My Crazy Hawkeye Journey (University of Iowa) - Iowa City, IA

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This is a crazy journey. I had thought of getting...

This is a crazy journey. I had thought of getting a reduction for a while. I wanted to wait until I had kids, though. After 2 miscarriages and 4 failed fertility treatments, I finally said it wasn't going to happen. During this time, I had a bad experience with a very unprofessional mammogram tech in California who made comments about my breast size. I had 2 choices: open my mouth, which was connected to my fist and give her a beat down or file a complaint against her. Since I have an aversion to jail, I opted to file the complaint.
Fast forward to November 2011, I moved from California to Iowa. This is when the journey REALLY began

Part 2-Seeing Dr. Grado, the catalyst for everything set in motion

Picture it-November 2011. I finally threw in the towel on having children. Sigh. Damn PCOS. INFERTILITY SUCKS! I decided to see a local plastic surgeon (Dr. Grado) to discuss breast reduction. (Different from the current doctor). I was about 280. I stretched the truth and said I was 270. He asked what was I going to do about the 270. At the time I was down 24 from my highest of 304. We had a conversation about weight, which always brought me to tears. He gave me a brochure to the University of Iowa. Had I ever thought about bariatric surgery? Yes, barely. After seeing more and more friends doing well, I was like "can't hurt to check it out." I had an appointment at the University of Iowa bariatric clinic for 1/5/12. At that time, my bra size was 48 I/J. The beginning if 2012 was very stressful. My best friend Tammy had been diagnosed with lung cancer. I made a few trips back and forth to her home and hospital in North Carolina. Information and request for gastric bypass was sent to my insurance company at the end of March. I got my approval on April 19. I got the call from U of Iowa 10 minutes after I received a call saying that Tammy was going to be taken off life support. She died later that evening. I flew to North Carolina with a heavy heart as I said goodbye to my partner in crime and dear friend (she knew about my wishes). Although I had a heavy heart, the approval call gave me a glimmer of hope

May 2012-NYC and meeting one of my favorite actors

Meeting Ben Daniels. He's such a dear. I fell in love with him when I started watching Law and Order UK. He came to NYC to do a play. I hate this photo because of my rack 48 I/J

Tammy, my partner in crime who I miss like crazy

Taken on 12/11/01

How Do You Measure A Year?

I had my bariatric surgery on 14 August 2012 at the University of Iowa hospital. Call me crazy, but I wasn't the least bit scared. The husband was/is still totally against the surgery, but the bottom line is IT IS MY BODY AND MY CHOICE. PERIOD. Build a bridge and get the f*ck over it! Best damn decision. I made. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

The photo on the left was taken the day before surgery. The one on the right was taken exactly one year apart. I have about 30-40 pounds to reach my goal. To say I feel amazing is an understatement

The longest 6 months

At my 6 month post op for my bypass surgery, I talked to my surgeon (totally hottie doc) about breast reduction. I went down in band size, but the cup size ranged between an H-M depending on the bra maker. I knew I had to wait a year post op before thinking about plastics. Dr. C put in the referral to the plastic department. (Remember back in November 2011 I saw Dr. Grado? I'll be mentioning him again).

Within a week after my 6 month post op appointment, I got a call scheduling my consult with plastics and Dr. Lawrence.
The year after my bariatric surgery us the checkup schedule:
One week post op
One month post op
Three months post op
Six months post op
One year post op
Then once a year after that.

I scheduled my consult to coincide with my year post op. Kill 2 birds with one stone

Bra/top trials and tribulations

After bariatric surgery, I was out on medical leave for 8 weeks. I wore my 46I/J bras. I went shopping the weekend before I was to head back to work. I was fitted and my new bra size was a 38L. I bought 2 bras, one a regular bra and one a sports bra
I hate underwires with a passion. Less than 3 weeks later, the wire poked through. I mailed it back to Stacy's in Des Moines for them to fix it and mail it back. IT TOOK THEM 2 F*CKING months to send it back. I had to call them and get bitchy. They not only mailed it back to me, they also mailed another bra free. They have NO idea how close they were to losing my business. I was already starting to look at bra shops in Chicago and Minneapolis. It still took me a bit to forgive them.

My next bra shopping trip was in Vegas in January. If I did my measurements the traditional way, it stated I was a 38G. Um not even close. I walked out of there with a Goddess bra in a 36M

I wanted to be able to do high impact cardio moves. That wasn't going to happen until the "hatches were battened down". I heard about Enell sports bras. It was a mail order and it took 3 times trying it on and mailing it back until I got a bra that fit. When I work out, this bra goes on top of my regular bra. Those girls are nailed down!
I needed a bathing suit for Vegas in June. Got the bottoms from Lands End. The tankini top came from my bra shop in Des Moines. I also bought a 36H bra (not a goddess)
Last month, I was in Von Maur in Omaha. I tried on this adorable Lilly Pulitzer dress in a size 12. It was gorgeous...except it wouldn't zip because of my boobs. I was ready to drop $168 too!

30 August 2013-my consult with Dr. Lawrence

My coworker Michelle is a breast cancer survivor. She had a double mastectomy and just finished chemo and radiation. She knew I was scheduled for a consult.

A couple of weeks before my appointment, she asked, "are you familiar with a Dr. Lawrence at the University of Iowa?"

Me: I'll get back to you. I have an appointment on 8/30.
She will be seeing him for her reconstruction.

I met some really cool people in the U of Iowa plastics, including a woman who is a breast cancer survivor. She had a double mastectomy and one breast redone. She's waiting to have the other one done. She showed me some of her tattoos she got. Most of them are breast cancer survivor related.

I'm looking to get my first tattoo. It'll be on my inner wrist and in memory of Tammy. I'm only planning on getting 2. The other will be related to my sorority and on my lower leg.

Anywho, I met his physician assistant. I gave her grief because she had blood on her jacket. I jokingly said, "should I be frightened? You're coming into this room with blood on your jacket." She immediately got up to change her jacket. She knew I was kidding, but she got the willies when she saw the blood.
She took a look and did measurements. Then Dr. Lawrence came in. Of course I had to give him grief. I looked at his credentials and saw that one of his schools was University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. When it cones to college basketball, I am ALL about the Duke University Blue Devils--their arch rival 12 miles up the road. I started by saying "I didn't think it was a good idea for me to come into your office wearing a Duke shirt!"

He said, "It's okay. My niece went to Duke."
Found out he grew up 90 miles from me in Richmond, VA. I grew up in Virginia Beach.
As you can see from the video, he came from a family of doctors. And seeing his credentials, he's got mad skills. Yeah, I checked him out!!!

BS, Yale University, New Haven, CT
MD, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA
MPH, Harvard University, School of Public Health, Boston, MA

Internship and Second Year of Residency, General Surgery, North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC
Residency, General Surgery, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA
Plastic Surgery, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Residency, Plastic Surgery, University of Chicago

He was cool and easy going. We talked about football and basketball. He checked out the breasts (hell everyone in his office manhandled them, I can't leave him out). Lol

I asked lots of questions. He said he was impressed with my knowledge. He said, "lady, you know your stuff!"

He said, "I don't foresee any problem with insurance. We are going to book a surgery date TODAY. I'll be out the first 2 weeks of October. I'm heading back east to see my family." He asked what size I'd like to get down to. I said a C or D--preferably a C. He said, it'll be a C or D. I asked about the nipples. He is one who will do everything to avoid doing free nipple grafting

His nurse did photos. Due to the holiday (Labor Day), my stuff won't go to Blue Cross till the 3rd or 4th. Luckily, it can be submitted electronically. Now it's sit and wait

NOTE: they asked me if this was the first time I looked into plastic surgery. I mentioned Dr. Grado. I was told due to my breast size, I would have ended up at the University of Iowa anyway. He would have referred me here

Time to put on my big girl panties...I mean bras

I wear a size 10 jeans. Up top? Forget about it! I can't believe I'm posting this...

Info sent to Wellmark BC/BS on 4 September and...

I got this in the mail today. It was approved the same day!!!
WOO HOO! I have until 12/3 to get it done...

I freaking swear by this sports bra
Of course I have to put it over my regular bra
You do that and those puppies are reined in!

The hatches are battened down/Enell and regular bra

I just got back from Zumba. I stopped in to Target (the one where I work)
Coworker: did you get your breast reduction?
Me: no, if I did and this was the result, I'd kick my plastic surgeon's ass!

I can jump in Zumba class, etc. not trying to run a 5k with these girls though


I received an email reminder for my mammogram. My last one was October 3 of last year. So this year, the earliest I can do my mammogram is October 4. I scheduled it for the afternoon of October 4. I leave for Indianapolis for a few days the next day.

My pre op is on September 30. Surgery is scheduled October 15

Beginning to get ready

I told my mom I was approved. She said, "I know you love your T shirts. You won't be able to wear them for a while. Yeah, thanks for reminding me, mommy!
Yesterday I took advantage of a day off to go shopping at Target. I bought some antibacterial body wash (Target brand), 2 button up night shirts.
I looked at the bras in 36-38 C and D. My first thought: shit, those are small! Lol

The new Vera Bradley stuff comes out next week. I think I might need a new blanket to bring to the hospital...

Fruit of the loom bra $9.94 at Walmart

I'm going to check these out this morning. I've read how awesome they are

Time off from work

Grrr. I have no problem getting the 6 weeks off work. However, since I haven't worked there for 2 full years, it's going to be unpaid time off :(

Gotta love a good sports bra over the regular bra!

This was taken after my boot camp class. We had to run in between weight training segments. I would have been screwed without my double bras
I must have been crazy to sign up for this shit. This is a class at the gym that you have to pay EXTRA for!

Possible post op bras $7.94 at Walmart

I purchased one in black, one in white and beige. I'll take one to my pre op appt on the 30th. I have the receipt for them just in case
Looking at it now, I'm like "shit, this thing is hella small!"

9 days until pre op

It is getting closer. To say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement.
I'm going to do one of my last retail therapy sessions in Des Moines this coming week. No, I'm NOT going to stop at the place I buy my bras!!! Soon I won't need to go in there
You KNOW I'll be hitting my Vera Bradley store

Less than a week until pre op/SMALL WORLD

Yay. Pre op is less than a week. I recently found someone else in this board who will be having the same doctor. I'll be having surgery the day before her...

Reminder phone call...not that I needed it

Yesterday, I went to Des Moines to get my shop on. It'll be the last time before surgery. I love Jordan Creek Mall. Of course I did some damage in Vera Bradley...more about that later
I was at TJ Maxx when I got my reminder call about Monday's pre op appointment. Hell, I'm counting the days!
The only thing they really needed to remind me of was where to park. Thanks to construction, the parking garages are a hot assed mess

Speaking of Vera Bradley...

I've decided which bag to bring to the hospital. I might have a SLIGHT Vera Bradley addiction. I've put 3 things in the bag so far. 2 night shirts and a pair of slippers (yes the slippers are Vera too!)

Pre op appointment

Glad I brought my iPad. As I type this, I'm at the University of Iowa Hospital waiting for my appointment

Pre op and all that

Pre op went well. I looked through Dr. Lawrence's before and after photo album. I signed the release for him to use my photos as he sees fit. It took them a while to get to me. They went over my meds and gave me hibiclens and instructions on bathing with it before surgery. They also gave me a surgical guide. The physician's assistant gave the the ok on the bra I bought from Walmart
I still don't know my surgery time. They will call me the day before the surgery and let me know what time I need to be at the hospital.
Over all, a good appointment. Tomorrow I see the 2 weeks out work schedule. Since I can only work Sunday and Monday, I wonder if they'll schedule me at all

Mammogram is this coming Friday. Wish me luck

REALLY DUDE?! Husband vent

DH was whining about someone in his office that schedules meetings and expects him to be there even though he has it blocked off saying OUT OF OFFICE

me: feel free to slap them if they schedule a meeting next Tuesday.

Damn husband: I didn't block Tuesday off because I don't know what time you need to be at the hospital

Wtf? Take off the whole damn day!!!
I've told him that until I get the call the day before surgery I have no idea.
Can't live with them. And you can't shoot them


I had it done Friday afternoon. Got the results today. ALL CLEAR! Yay!

An awesome friend gave me a AHA moment!

I'm posting this photo because Melanie (the friend in the photo) gave me an aha moment. Yesterday we were in Indianapolis for the Colts-Seahawks game. Melanie flew in from Seattle for the game. I didn't have any Seahawks gear (I'm a Washington Redskins fan. DH is a Seahawks fan). She loaned me one of the 8 jerseys she owns for the game (she's a Seahawks season ticket holder). At dinner last night she was like, "this will be the last year you will wear that jersey."
I'm thinking "WTF...damn, I know I spilled stuff on it, but I offered to wash it! Get a grip!"
She said, "duh, you'll be smaller next year!"

I gave her a huge hug as I drooped her off for her flight back to Seattle
What an awesome friend!
Even though I jokingly say we are members of "rival" sororities (She's a Gamma Phi Beta and I'm an Alpha Phi) Sucks I most likely won't see her again until next year

She will be one of the first people I text when I wake up

Less than a week

I'm wondering if it is starting to be reality for the husband. He's been a lot more "hands on" than usual if you know what I mean

My husband didn't approve of me having gastric bypass last year. (Told him to get the EFF over himself). Surprisingly, Mr. "I like big boobs" is supportive and totally on board with me having breast reduction

I'm wondering if he is like, "let me grope the big boobs while I can!" Lol

5 days to go

The department of anesthesiology called me to go over some things. They said Doc has the OR booked for 4.5 hours for my surgery. I'll know on Monday what time to show up at the hospital. I'm cleaning the house and doing laundry. I'll probably pack my bag this weekend too

Gift from some awesome friends

Yesterday, I came home to a parcel on my door step. Was too tired to check it out. I just got home from work and opened it. Friends surprised me with a Vera Bradley throw blanket and pillow case!!! The blanket is so soft!!!
I'll be taking these to the hospital on Tuesday

Shit! Less than 48 hours! Panic

Today is my last night at work before surgery. I made a list of stuff I need to do. My to do list is hella long! OMFG
This morning I did the Especially For You 5k for breast cancer. (See photo)
Tomorrow is crunch time. Help!!!

A little post op shopping

Button downs and zip up hoodies
I did a little post surgery shopping to get button down shirts and stuff. Got some great deals at the outlets: Banana Republic, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren Polo. I was stoked to get a killer deal on a zip up hoodie from The North Face

As nervous as a hooker in church? NOT YET!

Tomorrow is surgery day. I really expected to be more nervous than a whore in church.
That hasn't hit me yet. I think it will hit when I get the call from the hospital today

Don't make me take out my earrings!

They said they would call me between 2-6. Nope, it was a little after 10 am. I was cleaning the litter boxes when I got the call. I returned their call after Zumba class. Yup, it is gonna be the last time wearing that Enell sports bra. I will be the first victim...I mean surgery tomorrow. He is only doing 2 surgeries. I will have to be at the hospital at 6am. The husband will stay with me until they wheel me into surgery, then he will most likely head to the office. They have his phone numbers to call him. That means I will be getting up around 4:30am to take another shower with the hibiclens. I told him that dinner tonight is freaking reservations. He has been very clingy as of late, bless his heart!

Have to be at the hospital in 3 hours.

I'm already awake. Crap. I'm parched. I can have max 8 oz of water :(
They said I can have plain black coffee. It ain't coffee unless it has Splenda and half and half

Switched bags for the hospital. Kindle, iPod and nook are packed. iPad and iPhone will be packed last. Opted not to carry a purse

Aunt Flo

I'm expecting my period ANY TIME now. It'll be rude as hell if it starts today! I'm just saying

We are here

I'm the one who drove. Why the hell is HE sleeping? I'm hungry
I'm dressed and waiting for the surgeon to do his markings. The husband is lounging in the recliner

Dr. Lawrence's handiwork

He even gave me his autograph. Lol

All done

All in all, they removed 1000 grams on each side. I'm resting peacefully
Thanks for the well wishes everyone

Saw the girls this morning...

I did a sponge bath and took some photos. Waiting for discharge orders so I can GTFO (get the fuck out)

My first full day home

Today was my first full day at home. My biggest challenge is pictured below. Ms. Lulu wanted to snuggle on mummy's chest. Needless to say, I make sure a pillow is on my chest. Pain management is going fine. I sleep a lot and the recliner is my buddy. The husband was worried about me and worked from home. He's been a trooper
My Zumba teacher brought me dinner. She rocks! I'm gonna miss my Zumba classes :(
My follow up appointment will be Monday. Tomorrow, I'm going to have DH take me to look for another surgical bra. I'd like to have one to wear while my other one is in the wash

Epic fail

Was going to try to spend the night in my own bed. #epicfail
Back to the recliner I go
I would have loved to spend the night in my king sized bed with DH

The place where I'm doing the bra shopping is a medical supply place near Mercy hospital. DH is driving me. It's 10 minutes from the house. Then I'm coming home to go back to bed

Exhaustion. OMFG

Got a little exercise. I walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes at a MUCH slower pace.
I did get the bra today and it took EVERY ounce of energy I had to get that task done. DH drove. I'm back home and in my recliner. I like the bra I chose

I'm SO going to sleep now

Info on the bra I purchased

American Breast Care Bras ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110

Pattern is hearts

No stamina

Y'all weren't kidding about exhaustion. I had to sit down and rest for a spell after I showered and got dressed!

Forgot to mention that the anesthesiologist and I bonded over Vera Bradley stuff. Dave was like "kill me, please"

Insecurity and resentment raising their ugly head???

Vent incoming...
As many of you know, damn husband had issues with me having bariatric surgery last year. Last week, I had breast reduction. Recovery is going fine--despite the fact that SOME damn man is currently acting like an asshole.

Last year, I grabbed my health by the balls and did a surgery that he didn't agree with. Tough shit, my body and my choice.

Just had breast reduction...that he was apparently ok with. Well according to him, if I hadn't had last year's surgery I might not have needed the breast reduction and the anger and resentment feelings he had last year recently came out again. Um asshole, I was looking at breast reduction BEFORE bariatric surgery

In the hospital and the first couple days out, he was VERY supportive. Saturday night, the jackass came out in full force. He admitted he can't bring himself to even look at the reduced breasts.
He said he needs a little time...
Dude, get the fuck over yourself. For real!!!

Do I regret having it done? Nope. My only regret is not doing both sooner

An aha moment

Omg an aha moment. He just said, "I don't need to be taking this out on you. This is something I need to battle!"
Part of me wanted to say, "no shit"

Seeing them without tape

DH and I have been talking today. It's going to take a lot of time, love and understanding. And communication

I finally saw my breasts after the tape was removed. Even though Dr. Lawrence and his assistant were pleased with the healing, it did freak me out when I saw the scarring. I took a photo and emailed it to my mum. She raved about his work. I think she likes him because he's a "homeboy". He grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is 90 miles west from where I grew up in Virginia Beach. Mum still lives there.

Even though I say there's a reason why I'm 1000 miles from my family, I gotta admit, I wish I had her with me right now

Correction on the amount removed

1170 grams on the left and 1230 on the right
Things are slowly improving with the husband. He's a good man, but there are times I wanna throttle him

Has anyone experienced a little numbness on one side of their body?

Some progress

I was able to pull a t shirt over my head without too much difficulty. And for some reason, it really felt awesome to shower today

Elective? I got your "elective" RIGHT HERE, bitches!

I had to go off on someone about passing judgment on "elective surgeries". This is one reason why I did this surgery. I'd like to train for at least a 5k

Progress and activity

I'm going to start doing 2 walks a day. 15 minutes each. I started that today. Very good walks. Not as fast as I was before
I just posted the progress photos. The wounds look scary

I've read some breast reduction blogs

This lady from the UK tells it like it is:

Accomplishment/Apron/wish me that order

Accomplishment: I wear my fitbit religiously. It killed me when I couldn't wear it when I had to go to the hospital for surgery--no jewelry, etc. The only 2 pieces I have put back on are my watch and fitbit. No wedding ring
Reason: I haven't worn my actual one for months. I've lost too much weight and it needs to be resized. I have another 30 pounds to go. I miss wearing them. Even my anniversary bands are too big

I bought a cheap fake one from Walmart that fits, but it is tarnished. I might get another cheapie.
Anyway, the fitbit is on. Today is the first day since my surgery that I've gotten near or over my 10,000 steps! I'm doing my 2 short walks a day 15-20 minutes each and housework.
One good thing about breast reduction is aprons hang better. I was cooking and put on one of my Vera Bradley aprons over my hoodie. First time wearing an apron since surgery (see photo)
Finally I'm gonna try to sleep in my own bed tonight vs the recliner. Wish me luck...

Never posted this

Right before getting ready to go in to the OR

Ring and Victoria secret

I went to the mall today to redeem bath and body works coupons.
I also stopped by Victoria's Secret. Tried on a bra. 36DD. It's still a far cry from 36H. I knowing still swollen. Doc said I'll be between a C and D once it's all said and done. I hope he's right. I'm going to Dillard's or Nordstrom to get fitted

I tried on a ring sizer to see what my ring size is. Left is a 5. Right is a 6.5
My right is almost the size I was in high school. I was a 6 in high school

It'll be about $40 to resize my wedding rings

Trying on clothes and stuff

The sorority chapter I used to advise was doing an order for hoodies. I'm still a proud Alpha Phi alumna (I can't believe next Sunday is my initiation anniversary...don't ask how many years, lol). I'm treating myself to a hoody. All my other ones are HUGE on me now. From the size chart, they look like they run small. I opted to get the XL just in case I layer

At Dick's, I tried on North Face jackets. I wore my HUGE hoodie when I went shopping. In the ladies sizes, I probably can get away with a large. Since I layer, I'd err on the side of caution and go for XL

Last year I bought a men's large. I can now wear a medium. I'm just going to stick with my large jacket I have for now
Heck once swelling goes down and in a few months down the road, I'll reassess.

Conversation with damn husband

I was chatting with my friend in Chicago. I needed to vent Today he might as well have kicked me in the proverbial balls. Him: First he said he didn't find me attractive.
Me: Ok, I understand. I now know where you stand
Him: What? I didn't say that?
Me: Yes you did. I ain't gonna lie on you!
Him: You took it out of context.
Me: How in the hell do can you take that out of context? Um, sounded loud and clear.
Him: I meant I don't find your breasts attractive. It's going to take me some time. I think it was a mistake
Me: Um it's only 3 weeks

Relieving back pain and putting my body in proportion is a mistake? Please, let me make more "mistakes" like that

One minute I look great and then he says shit like that
"Mistake" or not, he's paying the tab.
He said, "you're going to make me pay aren't you?" Damn straight
He doesn't know it but it cost him $200 today
He bought me a mani, pedi and $100 in Vera Bradley. And took me out to dinner.

He ain't getting none. Not that he's sexually interested in me, he said it's going to "take time"
Thank goodness for batteries. Yeah, I said it!

He just asked me if I want to snuggle this morning. Lemme think about that: HELL NO!

He's trying

We had a long talk this morning. I guess that's a start. Right now, that's all I can ask for and try not to expect any overnight miracles

Things are improving

I know him better than he knows himself. On 11/20, we will have been a couple for 16 years. Our 12th wedding anniversary is next month.
He's squeamish. I opted not to show him early post op pictures so he wouldn't freak out (NOT pics of you lovely ladies on realself, mind you). Pics from surgeon websites
Me: the breasts are not going to look pretty for a while. Will that bother you?
Him: no, as long as there is no blood, I'll be fine

Yeah, right. I believed him. Shoulda gone with instincts. Part of it was his squeamishness

This is from a dude who passed out cold when saw a couple of drops of blood during his ex-wife's labor
He gets woozy if he has to get blood drawn
He's a hot mess

Trip to Des Moines

I'm peeved I did the driving to and from (2 hours each way) while SOME DAMN MAN used my iPhone to watch Star Trek on netflix.
We were just outside Des Moines. I pointed out a strip mall and said, "you see that shopping center?"
Him: yeah.
Me: up until 3.5 weeks ago, that's where I'd go to buy my bras
125 miles (200km) EACH WAY
It finally sunk in
Hell, that alone is reason enough for breast reduction

I Can Now Wear Aprons Properly

I was trying a new recipe (white chicken chili) and took a break

Most of y'all know about my Vera Bradley purse addiction.
One good thing about BR: being able to wear aprons comfortably...yes she makes aprons too
(Yes, I have another apron coming this the same pattern as the blanket I had in the hospital--called Bittersweet)

By the way, my next post op appointment is this morning at 10am. I better get to sleep


It went well. Doc gave me the clear to go back to work in 2 weeks. Limited to 20 hours for the first 3 weeks.
Here is the week 4 pic of the girls. Doc is pleased. I could do without these pain zingers though

Zumba class? Are you f*cking crazy?

Yes I went to my first post op Zumba class. I survived...barely. Even with modifications, it may have been a little early to come back to Zumba. I'll try again in a week, it'll be a few weeks before I'm back to doing Zumba on the regular

Pulled a bonehead and have to go back to the hospital

Doc asked about my meds. I said, "I'm good, man."
Um no I'm not. I emailed him to get a script. Since it's a narcotic, they can't call or fax it in. I have to either have it mailed to me or go get it

So I'm going to kill 2 birds with one stone. Go to the U of Iowa hospital get the prescription, then go to the outlet mall for sports bra shopping. If DH behaves himself, I might bring him lunch from Costco

So I'm taking advantage of my bonehead move to go shopping

Oh yeah, today I started putting this oil on my scars. I hope it works

DAYUMN! What was billed to insurance v my out of pocket

Got the breakdown costs for my surgery. Of course the one night hospital stay cost more than the fucking surgery.
Feelings are slightly hurt
Surgery billed to insurance: $10,180.56
Insurance picked up all but $517.50
Anesthesiologist billed to insurance: $2,163.36
Insurance picked up all but $70.38
Hospital stay (shit, for this price, it should have been hella posh--and better food) billed to insurance:
Insurance picked up all but $1831.57

Total billed to insurance $30,572.80
Total out of pocket $2419.45

I'm going to take $100 every payday to help pay this down quicker. My bariatric surgery is almost paid off, so I'll just roll the $230 we were paying monthly over to this and add an extra couple hundred bucks to knock it out. No big deal.


Overall, I am paying 7% of the costs. I was told my insurance covered 80% and 20% was out of pocket. I'll take my 93% paid and run with it

Scored a good sports bra

Hit the Under Armour outlet and scored a great sports bra. It runs small, but I love the front zip. Even better--it was 40% it for $24
I ain't mad!

Being a jackass? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

I told him the out of pocket cost. He took a dose of instant asshole and bitched and moaned. I was like "STFU"

Week 5

I started using Palmers Cocoa butter oil last week. I'm happy with the progress since the surgery
I go back to work next week. Things are still difficult with the husband and his health issues aren't helping matters.

Update and muscle pull

I went back to work for one day
One thing. Be careful post BR. I've strained a shoulder blade muscle. My range of motion has increased now that the breasts are not in the way, but I had some muscle/tendons that have not yet built up strength-wise. Left work early Friday. Had to take off this whole weekend. I'm on Dilaudid again for pain. It hurt to drive to the grocery store to get gauze and tape for wound

7 weeks post much to say

Started doing this review last night and lost it. Shit!
Well, I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow. I hope my shoulder will hold up. Dilaudid has been my friend. I am sure the local pharmacy has been giving me the "judging you" look because I have had so many prescriptions filled.
I am back to sleeping in a recliner with a heating pad

There was a fella a couple weeks ago asked if I was losing weight. Honey, this dude has been seriously been checking me out. I have to admit it does stroke my ego and make me feel good. I told him I was and that I also had breast reduction. He said, "you look great. I am sure your husband likes it, and if he doesn't he is an idiot!" Score for this dude!

DH, you are on notice that you may have an genius IQ, but you are an idiot!
Fitness: despite the shoulder, I have started the 30 day plank challenge

I am going a little farther by doing one plank on my hands and one on my elbows for the allotted time each day. Today was 45 seconds. Holy shit!

Since I can't do Zumba yet, I am doing a lot of walking. I am hitting the nature trail while I can to power walk/jog (mostly walk). Soon, it will not be feasible because of the winter weather. Yesterday I decided to test the Under Armour sports bra. I mostly walked, but during each song that came up, I jogged for one minute. The bra passed with flying colors. I have it in black and white. If it comes in other colors, I am buying them. The song that got me most pumped up during the workout is "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
I tried hot yoga last week. Am looking to do it again...sooner than later

Didn't jog today, but today I did my longest power walk ever....4 miles

Wish me luck going back to work tomorrow...again!

Just when I thought things were getting better

"I liked the way you were before. In my opinion, the breast reduction wasn't an improvement. I see why you did it, but I don't agree with it."

Dude: 2 words: FUCK OFF

We are coming up on our 12 year wedding anniversary. Not much to celebrate

It's my birthday

Well our anniversary has come and gone. He got me a nice card and ring. Things have been improving, I'm glad to say. Things still suck in the intimacy department. We snuggle but the new girls have yet to be test driven, if you get my drift

He hooked me up for Christmas. As I type this, I'm listening to music in my new Dr Dre Beats headphones

For my birthday today I went to Victoria Secret to get some bralettes. I got my first matching bra and panty sets!!!!

The shoulder is still acting up. I might try a Zumba class tomorrow

It's been a while since I updated

I have quite a bit to post, but I have to share this article. It hit SO close to home

4 months out

My left breast is slightly was that way even before surgery. I'm using bio oil on my scars. They are slowly fading. Over all, I'm VERY happy with my reduction. Husband is still not, but since he was not carrying these boobs on his chest, he can fucking kick rocks. He said, "I liked you better before." Build a bridge and get over it, pal.

Read the link in the above post. It will hit close to home

Matching Bra and panties from Victoria Secret-priceless

It's been a while since I've written. I am trying Mederma for my scar. Hope that can speed up healing. Has anyone had any experience with it? If so, holla and let me know. For as much as this shit cost at CVS, it better work.

I'm battling a tonsil infection. Left work early

What is it about men? I had an awesome male buddy who said, "I understand why you got it done, but I liked it when you had the girls." And for the record, he has NOT seen me naked. I wanted to say, "honey, if you seen these puppies unharnessed, then you'd think differently!" He's a cool dude, so I'm not going to sweat him. He's being a guy

Men. They want big boobs, a trick pelvis and a tight...I better not go there. A filthy mind is a terrible thing to waste. And in my opinion, if you still have a D cup, there's plenty to "play" with.

In good news. I bought my first bra from Victoria Secret. I had $10 off a bra, so I took advantage. I'm reading that their bras run small and they're not the best place to get sized. The bra I got is hella sexy though. I'm planning on getting sized at Nordstrom or Dillard's.

It's crazy that I bought a D cup and that the bra is padded. I love that it's hot pink. Got the matching panties too

I'm back to the gym with a vengeance. Gotta shake these extra pounds loose, yo!

Off topic Pet peeve: folks REALLY need to learn the difference in LOSE v LOOSE. You don't loose weight, you LOSE.

Example: you want a slot machine to be LOOSE so the casino will LOSE money
Call me nit picky but it grinds my gears. I'm just saying
Iowa City Plastic Surgeon

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