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I'll be turning 30 here shortly and with that, I...

I'll be turning 30 here shortly and with that, I am getting a breast augmentation finally! I am 5'0 and weigh 104lbs and am hoping to have 425cc or 450cc (whatever my skin can handle) silicone- submuscular. I have been wanting this for myself for a long time, but have always been either too scared or felt selfish for spending that kind of money on myself. I went to a consultation in October with one of my friends and met Dr. Andrew Smith and his amazing staff and instantly felt comfortable! I tried on "my could be boobs" and was so happy! I always had what I thought to look like a boys chest... And when I saw myself with breasts, it was instant happiness. So I'm putting my fears...and money aside, and getting my breast augmentation!! I can't wait. I'm nervous and excited, but have full faith the Dr. Smith and his staff will be amazing. My friend and I are getting our surgeries 2 days apart from each other. Come summer, we'll be ready!

2 more weeks

I am 15 days away from my surgery, and I almost feel like it's crunch time before a final exam. I'm looking at so many different BA before and after photos that I feel like they are all looking the same... And maybe even confusing myself more by doing this. I know what I want... But my fear (since I have no idea what to expect) is that it might not be what I want in the end... If that makes sense. I would hate to get 6 months down the road post op and think man, I should've gone a tad bigger. I hear that a lot from women. I've looked at women with the same cc's and body style as mine and I really like the moderate profile rather than the high profile. Any thoughts on the two? I can't wait for my pre op appointment....

Almost there

So I'm 3 days away from my pre op appt and 10 days total from my big day! I'm getting so excited. I'm filling my next week with extra work and things to keep me occupied so the time can pass quickly. My husband was lucky enough to take family sick leave and vacation time so he can take care of my babies. I'm so lucky to be blessed with the man I have. He is supporting and encouraging my decision to do this ( what man wouldn't? Haha) and he is happy to take care of the kids and me while I'm down and out. I have to say reading everyone's journey helps so much!! The only surgery I've ever had was to have my wisdom teeth out under sedation haha. So I have nothing to go off of, and just reading everyone's post op experiences help. :) can't wait to be one of those girls that can help someone in my position!

Had my pre op appt yesterday

So yesterday I had my pre op with Dr. Smith, went over all my pre op and post op instructions with his nurse- who I loved! I can't believe how comfortable I am with him and his staff. They are all fantastic! They answered all my questions and concerns. My implant size is still up in the air... I want to go as big as safely possible. And Dr. Smith agrees and encourages that decision. I will be getting Sientra high profile silicone implants, and will be ordering 3 or 4 different sizes ranging from 350cc- 440cc. He said there is a newer style of the implant that is more full with the silicone and will decrease the chance of rippling and create a more full look! I'm so excited I can't even explain it. So come next week, we shall see what size I get :) I had my before pics taken and also received my Rx's for my meds. I will be taking keflex 1st day post op 3x daily for 3 days, norco 7.5/325mg for pain. It's nice to have full confidence and trust in a doctor- I'm leaving it in his hands to make me look as good as possible! 6.... More..... DAYS!!!!!

Last night with the wee ones

Ohhhh it's my last night with my wee boobies. The last 2 days have dragged out ridiculously slow! Yesterday, was my sad day. It was me coming to the realization that these next couple days were going to be the last days I am 100% me. I felt guilty for wanting to alter my body from other than what God gave me. My parents, when I first told them, gave me the guilt trip saying I was perfect the way I am and God made me this way. Thankfully they have seen what this means to me and have become more accepting of my decision. I even got my dad to sit through a breast augmentation video! Haha too soon?! Nah :) so yesterday was a blue day for me. Today was a little more exciting. Me and my friend (who's having her's in 2 days after mine) went for a pedicure, I spent time with my husband and our babies, and I had an enormous lunch and dinner, Take that NPO after midnight! Other than feeling excited, I'm absolutely terrified. I've never had a surgery... And I know how wonderful Versed and propofol are (considering I'm an ER nurse) but I'm still a bit scared. Plus I've been having dreams about my boobs after surgery all week! 5 out the 6 dreams, they've come out too small :( Sooooo with my nervous rambling coming to an end, tomorrow is the big day. I pray dr smith makes the right decision of what will look amazing on me and I pray I come out of surgery ok with a healthy recovery. See you all tomorrow!

On my way

Today is the big day and we are on our way to Dr. Smith's. Slept all night, only dream I remember having was me drinking orange juice then freaking out because I'm suppose to be NPO :D. Anywho, feeling good. Got some butterflies. But not being able to drink my coffee this morning has really thrown me off! My picture today will be how I'm feeling right about now... With no coffee... T minus 2 hrs!!

Day 1 & 2 post op

man! What an experience! All wonderdul of course :) minus the pain. So yesterday we got to the surgi-center, checked in and was placed in the back on the gurney and one of the nurses started my IV and fluids and antiobiotic. Then the anesthesiologist came in, was super nice, explained everything to me. My doc then came in marked me, and reassured me that everything will turn out beautiful and he promises to make be big enough, but not pornish :D. Then came the verses and off to la la land I went. Next thing I know they're wheeling me Into the OR strapping me down and putting a mask on me. After that nothin!! I then woke up to my nurse calling my name. I woke up and it felt like I had been beat over my shoulder blades and armpits with a bat! Haha but she said everything went great and he was able to get 415cc in both breasts :)

That night was rough, almost passed out walking to our hotel room. I think the combo of the pain meds, not eating or drinking, and then the positional change just bottomed my pressure out. I was seeing black spots and my husband said I was pale white! Got into bed had crackers and apple juice and felt much better. He's been helping me pull my pants down to pee, fed me, helped me out of bed, braided my hair... It's been very humbling and sad that I can't do this on my own... But I have the most amazing husband!! Couldn't do this without him.
So this AM was my post op appt. He said I look great! And got to finally see them. I am still in a ton of pain, but it's worth it! I finally have a figure!!!

Day 3 PO

Feels like it's been a lot longer than 3 days post op! So today, I'm feeling better. I actually woke up and didn't feel the need to take a norco- thank God! I'm finally able to move around better on my own. I can finally pull my pants down by myself to pee. But my husband still helps me with a ton! Last night he washed my hair for me. I feel human again! Now to be able to put some makeup on and wear real clothes and I'll be set :)
Being cold sucks, I'm always cold, then my muscles shivering- especially my peck muscles- hurts so bad! ive been having a burning/ tingling sensation on the sides of my breasts, but today it's better. All in all, even with the pains it's still worth. I'm so happy with how my body looks :)

Day 4 and I'm feelin better!

Today marks day 4 post op. I can move a bit better, but I'm still sore. I would say I'm about 50%. It's still a little difficult to breathe because I am so tight. Today I was able to wash myself... Very carefully, and shave my legs!!! Woo hoo!! Things are Lookin up :) sleeping in a sitting up/ reclined position is really killin me. My butt is super sore and my back and neck are stiff! I'm mainly a side sleeper... Can't wait to start sleep normal again. And no more norcos! I switched to regulate tylenol :D Today me and my bestie ( who had her BA 2 days ago) are gonna kick it on the recliners and watch movies while the hubbies take the kids out! Have a wonderful day everyone!

The dreaded stretch mark

Any of you ladies deal with stretch marks? I went to take my shower today and saw I had a wonderful stretch mark on the undersides of both my boobs. Guess I wasn't keeping them moisturized enough. I went out and bought the palmers stretch mark oil. I never really had to deal with stretch marks even with my pregnancies. Is there anything else that worked for you women that have had this problem? Other than that, and a small rash I found on my right breast, I feel pretty good today :)

2 week update

Well, 2 weeks tomorrow, but nonetheless :) I feel almost back to normal. Still sleeping elevated and on my back because anything else hurts. At my 1 week check up this last Friday I had my steri strips removed and my incisions look wonderful! I'm healing well. I started back to work this last Saturday and Sunday. I work 12 he shifts in an ER so I was aching bad by the end of my shifts. I am definitely not doing any lifting- thankfully the people I work with know what I had done and are very helpful. My husband goes back to work in 2 days then I'm on my own again for 5 days. I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. I won't be able to put my 2 yr old in her crib or her car seat... So I'm going to have to figure something out. Everything seems to be going smooth otherwise :) still love my new boobs and have NO regrets!!

13 days PO pictures

Bathing suits with breasts= happiness!

I still cannot express how happy I feel about my new breasts. Here are some pics in bathing suits. Can't it be summer already?!

3 weeks post.

I hit my 3 week mark the other day and I'm still very happy with how they look. I went to a check up today with my surgeon and he said everything is looking good... Then he started squeezing the hell out of them. Started showing me how to massage them... Except I had my eyes closed the entire time because it hurt so bad! Man I wasn't expecting that. Then I decided I should probably open them and saw the tail end of the torturous act. My boobs are getting slightly softer than what they were and they're not as painful like they were, but my nipples are so god awful sensitive! Hopefully with massaging them it will help with the nerve pain. Every now and then I'll get the zingers and it just feels like a hot needle in my breast... Ugh it's awful. Especially at work, cause I end up grabbing it subconsciously!

6 weeks mark

Wow! 6 weeks flew and everyday gets better and better. I'm still happy I went as big as I could, because now that they're settling more into place, I know I would have regretted going smaller. I've been massaging as instructed even though I really don't care much for it... It has been helping and my breasts are getting so much softer. My nipples are thankfully easing up on me, they were so incredibly sensitive it was annoying. I read one girls blog and her doc told her to take a loofah and scrub her nipples to de-sensitize them.... Ya That sounds awful. So I have just rubbed them a little harder every day with lotion or something. And I have to say it's working and is much nicer than a cheese grater (aka loofah). Anywho, I have been following everyone's profiles as best as I can. I get so busy with work, life, and my babies, I'm not on here as much. But you all look beautiful. Hope everyone is healing well and happy!!

12 week update

So I'm 12 weeks post op and so far so good. I haven't had any complications thus far, and on my last appt with my PS, he said I am basically at the size I should be. Not too much more changing for me. And he gave me the green light for getting a bra with underwires. I'm sti massaging, but I'm not as anal about it as I was when I first started, they're softening up nicely! I'm happy about not changing any more than I am, at nordstroms they measured me a 32D and at Victoria secret I am a 32DD. My doc also said it was ok to go bra less- not all the time, but here and there is ok. I personally have been wearing my bras or sports bras 24/7. This week me and my bestie are going to Vegas with our husbands. So we're going to have a couple nights where we'll be going bra less. This will be the first time in... Well... Ever that I'll be able to do that and still feel sexy. Overall, my husband loves them and I love them :) can't thank Dr. Smith enough

Right dropping quicker

I decided to do an update tonight and when I started taking pictures, I realized just how much my right breast has dropped compared to my left. I have been telling my husband that my right feels a lot softer than my left, but it's not drastically different. And for some reason, my nipples have been tingling a lot too! I thought my nipple sensitivity was getting better... But it seems to be coming back :/ The underside of both my breasts are getting feeling back too. But by feeling I mean every time I touch them it feels like pins and needles. I hope this is all normal and they turn out fine. I pray my right one doesn't drop anymore- cause it's perfect where it is- and my left one gets with the program. I know I still have a while more to go so I shouldn't get freaked out...right? and everyone who reads this... Say a prayer for my bestie (Mrsb83) she goes in for her revision tomorrow to release they scar tissue in her right breast. Positive thoughts and love going to you hon!

New bathing suit

Forgot to post these ones. This is my new bathing suit from Victoria secret :)

I think I may have a new obsession

So my hubby wasn't thrilled with my bathing suit- from VS. he said it looked just "eh" on me. So I had to go searching for a new one. Gotta please the man right?! One of the ladies I work with goes to this bathing suit store all the time. I loved it! So here's my new one

7 months post op update

Haven't done a review In a while, just busy with life and kids. But figured I had some time today and would update. My left breast is still a little higher than the right. It's really noticeable when I take photos, but not so bad in person. My husband says it's not horribly noticeable and you can't tell in bras. But today I noticed when I flex my implant looks like it really pushed up... I keep thinking to myself, was this worth it? I'm worrying myself and I wonder if I should have gone a tad smaller. Seems the larger you go the more complications people tend to have. I went as large as I could go... But now I'm wondering if I should have just stayed with what I originally was going to go with- which was 375 cc. I'm not in any pain, it's not stiff... My last check up on June my PS said he wasn't concerned with CC. He said the reason my left looks higher is just my original anatomy. But now I'm concerned with how it looks when I flex. Has anyone else dealt with this? I hope it's nothing to worry about...

Hit the year mark

So it's been a year as of January 13th. Have to say it feels like it's been longer! In a bra my breath look great. Out of the bra, I really don't like my right breast in pictures cause it looks lower than the left and off to the side... Looks better in person. But hey, ya can't win em all right? myself and my hubby are the only ones that will see them naked and he enjoys them so it's all good ;)
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough wonderdul things about Dr. Andrew Smith. He and his staff are kind and patient, and never made me feel rushed. He was my first and only consultation, everyone kept telling me to see at least 3 or more. But after meeting Dr. Smith and his staff I just fell in love. And his work is gorgeous! And his achievements and certifications are amazing! The day of my surgery he was very reassuring and kind- calmed my nerves. I'm so pleased with the look he gave me and I would highly recommend him!

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