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I used to be a full A, but last few years have...

I used to be a full A, but last few years have barely filled a 32a. Very petite and no weight change has made my breasts any bigger. I'm now looking for a wedding dress, and it's been a very sad look in each dress since I am very flat. So I took the plunge to get new boobies in time for wedding day!! After getting a few consultations and picking a surgeon, I started looking around for wish boob pics. I wanted something natural just to fill up clothes. Came across this site and have been looking non-stop! The reviews and pics have been so useful. I've been very nervous about the whole process and concerned about the size looking too fake. This website has given me a better idea and has made me feel a bit more at ease. I am now four days away from procedure date and wanted to share this experience for those who are in my position. I'm still nervous, but getting more excited as the surgery date is getting closer. Eeek!!

This is my stats:
Height: 5' flat
Weight: ranges between 92-95. I think I'm about 93 lbs now
Current bra size: barely 32a

My surgeon recommends the 300 cc allergan mod + profile (I believe it's known as midrange profile as well) to achieve the natural look.

Here are some before pics.

Day of!

Up bright and early. Just finished getting ready and will head out to surgery soon. Feeling a bit scared at this point since I never had surgery before. But here I go...

Doesn't look as big as I thought

After the surgery, the doctor informed my fiancé that he went down to 280 cc instead of the original 300 cc because my skin was getting too stretched out. I was ok with him going down a bit in size before because I thought it would be too big. However, now that they are in, it doesn't look as big as I thought it would be. I showed my doctor some wish boob pictures before, but these seem smaller. Also, when I'm looking down, the right side is obviously larger looking than the left side. I'm not in that much pain so I'm not sure if they look uneven because they are swollen. I'm hoping that's the case. I knew they were not the same size before surgery, but hopefully this doesn't accentuate the size difference.

Pic didn't post so here it is

Wish boobs given to surgeon

1st day post op

First time seeing them without bra on and they look quite big

This is probably tmi

This is probably tmi but I have been constipated since the surgery. I was told that this would happen, but it's been uncomfortable not being able to go. Yesterday, I took some laxatives to help. It has helped too much today, which made me tired.

As for pain wise, I stopped taking the pain killers. Today, I took regular Tylenol. I still feel tightness in chest area and some pain every now and then. I may take one to go to sleep just in case I end up moving around too much. Tomorrow, I'm going back to work so hopefully Tylenol will be sufficient!

When will all the tightness/pain be completely gone? I can't wait to feel better again instead of being tired all the time while on meds.

First day back at work

Drove myself to work today. It was a bit difficult with the turns, but made it safe and sound.

I also went through the day with mainly Tylenol. Although, by the end of the day, I felt more soreness and had to take a prescribed pain med.

Today, I also noticed slight bruising on my right breast. Not very noticeable, but it's there.
I also tried on two genie front zip bra I got from walmart. I purchased a medium and thought they would fit since I'm usually small or extra small everything, but turns out I could barely breathe in this medium size. It looks like this bra brand runs small too. Looks like I will have to exchange for the large size. When can I start wearing sports bra from the store versus the one from the doc?

Going through old bras and bathing suits collection to donate

Trying out sports bra and having to pick size large

Trying out sports bra and having to pick size large. I'm used to always picking the smallest size. Not this time around.

1 Week Post Op Appointment

Had my one week post op appointment today. Everything looks good. The sterile strips are taken off and the doctor cut the extra stitchings off. I bought silicone gel to apply over the incisions as well to reduce the scarring. Will be using this and vitamin e oil. Hopefully, everything will heal well.

I also noticed my left side has more pain than right side. There is a spot that is more sensitive than other spots. Asked the doctor about it today and was assured it will all be ok. He also mentioned that it may take about three to four months for the breasts to drop and look more more and fuller. Hopefully, they will look grat by the time the wedding comes around.

I've been pretty uncomfortable with the surgical bras since they seem so tight. Got the ok to wear sports bra with the front closure. So I will probably be switching back and forth between the two for another month or so.

1 week

Two weeks

After two weeks, I have almost normal movement of my arms in all directions. No longer sleeping on a foam wedge, just two to three pillows stacked. I can sleep on the side a bit without pain. Waking up in the morning has been a lot easier this week since I'm feeling less pressure in the chest area.

Both sides are feeling softer and skin is not as shiny. I've been using vitamin e oil consistently three times a day (on all surface area except incision) and silicone gel two times a day (on incision). Right side is starting to drop a bit and looking fuller and bigger. Left side is still a bit high and not as round. I can still feel the tiny dent from day one. It's not noticeable in pictures, but I can see and feel it.

I'm a bit of a worry wart, so I'm still concerned about them looking uneven and too far apart. I know I still have a ways to go for both to drop and even out, but can't help being concerned. Hope the left side catches up soon!

4 weeks

At four weeks, the left side is still sitting higher and looking narrower than the right. Size difference is still noticeable in snug clothing. :/ But they are getting softer. The pain is mostly gone, just aching sometimes. Nipples are very sensitive though.

I also think I have mondor's cord. I have a big ol' vein sticking out below the left boob right in the middle. It seems to have gotten bigger. I'm having a hard time lifting my left arm too high or propping myself up from laying down position because I feel some pain from this. The part right above my rib cage also felt like it was bruised a week ago (but no dark bruising spot visible to the naked eye). That bruising pain now gone. But I have to remember to ask my doctor about this vein that keeps getting bigger.

Ripple ripple

I had my follow up two days ago. I felt some bumps on my left and confirmed with the doctor that it is rippling due to the little tissue I have on that side. Bummer. A bit disappointed with the rippling even with my silicone under the muscle, but doesn't look like I can do much now except wait it out and hopefully it doesn't get worse.

I also have another dilemma with bra sizing. I have to attend my friend's wedding soon and will need a bra since I'm in the bridal party. I've gone to VS a few times to look at bras but they don't fit quite right. I waited until now for my breasts to soften up and feel almost normal again to retry on bras. Some people mentioned nordstrom rack having a lot of great sizes so I went there. When I try on 32c bra, my left breast fits just fine because it's smaller (thinner and perkier) but the right one is a bit too wide and round for it, and nipple is almost popping out. When I try on a 32d bra, then it's too big in general. Now, I'm not sure which size to get but I need a bra in the next two weeks! Should I go with the larger bra for now?? I'm hoping the size difference in my breasts won't show up in the dress, since it's more noticeable in a bra or right clothes.


At four weeks, I thought my breasts were at decent size even though they were slightly smaller after swelling. Now that I am more than two months out, I'm somewhat sad about the results. Don't get me wrong, I still love having breasts now compared to before, but they are smaller than I expected and hoped for. They have dropped, but did not fluff so did not get bigger at all. All the sport bras I originally bought postop are a bit loose now. I can fit my old sport bras again. :/ In order to get the cleavage I want, I will probably have to wear a push-up bra as I did before. Prior to the surgery, I was really excited and looked forward to going bra-less, but I don't think that will happen now. I even asked my fiancé to make sure that they are not looking smaller because I'm getting used to them. He confirmed that they have shrunk, but does look natural. At this point, I wish I had gone a little bit bigger and with HP. I guess I will just have to deal with the size for now since there isn't much of an alternative option.

I also noticed that my right breast moves around a bit more than the left. And when laying down, it moves out further to the side. I'm a bit concerned about this and have contacted my doctor's office. Waiting for an answer. Hoping it's nothing serious.
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