51 Year Old Breast Reduction I Had to Appeal and Insurance Covered All of It Kansas

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Hello I am a newbie in the room. I started my...

Hello I am a newbie in the room. I started my Journey to Breast Reduction in January 2014. Insurance denied my first claim and I had to appeal and it was overturned .I went from 38DDD to hopefully small 38C . I did measure around my breast with nothing on them before I was 44 and now im 39 inches hoping to lose one more inch, that being said one inch equals one cup size.I am just now two weeks post opt with swelling not to bad not on any pain meds but still icing it.I went to University of Iowa Hospital and Dr. Lawrence did my surgery I am pleased with it . I have had 4 neck surgerys two which are fused and I have had 3 lumbar surgerys hoping getting 3 1/2 pounds between both breast will help save a few of disc and help with pain to early to say yet.

3 weeks Post opt tomorrow May 6th 2014

Just updating some recent photos as you can tell I love the Paper tape for sensitive skin even after my strips were removed I didnt want to have any holes as I have seen. And gives me a little more support I think If I go braless I might beable to use this tape,to keep the headlights from coming on . I still have some swelling going on cant wait till all that heals some bruising and my inscions under my breast where are stitches are at My body still is absorbing the internal stiches and until then I will use the paper tape for sensitive skin it peels off oh so gentle and doenst leave sticky residue. I bought 2 rolls and went back and bough two more rolls. I still been icing once to twice a day. Wearing only sports bras. With spaghetti straps I have never been able to wear them my breast was to heavy and uneven.So glad I finally got my BR done .I will post some photos I took today.I havent used any special lotions or creams just the light pressure on my scars will help flatten out the scars. Happy Healing to all. I am so proud to be in the ITTY BITTY TITTY COMITTY.


anywhere there was like a bump area I would tape it up for support. And under the breast I start with a piece in center of the breast and start the tape and gently give it a pull to the outer edges really holds well. Hope this review helps some new people. And as far as size goes I looked for three months before and after surgery, but I was so nervous about it But I saw my surgeon Before surgery and he was making my markings, I couldnt stress enough to him I wanted to be a C but was afraid if I said that he would make me a full overflowing C so I stressed I want to BE ON THE SMALLER SIDE OF C I wanted to have nothing to do with ANY Ds at all. I am so pleased so far so good I go back for another post opt visit in a few weeks. I wanted to be a FULL BE SMALL C and I got exactly what I wanted. I figured I could always wear them pretty padded bras if I want to add volume But I could never be anysmaller, and for me before Breast Reduction I wore the thinnest bras and minimizers I could find, and still my HIGH BEAMS were always ON. as far as nipples I havent had my lights on yet I try to get the lightly removable cup bras in these photos I didnt have the removable cups in.In my first post I had a shirt with the lightly cups in them I look little more bigger LOL SO SO HAPPY I was so nervous I have seen alot of ladys not to be as small as they wanted. I do need to lose some weight but weight has never really ever effected my bra size.My surgeon put all internal stitches in me So i just kept changing tape and airing them out daily.And I still feel the paper tape gives me so much more support especially under the breast so I wont get rips tears or hole.

more three week photos

3 weeks today

ice ice and more Ice I think i see two black stitches just like the ends of them one is on the nipple and one under one of my breast they are clean and not red so I leave them for now hoping they will dissolve inside I go back for 2 post opt on May 19th be here before I know it Keeping clean and gauze still swelling had ice on twice today Just feel like they are full of breast milk LOL and I havent breast fed for 26 years a little more uncomfortable but still tight and hasnt seemed to soften up yet Im still shooting for the MAGIC 4 MONTH everyone seems thats the month At least I will have a more comfortable SUMMER!!!! Wish I would have did this years ago but it all worked out in the end .I have lost 5 inches and hoping to lose one more inch when all swelling goes down. Its a good idea to measure yourself before surgery with out a bra on and bending over and letting the GIRLS HANG in front get a good measurement then the day of the surgery re measure before all swelling kicks in I did I was 44 around breast and back I wore 38DD and hung over under and out of sides big time. Then after surgery I measured next day before had time to swell I was 39. and still have swelling and my shirts fit different for sure I could probably get buy with smaller ones but still very comfy in all my shirts its not pulling in middle of back or neck. Hoping to save my remaining three disc in neck.

may 8th

three weeks and 2 days Still swelling and bruised ON ICE NOW :P

May 9th 2014

Just small update to show a few more healing pictures. I still have some swelling and bruising going on I also have one scab that keeps coming off and then back again I got triple antibiotic on it and dry gauze. I also keep my scars taped with 3M paper tape for sensitive skin I have had many surgerys and by keeping pressure on the scars will be alot flatter. Plus love the support. I have been using a cotton bra as to let them have air I also have some swelling I know you cant tell from photos but I feel the tightness in them I keep icing them not on direct skin I dont want to ICE FREEZE THEM that will kill the skin as well I will hopefully Repost some more photos on my Month Post Op which will be May 15th.

May 9th 2014

Just jumping round looking at photos and reading amazing stories we planted our garden today I sat on chair most of time but helped what I could do Im on my ICE GEL BAGS from walmart I got the ACE Brand cause that is all they had But I saw my father in law had two which was EQUATE BRAND the exact same kind I got ripped off UGHHHH but they are totally Awesome

May 11 2014

EYE EYE MATE!!!!! I look Like a PIRATE LOL

Heres a small video on the Blue tape for sensitive skin from 3M

I tried three other white paper tapes and NO LUCK fell off this one is great Hope it can help you like it is me Click link below for small video

Heres the tape Im not sure mine was Nexus??? I just thought mine was 3M paper tape for sensitive skin


Some more photos healing quite well still shows more bruising then my camera could pick up

5/13/2014 May 13th 4 weeks post opt

Just a small update as far as weeks I am 4 weeks post opt today. And by months I will be 1 month out May 15th I go back for check up next monday the 19th. Still swelling and my nipples have became more sensitive. Cant wait till Month 4 that is when the doctor and team told me I will see most of the benefits from the BR. I know they are still tight and need to move more front and center and give me cleavage I know its just a matter of time.


Just a monthly update I will post some photos still sore and light bruising I see more bruising going on and my right one is healing slower then left , Both have thick incisions under the breast where my body is trying to absorb the stitches My Right Breast looks as if the nipple wasn't cut round like it was slightly cut straight at the top of it? I have a post opt appt Monday. I know its very early to see full benefits.Tell what you think Thanks

I hit update before I had all photos uploaded try again

5/15/2014 One month photos puckering on right breast and seeing more light bruising on my right that wasnt there before. Im sure its normal I will try to label my photos


WOWWWWWWWWWWW Before and one month after


May 18 2014

Going for post opt appt tomorrow morning will see how I am doing I will be 5 weeks post opt Tuesday. Every day i get a little bit better : )

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Today was my 5 week post opt May 19 2014. Doctor gave me the OK to buy either wire or wireless bras what ever was the most comfy he said I could get into HOTUBS NOW!!! Gave me the OK for anything I will have another appt in two more months. I asked about the nipple I was worried about he reassured me telling me I had some really deep sutures pulling and tugging as they heal.He also said that the volume of the breast really wont change that I could buy either Underwire Bras or just bras with out wires whatever was most comfortable for me. He also said up to a year could be some subtle changes up to a year. So glad I went with my second opinion.

Husband went with me to my Five week Post Opt

May 19th 2014 My husband went with me to my post opt appt. I asked the doctor a few questions I also said well My husband is more worried about it then I AM LOL since I had did so much searching ect before my surgery I had three months of searching and finding out what was going to happen . I started to watch some youtube videos on the actual surgery but I quickly turned them off I figure I didnt want to see them All I knew was I would be taking a nice nap.

Bra Shopping May 20 2014

I got the OK yesterday from my Plastic Surgeon I could by some bras. So today I hit walmart LOL got a few danskin sports bras (3) bright colors and I believe 4 more and none of them are underwires WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wore like 38B/C with the Cs being a little roomy not to bad But I could probably go down on my BODY size to a 36 but he told me the size wouldnt change so much they would probably drop center and fluff to a beautiful tear drop size : ) Such a happy camper. Then I went to JCP Pennys and got two bras didnt try on then got home to small so they will have to go back. Glad I tried on different ones in Walmart. I should be good for the summer anyways.

May 20 2014 WOW Dr said I could go bra shopping 5 weeks Post Opt

I was in shock I grabbed Bs and Cs and Bs fit the best I bought one C cup it was a little room in them.Going from such big ones to such small ones AWE IM IN HEAVEN!!!! I couldnt stress more how I wanted to be on the smaller side of C the more the merrier I told My PS.HE DELIVERED~~~~~~~

5 week post May 21st 2014

Heres some photos per request LOL be back later this afternoon hair done today and hit a store I got two bras I didnt try on that dont fit I go get bigger ones LOL

no wires no wires



I got alot more photos must not have loaded yet but they are before my photos with my pink shirt and cami on hoping the will update more Off to get my hair trimmed and brows done. Then run to JCPennys I bought to large bras from there sports and didnt try them on I cant get them on from my top or my bottom LOL I probably get bigger size as I like the sturdiness of them I didnt not take photos of them If i get them changed back I will throw a quick photo up.

more photos didnt load first time

THE PURPLE ONE IS ONLY 38C all rest 38B I can go down to 36s and the DANSKIN Bright colored sports bras are from walmart size LARGE they have them up to 2xl


I have the pads out on this shirt I have a orange one just like it too

Two new Bras

Here are two Warner bras was buy one get second half off at JC pennys

Six Week Post Opt Pictures May 27th 2014

I only got two photos because my camera battery needed recharged got it charging I still have some puckering around nipples normal as they have some deep sutures in them.


Was having issues before with photos so trying out the new system.Was hard finding all my photos so they might not be in correct order but you can pretty much say I went from 38DDD to 38B


I had drains removed next morning after night in hospital

Six week Photos

I still have some puckering and they need to stop drop and roll LOL fluff out not to worried doctor said possibly around the 4-6 months area and said even small changes up to a year.


I have a double toilet paper roll with magazine rack and I was changing one of the rolls (sitting on the can ) LOL TMI and I had to turn to my left and over strecthed a little and HEARD A BIG POP it felt like a stitch pop to me Is this normal I could let I strecthed a little but then FELT THE SNAP In side kinda like a dry stitch pop is what if felt like it was not a ZINGER has anyone had this and my Right breast was the one that had most work done to it my left breast has been ok from the begging POP SNAPPLE CRACK LOL

Still hasnt sunk in last summers photo and this summers photos

Last July photo all I see is tits made my it so you couldnt see my head LOL and then this summers!!!!!!!!!

A couple more BEFORE AND AFTER

Before Summer 2013 After Summer 2014 Glad to get rid of them heavy breast took 3 pounds off together I should have did this MANY YEARS AGO But glad I did it would have saved me many years of less pain and neck surgerys :(

7 Week Post Opt Photos Happy Healing

two more photos

If you like my photos or review and it has helped you Please be sure to go to the bottom of my Profile or Review and make sure to check where it says was this review helpful for you and CLICK YES!!!!!! This is a Before Summer 2013 and After Summer 2014 I went from DDD (was never properly fitted) I hung out above below and sides and bras were so painful I hadnt wore them for 12 years and NOW these sports bras are SO comfy I wear them 24/7 every once and while I go braless at home but if it swells I put bra back on I will be 7 weeks tommorrow Post Op.

Side boobs

My husband keep pointing out the negative on my boobies LOL he said I have that side stuff FAT I dont know is it normal I didnt think it was that bad is that something that comes it time seems Im heavy on the sides I figure it will all drop to the front am I wrong?

Used to love these bras need in new size

OLGA Bras I used to have some old BIG GIRL bras in these now I need Itty Bitty Size

Almost 2 month post opt

Well June 15th I will be 2 months post op you can tell by my recent photos I havent given up my paper tape just yet LOVE THAT STUFF!!!!! I wear it under my sports bra to help give support as my internal stitches heal up. No its not a tan its shadow at top of my chest!!!

2 month Post Photos!!!

Hello My fellow itty bitty peeps!!! I am posting 2 month post surgery photos tomorrow I will be 2 months post!!! Still having swelling and some pain especially if I go with out my sports bras on. We went to town THE BIG CITY LOL and I purchased 2 nude bras and a yellow and purple! Cost around 24-25 each I got some great sales normally ran around 40-44. I love my sports bras for 4.96 from walmart they will be great at home but they all have removable cups!!! These new Bali are lightly lined no cups to remove 38 B for bittys!!! Please check out my review I have TONS OF PHOTOS on my journey and Please remember to Click on YES under my doctors review on my page It will ask you Did you find this review Helpful and please click YES~~~~


I checked my review can anyone see WAS THIS REVIEW HELPFUL on my page I cant see it on my own just wandering if eveyone cant see there own or if mine is messed up Please let me know Thank you

2 month Post Opt Photos

Ok now its starting to sink in HERE LOL I got two bras that are no padding and are Breezie Brand 38B one white one tan or nude!!! BOTH 38 Bs for BITTYS!!!!!and they are underwires!!!! :


I found a tote of bras and things in my basement I went thru them and this is what I found LOLOLOL They are packed up and ready for the NEEDY!!! J/K I got them to go to one of my sisters. And my other sister is Bigger I asked her if she wanted smaller breast . She SAID NOPE I carried them this long I think I keep them she said pain would be to much for her to handle. I told her well If I had to live another 20 years I was not going to carry these around.

A few photos with CLOTHES ON

Just thought I shared so many NAKED photos I would put some up in clothes got me some new bras lol today and a cute shirt.But Im just showing you what I found in a tote under summer clothes I found 4 tube top shirts to wear around here for some sun but not to town LOL so i put a shirt over it to head on in LOL

more clothes

heres is anohter with out the pink longged shirt

ok this is a selfie

now I was sitting when I took these photos no mirror Just took it LOL suprised I got it I got three new tube tops from walmart went fishing today in a pink and black polka dot one got pooped on twice while under the tree!! I think that means I have double Luck??? I for 3 new smaller tube tops at walmart 4.88 I had to grab them cause they be out of my size the next time I go~~~~~

RIPPLING light purple 10 weeks post one breast

It is just in the right breast which if I hold it up you can see the rippling or puckering they did alot more work to my right breast 600gms out of left and 900mgs out of right and it only does it if I bend forward a little with no support or if I grab it and hold it some numbing and nerve endings growing back and little light purple when I massage it around part of the bottom of the nipple any one else have this ?

Boxy looking yet

I think Im boxy looking as well especially with my hands in the air hope Im still to early to tell do you think I have side boobs or batwings??? LOL

LOL Stupid Gray dot in all my photos

I have a stupid Gray dot in all the photos I cleaned off my lense to camera who knows what it is???? It is not part of me LOL

Close enough to 3 months

Photos with bras on 3 months only 2 underwire bras 38B from breezies brand Ebay LOL 38B I will do some more braless photos on the 15th will be three month mark P.S. Come back and see my progress if my review was helpful please click the YES box on my review page THANKS

A few swim suits itty bitty tops LOL

got me some new swimsuits from my local thrift store Must been my lucky day all washed and ready to go i cant believe these itty bitty swimsuit tops!!!!!I got three XL tops there hope they arent to big LOL all washed and all laid out to dry!! HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO SUMMER these couldnt have been on the racks long and it was busy in there today!!!I was in and out and got two pairs of capris and one pair of shorts and some sequins shoes all washed and air drying out!!!!! I cant get over how new they are!!!!! I already have a tote in basement full of suits but much larger tops I LOVE THESE BITTY TOPS!!!!!!!

3 month photo shoot

LMFAO well its three months today I have included 2 photos my scars are more angry looking as they are expected to be part of the healing of the scars. Does it look like I have bottomed out or is that just me?

3 months post opt

Im asking anyone who has to deal with side boob or bat wings I go to my doctors next friday July 25th Im afraid to ask him about it afraid he say Im fat!!!! Can this be fixed I didnt have this before surgery!!!!! HELP


Just a few photos I can wear cute shirts now I still have that dreaded GRAY DOT IN MY PHOTOS LOL I am wider on my chest then alot of people I need to try a good push up Plunge bra to have some clevage any reccommendations

doctor appt tomorrow

I have a appt in morning very early I have to be there at 8:30 am and its two hour drive. I am going to try to post photos but hard to see on the photos I have side boob fat and tanktoppers fat I had my insurance paid for my reduction due to it being medical necessity, I have side boob and tanktoppers anyone know if these are covered or I will have to pay out of pocket He is a quite man so not sure I get much out of him I really need some help what to ask him I post photos but hard to see the depth of them HERE GOES~~~~~~~~~~~Im 3 months post anyone else have these problems and happy with results THANK YOU


Just a few new bras from fruit of the loom underwire Push up so wow AM I IN LOVE with these bras and its 38C wooooooo hoooooooo and these are round and fit awesome and are WIDE SIDES AND BACK I have to hit another walmart tommorrow to get black and see if they have them in NUDE we have a tiny Walmart I try to get photos of me in them WOW TO CUTE~~~~~~~~ Pre molded


Trying to document some before photos to try to get the issues before and after photos has anyone had a revision with extended scars on the side to get rid of side boob if so let me know. It wasnt there after surgery as the skin softened up then they were there!!! So Surgeon said If I bothered me he would take it off : ) I have bought several 38 C i thought I was just B but I have like 5 that are Cs so Im BIG B small C : )

2 weeks having a REVISION anyone have this done

IM having a revision done August 25th for side boobage or fat that settled in after I had quite a huge reduction.I am trying to add before photos of revision and after Hope it helps my cause I wont be going under the knife My Surgeon will numb me up and work on my sides to extend the scar.I will be 4 months post opt August 15th 2014

Revision in 2 weeks August 25th

Has anyone had a revision done for side boobage It was nice and tight after surgery. My surgeon said if it bothered me we could do revsion.Well I wouldnt have mentioned it if it didnt bother me. I am trying to post a few before photos bare with me this is second try at it

revision needed

I am trying for the third time Realself is not loading my photos I have posted 6 photos with each post !!! Is the third time a charm??


Hope my photos are uploading I only been seeing one of the six photos


anyone have a revision for side boobage? Fat that rides above and below the bra line

Uploading Pre Revision Photos 6 of them

anyone know of anyone with revision for sideboobage

2 weeks need revision

Photos would not load after six times yesterday will try again today!!!!Going to get rid of side boobage anyone else have this revision done please PM ME


hoping this will load today with all the six pre revision photos for side boobage

Revision Pre Photos


Pre revision Photos


try 4 Pre Revision sideboobage photos


Had to share (-:

had to share to cute!!


I put up question for doctor and I added 4 photos and aparently they didnt load whats NEW How can I add photos


I had a question asked a few days ago to a doctor he said to add photos?? How can I add photos I did post 4 photos with it when I wrote the question. Some reason lately the site hasnt been loading them and Im not sure I can add any I cant find anywhere to add them????? It was a question about side boobage!!! ANY ONE PLEASE HELP and it was not for dog ears it was for SIDE BOOBS OR FAT AND SKIN wasnt there until my skin softened and it is annoying it rides up on my bras like a roll

More then one REVIEW?

How does it work if You have more then one REVIEW I know we can not edit our reviews and if the site isnt working correctly and after many attempts our FIRST REVIEW GETS WAY TO LONG for people to follow anyone know if we make more then one review which one will show the first or the second or third or 4th Thanks for any help

Breast reduction REVISION DONE!!!!!!!!!

I will be posting my progress I had my revision done today It was done in sterile environment The nurse and surgeon both said I was a trooper for the amount of skin and breast tissue that they had to remove was more then the do normally it took a hour and half and now numbing meds are wearing off I take off my dressings tommorow and try to post some of the incision as they heal


Breast reduction revision for bra roll both sides excision of inscions on sides of both breast removed breast tissue skin and fat surgeon told me he removed more then he normally would said I was a trooper LOL I was in a sterile room and just localized numbing me and if he hit a few spots I felt he had to numb me more!!!! Glad to be on the other side of things I be sure to take more photos as time goes on!!!

Heres my extended incision with out bandages (photos)

I took dressings off this is what I ended up with!!! Big improvement!!! Took a Hour and Half to get it done in office with just having it localized with numbing meds and when he hit part that wasnt numbed I told him and he poked me with more numbing meds!!!Also a photo of my ICE GEL PACKS got from walmart they also have the equate brand but wasnt there when I bought mine Im sure much cheaper going to look for another pair today!!! Come in handy!!

Side Revision Photo updates

Here is my side revision a few extra photos

Nearly 6 months Post op 1 month Post revision Photos

I am nearly six months post op Breast reduction and one month post op revision where he extended my scars to take out more breast tissue and rolls of fat that my heavy breast before you couldnt see it but wow Sure made a difference!!!!!!!!! HAPPY CAMPER~~~~~~~ I still think she seem big since they are up on my chest and not in my under arm pits!!!!!!!!!


My Revision of SIDE BOOB I will try to post the before photos as well my plastic surgeon of 38 years extended my breast reduction inscions to get rid of the side roll boobage of breast tissue and fat from going from such a big size down to a B size


it didnt load all my photos this is after BR and before revision

before Revision for SIDE BOOBAGE PHOTOS



ten months post opt I have a little size difference not as bad as before had a revison done on side boobs at 4 months and now looking to check into a TT I had my BR paid for so the TT wont be paid for looking for average price and maybe having the new surgeon checking out my REDUCTION maybe a little lipo to one side? Photo included why I needed BR to begin with photos of my extended scars for revision I need to find all my breast photos scattered across my pc :P

3 months post opt Tummy Tuck

I guess I hit submitt before I got all my photos loaded I try again :P

3rd times a charm

I was scrolling on my photos and the page hit submit LOL I keep doing this hope to get some more post photos up
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