44 Year Old Woman in Need of Kybella. Irvine, CA

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I got my first injection of Kybella today. I...

I got my first injection of Kybella today. I bought a Groupon because it was a really good price - $1000 for two vials. The dr put numbing cream on, waited 20 minutes then began the injections. The first injection did not hurt at all and I was thinking "yes, you got this...it's not going to hurt" lol boy was I wrong! The next few injections were somewhat painful as I felt a minor burning...then all of a sudden that side started hurting pretty bad. I held ice to it as the dr injected the other side. What was crazy is how quick it swells up! It nearly doubled in size. I had one injection site immediately bruise but I mostly had swelling and some redness. I went back to work and my friend noticed the swelling but said it didn't look too bad. It feels very sensitive to the touch - if I brush my neck the pain is almost like being shocked. I have a high tolerance for pain but I'm glad I only had one vial injected...mainly because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and didn't know what to expect in regards to swelling or how high up the swelling may go. So far so good. I'm excited to see if it works - I have always had a double chin even when I was 118 pounds. I'm 5'5".

Day 3

Still very swollen...major Turkey neck and swelling.

Day 2

Extremely swollen, slight bruise but the bullfrog neck is in effect. Super embarrassing. I had to go to the dentist today and get my hair done so I felt super conscious. No dates for tonight that's for sure.

Day 4

First day back at work. Neck and chin are still swollen but better. I was going to try to wear a scarf to hide it but it just wasn't working. I still have a bruise.

Day 5

2nd day back at work. Still swollen but better and still slightly numb. I'm now experiencing an itchy neck.

Day 6

The swelling has gone down and I look more normal. I still am swollen and still have the one bruise, but I feel it is improving and I'm not as self-conscious today. My neck is still flabby looking, but I'm hoping that will tighten up.

Day 7

I'm still swollen, still have a bruise but it is much better. The fat pocket is still there - it is kind of hard but still flabby.

Day 8

I woke up today and my neck/chin hurt! It was really sore which is odd because it hasn't been sore for days. It's still swollen, still have the bruise but it is looking better. A few areas are still numb.

Day 9

I'm a little less sore than yesterday, but still bruised and slightly swollen. Still have droopy skin on my neck.

Day 10

Memorial Day. Less swollen, less bruised but feeling a little painful in the chin/neck area.

Back at it.

Well I took a break from Kybella and going to have a treatment tomorrow. I only did one vial for my first and second times. I changed doctors and they want me to do 6 vials, three at a time. Not sure how I feel about that since I had significant swelling with just one vial both times.

Got 3 vials injected today

It didn't hurt when she was doing the injections but it is uncomfortable now because my chins swelled up like a bullfrog as expected. I'm icing it with the hopes that it will look somehow normal again in a couple of weeks.

Day 2 of second set of injections (3 vials)

I'm very swollen but I knew this would happen. I really hope this works - so far in the last 2 years I have had 5 vials. In 5 weeks I go BI for 3 more vials - not looking forward to it because I'm a serious bullfrog chinner and I can tell it's going o balloon each time.

Day three

Still bullfrog, neck is looking a little yellow which is troubling to me since I made sure to religiously take arnica for about a month prior to my shots.

Still bull frogged

My neck is hard but jiggly at the same time...kind of yellow looking bf you can see the shot marks slightly. I tried fascia blasting it last night in the hopes it old go down.

Yay! Less swollen!

I used my faciablaster and blasted my bullfrog lump last night and it made a huge difference!

Swelling is getting better

I'm so happy I'm almost back to baseline and don't feel like such a freak lol. It's still not ideal but better than before.

My bullfrog is going down!

Why a relief! Now it's kinda chunky...I can feel the fat is broken up...so gross lol but I hope that means it is working!

It's a lot better today :)

I went to go get filler in my lips today so I went back to the dr I had the Kybella done at. He said that if I wanted to get. Steroid shot the next time I get bullfroged he can do that to help with the swelling. So that's an option. My neck looks almost normal and I'm a week out from my Kybella shot.

Patiently waiting...

I can feel the nodules in my neck...such a weird feeling but from what I read they will disperse.

It's looking be feeling better every day. I'm about 2 weeks out and the area is still slightly numb and it still feels chunky.

Humm...not sure yet...

Most of the swelling has gone down. It is still numb and painful in some areas...some areas seem tighter but I still am waiting to see what happens.

Still numb-ish and a little tender.

Patiently waiting...

I hope I'm satisfied at the end of this!!!
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