34 with 4 Children. Irvine, CA

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I had BA this past Wed. Honestly I just remember...

I had BA this past Wed. Honestly I just remember going to sleep and waking up with boobs. That was the easy part, but oh boy has this been very painful, I read here other ladies recovering pretty fast and no pain. Well for me it has been very painful, I can't get up from bed or use the bathroom without any help. I feel a combination of pain and soreness, I've also been very constipated. No nausea or dizziness. Today marks 3 days of having breast implants. I used to be a 34 AA and I recently got 435cc Silicone Gel Moderate Profile, I'm 5'4 and weight 118. I have 4 children who I breastfed all for an entire year each, the youngest is almost 18 months old.
Although so far the recovery has been very painful, when I look at my new breast on the mirror, I'm in love. They look beautiful, still swollen but with time I was told they will look better. I'm so happy with them, I used to be super flat, I actually don't have a before picture because I never felt comfortable taking any.
Today I went to my post op appt and the Doctor said they look perfect.

I can't wait to see the end results, I know right now they look pretty swollen and the only thing that I'm hoping is for the pain to subside so I can stop taking the pain killers that make me sleepy. I've also been icing them recently, thanks to the advice of some ladies here.

3 days and 5 hours

Still in a lot of pain, but meds are not helping much and the muscle relaxer makes me super dizzy and drowsy so I stop taking it. I still need help to get up from bed and to take showers. I am able to extend my arms a bit more today and I can actually reach to scratch my head or wipe my face, I wasn't able to do that yesterday. I had my post op appt yesterday and my Doctor said they look beautiful they don't actually need to drop much. But oh my god, does my skin itch and I think is due to stretching so much, I did forget to mention earlier I went under the muscle so each time I do my exercise I can actually feel the implant moving, so that's kind of weird to feel. Other than that, I am loving them, they seem a bit big at the moment but I'm hoping once the swelling goes down, that they will too. Right now I'm wearing a 34D sport bra.

5 Days Post Op, not going well.

All night in pain, discomfort and anxiety. This morning I woke up depress and questioning if I had made the right choice and cried so much. I love the boobs, they look beautiful but this pain and discomfort is the worst, since I already had for
four kids, I would like say that for me this pain and discomfort is worst than child birth. I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 5 days and only feeling a tiny bit better. I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. On the side of my breast I feel a burning sensation and on the incision area but there's no redness or any blood. My skin feels super stretched and I'm still feeling lots of soreness, unable to lift my arms all the way and still need assistance in showering. When will this get better? I'm so depress by this immobility, pain and discomfort that it even crossed my mind to get them removed. My hubby is very supportive and telling me that is only temporary.

1 week (7 days) post op

Feeling wonderful :) no more depressing feelings, it all started yesterday when I was able to get up from bed on my own, shower on my own and without any pain. I feel happier, I think the severe pain was making me unhappy and regretful. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Loving my new girls :) I am now able to wash my own hair, use the bathroom on my own. I have gain more but not full range of motion on my arms. Now what I feel is tightness on my breast but I suppose that's normal from my skin getting used to the implants. Still some soreness but not a lot. I drove today for the first time but that was a challenge due to the tightness that I feel and fear of getting the pain back. Other than that everything is good now. I'm so glad because day 1 to 5 I was miserable. Last week with full time help, starting next Monday I'm on my own part time, with my 3 and 1 year old. My teenage boy are good since they are old enough to do things on their own.

11 Days Post Op

11 days post op and I'm feeling great!! Still some tightness but each morning is less and less. I've been pain free for 5 days now. I had my bandages remove this past Friday. My Doctor said my girls won't be dropping much, actually since I got them they haven't dropped much. I didn't have the Frankenstein boobs. I showed him the look I wanted and that's the exact look he gave him. He game the green light to sleep on my side and to sleep without the compression bra at night. And at two weeks which I'm 3 days away I can start wearing wireless bras. I'm still experiencing morning boobs which is a bit of soreness and tightness, but as soon as I stretch and walk around, it goes away. I'm walking faster and my arms range of motion is getting better, I can now put shirts/tops that need to go over my head so that's a huge progress right there. I'm still not carrying my baby and toddler, I'll wait another week and half for that. I'm loving my girls so much! They still don't feel fully mines but I guess that will come with time :) I posted a picture with my Genie sport bra I'm size Medium (white) is from Walmart $10 and is super supportive and very comfortable and easy to put on. The second pic is a cute semi sport bra but you clip it from the back, size Medium (blue) super cute, comfortable but doesn't provide much support $5 at Walmart. I am currently 34 D, I used to be 34AA so I'm super happy with 34D. I forgot to add my right boob is slightly bigger but the Doc said not to worry that's because I'm right handed so is not healing as fast as my left but the eventually it will settle and it will be the same size as my left.

2 Week Post-Op (14 days)

With each passing day I’m feeling better, I can finally drive but I admit it is still a bit painful when I turn the wheel to make a right turn. I am pain free but I still have a lot of tightness but less than a couple a days ago. Okay so it’s been two weeks and I still wake up with morning boobs and I can not sleep flat on my back or on my side I still finding difficult. Also I still don’t have full range of motion on my arms, although I do my arms exercise every hour. My Doctor said I should be able to fully extend my arms up fully without a problem so I’m wondering is there any of you out there who are 2 weeks or more post op that are not yet able to extend your arms fully? to give you an idea I can wash my hair and do a low pony tale but I can’t do a high pony tail. My incisions are okay, I just started applying Safe Guard and that’s the white stuff you see on my incision area, it stick pretty well on the wound. As you can see there is not much of a change on how they look as my Doctor had mention that they wouldn’t drop much but they are getting softer. He also mention I can get measure and start wearing wireless brass and in another two weeks I can start wearing bras with wires, but I’m not in no rush. I’m loving how comfortable sport bras are. I’m still not lifting my baby boy or my daughter. What can I do better in regards to gaining full range of motion on my arms? I’m getting a bit worry here. Other than that I’m loving my girls!!

3 weeks post op ( 21 Days )

Well, I can tell you this journey to recovery has been slow but as of my 3 weeks I feel great, I can do much more. I started lifting my 22lb baby 2 days ago and some pain do to the lifting on my right breast by my armpit, I email my Doctor and he said is do to the nerves feelings, slowly coming back but that's only when I do lift my baby and it's not so bad. I've been driving a lot, as a matter of fact I drove all day yesterday since I had a lot of errands to do, and trust me that wasn't a good Idea, I felt like wonder woman since I've been pain free, well by night time I had severe pain on my left breast that I had to ice it and took 3 advils. This morning I still woke up with the pain but is not as bad as it was last night, therefore I learn my lesson to take easy no matter how pain free I feel, I have to remind my self that I'm still fresh from this surgery. I still don't have full range of motion on my arms but is getting better. Today was the very first day that I woke up with no morning boobs, finally!!! I bought two bras with no underwire since my Doctor advice me not wear underwire bras until 1 month post op. To be honest it just feel strange wearing a bra, it doesn't feel natural, like there's no support at all, so I'll be sticking with my sports bra for at least another week. I'm still sleeping slightly prompt on my back, I tried sleeping on my side but it was very uncomfortable. The boobs are getting softer, but not soft enough yet but my Doc said it will take 2 to 3 months to really get squeeshy. I also been using scar guard (it looks like clear nail polish) on my incisions and that thing it's amazing, I've been using it for 1 week and wow, my incisions are looking good. No pictures today, I'll post a couple of pics on my 1 month post op, so in another week. Overall I'm feeling much better and I can do much more.

4 weeks post op ( 28 Days )

Here I am at 4 weeks post op, feeling great! I no longer have morning boobs. 2 Days ago I started sleeping flat on my back and on my side, it feels very uncomfortable at the beginning but no pain and after 5 minutes I’m fine. I started lifting my 22lb baby at 3 weeks post op and I felt a bit of discomfort and pain but very little. Driving is no longer an issue and my arms range of motion is so much better than a week ago. It’s amazing what 1 week does, as the weeks pass by I feel better and better. Yesterday I went to finally get professionally measure at Nordstrom and I am a 34DD which I was not expecting, before the BA I was hoping to be a full C to a small D, but it’s okay, I honestly love my boobs, although DD sounds huge they look very poportionate to my body frame. The bra that you see on the picture I got it at Nordstrom and it’s beautiful perfect fit and with lots of support for my girls. Although I love Victoria Secret bras, the ladies there have no clue how to measure you right nor have they been thought what is the correct way to measure you to find the correct band and cup size for you. Their bras are beautiful and sexy which I would only wear for a bit for my hubby to see but never to take care of my girls. I did a lot of youtube videos on how a bra should fit you and measurements, the funny thing is,  before I was flat I never cared how my bra fit me because really there was nothing there Lol They are softer but not soft enough, the Doctor said by 2 to 3 months they will be very soft, they did started to bounce when I walk. It’s been a slow recovery but I’m finally beginning to enjoy and love my girls!!

7 1/2 weeks post up

7 1/2 weeks post up, 3 days away from being 2 months post op. I feel wonderful, absolutely pain free. I got back to lifting heavy weights and no problems at all. They feel mine now, they bounce and feel soft but not soft enough yet but I was told by my surgeon it was going to take at least 3 months. I can sleep on my side and back without any discomfort, I haven't try sleeping on my belly yet. But I'm 100% back to normal, I no longer limit my self to do anything. My surgeon released me to getting back to running and lifting weights at 6 weeks post op, I am now lifting 55 Lb although before I was lifting 85 I decided to take easy. Loving them so much!! I absolutely have no boob greed Lol
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Honesty I couldn't have chosen a better Doctor to do this procedure. Excellent bedside manners, answer all my questions and concerns via e-mail or phone calls. I never felt rushed, he spend a good amount of time during the consults and pre-op appt, answering all my questions and going over the details of the procedure. Absolutely no wait time. Overall he's an excellent, very professional and nice Doctor.

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