now travelling again to Turkey for Round 2. He is worth the hype for the personalised experience he provides.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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