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Hi everyone, like many people on here I have hated...

Hi everyone, like many people on here I have hated my nose for so long, probably since I was 12. I am now 22 and engaged to be married next winter. I was sooo happy to be getting married until I thought about the pictures and how my nose would be the only thing I would notice so I told my fiance exactly how I felt and he has been so supportive from helping me research to taking me to consultations. I finally got set with one surgeon who I am happy with. Basically my nose tip sticks too far out from my face and I have a deviated septum. Luckily I do not have a wide bridge or nasal hump so the tip is really all that will be getting battered and bruised. As for telling friends and family I have not told any friends yet but I did tell my mum and she hasnt really taken it that well (I think its because I inherited her nose) she keeps saying you are fine the way you are and no1 notices but I know they do because people have teased me about it but I shrugged it off. I hope she will just help and support me and not keep trying to put me off. My surgery is now 9 days away and I am just panicing because I have never had any operations, I am more worried about this than I was about giving birth!! Anyway I have my medical tomorrow and I will try to post some before photos then. =)

So I had my rhinoplasty yesterday afternoon and...

So I had my rhinoplasty yesterday afternoon and have just got home from the hospital. I was so nervous when I got to the hospital yesterday, the nurses were so nice and soon had me laughing and joking before I got into my gown and stockings. My surgeon came by just to go over the surgery and take some pictures. Before long a nurse came up to my room and told me it was my time to go down to theatre. Thats when I got so nervous and cried. My fiance and the nurse cuddled me and I soon calmed down. I went over my medical history one more time and then I was on the bed. The IV was going in and I hate needles so I looked away and saw my surgeon prep himself, he had a torch on his head and I thought hes going mining in my nose!! Thats the last thing I remember before waking up in recovery. The first thing I asked for was a mirror. I had very little bruising but that soon changed and now I look like a bus hit me. My little girl who is one and a half is scared of me :( I am soooo swollen but I can already see a huge difference and I cant wait to see more once the swelling subsides. Anyhow I never got much sleep as I had packaging in my nose so I will update again soon.

Ok so I am soo very swollen, my top lip is the...

Ok so I am soo very swollen, my top lip is the worst, it is bruised on the inside and I look like I have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. My throat is still quite sore but for me the worst thing is the congestion. My septum looks 100% better but its all stitched up and dried blood is really irritating it. I just want the next week to be over
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