34 Y/o 10 Y/o Mentor Silicone Gel Implants Removed

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Started out 3 small B. Wanted small Implants and...

Started out 3 small B. Wanted small Implants and ended up with 400 cc way to big for my body. After 10 years of a love hate/relationship I finally had them Removed today. I had CC in my left breast for over 5 years, some days I had shooting/burning pains other days it was fine. The muscle was squeezing the Implant up high and misshaping the breast. Dr Andrew smith and the entire surgical Team were so awesome! At this stage of my life I'm not worried about how they will look, I'm more concerned with just having them out. I already feel free. Pain is tolerable on the pain meds but I definitely recommend taking them. I'm not a medication person and don't usually take them. But today I am thankful for them and using them! I will Post pics down the road!

Post OP appointment

Today I had my post op appt with dr smith. Everything went well. The only thing that was a bummer is when the nurse unwrapped my ace bandage I got really nauseated and faint. I guess that happens to about 50% of patients. It lasted about 5-10 minutes. The nurse was so awesome she took really good care of me and made me feel safe. No pics yet but I plan on taking some post op
Pics tomorrow.

Feeling free

Today is day 6 post op & I'm feeling way better than I anticipated at this early stage in recovery. I have almost no pain, some light discomfort and occasional ache or shooting pain but on a level of 1-10 it's like a 2 max. Nothing tyneol can't help. The hardest part of all this is sleeping at a 45 degree angel. So my hubs ordered me the wedge pillow from Amazon prime and it's amazing! Back saving! Super excited for my nap today! As far as esthetics I'm very pleased with how my girls look. Although they ad every small (as they were prior to my implants) they are more symmetrical now then before and the skin seems to be healing nicely. Here is a photo from today. The lines on the breast are actually from the bra and ace bandage being wrapped to compress them. When I took the bra off to wash it the lines went away.

Super tired

I felt pretty good this morning on day 7. So of course I over did it. I have two boys one 5 & one 2, and the hubs went back to work today. I was on my feet too long picking things up etc. nothing heavy but still. Anyways my best friend came to stay for two days thank God because now I'm able to lay in bed and rest! Whhheeewwww. I had a rupture and capsulectomy I think because my capsules were larger than average he couldn't remove all of the scar tissue near my arm pit due to nerves and such under the arm
Pit. Anyways I think all the work he had to do has me extra sore. I'm not in pain just uncomftoable. I hope to heal nicely over the next few days! The nurse told me at my two day post op to "be patient and give my body time to heal" ugh I suck at being patient but that's super good advice :)

Post op day 8

I can't believe it's already been 8 days! Today I woke to no pain! Some discomfort where my drains are but nothing painful. I decided I should go have my hair washed, trimmed & blown out! It felt wonderful to treat myself to that after this long week. My best friend drove me since I still can't drive. I did a little too much moving around today I think because now I'm feeling sore. So I'm off to nap & take some Tylenol. All of this is totally worth it!! I'm so relieved this process is almost over! Tomorrow hopefully the drains come out! I'll do another pic update this week once the drains are out.

Drains are OUT!

Day 9 post op and the drains were removed today! It wasn't that bad, people hype it up and say it's really weird feeling which it is but it's not too bad. Doesn't hurt at all just feels kinda funky. I was amazing at how once they are out the area doesn't hurt and the skin just closes up and that's that. Pretty cool! Now I can shower ! Yay! Dr Smith also removed the tape from over my incisions today! Those look pretty good too. Not too shabby. I'll post some pics below.


I wanted a pic of the implants after they were removed just so I could see what was inside my body. Mentor silicone gel 400cc's left had a rupture. Looks disgusting and scary. The thought that it was leaking inside of my capsule makes me sick. So thankful they are OUT! Praise God!

New suit!

I rarely splurge for myself but after all this I think it's time! It's Kiini time!!

Feeling so good!

Today is post op day 12. My body is healing so nicely, each day is drastically better than the day prior. There's a tiny bit of soreness if I'm on my feet to long. I took my son to a skate boarding event and had to go sit in the car after being in the sun and walking around for 2 hours. But after some rest I feel great again. I couldn't be happier! It feels so good to get dressed and feel great in my natural body!
I will take some more pics soon!


When I'm cold the bottom of my breast under the nipple pulls in. I'm pretty sure this will fill out more down the road... Either way I'm ok with it!

16 days post op

16 days and I'm feeling good. Still not myself, I'm not sleeping all that well so I'm really tired during the days. My two little boys are early risers are very active, (5 & 2) I can barely keep up with them all day. I am basically in bed by 7pm every night. Which is an improvement from last week and I was going to bed by 5pm! Progress for sure. Here's some updated pics

More pics

Today I feel like the shape is really starting to take form.. Day 17 post op

Feels good to be me

Tomorrow is week 4. I feel really great. Some shooting pains here or there but nothing too crazy. I'm regaining my strength back slowly. I went for bra fitting yesterday and that was the best decision I could have made. I highly recommend going. All women. With or without implants. I learned so much about how bras are supposed to fit. I also learned most of us wear the wrong size and have a misconception of sizes. I actually ended up with a 32 C cup. Crazy! Anyhow it depends what county the bra was made and how it was made how wide the wire is etc. I thought I would be a 32 -A but not so much! The size doesn't really matter I was just intrigued I guess. I'll take some pics of my new bra later and post! Here's some pics of me in just a sports bra. Compressing a little bit just happy to be me.

Bra shopping

Wow! Bra shopping is fun again!!! I am so thankful for the bra fitting I had. They taught me how to shop for a bra that actually fits me! And isn't jeopardizing my Breast tissue! Here are some pics of great bra options!


Here are some recent pics. All swelling is down and this is what I'm left with. Also the sinching around the nipple seems to be going away.

Best decision ever!

Loving my new body! All me!


It's been a year & some change since my explantation surgery. I won't lie the first year has been challenging. But I am thankful God led me in this direction. It was by far the best decision for me. I have a wonderful naturopath who has been helping me detox which I def needed. It's been a journey filled with work but also with rewards. Here's an update on the visual part of my recovery.
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Dr smith is very kind and gentle. He has a calmness & confidence about him that makes you feel safe and confident in your procedure. Top notch Doctor, staff and office!

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