33 Yr Old. 128 Pounds 5'2". 2 C-sections, Hernia and Muscle Repair - Irvine, CA

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Sooo i have had 5 BA since 12 years ago. 2 were...

sooo i have had 5 BA since 12 years ago. 2 were for comestic 3 were revisions with 2 different doctors.. its a long conplicated story lol. i went in a couple weeks ago for my pre op appt to fix my problem boob (right side.) will do a lollipop lift to try and match the other boobie, may or may not touch the other boob. just depends how close we can get them to match.... my first set of implants were 400cc (2003) saline. now i have 625cc silicone (2015).
with my tummy i have an umbilical cord hernia,
diastasis recti, and c section scar tissue. i wasnt planning to do the tummy tuck but since i was going under the knief my husband said for me and go ahead and fix it. he has always been so supportive through all my surgeries..never once told me no. but with this tummy tuck my mom and my husband said i need to get me fix in the inside is what is important. i like my stomach, im proud of my stomach but its not the outside thats the problem, its the inside. so here we are. im terrified, scared. i dont about scars, and my husband doesnt either. i have a 4 year old son who understands when mommy has surgery.But ibjave a 6 yr old non verbal daughter. its hard on her to understand mommy will be hurt.

TT done, and Im drainless! woo hoo

everythibg went very well yesterday i thought. i checked to the Surgical Center at 830. its a 2 hour drive from my house. i slept maybe 2 hours the night before lol. the center knows me very well since this has been my 4 th surgery with them lol read of other review to understand that haha. Surgical Center staff is always super nice and sweet. always make me feel good before surgery. i always tell nursese who poke me i have bad veins so be prepared. sure enough it was hard to find s vein to use and she missed. so i started to cry because i hate getting IV s for that reason. so another nurse came to hold my hand and the anesthesiologist who was talking to me over my history took over and found my vein. i wasnt mad at the nurse who missed my vein, happens all the time to me.
so with my boobies. the plan was to lift the one boob and possibley release the other one if he couldnt match them by just lifting the one. i was hoping he just to work on the one boob because i have zero breast tissue so rippling is a problem and the good boob is fine and perfect. if we released it a lil it could cause rippling. my low problem boob has mesh in it so with all the surgeries it has gone through the skin was thinned out so it needed a boost.... luckily he only had to lift the problem child boob and leave the other one alone. from what i see it looks great! oh and he fixed the nipple to make it smaller.
my TT hurts. wow!!! thank goodness i have paid extra for the pain medicine solution they inject to help with pain from the muscle repair. and great thing is im DRAINLESS!! no drians yay! dr. smith told me before depends during surgery if i ll need drains or not. guess i didnt! im glad because when i had a drain last time it gave me panic attacks.
i see my dr in a couple hours at 11. my mom and i stayed diwn at a hotel last night since my dr is 2 hours away from my house. my husband had to work yesterday and took today off so cant wait to see him. he said he was proud of me for doing this and thinkong of myself because i work so hard for him and our kids :) i cant wait to go home into my recliner. being in bed sucks. my butt hurts so bad! didnt sleep much at all last night. one being uncomfortable. 2. our neighbor at our hotel had a stupid dog that barked non stop til 1 am. ridiculous... i ll post some of my before pics. havent took any pics since i have this binder/corset on. thank goodness for it. feels great and holds me together!

day 5 drainless TT and anchor lift

oh its been a fun 5 days... not. man the muscle repair it what hurts me so much. i have no pain in my incisions or boob really. My PS did a full anchor lift on the one boob. i think it is looking great.
the next day after surgery i went and had my check up and i took a pain pill and xanax before i went because i was afraid i would have a fainting spell.... well it happend anyways lol. i got dizzy, nausea, pale, and hard to breath. i couldnt look at anything. my mom and dr said it looked good but i just couldnt look. so wrapped me up and i went home to my recliner.... thank god for my recliner... im so comfy anf relaxed in it. it was really hard peeing for the first few days, then i started my period the day after surgery, joy! more bloating that i didnt need lol. i could poop til friday night and havent gone since again. i drank tea that made me go. best thing to get to help you go when constipated.
so today my husband gave me my first shower. i couldnt wait. i did great in the shower. he washed my hair and body and shaved my armpits. thabk goodness. then once i got out of the shower i watched him dry my belly button and it was oozy and juicey and i got light headed and began my dizzy spell. they are no fun. i cant talk, i jave no control over my bodys emotionals. i want to throw up and pass out at the same time. its a horrible feeling. my husband got a wet towel and starting to fan me. that help me start to snap out of it. i hate those episodes. i guess its called vaso-vagal.
im still taking my Percocet ever 5 to 6 hours. it helps alot. overall im happy with everything. now just got to keep the positive vibes from the healing gods to keep me healing in the right direction! ;)

yay! showered by my self! and i slept in my bed!

i finally showered by my self yesterday and slept in my bed last night. showering without feeling like im going to pass out or faint is great. just weak and shaky from being sitting down all the time. each day i do more and more.
this week i had my kids xmas programs. it was so sweet. both of them did so well it warmed my heart. i was huntch over when i was walking so had alot of people ask me what was wrong and i jusy said inhad hernia surgery lol.
i have been weaning of my pain meds. i have had many surgeries in my life and if i stop taking me cold turkey my body reacts badly. i only take 1/2 a pill once or twice day.
sleeping on the bed last night felt great but i constantly tossed and turned because my hips hurt. my body wants to do a big stretch and i have to fight staying curled on my side.
each day it gets better and betted. i just want to be myself again and do what i do everyday. i had my parents for 2 weeks helping me with my kids but i run my house a certain way and my moms adivise and opinions about everything started to drive me nutts lol. BUT she is the best mother ever and my dad is the best Papa anyone could ever want for their kids ?

Pissed off belly button

well i see my dr. today for a check up. im concerned with my bellybutton because i see everyone else is healed by 2 or 3 weeks. im at 3 weeks and seems like im not even close. it does get better each day but still a lil worried. we shall see what the dr says today. i clean it with peroxide everyday and put Neosporin on it and cover it already.

all is good!

saw my dr. everything looks good even my belly button. he wasnt worried about it at all. with my hernia its just taking longer to heal. got to see what my muscle separation before he sewed it together. pretty amazing what they do.

side by side 23 post op

very pleased with the results so far. just hoping i continue to heal in the right direction. my boob doesnt hurt me and i even forget it was even worked on. my glue is coming off and i am.seeing my scar. im really surprised how thin my scar is. im not to to rush and peel off the glue i ll let it fall off by itself.
the spanx i was given at the dr office on monday was so hard to put on because i have a bubble butt lol it took 2 people to put it on. So i went to ross yesterday and found a shaper that was only 6.99 same design as the spanx but different material. 10x better! so girls get to ross if you have one. lol.

4 weeks post. its my Bday. 33 yrs old :)

Each week gets better and better. my binder isnstill my best friend during the day when walking but horrible when i sleep so i wear a shaper at night. Sleep is getting better, i still havent slept more than 2 hours at a time. im liking my results very much with everything. my boobs will never be looking like each other but they are close enough for me.
my belly button is still a lil worry some but i think its getting better day but day. i have some pickering below my belly button but it doesnt bother me so much plus my dr said after everything is healed and if i want to fix it he can and i wont need to be put under for that. we shall see. my way of thinking is if its not broken dont fix it lol. my scar is super thin and low. im just crossing fingers it continues to heal in that direction.

4 month update

feeling good and all back to normal. im really pleased with everything. my belly button looks better than i thought it would simce it almost try to die on me. i dont get bloated much any more so thats a good thing! i wore my first crop topthis past weekend. felt really good. i know my scar is going to get better with time. as all.pf the other scars have done before. my boobies are much better not perfect but much better. my nipple stretched out again. it is such a stubburn ass lol. i dont get it. oh well its just a nipple to me.
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i have been using dr. smith since 2011. he has always taken good care of me and i have always trusted him.

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