Rhinoplasty To Make My Nose More Feminine - Iowa, IA

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I am so glad I found this website because my...

I am so glad I found this website because my rhinoplasty is scheduled for TOMORROW! AH! I will upload some before photos a little later tonight probably! My nose isn't horrible but it is the one part of my face that I have always felt wasn't feminine and that really seemed not proportional. My surgery is scheduled for 7AM tomorrow, which I am happy about because that means I will be so sleepy by the time I go under that it will be done before I know it :) but looking forward to the support and advice from everyone on here and I will be updating all week long!

Hey, I forgot to confirm my email so probably no...

Hey, I forgot to confirm my email so probably no one saw my previous post last night. WOW. Crazy to think that my old nose is GONE in a matter of less than a day. I went to bed last night and should have taken a Xanax or something but I thought I would sleep well. I did, but the dog next door woke up at 5 AM and was barking away and there was no way I was falling back asleep so I only got about 6 hours of sleep. I fell in and out of nervous consciousness on the couch until my alarm went off at 6AM. I got changed into comfortable clothing (make sure you wear something that buttons or zips from the front!!) and was on my way. The clinic was only about 20 minutes from my house and I was already getting my IV in within 35 minutes of leaving my house, YIKES. I was so nervous for the anesthesia since it creeps me out but I was going to get a General anesthesia and my anesthesiologist came in and talked to me. She was so sweet and understanding and relaxed me quite a bit. My doctor, Dr. Koch, came in with a huge smile and was telling me how great it was going to look. I love how real he is and such a normal guy so I was so relaxed at this point. My mom and brother came to wish me well and I got rolled to the OR. I started to have a panic attack as they put a mask on my face and I remember going "it burns my throat" over and over. Next thing I knew, I was WIDE awake. A nurse was by my side within seconds asking me how I felt and giving me water. She actually stayed with me for about ten minutes and in another ten, my family came back to see me. My nausea was not very intense at all but I did ask for the medicine because when I sat up to put on my clothes, I felt a wave of it, so stayed another 20 minutes to feel better. My nose is not packed so I can breathe out of it but I don't like to because it's really gross haha. I went home and my lovely mother had rolled my bed into the living room and put pillows under the mattress to elevate the whole bed. I ate some mac and cheese and spoon-fed myself a chocolate shake. I could only eat half a bowl of mac and cheese before I felt full/sick. They gave me these jelly pads that cover my eyes but the problem was it TOTALLY covers my eyes to where I can't see anything at all. I knew that I wouldn't just sit in the house the entire day with them on so I cut slits in one and left the other the same and am switching on and off using the ones I can see with and the ones that totally cover my eyelids too. I can already see, within an hour of getting home, that my left eye was really yellow so I am sure this will bruise badly. I look HORRIBLE so I am not going to upload photos from this day because I don't want to scare anyone off. I don't feel very badly - most people said the worst uncomfortable feelings are days 2-4 -- but I look like hell. Right now my only complaints are that I keep having to cough up the gross nasal drainage which has blood yuckk. But looking in the mirror, I feel like it may look really good. As for now I am undecided but so crazy to think one week from now I will be able to see the beginning of my new nose :) Hoping my recovery at this point will go okay.

Up at night trying to fall asleep night 1 :( no...

Up at night trying to fall asleep night 1 :( no matter my best elevating and pain relief efforts, the pure discomfort is going to keep me up into the late hours of the night I feel. I tried a Xanax but it made me feel really really strange and when I would touch my hair/head it would tingle and make me feel like I was about to faint. I assume this also could be the anesthesia wearing off so I'll try tomorrow. If anyone has any good tips for sleeping outside of medication, would be greatly appreciated :D

So I'm on Day 3, 56 hours post surgery. I can't...

So I'm on Day 3, 56 hours post surgery. I can't STOP sleeping so I guess that is good because I barely got any sleep the night before surgery or the night of. My face is super swollen but surprisingly no black eyes (yet). I feel really out of it and kind of depressed because I have been in my house for days now doing nothing. My nose has gotten really, really swollen and I know I need to just wait to see what it will look like but I have a little paranoia now that it is going to not look like what I hoped. But I know I just have to be patient and see. I get my splint off in four days so I am just hoping they kind of fly by so I can start to see what my new nose looks like as well as just start to feel back to normal. So far, the recovery process hasn't been too painful though so that is what I am most thankful for. I am going to make myself a little list of things to do other than watch TV because I feel like some of my discomfort is just from sitting in the same spot for hours and hours.

I woke up this morning and felt SO sick, like I...

I woke up this morning and felt SO sick, like I was about to throw up! I woke up feeling the worst today because of that and how swollen my whole face was. I drank a little milk and took some Tylenol and after about an hour I felt a lot better. My face is the most swollen today but I can breathe very easily through my nose. My only other complaint is that I get these quick, but very intense, headache like pains throughout the day. Some of them are behind my ears and I almost feel like I got punched for a second or two! I also felt sick again later when I was in the car but felt way better after I ate. Somehow I still haven't gotten real bruises on my face. I have very small, dark red ones on the inner corners of my eyes but you can barely see them. It is yellow under my eyelids but no black or blue anywhere. I feel pretty good today and I get my splint off in a few days. I cannot wait to see what it looks like but also can't believe I'm only halfway to getting it off. It feels like it has been forever since the surgery even though it has only been around 80 hours. I am hoping tomorrow and this weekend I will feel better!

Sorry I haven't updated in so long to anyone who...

Sorry I haven't updated in so long to anyone who has been reading. Tomorrow my stitches come out and my splint will be off - can't wait to see my new nose :) my face is very swollen from the surgery still so I hope that this goes down soon because I look puffy! I really cannot wait to see it but also am happy that school doesn't start for another 6 weeks so hopefully any puffiness and swollen nose will be less noticeable then. I cannot wait that I am 12 hours away from seeing what has kept me basically home for a week!!

Sorry it has been a few days after my last post...

Sorry it has been a few days after my last post but I got the splint off and at first I freaked out! My nose looked lopsided to me and I was so scared I had a botched job. Thankfully though, all the doctors and my mom were saying how great it looked from the side and I already got tell from the profile it looked really good. It is MUCH smaller and shorter which is what I wanted and no more ugly bump :) My face feels really tight now and I feel a little weird without the splint on because it still feels like it is there. When they cleaned out my nose I was DISGUSTED at some of the stuff that had been in there still and now I can breathe very easily in and out of my nose too! I can't wait for another week to go by because the tip is super swollen and to one side. Now that I am on the journey to recovery and seeing the final product, I really can't recommend enough Dr. Koch as well as getting your nose done if it something you have thought about for years or to just make the symmetry of your face look better!


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