6 weeks PO!

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Decided to do a full tuck with muscle repair and...

Decided to do a full tuck with muscle repair and hernia repair.

After two c-sections, CrossFit and paleo could not eliminate the tummy flab. Size 2 and still wore a one piece suit to hide the flab. Went in for a consult on December 1 and scheduled the procedure ASAP for Dec 17. I'm 8 days post op and doing great.

CrossFit has made my recovery pretty easy. Was home by noon and only in bed for two days. Started light activity on day 3 and managed pain with Vicodin for a week. On regular Tylenol now.

Tomorrow, Dec 26, I get my drain removed and will finally look at the work. I haven't wanted to see it until now.

So far so good. : )

Today I got my drain out. I'm almost three weeks...

Today I got my drain out. I'm almost three weeks post op. it stopped draining a week ago. I was so nervous getting the drain out. But it happened so fast and did not hurt. I feel so much better now that it is gone. Plus I can finally shower.

Overall being active during the day has helped speed up recovery. I've been grocery shopping, cleaning and doing what I generally do before I had the TT.

My next post op appt is in three weeks. I bought some silicone scar gel today. I'll start to use in another week I think.

I actually had to wait three more days to get the...

I actually had to wait three more days to get the drain out. So that was frustrating.

I had a good day today now that the drain is gone....

I had a good day today now that the drain is gone. It did not hurt at all to get it removed. In fact I had no idea that the doctor removed it until it was done. He just wheeled over to grab something (turned out to be scissors), wheeled back and leaned it and whoop, it was out. He kept talking the whole time.

I still have not showered yet even though I am permitted to shower. There's nothing on my scar other than paper tape that I am supposed to replace weekly. I had been taking a bath on all fours as not to get my incision wet. Think doggie style. Horrid actually, but did the job to get my hair and butt wet. LOL! I shaved all parts standing up in the tub. Easier than messing with the shower or sink. I kept my garment and binder on. Now that I can shower, I have to take all of this stuff off. I might as well take a picture too at some point to post. : )

I'm heading to work in the morning for a few hours. I have a meeting I cannot cancel. Then I will be home and home on New Year's Day as well.

I know I need to post pics. I'll try tomorrow....

I know I need to post pics. I'll try tomorrow.

I was cleared to shower on Sunday but was not looking forward to removing my binder and CG. Yes I've been told to wear both. In the shower it felt awkward to stand straight but there was no pain otherwise. I have tape now over the incision that I need to replace weekly.

It's been a pretty uneventful recovery. Day one and two post op were hard but all I did was sleep and wake to eat healthy snacks.

I do recall the horrible dry mouth from the anesthesia. My nurse friend told me to suck on ice chips for a few hours. That really helped.

Be sure to have crackers and almonds on hand. They both helped me with having food in my stomach when I took the Vicodin every four hours.

Two pics on December 30. Was very swollen. I had...

Two pics on December 30. Was very swollen. I had moved around alot this day. Notice the red spots? Those are ugly blood vessel freckles. I'm going to inquire about laser removal or something. You can also really see my stretch marks all over. I had them way up high above my belly button.

Today toward the end of week three I notice that...

Today toward the end of week three I notice that where my drain was located still stung and was getting a little pus around the tape. So after showering I had my friend who is a nurse check it out. My PS is 40 miles away. Not driving over for this (yet). My friend removes the tapes and rinses the area with saline. She looks and notices a stitch!!! After clipping it out I felt so much better. It was like I was a princess and the pea. Nuts. So now I'm hoping that the area heals with zero infection now. I did notice that this evening I haven't needed pain meds to wind down. I have been taking one Vicodin nightly. I'm letting my script run out. Don't have that many pills left.

As for pictures, I never took any befores. The PS did. I will ask for them. My tummy wasn't bad. Just wrinkly with a pouch of loose skin. I'm 5'4" and 130 lbs. I have a few after pics. Guess I should post. The tummy looks good but will remain riddled with stretch marks.

Few things going on. One I have a cold. I'm fine...

Few things going on. One I have a cold. I'm fine with sneezing and coughing now. Yes it hurts but it feels I'm working my abs and getting them stronger with every sneeze.

Two went to work all day with no pain meds. Yay. Though now after cooking dinner and dealing with the kids, took a Vicodin. Bad habit but not renewing my script.

Three my incision where the drain and stitch was feels better. It's healing okay. Still have steritape that I put on. See new pics. What's different is that my drain was along the incision line and not in the public area. Only had one drain. Drained total 100cc in two weeks.

Four the panty pic is the pair I brought in for the PS to mark me in. You can't see incision. I can see some swell. Interesting.

Fifth bikinis are out at Target already. Omg.

Finally showered fully without any tape over my...

Finally showered fully without any tape over my incision. Felt good. Also stood up straight in shower. I'm 20 days PO now. I did notice an odor and wasn't sure what it was before showering. Then I started cleaning the BB and the icky scab fell out. Yep that was the source of the smell. It fell on the floor so I had to find it to toss it. Last thing I needed was my cat batting around scar tissue. The BB looks good now.

I retaped my incision with paper tape. No scabbing at all with the paper tape.

I'm still wearing my CG and binder over it. My CG goes around my crotch with hook and loop enclosure and up to my boobs. It does not cover my boobs but it does go around my back and over my shoulders. So I put a bra on over it in the daytime. Works fine. Feels tight but it does keep me in and seems to avoid bad swelling.

I'm guessing I had major MR. Need to ask PS as I get really tight sensation pulling above BB most evenings after I've been running around all day.

Tomorrow starts a full 5 day work week. : (

Made it a full day at work! Even walked to lunch...

Made it a full day at work! Even walked to lunch with a friend. Totally forgot to dose on Tylenol today. All in all for exactly 3 weeks, doing well.

But it made me tired. I wanted a bath.

So I filled the tub with a little water and sat in it for about 5 minutes, did a quick wash with anti bac soap and jumped out. Better than nothing. I think after 30 days I can take real baths.

Worked a full week this week. Zero pain meds from...

Worked a full week this week. Zero pain meds from morning to night. I take two Tylenols before bed time to help with soreness. I've got full range of movement. I can even do air squats. Lol. I'm itching to get back to gym but need to wait. I know my MR is still healing. I might lift weights next week just to ease into it.

My next PO appt is January 23.

Scar looks good. I wear my CG with the binder over it all the time. I've also lost a few pounds. My clothes are loose even over the CG and binder combo. I've been eating paleo still. Went from 130 to 127.

I'm participating in the Disneyland Tinkerbell half marathon on January 20. I'll most likely walk it.

I had my one month PO appt last week, a week late....

I had my one month PO appt last week, a week late. PS says all looks great. I can go CG and binder free now. I'm done with CG but use binder. I'm also cleared for all exercise with the caveat if it hurts to stop.

I'm working full time and otherwise not limited in anything I do. I still get some muscle spasms but I think that just helps with the healing. I will post pics soon.
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