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I've always had a small chest. Was never too self...

I've always had a small chest. Was never too self conscious about it, but there's definitely been times when I wished I was bit fuller. I'm an active person, who likes to exercise. Needless to say, that made my body look a bit boyish, especially when dropping bodyfat.
I had the fortune to get asked by my friend, who works for Mentor if I'd like to be a demo patient for one of her Dr clients. My friend knew that I've been thinking of getting a BA and always said she would help me with Dr referral etc. Anyway, fast forward , I went in for a consultation with Dr Smith & he thought that I was a perfect candidate for the procedure he had in mind.
My goal was to look fuller, natural, around a full B-cup.
Dr Smith and his staff made me feel at ease. Plus I already knew he had a great reputation in the medical community from my friend.
My surgery was scheduled for May 13. The OR is in the same building as his medical office, which is convenient. OR nurses & anesthesiologist were all very nice and nurturing. I felt like I was in great hands. Dr Smith came and did the drawings on me, and I don't remember much from there on. Until I woke up with my new fuller breasts.
I had no nausea from the anesthesia and was sent home shortly.
Dr smith did a sub fascial breast augmentation with Mentor teardrop shaped silicone implants, 235 cc on each side. My main goal was to look fuller, natural, but not too big, or fake looking.
I am now a week into my recovery. The first few days were a bit rough. Had swelling and burning pain. 1 week has definitely been the turning point. I feel almost back to normal. So far I'm really liking the results. I feel like the size is right for my body frame. Yes they're still tight and firm, but I know they will soften and drop with time.
I will update as time goes by.
As for Dr Smith and his staff, I can't say enough good things. Everybody are professional & friendly. Office is nice, clean and conveniently located in Irvine off the 405. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone who's looking for a great PS

16 days post op

Went back to work on day 13. Considering I'm working as a hairstylist ( arms up in the air all day long ) I actually felt pretty good. More than anything it left me exhausted, but feeling no pain.
The left side has dropped more than my right and feels softer to the touch. They're both feel pretty firm. Telling myself to have patience. Can't wait for them to " move with me".

21 days post op

Doing well. My left side still sits a bit lower and is softer to the touch. Still wearing a sports bra 24/7. Am able to sleep on my side now. Incisions are healing well, but feel a bit tender from time to time.

4 week post op

So I had my 4 week post op today. Everything is looking great according to Dr. I'm happy too, feel like they've started to settle in nicely, I can jiggle them a little now. So much better than in the beginning when they just sat there on my chest like a foreign object. It's great to feel like they're becoming mine and part of me. Incisions are healing well. I purchased Silagen scar treatment at the Dr's office today too. I'm so excited to receive the clear for lower body workouts too. I've definitely packed on a few pounds during my rest. 2 more weeks of wearing sports bra 24/7 before I can let them loose.

1 month post op

Today is 1 month post op. My boobs are getting softer by each day. There's still a slight asymmetry ( that's more apparent in pictures than in person) but it doesn't bother me that much. Scars are healing well, the right side looks a little more angry than the left side. The tiny little knots I felt along incisions are disappearing as well. Applying my scar treatment gel 3 times/ day. Feeling good. Did a light leg workout today, which felt great. I definitely have packed on a few pounds, but that's to be expected since I normally work out 6 / week, to complete rest for a month. Time to get my ass in gear. Have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks & I want to shed some before then. Overall I feel great and am very happy with my results.

7 weeks post op

I reached the 7 week mark today. They're still changing. The skin sensitivity is gone completely now, which is nice. I still feel like I'm getting used to them. Having a bit of a challenge with how to dress. It probably sounds weird. Prior to surgery I wore a lot of flowy bohemian like tops that hung nicely to my body, in a waif like sort of way. Now, post surgery, those same tops tent out from my chest, and I feel like I look chunky. I'm trying to come to terms with it, telling myself to give them more time to settle. I have days where I feel like they're too big, others when I'm fine. My body as a whole has a more womanly appearance now. Which is good, but sometimes miss my boyish thin looking body as well. I'm probably overthinking it. I know that I've put on a few pounds during the recovery and it shows easily at my stature. Time to shed them. I definitely look better in a swim suit now. Had to go with a M on top.
My left side has dropped more and have a rounder smaller feel. I do favor that side and hoping for my right to catch up. That's it for now.

12 weeks post op

I went in for my 12 week check up with Dr Smith today. Everything is looking great according to Dr. My breasts have gotten a lot softer over the last couple of weeks & my incisions are fading nicely. I still have days where I struggle with what to wear. In the past I mostly wore loose fitting flowy tops, and they don't really look that flattering on me anymore. Tight fitted tops aren't really my style either, so I'm trying to find a happy medium. Will definitely say that I look better in a bikini now. Have enjoyed some sunny days at the beach, but have made sure to put SPF 100 on my incisions. I started working out again after week 8, gently in the beginning. Would say that I'm almost back to normal workout routine pre surgery. I do stay away from doing push ups for now though, because I don't want risk overdoing it & have my recovery regressing. I also went in for a massage last week, it felt like heaven. I didn't feel uncomfortable laying on my stomach while having pressure put on my back. That's a good thing, because working as a hairstylist, regular massages is a must for overall health.
In all I'd say I'm happy with my results. I do have days where I struggle with body image and how I see myself, but I think that's common when you change your body from one day to the next.

4 months post op

4 months have gone by. I'm so happy with my results. They continue to soften and I feel that my results looks pretty natural. They still get a little stiff feeling in the morning sometimes. I've also noticed that they can feels bit swollen after workouts, but nothing major. Incisions are still fading. My skin tend to scar pretty easily. I'm not too concerned as I know they'll fade with time.

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1 year post op

I've reached my 1 year anniversary. Time went by so fast !!! Quick recap, I started out as a 34 A & my goal was to be a bit fuller, still natural looking. I had Mentor 235cc's teardrop shaped cohesive silicone moderate plus implants, subfascial placement. I feel like my goal was achieved. They are perfect size, and with time they've gotten a lot softer & squishy. A friend of mine felt them and she said they feel like natural boobs ????. I'm very happy with my results. And to anyone who's considering getting a breast augmentation, it doesn't have to look fake. I wanted an enhancement, and that's what I got. I highly recommend Dr. Smith, he's very professional, highly skilled, caring & kind.

2 Years post op

The time went by so fast. Not much has changed over the last year. I went in for a routine check up a couple of months ago. Everything is looking good according to Dr.
They have settled nicely, are squishy to the touch & feel natural. I've definitely gotten used to them & many times I forget I had them done. They are a part of me now. I don't have any rippling or discomfort from them.
The only time I can feel the edges of the implant is while leaning forward. But that doesn't bother me though. The scars have faded nicely ( I do tend to scar easily) so I'm happy about that.
Other than that there's not much to say. I'm happy & healthy. Just wanted to update on my journey.
Sometimes smaller is better.
I do feel like my goal of small natural looking boobs was achieved. Will post some pictures as well.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Very professional. Great credentials. Great listener, caring & personable. So happy with my results.

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