FLAT SIDE NOW- Good bye apron, hello flatness!

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I am 38, 5'5", 155 pounds. I have two teenage...

I am 38, 5'5", 155 pounds. I have two teenage children. I was always slim before my children and once I was through with two very close pregnancies (they are 16 months apart), my stomach had the dreaded apron. I actually knew it while pregnant with my second child because I had asked my OB Dr. why is my stomach right under my full term belly jiggly. He broke it to me that my ab muscles probably "gave out" and it was also why my stomach drooped. Sigh. Fast forward to August 2013....hysterectomy (cut open, kept my ovaries), he said he could do a little tummy tuck while I was cut open. I was so excited! Although, he told me that he probably could not get all the overhang (esp on the side as he would have to go all the way to side of hip), I was excited to see my stomach when I woke up...I was VERY disappointed. He did not cut me very straight and alas, one side of the bulge is biggen than the other side. You can kinda see my bulge on smaller side and def see it on larger side in my clothes. :( I pretty much had the same recovery as someone who undergoes a TT, so I have experienced it. I swore that I would NEVER, EVER be cut open again after those agonizing first weeks lol. I dealt with the hunched over, not being able to be comfortable when I slept, not being able to get out of the bed (husband and kids had to haul me up out of there/my kids said I walked and acted like an old granny lol), constipation, the binder which became my best friend and I wore it for six weeks, and the swelling when on feet too much. I was so happy to be over the female issues, but wished I would have just had him do it laparoscopically since he didn't cut much off. :/ Also, I was very sick the day after my surgery (stayed in hosp 2 nights), had a major migraine, and vomited when nurse gave me my migraine med instead of my naseau pill that I had asked to have before getting up for the first time. She got her payback when it went all over her :) . It was the most horrible pain ever to vomit after being cut open there! Wowza. My husband has been wonderful throughout everything! He is my rock. He tells me that I'm beautiful just as I am. However, he told me one day after I kept jokingly telling he and the kids that I wanted a TT for Christmas, that if it was something that would make me finally feel comfortable enough to stand naked in front of him instead of covering my stomach, he was for me doing it. I don't mind him seeing me naked from behind and as long as my stomach is covered (or I'm laying down)....but I cringe when he see's me full frontal. I know it's ugly and he must too! I do know he loves me and all my flaws, even though he says I'm not flawed. Aww. I'm doing this for me and my self esteem. I know I have other areas that aren't model perfect, but I think of them as normal. I definitely do not think of my stomach as normal. I am NEVER comfortable in a swimsuit when we go on vacation...we go to Cancun once or twice a year, and let me tell you-those women always look good and in two piece bikinis! Here I am in a tankini or one piece...ugh. I have a consultation with a doctor in Indianapolis on Feb. 26. I have read and read reviews on all of the PS in that area and he has so many wonderful 5 star reviews and not a bad one. If I like him, I'm going with him. If not, I'll try the second best choice I have picked and do a consult with her. We are going to Florida first week of June, so hubby and I both think that the last week of March would be a good time to do it. He is off that week, so he can help me. I hope that 10 weeks will be enough time to heal to be okay with driving that far and enjoying myself. (???? anyone have any input on that???) One PS did a consult via email where I sent him my pics and they called me. He said I needed a full TT with lipo of the flanks. I don't know if I will need lipo or not...read his reviews and wasn't too pleased with them. We have set aside just enough for what we believe the TT will cost and not sure we will want to spend extra for lipo. Guess we will see. Thankfully, I'm a stay at home mom (since Jan 2014) and won't have to worry about returning to work. I can't wait and will post more after my consult with the PS.

Just a thought...

Has anyone used Essential Oils in their recovery?

Just back from Cancun...pre TT

Well, we spent a fabulous week in Cancun....however, the beach is my nightmare as usual. Filled with tiny bikinis and alot of thongs, I usually feel very down on myself during this time. This last week was no exception, however knowing that I am going forward with a TT soon helped me to feel a little better. I cringed every time I took off my swim cover up and raced for the water or sat down and pulled knees up to cover myself lol. One day, I decided to wear a little more revealing bikini (well, revealing to me, not to the tiny girls with strings on lol) and took of my cover up thinking we were headed to the water. Husband just decided to take his time taking off his shirt and rearranging everything on our chairs while I stood there feeling like a blimp. I snapped at him to hurry up as I can't just stand there looking like that. He was like, "oh goodness, you look fine!" If he only knew how humiliated I felt standing there......
Anyhow, we had a great time as usual despite my insecurities while forced to wear a swimsuit. :) I cannot wait until this summer, post TT, and for my husband to say WOW look at my wife in her swimsuit! Fingers crossed anyhow. :
Thursday is my consult with a PS and I am so excited, I can barely contain it!

Couple more before pictures

Found a couple more before pix that show my front...especially the bulge from each side and unevenness of them. I can't stand to hardly look at it....but knowing that it will all be gone soon makes me very happy! I've prayed to be that flat tummy girl for so many years....it is within my reach. Thank you God.

Consult today! Ready to book tomorrow!

Had my consult today. We arrived 15 mins early and only waited 15 mins to be taken back to room. His staff were so kind and upbeat - liked them all right away. Had to laugh though - she asked my weight to put down on paper and I said "uhhhh, not with my husband in the room" lol. She laughed and had me write it down and my husband was like what is the big deal? Men - they don't get it :) (p.s. later after she left the room, he said I'm sure I know what you weigh....and guessed 30 pounds lighten than I am! Sweet, we will let him think that!!) The doc came in and was very kind and patient. He used a brochure to explain to the hubs and I exactly what a TT consisted of. He asked if we had any questions so far and I had a couple...hubs had none. Then, the dreaded stand up in front of him.....he measured me and looked and felt around. I noticed my dear husband watching intently...I hate him seeing me full frontal....ugh. He told me that the good news is I have very thin legs (instantly I was on cloud nine....for some reason, never believe anyone, but when a doc says it -YES!), and my hips were thin (under the loose skin and fat lol). He said the bad news is that my waist and hips measure the same and so basically I have no waist. Yep, that's for sure. He told me there were two options basically....full TT, or full TT with lipo on back flanks. He said to get the full amount of inches off (he said 6-7" off with lipo too...omg I can't wait!!!!), and to have a nice sculpt with a waist, and to have the look from back the same as front, the lipo was needed...I had already been told by another ps that was so also and expected it. We had talked last couple weeks that may be expected and husbands seemed okay with it. He asked if we had any questions throughout and was very thorough.
His assistant took us to a room and gave us the quote and we talked about how I'd like it done before vacation and have some time to heal. He had told me in the room, shouldn't be a problem, but he's going to be gone some coming up. She gave us the dates that were available and after talking, decided to call and schedule it for April 6! I cannot wait - wish it were sooner lol. But, I know, no rushing.
I asked if my husband could stay with me that night and she said yes of course, but he may be more comfortable and rested at a hotel. She said I would have two private nurses. Wowza....that'll be like nothing I've ever experienced. The other two surgeries I've endured have been begging a nurse to come help me lol.
So, as we are driving away, my dear, sweet, loving husband says to me "You forgot to ask him how long until we can have sex after surgery" hahahahaha.....I knew that was coming! He was only joking......well, maybe not :)

I think my pre-op appt will be March 16, but I will find out for sure tomorrow.

Some of the my wish things....

I have always wanted to wear some sexy lingerie for my husband and always avoided it or get the nightie that covers it all. It is one of the things I'm looking forward to wearing for my husband after my TT . I posted a couple pix to show. I imagine I"m not the only one who looks forward to this as well after their TT? The little corset that doesn't quite come down to touch the panty and I won't have a roll of skin bulging out! My hubs likes thongs and it's hard to find them that have full frontal coverage and still be sexy. So, that's another of my wishes and hopes for after the TT. :)
On another note, I've been looking at compression garments...I now doc will put me in one (he said it's not a velcro binder but a full one with legs??? Wondering what that's about), but wanted one to change to after a few weeks. I read that one that goes farther down and has bra straps help to keep the swelling smoothed out.....what are some that you all have bought and liked? Or been recommended.

Getting ready, made a post op blend for scar, and so many questions for ps next Monday!

I'm so anxious (and a bit scared!) for my surgery April 6.
I wanted to get a blend ready to use on my scar, so I made that today. I used:
Equal parts coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter with Vitamin E. Then, added in doTerra Lavender, Lemon, and Frankincense essential oils. I put it all into a container and sat it in boiling water for a few minutes until melted, then stirred up and let it cool down to form solid again. Doesn't really have a smell, but feels so good on my body! Can't wait to see how well it works. I will prob use silicone strips as well later on also. I plan to make a blend for healing and pain as well (probably Frankincense, Lavender, Marjoram, Cedarwood, and I'm not sure yet what else. :)

I've been looking up some protein shakes that I can drink post op to help also. I found some on Bob's Red Mill Facebook page. I wonder if they will work well? Not sure on sodium content as I haven't went further with it. I have most of the stuff, just need some protein powder. Anyone tried any/have any suggestions???? I found some KIND protein/high fiber bars that taste so good also!

I have been reading a ton up on TT and some youtube videos. Feels like that is all I do (well, while hubby is busy on the Xbox LOL). I want to ask my doc what his revision policy is and what exact garment I will be sent home with and such. I sent a few messages to some massage therapists asking about lymphatic drainage and so far none are certified in it. Hopefully in a bigger town 35 mins away someone will be. :/ I give my husband lymphatic drainage massages on his head and neck area, and wondering if I could teach him how to do mine via youtube instructional videos lol.

I browsed through a Victoria's Secret and Venus swim catalog today...and I can't wrap my head around the fact that I could be in a cute bikini this summer! It doesn't seem real....14 years of wearing tankini's and one pieces....Again, it feels like I'm winning the lottery :)

I've been exercising, but not every day...more like 3 times a week. That is better than nothing I suppose. Winter is always hard for me....I love warm weather and being outside; I love just walking and throwing in some squats, lunges, and some sit ups. Come on spring!

My pre op appt is on Monday. I will post another update then.


I had read someone's update earlier about how they recommend you getting a wax beforehand, so that you don't have to deal with that issue for awhile. So, I had the bright idea tonight that I would just try to do it myself and then again before surgery....sure. I rubbed the numbing stuff on myself all down there. First off, that was a bad idea in itself because it felt like it got into certain areas and was burning and not pleasant. I let that calm down and wax was heated perfectly. Cut myself some strips into different sizes because who in their right mind would use a full strip at once? A half strip sure....(NEVER do that either lol). I laid down in the bathroom and turned on fan so that if I screamed the kids wouldn't hear and come running. I had to lay down of course, because I can't see that area otherwise (hence why the surgery is happening hehehe). Started with the top of the area by my old hysterectomy scar and did a couple very small areas..did I just die? ...call an ambulance....hurt like a mother and I probably did screech and was breathing very hard. Maybe cried a little too, I don't remember, it was like a nightmare. So, I let that sit and then thought, oh come on you big baby, let's just do a bigger strip and see. I counted to three and took a deep breath and riiiiiiiiippppp! It came halfway off and the other half was stuck. OMG OMG OMG. What do I do then? So, I get up to get that oil stuff they give you for after (it removes wax somewhat) and well I wasn't thinking (becuase I had pieces of wax all over me down there) and my apron stuck to the wax below. Riiiiipppp again. Lord, just take me now because I can't bare to look, let alone finish getting that piece off of me. Finally I did get it off, scaring the dog in the other room in the process lol. I'm red and swollen and still hurting. I rubbed coconut oil and lavender on it so hopefully in the morning I won't have huge red welts/bumps. On a bright note, the small part I did accomplish, I don't think the hairs will grow back for awhile as I saw the root on all of those suckers. Gross. I couldn't stop looking at the hair on the wax. Gross. It was almost oddly fascinating in a painful, I'm going to pass out way.
My hubby's birthday is tomorrow and I had this crazy idea of surprising him with completely waxed (instead of shaved and yet never completely shaved ya know?)...but yea, now he gets to see some balding spots with rest of spriggles all over. Sexy I know.
Don't try this EVER on yourself. Lesson learned. Am I flat yet? Come on April 6th!

Pre Op Appt was yesterday...tried out a protein shake for post op

Had my pre op appointment yesterday. Went well....he explained some things and they had a booklet for me that explained EVERYTHING in detail....what to do before, during, and after. I have read and re-read it three times already. :) It listed about 150 meds not to take 10-14 days prior (and some herbal stuff as well was included), however, it didn't list not using essential oils and I forgot to ask! Need to email them and ask I suppose. Paid for the surgery in full (wowza, that was a big chunk all at once). I was surprised they didn't do any bloodwork...odd, but I've read others where their ps didn't either. I had to don the sexy little white panties and they took pix from each angle. I said, as my hands were wrapped behind my head, "this is so embarrassing" and he said, "let me just tell you that you are going to LOVE your results...and I mean LOVE, especially with thinner legs" WHAT? YES!!! I can't wait to LOVE LOVE LOVE my results! For the record, yea I have thinner legs, but they sure aren't toned the way they need to be lol. The nurse jokingly told me not to steal the panties, as everyone tries to because they are soooooo sexy! bahahaha..uh yea they can keep em. The surgery scheduler then went over some things with me about the day of surgery and told me to shave 5 days prior...they like a linoleum not a carpet....hehehehe. I said, no probs I'm a quarter waxed! :)
She showed me the compression garment I will be put in after the surgery and told me I may want to order a second one after I find out the size I will be put in. Doc told me I would wear it for 6 weeks continuously, unless showering. No shower til drains out at 1 week. Oh boy, I will be itching for that shower then....literally haha. How do you girls do it that can't shower? Sponge bath a little? I did read that I can sit in a shallow amount of water that doesn't come up to my drains in the tub.....wonder how they think I will be able to get down in the tub and back up the first week after surgery. My ps also said something about on lipo sometimes it gets pulled hard and feels that way, and a tighter hourglass shape (or something to that effect, I think I'm adhd and was on thinking of something else when he was talking lol), but that he's never heard anyone complain of being tighter there. He said as far as the fat above belly button, he will go under the muscle (or above I can't remember!) and get a layer of that removed as well. Not lipo, just cutting out during TT. I am so nervous, yet so excited!! Less than 3 weeks! woohoo!
I'm rambling and going every which way, sorry...but back to the cg....I asked about a stage 2. He said that for sure to wear the stage one for two weeks minimum (but I will need to make sure someone is there to put it back on, because getting off is easy, back on is very hard. He said I can continue to wear that, or order a stage 2 if I want. Guess I will see after the first week, and then order if I feel I need it. Hate spending so much money on all the cg's. I wouldn't mind a binder actually...had one post hysterectomy and loved it! He said he doesn't like the binders and has great results with this particular cg. I sent the hubs a pic of it and told him to try not to get "excited" when he see's me in it after surgery. ;) I wonder if I will have to wait till I shower to get to see my stomach....I really want to see if after the surgery! He gave me my scripts (perc, Valium, an antibiotic for two days after, and a cough med with codeine in case I develop a cough....however, it said phenergan with codeine...isn't phenergan a nausea med?? He didn't give me any nausea med otherwise and I told him I get nauseous after surgeries. I have some zofran leftover from last surgery though thankfully. He is a very nice doctor, as long with his staff, they make me feel so comfortable! So far, I'm glad I chose him.
(I posted a pic of my garment..anyone wore this type of one and what did they think?) Thanks ladies for all the feedback and advice.... reading everyone's reviews and posts have eased so much of my fears and anxiousness! You girls rock!

Some more before pix (yikes!) and another protein smoothie I tried.....nesting continues as well!

So, I tried to take some more (better lighting and farther away) pictures other then what I have on here. Ugh....I hate looking at them. Mortifying for sure. :/ However, I wanted these better photo's to for comparing to my post op photo's! I am SO EXCITED!! I bought more supplies off of Amazon last night - toilet seat riser (my husband gave me a weird look when I showed him lol), bromelain, a 12" ab binder since doc only uses cg (just in case!), and a wedge pillow (and you know I told the hubs it would be beneficial for after I'm recovered as well hehehe). I also bought some gauze, tape, hibiclens, and all the help me go poop meds yesterday. Found some marked down night shirts and reg shirts that button up as doc says only button up shirts for awhile...oh boy. I didn't know what size, so went with what I wear now since there will be swell hell and all.
I read another RSelfer's review today and she's like in the second week of recovery and has had a rough time...omg...I got scared after reading it. I'm a big ol baby myself when it comes to pain and nausea and blood and drains....and you get the point lol. I once passed out at my ob gyn's office after doing a minor little procedure (cryotherapy I think) and passed out after giving birth. Yea, I'm that girl. Also, one time my daughter jumped into a pool at a hotel and bit her tongue pretty bad. Apparently the tongue is a bleeder. My friend had to tend to her because the other friend was putting my head between my knee's as I almost passed out. LOL. Mother of the year right there! (She lived and I made up for it!) :)
Anyhow, sorry about the adhd omg a squirrel rambling. I made another protein smoothie (shake whatever you want to call them) and it was really good! I split it with the hubs to see if he liked it and he did as well. If I would've drank the whole thing it would have had 256 calories, 5 g fiber, 12.5 g protein, and only 22 mg of sodium! Perfect for post op! It had whey protein powder, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, crushed ice, and a small can of pineapple juice. Yummo. Try it, you will like it. Enjoy a piece of chocolate afterwards for a reward for healthy eating! Bahahaha JUST KIDDING. Sorta.
I have become a bit obsessed on this site. I find myself having to shut the laptop and go do housework and maybe brush the hair a bit. ;)
A little over 2 weeks to go and I'm so ready for it! Bring on the flat tummy woohoo!

Forgot one pic!

Forgot a pic...this was before I got out of bed this am. This is one of the things I avoid my hubby seeing; me on my side. The whole flab just hangs there. DISGUSTING. I cringe when he rolls me over and puts his hand there. I'd rather he pretended it didn't exist. :( Soon enough, it will be GONE.

Love clearance!

I found some Flexees and Sweet Nothings panties to wear under my cg/binder. Cheap $2.50. Also, a coue zip in front sports bra's clearanced as well for post op since I don't want to undo bra in back. Can't beat that!

Clothing size now pre-op....I think I have bought everything anyone has ever suggested! :-)

I realized I didn't put what size clothing I am in on here and definitely want to share what I am post op as well for others wanting to compare what they might be. I know we are all different, but still I get excited reading posts when they tell their dimensions and sizing. Currently, I wear a size 12 in American Eagle skinny jeans and could wear a size 10 TIGHT. The 12 fits the best in the waist and by the end of the day are loose in the butt and legs. I bought a pair of AE and Maurices shorts for Cancun last month and the AE was a size 12 (I think I could've worn a 10, but then the waist would've been a little tight creating a muffin top and a lower apron pooch), and Maurice's shorts were a size 9/10. You could see a slight apron pooch in them, but I always wear a shirt long enough to cover that anyhow. :/ I wear a size 7 panty comfortable and 6 I can get into, but tight and they roll down under my apron. Size large shirts usually. I always struggle with the muffin top when I sit down with jeans AND the ugly apron "pooch"...ugh. I won't miss either of those that's for sure!

My nesting continues and I should be a platinum member on Amazon by now haha. I LOVE AMAZON! I received my 4" toilet riser, binder (since doc only giving cg), wedge foam pillow for legs in the mail yesterday. I tried out the toilet riser (I am a germophobe and even though it's my toilet, I felt gross putting it on there and taking it off lol) and it was the PERFECT height. I hope the hubs will just leave it on there until I'm completely done with it. How long did you girls end up using your's for? The binder was a 12" and seemed a little big for me (shocking lol) and I wonder how it will work after. Yea, I'm sure the hubs could get it Velcroed tighter for me.
The wedge- I tried it out with under my feet and perfect. Also, I think will work on my back as well with a pillow. It's 12", so pretty high. I have wanted one for a long time for uhhhhh other reasons lol. I sent the hubs a text yesterday and asked if he wanted to try it out and he was like ABSOLUTELY! We will be trying it out later today. I have noticed in the last week, it feels like he is trying to "fit in" as much "fun" time as he can hahahaha....I guess because he can't stand the thought of a few weeks of no fun. Although, he seems to think my mouth may work fine lmao.
I told him the other night I was going to buy a bell to ring when I needed him jokingly and he said "well you've already warned me you are going to be emotional and perhaps grouchy, so ring that bell ONE TIME, and I'm going to punt it out into the street" He's so funny. :) He is really a wonderful man and will be my lifesaver throughout this. I will thank him later ;) He texted me yesterday, also saying make no plans for today as he's taking me out of town for dinner....awwww...I said sweet McD's. Man, I crack myself up. Ok, not so much. I only wish I was dressing up post op without any regards to how I could hide my stomach. Oh well, soon enough!!!!! Less than 2 weeks wooooohooo!

Salt replacement? ONE WEEK from today and I will be in surgery! EEEEK!

My family has been making the switch to clean(er) eating for awhile. We aren't all the way there....but I try to prepare some of our meals this way if I can. However, I still use certain canned stuff if need be. Try to use organic as well. We are definitely healthier the last 6 months then we've ever been and the whole family is happier this way! I have also started to do low sodium in stuff and I know with the upcoming surgery, I will need to be low sodium anyhow. So, some recipes, we just need (or want lol) salt and I have found this salt replacement (No Salt or something like that) and have been using it for the last week. No one, including me, notices any taste difference. Yay! My question is - has anyone used this instead of salt after their TT and did it make a difference on swelling and such??
I finished up the last of my freezer meals for the fam last night (meatloaf, homemade spaghetti sauce, taco meat, beef stroganoff, sloppy joes, homemade wheat chicken tenders, and I can't remember the rest off the top of my head lol) and used low sodium and no salt replacement when I had to add some salt flavor to things. So, hopefully I can enjoy the meals with them after a few days. :) I made sure to make EASY stuff for them to heat up, bake, or crock pot. I wrote out detailed instructions for each as well. :) I have frozen some fruit, bought pineapple juice, and coconut milk (0% sodium for all!) and along with my protein powder and almond butter, will have the family make me protein shakes and smoothies the first few days.
Now, all that I have left to do is mop, sweep, vacuum this week and make sure laundry is all done. I feel like I'm being sent off somewhere and preparing for a long time away haha. The hard part is that Easter is the day before and I will bake a ham...I know the 3 or 4 days before surgery I need to eat very light so I don't have to deal with post op issues as much...but to miss out on Easter dinner :( makes me sad. Oh well, a few bites of ham and mashed potatoes and I'll call it good. I hope I can stay away from that darn Easter candy though!! I wonder if hard boiled eggs would be "light" for post op issues (constipation and heart burn).
I am so excited and nervous combined!!! I"m sure those that have went before are saying, "yep, been there!" :)
To end on a lighter note, I had skipped my prilosec the last couple of days and when I got up this morning, I told my husband I better take one because I had burning in my stomach and needed to get it soothed quick. He said "I have the cure all to help you sooth your stomach" HAHA! I informed him that that is not the cure all for everything and he said oh yes it is! It will cure all your ails....tehehehe. Men! :)

Shower chair, walker, lift chair...I feel like part of the geriatric club!! :-)

Well yesterday I went and borrowed a shower chair and walker from a place that loans them out for however long for a small fee. They tried to give me one of those fancy walkers with a seat and I contemplated it, but they are so big and I didn't want to have to deal with the bulkiness, so went with a plain jane. I called our local rent a center after reading another reviewer's post where they rented one to her. They have a cloth one and I can get it for $14.95 a week and return whenever finished! WOW! Awesome price! However, I'd rather have a leather one due to worrying about getting post op gunk on it. They are calling around to see; finger's crossed. If not, I may take that one and put a plastic sheet on it then a regular sheet over it.
Today is April Fool's and I wished I would have thought to prank my kids when they got up lol. My friend turned their kids clocks up by two hours so they thought they were late for school bahahaha. Evil mothers we are! :) Last night the hubs and I went on a last date night for awhile. I said chinese for dinner as I won't be having all that sodium for awhile :( and we watched a movie. I think my dear husband is more nervous than I am! Or maybe he's just sad about not getting any nookie for awhile ;)
I love RS and am so glad to have found a wonderful group of people on here to share my journey with and to share their's. I can't wait to continue to help Pre TT people once I'm through with this journey myself. Pay it forward as you have all helped me in so many ways!!! Blessed for sure.

Oh, I seem to have been on a binge eating this week, like a prisoner on death row. I have ate everything in site and know starting today (or tomorrow lol) that it's light eating due to not wanting to deal with too much constipation issues after sx. Anyhow, off to find a fiber bar and start taking my bromelain and arnica monica as prescribed by ps. Have you seen the size of those bromelain pills? Oh my lawd, they are huge and I have to take THREE of them! Have a great first day of April RS'ers!!

Flatside baby!

quick post: surgery went good...have a lot of burning feeling :(. Off to lala land....

1 day PO

This is all the pix I have so far. I can't wait to see my stomach!! The ps told my husband they took out a quart of fat in lipo area. Said it very pleased he got that out, as usually not that much. Or something like that lol. I asked him how far apart my muscle was and he held up about 2.5" width with fingers. He also said he pulled my mons up quite a bit as well. In the recovery room, all I could do was say make it stop burning please over and over. The nurse was like where is it burning and I'm like all over! Lol. She gave me Valium and pain med in iv and it still didn't go away. The anesthesiologist was so nice!!! He gave me strong nausea med in IV and also out a nausea patch behind eat that will last for 3 days. I had a cath in as well that they took out around midnight. I was able to urinate fine after, thank goodness. The percocet was not cutting it for me. They had to give me something in IV as well (started with a d....diloted?) and finally switched me to Vicodin and that helped tremendously! On the second walk of the night, I felt woozy and nauseous when I got back to the room. I kept saying I don't want to throw up, please help me. My husband looked scared to death lol. I dry heaved and omg the pain!!!! They put oxygen back on me and immediately I felt better! They sent me home with zofran. I haven't seen my stomach except a quick peek as doc removed gauze. I am really swollen all over. The burning sensation is still there all over tummy and back. Ugh! I can't shower til I get drains out next Tuesday! The toilet riser has helped tremendously, def recommend one. I cannot undo the crotch area of my cg, so hubs takes me to bathroom and Unclasps them for me. One of the drains at the site where it comes out of skin is leaking terribly! My garmet got stuck to it and husband didn't realize it and pulled and I screamed so bad. He felt so bad and now is babying it everytime. God bless him. One drain is barely putting out any since the beginning and the other is about 20cc every 6 hours or so. Sorry if I'm all over the place, I'm a bit loopy with meds :)
I can't walk okay and of course hunched over, but use my walker for just in case. I have been snacking on protein bars, protein smoothie, and low sodium homemade soup. Lots of gas, but no bm yet. I started taking colace two days before surgery, so hopefully tomorrow. If not, MOM for me!
I feel gross and want a shower so bad. Hubby cleaned me up a little with wipes.i think after kids got home from school, he was overwhelmed with all that I needed, kids needed, and trying to figure out how to make dinner and my smoothie lol.
I think the surgery took right at 4 hours. The doc told me today as I asked a hundred questions, not to overthink things, esp when it comes to swelling. He said that is why I gave u detailed booklet, follow it and all will be good. He's so nice! All the nurses at the surgery center were amazing as well!
I can't sleep for more than an hour at a time. I've been in our electric recliner on love seat since I got home. May try the lift chair soon. Hoping to sleep in bed tonight, but not holding my breath.
Oh, the 2.5 hour ride home was horrendous! Potholes and bumps! Glad that part is over lol. Thank you to all of you wonderful ladies who have been so encouraging to me and others! I'm so glad I found this site and hope after a few weeks I can pay it forward to someone getting ready to go through it.

2 days post op!

Well first off, I had a bm today! Yay! I had been taking colace twice a day starting two days before sx and continued taking them. I passed gas, but no painful gas pains until am. I took MOM last night about 11 I think. I had just poured some more MOM into the dispenser cup when I felt the urge. Hubby got me into the bathroom and bam! This is tmi, but I want to share so you will know how the colace worked: it just slid out, no straining. Thank goodness! The hubs was like uhhhh do you need me to wipe you? LMAO, I said I will manage thank you. Baby wipes are my best friend in the bathroom :) the intense pressure I was feeling is down now, so I guess it was a lot of gas.
I noticed that I couldn't read anyting close up last night and this am. I wear contacts normally but have had glasses on since sx. I was panicked thinking wth? Then I remembered the anesthesiologist put the nausea pill behind my ear and he said do not touch then rub your eyes as it will dilated them. Well my face and neck have been so itchy, so I think I must've done what he told me not to do. Oopsie. Hope that clears up soon!
I noticed some slight swelling this am when I got up in my upper leg/thigh area. This cg is really tight! And I can't adjust it :/
I think right after sx I looked flat from what I could tell with cg on. But from yesterday to today, my stomach is rounded and hips are huge! He did say he did aggressive lipo, so I kinda expect this. Doesn't mean I'm not sad that I can't see any results yet. I was told not to remove my cg for the first 4 days and then just for a second and that was it. I pulled it up just a tad and took a couple pix.
I've been rubbing arnicare on hips after I use the bathroom and I think it helps with the painful weird sensations!
The 4" toilet seat riser is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the RS'ers for suggesting that. No issues sitting down or getting up from it as its tall enough to use only leg muscle.
I don't get as winded and doesn't hurt to use my legs. I'm assuming from being in the gym for the last six months off and on and working the leg area and running on treadmill.
My back is killing me though and it's hard to get comfortable. Ugh. I take my meds on time or try...sometimes if I go an hour past, I start having shooting pains across the stomach and side.
I haven't had much of an appetite today as I did the first day. KIND bars are the best! Low sodium and high protein and good amount of fiber. Thankfully I have my low sodium chicken noodle soup I made and froze. My daughter made me an egg last night, she is such a good teenager! Plus, I have been munching on dried prunes (they are not that bad actually!) I can't sleep for more than an hour to hour and half even though I feel so tired. Weird dreams also! I expected that from anesthesia though. One I woke up jumped because I thought I was falling lol.
Drains are still putting out jut a little bit and are turning more clear now. My cg has dried stuff all over it YUK. I want to wash it so bad! I haven't even slept in my antigravity chair or lift chair yet lol. Been using the electric recliner on the couch with three pillows under my legs and one stuff beside me to kinda lean on and a blanket behind me. Of of my dear friends (only two know) came by and dropped of chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, and a dessert for the family. That was so nice, I almost cried lol. I'm a bit emotional today!
I am using my wallet some when I have to go a distance from one end of House to other. Kids enjoying lugging at me - brats :) I have slept in my bed since I came home at night and hubs helps me in and out and it's not to bad. I prefer the recliner. Does anyone else's butt hurt from sitting on it in a sort of reclined way all the time?!
Here's the only photos I quickly took. They show how swollen and round I look right now. I hope it goes away LOL

PO Day 4 - worst day yet! SOMEONE HIDE MY SCALES! I need a shot of vodka!

Let me just say that the day of surgery, I thought it sorta looked flat but there was tons of gauze under the cg (Marena full body that clasps at the crotch (I call it something else lol). I was draining like normal I guess...they emptied it twice I think the whole time I stayed (left at 8 am the next day). I drain barely at all now. Someone suggested that the drains are being pinched by my marena garment and I could see that. I don't know what to do to fix that if so. My ps gave me the strict instructions not to remove the garment or try to doctor any of my incisions at all.
Yesterday was an okay day, I made myself learn to unclasp the crotch area when I went to the bathroom, but struggled to clasp it back (still do). I think I slept better (2 hours straight woohoo!). In bed, I used three pillows behind me and a little rolled blanket under the back area where I didn't quite touch the bed and THE WEDGE! The wedge is PERFECT for under my knees! I can't even imagine using that wedge for anything other than that right now!!! TEHEHEHEH. My teen girls were amazing and came every 5 seconds when I needed something :)
Today, I woke up and thought please God let me not be as swollen. Nope, I am so swollen - I must be twice the size I was pre TT!!! :( It's quite discouraging because I read someone on here said once that what you see right after sx is what you will usually look like. OMG I hope not. I look 5 months pregnant, perfectly round and all. Even the ol ken doll is here. I think my incision is low, but comes up the sides and I see a little pucker on one side. Oh no. The bb looks okay, no redness or oozing. Idk how it will look down the road though. The weird thing to me is that I did not think I had that many stretch marks above my bb, but now I have quite a few below my bb. Maybe they were just small and stretched wider when pulled??? I panicked and thought maybe he didn't pull down very much. I panic alot I'm finding out lol. I feel tightness, but mostly on my sides and down cloesr to mons, not really around my MR area...is this normal??
My husband has been a saint, because of my swinging moodiness. Today, he wanted to run somewhere for just a bit for an errand and I totally whined about him leaving me. Then, I cried and cried saying just take care of me, I only want you. LOL. What is wrong with me? Am I two? He didn't end up going, but he did go to the grocery store later for all my stuff I've ran out of. I told him to go tomorrow and the girls can help me out. I'm sick and tired of being in this house! I'm sick and tired of hurting!
Today has by far been the worst as far as pain in my sides and back. They burn, hurt to touch, hurt to adjust myself, and my back and neck are killing me if I stand for more than a couple minutes. I have never really had hips (small love handles) and I feel like I got the HUGE hips. My husband said that my incision area where lipo was is right down my spine and down on my butt. Odd place as I thought it would be those two marks he put on my back in pic. Hmmmm idk? Did I say in my other post that he took about a quart of lipo in hips? I think he took more than just hips (like all the way up my back) which is just fine with me! :) But, alas it hurts a lot. Also, he found the size of my marena garment today and it is a 3XL! I was a size 10-12 before. Wow. And it's tight!
Since I'm not allowed to shower until 24 hours after drains are out, I was beginning to feel like a skeezeball. I used baby wipes everytime I used the restroom, but still. So today, my oldest washed my hair in the kitchen sink with a sprayer. Then, I went and sit on toilet and washed up with wash cloth and soap all over. Washed my face and put lotion and deodorant on. ahhhhhhh much better! The hubs keeps saying I don't smell and he'd tell me if I did. I bet he wouldn't for fear of an emotional breakdown! HAHA! The lift recliner sucks! It doesn't recline hardly at all and my feet hang off, so it's going back. I have yet to try the anti gravity chair either because I feel most comfortable in my electric loveseat recliner.
I am still wearing those ugly ted hose - they gave me XL - and they do not stay up at all. As I walk they fall down to knee's. Pretty sure they aren't serving their purpose, so prob will take them off tomorrow. I'm using the spirometer when I remember. Man, I'm all over the place here - sorry - just typing what I think lol. Earlier today, I got up and was up the most I've been since sx and when I went to lower myself back to recliner, I started feeling woozie and blurry feeling. I told hubs get me a wash cloth and he ran got that and a bag. I had to lean forward (omg that hurt so damn bad!) and deep breath. I just kept deep breathing and he was wiping my neck and forehead. I got faint feeling and he said I almost fell off of the recliner. He got a nausea pill down me and made me drink some water and after awhile I felt better. Just a little dry heave again and thank goodness no vomit or passing out! I'm hungry, but when I go to eat, I feel blah and don't want it.
I've stepped on the stupid scales every day and need to just stop it! I was up 4 pounds yesterday, then 2 today. I am eating low sodium chicken noodle soup that i froze beforehand, pineapple, 10 calorie jello, kind bars, applesauce, some probiotic low sodium dried fruit mix, and I haven't had a protein shake today so prob will fix one now before bed and hope it helps me move my bowels. I had three bm yesterday and none today. Still taking the colace and will do MOM again tomorrow to get it going again. Everytime I get on RS, I find myself drowsing while typing comments to everyone lol. I am so very grateful for all of you! You have made these last few days tolerable! Esp the one's who message me. I'm so grateful for you.
Oh, I still use my walker, but try to do without it some also so not to get used to it. I think the arnica and bromelain have helped with bruising some, but obviously not with swelling. Hopefully, I will have some more pix to post in a couple of days But my friend kelmail on here banned me from the mirror tehehehe. :) Happy healing to my fellow TT'ers and good luck to those upcoming ones as well!

PO Day 6, or almost the end of hell week

I decided yesterday I needed some sunshine, so my daughter hauled the anti gravity chair out to back deck along with 1000 pillows (3) and a blanket to lay on it. It was the first time I've used it. It was so comfortable!!!! I should have had more padding our down because it left indentation in my swollen back. I stayed out there basking in the sun for an hour (while hubby mowed) and actually snoozed some. My spirit felt lifted for sure!
I decided that I felt like I had to be beyond stinking down there (he swear I wasn't) and I wanted that nasty cg hand washed and blow dryed (got that from another RS lady). So we got me out of the cg pretty easily as I felt I was the least swollen I have been since sx. I sat in a shower chair and I just used hibiclens and washed a bit where I could (I put Saran Wrap around me just in case) and he gently washed my back (ouch!!!!!) and my lady parts got washed yay! Lol. He got me up to dry me off and the drain site started that horrendous burning again! I gotta tell ya, I've had two kidney stones and that pin is comparable to this burning! I was crying and begging him to make it stop!! He kept saying idk how! He seemed more intent on getting that drain milked and I said if you don't get me sit down on the bed, I'm going to pass out or something. I know I was loudly saying ouch over and over-I'm an out loud whiner sadly - and I told my daughter to grab my water and my pillows - I had originally thot I would put on. Binder I bought off of amazon while he washed and dryed that but I abandoned that idea and just wanted to lay in bed. As soon as they got me in bed (naked mind you), the burning of the drain stopped. Wth? Idk what makes it burn at times and other times it's fine! I bet it hurts like a mother when they take it out Tuesday!
As the hubs was waging and then blow drying the garment, I had my daughter come in and bring me my phone and she said omg mom I seen your boobs and lady parts! Tehehehehe. I said well sorry you didn't have to look. She said well it was all out there lol. She then looked at my bj and said ewwww, then she said "wow they cut a lot of skin off!" She thinks I had hernia and then just a little TT lol. "I said yep" and she says "are you going to wear a bikini his summer!??? If you do, I hope you cover up that horrendous scar, gross!" TEENS!!!!! I don't care about the scar, but it felt good she thot I looked good enough to wear a bikini (she's super tiny and gorgeous) even when I was swollen! I took some pics and bad hubs take some before he wrapped me back up. By that time, I was so swollen we had a very hard time getting the cg on. I had to try to hold one side while he held the other and clasped and zipped. He worked up a sweat doing it lmao.
I don't think I was supposed to remove it, but I had to get the crotch area washed- it was so gross!!! I won't remove it until after Tuesday. Just baby wipes and a little washcloth here and there down there with his help.
So last night I decided not to set an alarm to take meds, just to go with the flow. We went to bed at 1130ish....I took pain pill and muscle relaxer. I remember posting on RS before I fell asleep (have no idea what I commented on lol). Valium will make ya loopy! Anyhow, I woke up at 4ish and thot man I need to pee, but fell right back asleep. So at 5 Am or 6 I can't remember, we were awoken to our lovely little French bulldog(he sleeps at end of bed on his own blanket) who threw up on my husband side of bed and somewhat on the husband! OMG! During this I realized that one of my legs had slipped off of the wedge and was flat and OMG my drain incision was hurting and I was so stiff. I was trying not to be all about me (even tho I was feeling it lol), I did the roll over and push and pull with my arms and got up out of the bed. Couldn't stand even close to upright! Had to pee and was in pain! No pain pills for 7 hours! We got that squared away. Pain pills, and nausea med down as I was feeling so sick and a little breakfast...slept for two hours in the recliner because sheets had to be washed. I think his throw up was sympathy throw up tehehehe. He's my buddy and so confused right now what's the matter with his mama.
Anyhow here's some pix. This is the least swollen I've been (for about an hour literally!!!!!) and rest of the time I look five months pregnant! I can't wait to see final results. Oh, and a big thank you to Kelmail, mactac, eek, svelte, pink sunshine, fixmydrmama, belly tired, Realitynut, and others I'm forgetting- you have been WONDERFUL! I couldn't have gotten through this hell week without you all!!!!! Much love to you all.

First PO Visit, PO Day 8

Where to start? First I'm exhausted! The drive is 2.5 hours to the ps office and my friend took me as the hubs had to work. I have been weaning off the pain pills, but took two this am at 5:15 so that I could make it through the bumps and such on the drive. I then took 2 more a half hour before we got to the appointment(4 hour later). I guess since I haven't been taking them that much (and been trying to do just one every 6-8 hours), I was flying high as we got to the appointment! LOL. I felt all loopy, geesh first time that has happened. My friend checked to make sure that it was the pain med I actually took and not the valium haha. Needless to say, it didn't hurt to get out of the car or walk all the way into the doc office! I kept worrying about my VERY hairy legs since I wore big ol lose shorts with legs exposed and she was like they won't even notice. They will if they cut themselves on that sharp leg hair lol. (I asked the hubs if he felt up to shaving them when he sponge bathed me last night and he declined lol) I asked her if she wanted to come back with me just in case I couldn't remember stuff he told me and she said sure. I said remember you will see me in all my glory. She has before so no biggie. lol. She helped me get undressed and up on the table. I was VERY VERY nervous about the drains being pulled. I was afraid of the burning sensation as well since it is at the drain site. The doc asked if I had a rough week and kinda smiled and said yes I sure did lol. He said the good news is, the worst is over!
He checked over my back and said the bruising was not as bad, but still there and I was looking on the road to healing. He took out whatever they had back there (steri strips??) IDK, but it kinda hurt like a bandaid being pulled off. I am such a wimp, have I said that?? :)
I told him about the burning at the drain site and he said it could be that the drain moves and is hitting a nerve. Aha (FYI no burning since they have been out for 7 hours!). So I was a big baby and said omg omg omg I'm so scared it's going to hurt and kinda had a panicky moment and he said "just calm down, you are making it much worse then it will be promise" LOL. Alrighty then. I somewhat felt him snip the stitches and he said I'm going to count to three and then we will take them out. I said okay and then I heard the nurse say something and I said wait, are they out??!! And he said yep! He fibbed and didn't count to three so I guess I would handle it better lol. I DID NOT FEEL A THING!!!! YAY! Perhaps it was the two pain pills prior ;) My friend said they were about 2 feet long that was pulled out of me. Eeew. Anyhow, he then took my stitches out of my bb and did alot of pushing around and feeling and I cannot really describe that feeling. It was numb, but felt VERY weird and like I almost wanted to push his hands away feeling. Ugh. He taped it down really well. Wished I could've seen it but oh well, next week! He told me not to do anything to the bb or the scar until he see's me next week. He said I can shower 24 hours after drain removal (so tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!) They left the little tape strips on my incision, so I assume that those will just come off as I shower???? I forgot to ask. I also forgot to ask how much skin he took off :/ I will ask next week. No lifting over 20 pounds for 5 weeks and to wean off of pain meds, which I have already been doing. He had given me a refill on the valium and the pharmacy had messed up, so we got that filled and that will help with my horrendous back aching.
I did not take my walker with me and have decided not to use it anymore as a crutch. My back hurts and I feel like I am swelled beyond belief this evening. He seemed to think I was right on track and healing like I should and seemed pleased. I know we are all impatient, and I'm right there, but I just get so down when I look and see all the swelling and really only once or twice has the swelling went down somewhat to look somewhat good. I want to ask will more swelling go down in lipo area and my stomach, but I know the answer is YES, just takes time. I look in the mirror and think I don't look very good. I know it's a HUGE improvement over what it was, but still waiting on the flatter look. Please God, let it be flatter than this :)
Btw, I feel like a TON better just having those drains gone! Amazing how those two nasty things can make a person feel. I have to wear this garment for at least another week and he said we will then see if I"m ready to go to the second state garment.
I am so beyond exhausted and ready for bed already.
ugh just deleted half my review and have no idea what I said or whatever. I hate that!!
Oh, it is kinda flesh colored tape they used on my bb and I wonder if it will stay on okay through showering as he said not to do anything with it?? I just have to put bandaids back over my drain sites after showering and it dries.
I am trying really hard to watch my sodium intake, but it is so going to suck when I eat out. EVERYTHING HAS SODIUM at restaurants it seems. :/ The family had baked ravioli with corn tonight and I added up sodium content of the ravioli,cheeses, and sauce and it was OUTRAGEOUS! So, I just had the corn and an almond butter and grape jelly sandwich. The almost butter had protein in it. I didn't have the energy to make a protein smoothie and a slim fast didn't sound good. I'm still taking my colace to keep it soft and had two bm's yesterday, but so far no movement today. I will take MOM tomorrow afternoon if nothing by then. I don't want to get so far out and have to deal with that too. I think tomorrow I am going to lay around and take it easy! Sounds like a nice relaxing day to me. :) I can't wait to get back to exercising that's for sure. Or you know, somewhat exercising haha. I really want to weigh myself, but I'm not going to! I MUST RESIST! I discovered that Milky Way candy bars only have 70 (i think it was) mg of sodium, so that will be my treat every now and again. IDC if it's not healthy, a girl needs some chocolate once in awhile! I sure miss my Easter candy :D I'll try to take some pix tomorrow and get them posted as well. Happy healing to all my dear and wonderful RS friends!!! You guys are the best!

PO Day 9&10- 2 hour shower time!

So my ps told me on Tiesday that I could shower 24 hours after appt (to give drains site te to heal over I guess?). I had a long drive (2.5 hr each way) to and from appt and when I got home that evening I was hurting and swelling and had a bad night. I was afraid after him having me lay flat that maybe I hurt the mr. I woke up hurting switch zinging pains in stomach area, not to mention normal back aching. Terrible mood. I called ps office to ask: 1. Can I use heating pad? 2. Is it ok if these white tape strips on incision come off during shower? 3.Are these zinging pains normal? She said that no heating pad right now due to being numb and not being able to judge if it's too hot and could damage skin. Said no, the white strips need to stay on and they will remove them at next weeks appt. Finally, those pains are the nerves regenerating.
I'm glad I called because I asked the doc if I could shower normally at appt and he said yes. Sooooo, after a much needed nap and a protein powered lunch, I tackled the shower. I got out the Saran Wrap and that sticky cling wrap that sticks to cups and such (forgetting the name), and some tape. I taped on Saran Wrap over incision and bb area and that sticky cling wrap over it. I found it is very hard to wash and rinse hair with head back, yet hunched forward because you can't stand straight and back hurts lol. I washed with hibiclens and then dial soap. That felt refreshing!!! All the while, terrified I'm getting incision wet! It kept falling off (Saran wrap) ugh. After I showered, I sat on the edge of tub and attempted to shave my legs. I thot I did a fantastic job and felt so much cleaner!!!! Found out later as I sat outside beside my daughter and she says "MOM you need to shave your legs!" And I said I did! Looked down and I missed about 75% of my hair :/ oh well, who cares! It isn't like I've been able to snuggle up to husband anyhow. I miss that incredibly btw! Not the sex because I sure don't feel up to that!!!! I kinda think the hubs is as he referenced it last night and lightly patted my butt. But I do miss snuggling. He can barely see me in bed due to the million pillows surrounding me! Haha!
The last two nights I have become very uncomfortable sleeping in the bed. Maybe because I'm not taking pain pill before bed (only muscle relaxer), but I can't sleep and my back hurts! I wake up stiff and hurting. I had to go back to using walker after I said I wasn't going to use it anymore. I have been taking one pain pill in the am and napping for a couple of hours in he recliner and feel much better after lunch. My highest energy times is 130-5 prob. Then and before I'm exhausted! I'm taking it very easy- I have read too many stories about ripping MR stitches!). I lay around and have been doing a couple light chores to keep myself up to prevent clots. Wiping down counter, straightening up blankets, wiped kids bathroom sink...about it.
I will tell you that I made sure to do squats and lunges for awhile before sx to get my legs up to full strength. It has helped tremendously!!! It doesn't hurt to use my legs for lifting myself up and such (and you will do that a lot). For those that are going to have a TT, work those legs beforehand :) also, the two things I absolutely am thankful for having is the walker and a 4" toilet seat riser! I borrowed the walker and it doesn't help me walk, only to ease my back every once in awhile while standing and walking long distances. I'm 5'5.5" (gotta get that half inch!) and I barely have to bend and it's easy to get up and down! ($14 on Amazon).
I also like the anti gravity chair, and sit (or decline I shall say) in it a couple of times a day. It takes the pressure off of my back and feels wonderful.
I am still so swollen and have only saw a somewhat flat day once! So discouraging to me :( I also have this spot right below bb and above incision that comes to a point and is really soft and squishy. Not waterbed like tho (Seroma) going to try to post a pic so u can see. I'm praying this is just swelling and will go away. It looks very odd to me! I still can't see my lady parts :(. When will that be? I'm so impatient!!!!! :)
I took some photos but really there is no change. Lots of bruising still (seemed to get worse day 8). I am still taking arnica tablets and rubbing arnicare gel on me as that really does work for the lipo and back pain! I am so swollen in my flanks still :/ no curves yet. Again so darn impatient tehehehe.
I have been having protein shakes at lunch along with some fruit. I sneak a few bites of Milky Way once a day (don't judge me! This is like PMS times 100!) :D
I found some low sodium lunch meat at trader joes when we ran in there after my doc appt. ok, I didn't run I hobbled like a hunchback. Haha. I have yet to try it but I like a lunch meat sandwich every once in awhile. I've been eating a lot of almond butter (0 sodium and great protein!) on low sodium bread and in some protein shakes. Pineapple is the best for swelling also! Yum too. Ok, now I'm hungry! Unlike some people I didn't really lose my appetite. I do get somewhat fuller quicker. Not a huge difference, but somewhat. I'm trying not to weigh myself until this weekend. You know us women and our scales. They can make or break a day lol.
I'm afraid if I haven't gotten back to pre sx weight or lost some, I may throw it at the wall.
Today, another RS girl said her ps has her wear a binder of cg, so I thot I would just try it. It actually helped my back feel better and walked a bit straighter! It's a %**%< to get it velcroed all alone though! I don't know if I should be doing this, but I have Noticed my cg is a tad bit looser than it has been. Still tight, but ya know what I mean. I am going to wear the binder here and there over cg to see if it helps.
Also, I suggest you def wax beforehand as he put two bandaids on my drain sites and told me to change them after showering and omg it hurt so bad to pull off because of the hair growing back! Wowza. I couldn't yank either as I was afraid I'd open up site wound.
My daughter did drive me to DG (just a mile down road as we don't have a Walmart in town) to get a couple of things and I was hunched over and in pain and told my daughter okay here's the debit card, I'm going to the car. The lady behind counter said are you okay?! I said yea just had a little sx (lol) and she said what r u doing in here go home! she said it kinda rude and I wished I had my walker to smack her with! I said well it's been a week and I needed to get out for a minute. Geesh. My daughter said she was just trying to be nice, but i was grumpy because I realized I should've just stayed home lol. I just smiled at the lady after i said I and a sx btw and went to car. I'm not violent....usually tehehehehe. Kidding!
So, here's my moods - morning: grumpy, hurting and cursing the sx. Afternoon: happy, energetic and usually having a bm :D evening: swelling even worse than the horrible swelling already throughout the day and exhausted.
Oh, I'm still taking 2 colace a day along with arnica like I said. Bm seem to be normal. One to two pain pills a day (mostly just one and then 800 mg ibuprofin) I have made so friends on here and idk what I'd do without RS right now!!! So thankful for you all. Kelmail keeps me in stitches ;)
Oh, one last thing that is kinda funny. We have a long haul that our bedroom is at the end of. So, last night as we are going to bed, I wa starting to head down hall with walker, I tell the hubby shut light off and come on. He says "I'm leaving light on so u can see to not run into wall with your walker and I'll be coming in a second, want to give u plenty of time to get down the hall with your walker" lmao. I wanted to laugh so bad! The way he said it! But it hurts to laugh or cough still for me :/ happy healing to those going through this with me and good luck to those who are about to.

Forgot pics! :-)

sorry, not really any change or good ones. True one looking down shows that point. Worried about that :/

Pedi-these emotional rollercoaster days!!

I was feeling really down today, so I asked my friend to go to lunch and she said sure and she wanted LJS. So I quickly looked up low sodium and had a few hush puppies, side salad, and corn on the cob. 400 mg sodium total. Then, she suggested we get a pedi. I thot that sounds fun! By the time they got us in the chair, I was so swollen!!!of course I did not use the massage part of chair and I reclined it. I can't wear most any of my shorts, so I've been wearing these loose running shorts. Well, I reclined the seat and tried to pull the shorts down some. First, my little dude who was doing my pedicure was a little rude anyhow and he went and got a towel and threw it over my lap to I guess cover me so I wasn't flashing him hahahahaha ha! How mortifying! I feel swollen and nasty anyhow and he just made me want to cry. My friend was dying laughing LOL. I'm like seriously dude, I have a full cg on down there and granny spanx boy shorts on as well! Geesh! I am going to relax the rest of the day! I am swollen and I hurt all over! It felt good to get out though!!

PO Days 12-15 Swell Hell, Sodium hell, and so ready to be FLAT

I've posted some of this in the April TT's Forum, but I know that so many people read these reviews while trying to decide or their sx is coming up soon, so I will talk about all that has happened these last few days.
I stopped taking pain pills (I thought) last Friday, po day 11. PO Day 12 was the best day yet! It was nice out and hubby and youngest worked outside while I laid in the anti gravity chair on the deck browsing RS, wishing I could be helping them. We then had to go to a town 30 mins away late that afternoon to get some sport supplies for the kiddo. I was swelling up as usual by that time, but still felt pretty good! I have strictly ate low sodium since the sx and tried to eat lots of protein (and some fiber too) as I have been swollen since day 2 pretty much. A tiny bit less swollen and can see my lady bits in the morning when I first get up and then poof, slow swell starts. So, I knew I could get a baked potato and side salad at Wendy's for very low sodium so we ate there. I am seriously freaking out about eating out :( My doc said eat normal, but I have learned on here it's best to avoid a lot of sodium for the first few months or swell hell times ten happens. For SOME, NOT ALL. Some don't swell at all. I'll talk about that in a minute. Anyhow, after that we went to a friends and hung out for a bit. I wasn't feeling the greatest by then but still wanted to go visit. Well, someone told a very funny story and I started belly laughing you know and couldn't stop! OMG, THE PAIN! Plus, it felt like my incision was going to burst open. Ugh, so after that I felt like crud and we headed home shortly after. Took a valium and went to bed. PO Day 13, still felt pretty good. Was an okay day. Swelling the normal as it is...worse in the evening as day goes on. I laid around most of the day.
THENNNNNN...PO Day 14. Our friends and us had talked about going to eat and I knew I needed to conquer the fear. So, everyone decided on Buffalo Wild Wings. YUM! One of my fav places to go and eat and watch some sports :) Anyhow, I looked up sodium content online and they really had NOTHING with low sodium. Another RS girl suggested naked wings and bringing Mrs. Dash with me to sprinkle on. I should have, I really shoud've!! Well, I couldn't decide..as their salads are a bit high in sodium it seemed and esp when you add their VERY HIGH SODIUM content dressing. (Next time I'll take oil and vinegar and put it on their salad). The hubs and I love their Asian Zing boneless wings, so they were all waiting on me and I said, Oh screw it, I'll just share your wings. I asked for carrots to be a good girl too LOL. He got wedges too. And blue cheese. Dear Lord. I ate 7 or 8 (I think 8 but hey 7 sounds better lol) wings and dipped them in blue cheese and a few wedges. Oh, and the carrots LOL. By the time we were done, I was hurting so bad and I felt like again my incision was going to burst open. I literally could not stand up straight (the last few days I was mostly straight...er. lol I stoop more in the evenings it seems) and we got to the car and I had to pull my yoga pants (they were literally feeling like they were cutting me in half!!) down off of me. I had to take a pain pill before we left because I had a visit from family member who did not know I had sx and had to hide everything and try to walk normal and get up normal ugh. So I was hurting. Anyhow, by the time we got home, I wanted to cry. I was SO SWOLLEN...worst it had been since the first few days really. WOW. My cg had been getting looser and it was now so tight I couldn't breathe. I took some bromelain and went to bed. Woke up and it was somewhat down. But, it got bad around 10 am, so maybe the swell hell week that everyone talks about around 2.5-3.5 weeks is here??? It's not fun, I tell you. I know there is some on here who are fortunate with very little swelling and look flat and so cute! Then, there's me....feeling twice my pre op size!!! I tried on shorts to just see (they fit good and maybe bit loose pre op) and they are a good 2" away from buttoning. Insert crying here. Depressing for sure! I wonder did he give me a fat transfer from someone else to my tummy HAHA! So since my cg isn't really fitting as snug as it was, or doesn't feel like it (so maybe swelling going down a tad idk), I have been wearing a velcro binder over it sometimes and at night. Seems to help and keeps my back from aching as bad. Showering sucks...slow going and takes forever after I get out to dry my incision (since I still have tape) and arnicare gel all over lipo area and all the other fun stuff. Btw, arnicare gel works!! It helps ease the pain of the lipo AND the back aches. I use a little massage roller ball that I bought off of amazon and massage my lipo area's even though it hurts :( I have a few little hard areas on my right side so I've been trying to really massage it throughout the day when I go to the bathroom. Bm are normal if not more loose....idk why?
My ps told me to not touch the bb or incision area at all until I go back Thursday (will be 17 days po)....so odd how each ps is so different. I don't notice any red areas at all and no weeping of fluid anywhere. My two drains holes were so small, it's really hard to even see them amongst the jungle that is growing out YIKES! I tried to shave a bit down there, but it's numb somewhat and feels weird. The lipo area on sides and back is still bruised and still hurts to touch and just aches sometimes. I have zingers that go across my stomach and sometimes sharp pains! I've been told all is normal with that and nerves regenerating and stuff. I still have that puffy area above incision and below bb that KINDA sorta seems wavy now, but idk?? Maybe I just want it to be a seroma so not a place that will need revision. It is squishy like I posted in the last update. Squishy other places above my incision as well. When I say above, I mean almost on incision. Normal? Hope so!
I am SO READY TO BE SOMEWHAT FLAT! Why do I get to be the unlucky one who swells at the sight of sodium and won't be flat till I'm 6 years PO. tehehehehehe, gotta use humor or I will cry.
I have a list of questions to ask the doc Thursday:
When can I ride on lawn mower (LOL), when can I get a lymphatic drainage massage, Scar therapy, is my MR really sutured deep so that I can stop obsessing over rupturing it, how much skin did he take off during sx, when can i get a spray tan, should I try the foam lipo boards and finally when can I have SEX! He put six weeks on paper, but I'm hoping he will say sooner if I feel like it. LOL. I think I will let hubs ask that question. Or say my husband wanted me to ask you.....lmao.
Oh! I weighed myself today and I am down 8 pounds from the day before sx! WOW. Love that part of not eating much! :)
Tonight, I asked the husband if he would go on a small walk so that our dog can get out for a bit. I've avoided walking him on a leash because he pulls so much. So the hubs, the smart a$$ that he is, says sure go ahead and start and I will catch up. BAHAHAHA I should've smacked him! Then, he of course started walking to fast, so I grabbed his arm and made him walk sloooooooow. He said it would be dark before we got home and we only went a block. :D
Sorry it's so long, but I felt like there was much to be said. Or not, maybe I'm just bored. I posted a pic I took at 12 days po. Still no change really. I sure won't take any pics tonight that's for sure!! BLAH! OH, I did try on a bikini that I wear out to hot tub with cami on the other day when I was somewhat less swollen. That is when I finally realized this is REAL, that the APRON is gone! I cried. No one saw me in it and I wasn't ready to show him because it doesn't look that good, but the mons area where I had fat from the apron drooping was GONE. Wow. I couldn't stop staring lol. Anyhow, that's all for now. I'll update after my appt Thursday. Happy healing to all my lovely RS ladies and good luck to all the one's about to head to the flat side!

2nd PO Visit and other fun stuff. Pics of my incision finally!

So yesterday we trekked the 2.5 hour each way drive to see my ps for my 2nd week PO visit (was actually 17 days). I was mildly swollen when I got there as it was 10:30, so not near as swollen as I have been in the afternoons and evenings. You know SWELL HELL!
First they had me lay back and took the steri strips off of my incision, didn't hurt a bit. Then, he poked around on the tummy and that is the weirdest feeling ever! Doesn't hurt, but doesn't feel good ya know? When I lay straight back (with knee's up always) I feel like my stomach is being stretched in two! HORRIBLE! I told him that I had a tender spot above bb and felt hard, told him I had that V shaped puffiness in the front that hasn't went away at all. Oh, he took my tape off of my bb and said the nurse would put a marble in after he was done and show me how to do it. Anyhow, he helped me sit up and had me stand up and he pushed around on stomach and felt and said that good news, no fluid, just extremely swollen. (and this was AM lol). I said are you sure?? LOL. He kinda laughed and said yes, I can tell the difference and then explained the waviness and all of that. I guess he's the one who has been in business for 32 years, double certified, and won numerous awards, and peasly ol me (who thinks I may be an expert due to RS hehehe) should trust my doc! And I do VERY MUCH! He hasn't steered me wrong yet. He also said that my scar is healing tremendously and looks really good at this point in my recovery. Mind you, I did NOTHING to my scar or bb for 17 days. They were both taped up and nothing put on them. Have had no redness or any oozing at all. Thankfully!
I looked at my bb then and said omg it's so cute and he said yes it was small, so not alot to work with lol. (only thing small on me, well except my veins) But, now that the marble is in there, it doesn't look as cute, so hope that it goes back to that. The nurse told me that as the marble sets in there, that over time I will be able to push it in farther, but not to force it. It BARELY fits in there now. Basically, just sitting there and slightly pushed in. Told me to put one piece of paper medical tape against it and rotate the tape each day so as not to get a rash or raw spot. I can take it out to shower and wear for about 3 months. I said what about vacation and beach time? She said oh yes that's fine, just don't wear it. I must admit, it kinda hurts when I swell in the evenings pushing against my cg. :( Oh, he said that spot above bb was normal as well. See him back in 6 weeks (8 weeks po) and NO heavy lifting for four more weeks (6 weeks po) and do nothing to strain the MR. Basically, take it easy. No prob! :) That's what I have two teens for lol
Then, I asked these questions:
1.Lymphatic drainage massage: he shrugged his shoulders and said, "not for a couple more weeks at least and if you feel the need, go ahead but honestly it is only a temporary thing, will help swelling for only a couple of days and no need to spend that kind of money for just a couple days unless you want to."
2. When can I ride on a lawn mower lol. He said prob in 2 more weeks or so at least. I think I will wait 3 more weeks to be safe. Again, teens! ;) The oldest offered to mow last night and she earned $20 for it.
3.Scar therapy: He said that was completely up to me; some choose to do nothing, some choose to try to lighten it and if raised, to make it thin and smooth. He said that they sell the newgel cream that seems to have good results (silicone and vit e is only two ingredients). I asked if I could start at any time and he said yes, that my incision was completely closed. yay! I'm going to wait a week til the couple scabs go away. I'm going to do this newgel first, then will go to some tape or something like that so it doesn't stretch. The newgel isn't cheap! $44 for 15 grams. (saw that it was a bit cheaper on amazon btw)
4. Husband asked about MR. He explained how it works. Basically the scar tissue forms around it or something like that. I can't remember exactly, I was too focused on my bb at this point LOL. He said that my MR would be the strongest it will be at 6 weeks, so that it is very important to protect it now. Said hard to mess up, but can be done. Said that use my judgement if I feel something is too hard to do or pick up (still no more than 20 pounds til 6 weeks but I do no more than 10 to be safe) and all of that.
5. How much lipo and skin off of stomach did he take. He looked it up and for lipo, said 2.75 pounds in fat from back posterior hip area! 3.3 pounds of skin/fat off of my stomach!!! WOW! I didn't expect that....okay really I thought for sure I had 10 pounds of skin on my front area! Btw, I'm down 8 pounds from what I weighed day before surgery. I thought it was from all of my healthy low sodium eating I have been doing, but turns out from the fat and skin he took! So, hopefully I will lose another 6 pounds to be at my goal weight that I've always wanted to weigh since I had my kids.
6. When can I get a spray tan (vacation is beginning of June) and he said anytime, but that I have to cover up the scar and bb area (that 3m tape will come in handy for that!). Of course I have to wear sunscreen at the beach on those areas as well.
7. Yes, I asked a lot of questions this time :D Should I use that foam lipo pads I've heard about. He said there is no need for it. That to use a rolling pin and roll upwards only towards heart if I see any lumpy or hard areas. Only on lipo area, not on the stomach. That I need to be gentle on stomach area. There wasn't really any except on my right hip area and I have been using a roller massage ball.
8. Sodium/swelling. I told him I had been eating low sodium, but went out to eat and ate alot of sodium and blew up like a balloon. He said yep that will do it. Said to watch the sodium intake and to stay away from carbonated beverages. I proudly said that I gave up my Diet Coke the day before sx and haven't had any since and won't! He said that was awesome! Btw, I looked up my beer that I like Mich Ultra ZERO mg sodium! Woohoo. I have no desire to even drink right now though, but we do have a beer or six sitting around the campfire.
9. For the last question......SEX. Tehehehe. I looked at my hubs and said didn't you want to ask him another questions??? Hubs said nope, you go ahead. So I looked at doc and was like ummmmm, well, when....ummm. OMG I was mortified to ask it! Needless to say, he got the drift and said 6 weeks for that!! OMG, SIX WEEKS. I bet none of you wait that long you horndogs hahahaha..ok, me too!....and my wedge is waiting. For now, it is my under the leg pillow lol. (Kelmail HUSH!)
I looked up recipes for low sodium normal food and for the next 6 days have low sodium dinners planned (meatloaf that I already do low sodium, chicken curry, chicken fajitas, and so on.) I have been living on baked potatoes for dinner along with other low sodium sides. And no salt almond butter from Trader Joe's. YUM!!
I have yet to see a flat day. He said that it very well could be six months before I see a final result with as much swelling as I'm experiencing. BOO! :'( Oh well, can't be helped. I swelled this way after my hysterectomy as well. Well, not quite this bad. He also said time to go to the 2nd stage cg. IDK if I want to do the marena one or not. I have some bookmarked that other's have suggested as well. Or just do spanx? hmmmm decisions decisions. For now, I am wearing my first stage cg (it's a bit big in some area's now) and a binder over it here and there.
I have done alot the last three days and have been exhausted in the evenings. Plus, I hurt all day. I explained to doc that it feels like insides is swelling and that I had mastered standing straight and the last three days have not been able to because it feels like stomach won't let me stretch up. :/ He said it takes time and all normal. I have not taken any pain pills because I need to drive the kids to school and what not. I do take tylenol and ibuprofin here and there. Doesn't really get rid of the shooting pains, zingers, back ache, all over hurting though. I do take a muscle relaxer before bed and that helps my body relax and I sleep good. For anyone about to go through this sx, ASK YOUR DOC FOR A MUSCLE RELAXER RX! Promise, you will be glad you did. :) I still use arnicare gel on my lipo area and it helps ease the pain some. I still have a lot of bruising and it hurts to be touched there or even for me to massage it. Hubs kinda swatted me affectionately on my hip area and omg I screamed. He felt SO BAD!!! Then, I felt bad cause I miss his touch so much anyhow. I miss the cuddling. I have started the last two nights to slightly lay on side. Not completely, but slightly. It's a start! Still have wedge and a pillow under knees and although two pillows now under head, I do slightly lay farther back then I was. PROGRESS LADIES!!! I have to say that when I got up this am the shorts I had wore a few times after surgery because they were too big before sx and had been tight until this am. They were loose around waist! woohoo. Not by the afternoon they weren't lol. I still cannot fit in any of my pre sx clothes and it did depress me, but after po appt, I know it's normal and will just wait for it to happen. I have a feeling I will be wearing dresses in Florida in June ;) and hopefully a bikini!
Okay, I have typed way too much and if you made it this far, you are probably asleep :D
Thank you all for your WONDERFUL support and for those that are behind me, I hope all of my information can help you and if you have any questions, please ask! The forums are wonderful and full of information as well. I love my April TT girls!!! You rock! Esp my two messaging buddies, Kelmail and Eek. That has been wonderful to vent with each other and just talk randomly. I'm posting some pics as well. Random one's :)

PO Day 20. Some before&after pix

The last few days I have relaxed and tried not to overdue anything. Healing well. I haven't started anything on incision as there are still scabs. The only thing that bothers me is when I go from Sitting down to standing up, I have this feeling of being squeezed so hard on my sides/hips. Like in a vise almost. Quite uncomfortable, but usually goes away as I move around. I did have aggressive lipo, so maybe that's why. Or the fluid has polled and rushes trees when I get up lol idk.
I tried on my fav AE skinny jeans tonight and they fit!!! However, won't wear yet as I'm afraid I will swell and hurt and be out in public. My lower rise shorts are closer to buttoning, but not quite. Plus, hurts so bad against my incision. :/ hubs said looks like swelling is goin down some. I think so too-but not around incision, still very puffy and swollen. And at ends of my incision as well. Anyhow, took some pix and made collages of before and after and such to see the diff. Def do not miss those before pix!!!!! But, ready to see my final results and be flatter in be front and on back hips too!

25 days PO I think lol- my shorts fit!!!!!!!!

I'm nearly 4 weeks po (on Monday)- wow how time has flown!!!
First, I received my stage 2 Marena cg, so hubs had to help me puuuuullll it on lol! Wow is it ever tight! Prob tad too tight as I felt like I couldn't breathe. However, I think it'll loosen up some and be perfect for the next 3 weeks. I don't remember time frame, but around 1.5 weeks I tried on a pair of my shorts I bought for Cancun in February (they fit then but snug in waist a tad) and at that time they were about 4" from getting buttoned. So about a week ago, I tried them on again and about 2" from getting them buttoned. Today, I met a friend for lunch and thot lets see about those shorts. They buttoned!!! They were just a tad loose where they didn't hurt incision too much. I drove with them unbuttoned and unzipped tho lol. Wore for an hour and was starting to swell and feel uncomfortable, so I Put my ol faithful running shorts on. I look and can't tell much difference, but by this know there is!!!! Still very swollen right above incision all over. Esp the center. Seems tight everywhere else and feeling quite uncomfortable in stomach area right now. Still some pains around mr, and to left and right if it. Also, if I stand to long, it feels like my breastbone (?) or right where ribs meet under breast that area hurts quite bad and almost feels like when you have air bubbles and heart area hurts you know? If I lean forward and rest arms on something, it will let up. I'm feeling good besides that and get around much faster and easier now. Need to start going on walks, but I swell so much late afternoon and evening, that it's hard to stand straight up. Guess I need to walk in the am lol. I'm not a morning person at all. I've also been really grouchy lAst few days. I'm contributing to lack of the big o!!! Aaargh so frustrated :/ ;) 2 more weeks and I'm jumping on him!!!!
I'm still sleeping with wedge under knees and a small throw pillow between my knees. Just feels more comfy to me not to stretch my legs all the way out yet. I lay somewhat on my side too. Yay. But I feel my stomach kinda pull and feels weird and worries me that I'm stretching my incision.
I have been putting bio oil on my stretch marks and was putting aquaphor in incision, but switched it up and put 3m brown tape on it after I rub coconut oil on there and let it absorb so tape sticks. In a week, I will switch to newgel silicone. I like the tape as it feels like it helps my scar not to stretch. Idk tho? It will be perfect to cover up during spray tan and being on beach! I ordered two bikinis today (yikes!) and found another one I posted a pic of. Love! However it's $127! Seems crazy for a tiny suit. I'm a tightwad when it comes to me, rather spend on the kids.
I'm still careful and not lifting much over 10 pounds (even tho he said 20) when I lift laundry basket, I feel the pull so keep it light and make more trips. I tried to swifter my bathroom and it kinda hurt, so I didn't do the other bathroom. (Oh teenage children!! :D )Odd to me, but time will make it easier.
Anyhow, that's all that I have to report in. I hope all my lovely RS gals are doing well!!! And to the future tt'ers, best of luck! Best decision I made!! No more apron! I will be extremely thrilled when I finally have a all flat tummy tho. Patience.

Nearly 6 weeks PO. Review for weeks 4-6, swelling, bb, and all the fun stuff

I meant to post an update last week, but life has been so crazy for me lately that I didn't get it done! Week four I went to the gym and could barely even walk on treadmill - the pull and pain in abdomen was too much. So, I stayed away from gym until today. I was pretty much straight, but sometimes tight and pulling so I hunched a bit in the evening. I seemed to wake up the whole 4th week swollen and it didn't let up for four days! I was really worried that it never would! I read up on some things and realized that the VIt C my doc prescribed me to take before and after sx might have been helping to keep swelling down. I had stopped taking it at week 3. So, I started it up again and took some bromelain and slept with cg and binder over it tight on me. It seemed to help!! I woke up somewhat flatter and of course by evening was swollen again as was the norm before.
Week five I tried to sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors again and still it pulled and hurt my abdomen, so I had to do it one handed and slowly lol. All was okay with that. Still no lifting over 20 pounds. Oh, at week four (I think) my bb seemed to get a rash and a slight blistery like around it and somewhat on it. I was doing the marble with paper tape over it. I talked to ps and was instructed to leave marble out along with tape until it went away. They said it was okay to use benadryl cream on it to help with itchiness. Took about 7 days and it was pretty much gone. I'm going to call tomorrow to see what they want me to use to tape marble in and start using it again. I like my bb but it is somewhat closed and it needs to be opened up a bit more, hence the marble :) I noticed one day last week (week 5) that wow, no more big pains and that I felt really good and was walking normal and everything. YAY! I was feeling pretty confident in my clothes as well. The pics I'm posting in the bikini's are from week 4 (the light blue one) and week 5 (the pink one). I am more swollen in week 5 then 4.
So, this weekend we camped and it would've been day 39 PO and I thought I'm just going to eat some higher sodium stuff this weekend and take a break and see what happens. Guess what? Friday night swollen, Saturday ALL DAY swollen, and today SWOLLEN! Back on the low sodium today!! I was able to move around fine all weekend and no one noticed a thing!! I still have that pulling at incision when I sit down (esp when I go to the bathroom idk why, maybe toilet is lower then when I sit other places?) and it feels like a sting almost. Not too many zingers, if at all. I feel really good physically actually! I went to the gym today and of course no ab exercises at all, but I did the elliptical and no problem whatsoever. 30 mins of that and then did some arm exercises and some squats. Felt really good and no pain. I'm going very slow and will work my way up. I will ask at my 8 week appt when I can do ab exercises and such. Tomorrow is exactly 6 weeks po and I'm basically off of alot of restrictions. I will still be careful in lifting stuff just because I want to protect my investment at all costs haha. I know he said at 6 weeks my MR would be the strongest it ever will be, but still paranoid. :) I try to drink alot of water a day as well (it is the only thing I really drink besides protein shakes), but I slacked all weekend along with the bad eating. I am trying not to really look at myself in the mirror right now because I am swollen and it keeps moving every day where it is...mostly on the v in front above incision and all the left side. It puckers here and there. I keep telling myself it is just swelling, but I'm so scared it won't go away and be flat eventually! It feels squishy and puffy to touch, all in that area plus the lipo area. I am going to talk to the ps at my 8 week po appt and ask about the weird v in front and make sure he thinks that will go away and if not, about how to fix it. Oh, the lipo area on hips and back are still tender to the touch and hurt when I massage them with the roller. They get hard and lumpy in areas and I just work through the pain and massage it away. Or try to. Still using arnicare gel every day as well. I rub coconut oil all over my stomach, sides, and back and my mixture I made as well (coconut oil, shea butter, vit e, cocoa butter, and some doterra oils). I had been just using the 3m tape over incision, but started on the newgel cream and then sometimes I put coconut oil over that as well. I'm happy with my scar and only a small little part feels ropey and thicker and it's getting better everyday. The sides are starting to really fade out as well and they are the only thing that sort poke out over a low cut panty or bikini bottom. Anyhow, I wanted to give an update as I haven't in a couple of weeks. I hope all of my fellow April RS girls are doing great, along with everyone else!! This site helped me SO MUCH in the months leading up to and weeks following my sx that I hope that I can pass it along to others as well. Happy healing!!

7 weeks! The good, the bad, and the ugly. HAHA!

I feel great!! Sometimes, I even forget I had surgery! We went last week on a trip with my child's school and I walked all day long...not one problem! Felt great in fact. Yes, still had the little pains and such but nothing big at all. Just the little zingers once in awhile. Sometimes the area to the left of my bb burns, but nothing I cannot handle. :) My swelling is finally under control. I have been taking the vit c pill every day since right before week 6 and I don't know if that is why, but I'm wondering. I haven't been watching my sodium intake as I did the first 4-5 weeks. I TRY to keep it low sodium, but sometimes I go over by the end of the day and I don't sweat it. I really don't notice huge swelling after I eat something a bit high in sodium anymore. YAY! I am eating lots of fruits and veggies and trying to watch the calorie intake as well. Beach vacation coming very soon!!! :)
Gym is going GREAT! I don't even wear my binder to the gym now and no problems at all with hurting. I avoid all ab stuff though and will ask the doc at my June 2 appointment when I may resume them.
I laid on my stomach today for the first time to see how it felt. Felt fine! YAY! I am a belly sleeper and anxious to get back to "normal". Speaking of bedtime, sex...is GREAT!!! No problems with most positions and I must say that being on top is wonderful with no belly flopping against him lol.
I think the only time I feel the pull or scares me is when I'm laying down and try to get straight up without using my arms to help. I know that takes time and in a few weeks will be a distant memory along with everything else. I try to suck in my stomach muscles throughout the day to help strengthen them. Up until a week ago, I wore my cg 24/7 and the binder on top of it sometimes. I started leaving it off throughout the day and would feel it and not like the falling out feeling, so I would put it back on by 3 or 4 pm. Then, 4 days ago, I gave it up completely. I wear my binder at night though just to help push the swelling down. Speaking of swelling...as most of you know that have read my review, I experienced swelling from day one and never let up. I had yet to see "flat". The doc said it would be close to 6 months before I see my final result. Sigh. Anyhow, the last week though, I wake up somewhat flat. I say somewhat because I have this area still yet right above my incision in the middle that is like a puffy v shape and the whole left side of that to the end of my incision is really puffy. The right side is not at all hardly. Then, throughout the day, I see some swelling and usually has that round looking belly by bedtime (like little preggo belly lol). Sometimes, it almost looks like I have a dog ear on the left side as well. But sometimes not. I had lipo on side and hip area so it is still REALLY swollen, not to mention completely numb :/ I hate that numb feeling too, it itches deep inside but feels weird to touch that area to try and itch it. Ugh. It's a big area too and somewhat on my butt cheeks :) I do know that the swelling must be going down because my size 12 skinny AE jeans are HUGE in the waist. So much so, that the large size belt from AE also is too big and can't hold them up. I would say I could wear a size 8 now in them and a size medium belt from there as well. I tried some clothes on this weekend just to see. Before sx I wore a size large to XL shirt and size 12 jeans...sometimes a size 10 but they were TIGHT and I had major muffin top. This weekend I tried on size 8 shorts and they fit great!! NO MUFFIN TOP!! WOOHOO! I also tried on tops that were size small and medium and they all fit great! Small fits good, but some are tight in the boobs lol. Tried on a dress that was a size small too and fit great. It was tight fitting and I kept staring in the mirror looking for a pudge that wasn't there. Hard habits to break. I still find myself tugging my tops down lol. However, I used to shop for long tops, now I get aggravated that they are too long when I try them on! I bought some cute VS thong undie's and have been strutting around the bedroom in front of hubby with no problem. I never used to do that at all and would die of embarrassment if he caught me with my stomach exposed. This TT/lipo has given me my confidence back...that I haven't had for 14 years. Thank you Dr. Fata, you are amazing!
I am still using all of my stuff on my stomach and incision. Newgel, 3m tape over it. Then I use bio oil twice a day (I use this more then the newgel), coconut oil, and some doterra oils as well. I started back with the marble and so far, so good. No rash at all. I'm really gentle when I take the tape off to shower.
Oh! We all know how our tummy's are numb right? Well, I was curling my hair with a wand the other day and I kind was holding it down to use my other hand to separate my hair and I looked down and I was burning myself! OMG! It was right above my bb. I immediately grabbed lavender and peppermint oil and put it on and then coconut oil. I use that stuff everyday on it along with bio oil now that it is healing. It was a pretty bad burn. It didn't blister tho like it would have if I hadn't of used that stuff. I pray that it doesn't scar!!! :( That would suck big time, after getting rid of most of my stretch marks and only to have a big ugly scar above bb.
I plan on talking to my ps on June 2 to make sure that isn't a dog ear, and the puffiness of those areas and what he will do to fix it if they do not go away. I have bought three or four bikini's for vacation...one VS one that I can't wait to wear! Never thought I would buy one from there! Size medium bottoms - what??? LOL. I'm excited if you cannot tell. Also, exhausted from a busy weekend so I'm sorry if I'm rambling. I have a graduation to go to on Monday and I can't wait to wear a dress that won't show a pooch ;)
Happy healing RS'er's!!!

Pic of my burn from curling wand

ugh I hope this doesn't scar! Ladies, be careful with your numb tummy! :/

Almost 8 weeks

Well.....as most of you know, I have been swollen from day 2 of my sx of FTT, MR, and lipo on sides around to the back of hips. I have seen smoother days and hugely swollen days....but overall have felt happy. Until about 5 days ago. From the puffy v (that I've had from day one it seems and doc said was swelling) right above the incision to all the way left to end of incision is noticeably much puffier and squishy then the right side. I have included a pic to show. It doesn't really seem to be that waterbed effect I have read about. It does seem to move the right side of belly a bit when I pus on the left. Also, my sides are so incredibly swollen still and I can pinch it. I pray it's swelling from the aggressive lipo he did and not just fat that he didn't get. Also, I have noticed that when I sit down in jeans that I have a little muffin top and they are low profile jeans. IDK?? I panic somewhat and think surely this isn't my final results!!! It cannot be...as I feel chubby. Hubs thinks it is swelling. I haven't seen the doc since my day 18 po, but I'm scheduled for another visit this coming Tuesday, June 2. I will update more on what he says. Also, the left side looks dog earish a bit as well. I'm still numb all over my sides, back, and butt from lipo. Some on my tummy as well, but some feeling is strarting to come back. I am going to the gym and doing light cardio and small leg stuff, nothing big as I don't know what I'm released to do. All I was told was wear cg until 6 weeks and no lifting more then 20 pounds until 6 weeks. I had given up my cg completely, but since I'm swollen/puffy/fat lol I have started to wear it again overnight and half of the day. :( I don't want to have to wear it to control the flabbiness that I feel. I'm starting to notice puckering above the incision that I have seen on alot of people at about this time frame. I keep bio oil, coconut oil, and all that rubbed all over. Ugh....the waiting process is depressing me that's for sure. Good news is that vaca is soon and I hope I look good in the bikini's I have bought! I know it is nothing like what I would have looked like before, but I'm feeling self conscious about the puffiniess. :( Sigh. Just needed to vent to my RS family. Oh, my burn above BB is healing okay...not gone though. I just pray no scarring. That's all I need to add to my frustrations LOL.
I'm anxious to see the doc. He is a great doc with double board certified and 32 years experience I think it is and all of his pics and 5 star rating make me feel that this is just swelling and I need to practice patience! LOL.

11 weeks....I think! Finally saw flat!

Well I meant to update before now, but life has been crazy! Went on vacation and with sports for kids and everything been busy. If you've read my previous updates, you are aware how I've struggled with not seeing "flat" and constantly swollen since the sx. I liked what I saw with clothes on, but still felt rounded when standing in front of mirror critiquing myself lol. We women are so good at that aren't we?! We went on vacations and I was 8.5 weeks po and I gave up the cg completely and didn't much watch my diet. I woke up about day 3 into the vacation and walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and realized omg I'm flat! Flat! Flat! Flat! I just kept staring and turning to look sideways. I felt like a tight pulling because I was flat. Like what I usually felt when I laid flat from skin stretching out. I immediately put on my bikini and stared some more! Haha! I notice though, they my hips and back are still swollen (they are squishy to the touch) very much so! He had said he did very aggressive lipo (took over 3 pounds I think if I remember right) and swelling would be a long time coming. It's still numb and tender even. Although, at times it itches like crazy! Weird I know.
I have to say -sorry if too much to post- that when we are intimate and in a certain pose, the hubs rubs and puts hands and kinda squeezes in a sexual way my new waistline! Love it! Sex has always been great, but for me it is so liberating now. I no longer try to hide my stomach or make him close his eyes when I'm on top lol. I also now strut around all of the time naked in front of him! Never ever did that before. He said one day "I've seen you naked three times today and sad that the whole time we've been together I haven't seen you that many times total" lol. Kinda sad but now I feel so confident in front of him. I bought some sexy lingerie and wore it for him on vacation. First time for that as well! I posted a pic of the one I bought.

I don't really have any pains except a little burning to the left of my bb. The doc at my 8 weeks visit said that it is most likely inflammation and should settle down. If it doesn't he said they could inject something (can't Remember what he said lol) to stop it. It only burns maybe every few days now, so it's getting better.
He also told me that my contour looks great for 8 weeks and wait for six months for final results. I told him that I feel like I have a bit of muffin too when sitting with clothes on. He told me that I had some visceral fat and he pushed it down as much as he could with the MR, but that if I lose ten pounds I would see a big difference in "flat". Sigh. I knew that was prob the answer :/ . He told me that I had no restrictions after 8 weeks and that I could do anything I wanted to. He noticed my burn too LOL. Since my doc appt tho my burn has faded to almost nothing. No scabbing over. I used coconut oil and essential oils on it every day. I feel like starting to get a dog ear on one side and will hair watch it and see and if need be, ask him to fix it when I see him next. He told me in the surgery center that if one occurred, it was easily fixable in office. He seemed please though with my results so far and at 11.5 weeks so am I! I LOVE my results! I know that if I can work hard and get those last ten pounds off that I've wanted off anyhow, I will look even better.
I massage with a rolling pin my lipo area everyday as I notice hard lumps here and there. I started ab exercises and getting stronger with that every time I do them. I even did some leg lifts without too much pain. Planks hurt some too but I'm trying to fit them in here and there.
I posted a lot of different pics. Not too sure on my bb. I kept having a reaction to the tape & gauze holding marble in so doc said my bb actually looks really good and to not even mess with it. While at the beach, my daughter said "your bb looks weird" :( I know TT bb's aren't the prettiest but I thought mine looked decent. It does have scarring and I kept spf on it when out in the sun. I keep putting coconut oil, cocoa butter and new gel on it everyday along with coconut oil and cocoa butter on my incision scar as well. They are both looking decent. Just takes awhile I know.

I am so glad that I chose Dr. Fata to do my sx and would use him for anything else! I would love lipo in a couple other areas, but not too sure hubby agrees lol. I cannot believe having his sx has given my confidence back in such a big way!!! For anyone considering it, I say go for it! I did it for myself and to feel sexy in front of the hubs and nothing else. I used to wear shirts that were long and Baggie and now try to wear shirts that are a little shorter so I don't look so frumpy. Plus, wearing a bikini on the beach! I strutted around not caring what anyone thought instead of hiding behind a tank top or beach towel. Makes me get teary eyed just thinking about it. Fourteen years coming. I will try to update every month. Hopefully, next month or the month after I will see even more results.
Sorry for my rambling, but I have so much to say and keep forgetting stuff. :)
I have made some great friends on here and hope to always stay in touch with them. I hope that by doing this reviewing and keeping it up will help others about to go through this journey. I scoured real self and read every review I could before deciding on this sx.
Happy healing to my sisters of RS!

3 months! Swell hell arrived! Or am I FAT?!

right after I posted my last review raving about my flatness and on and on, swell hell abounded!! Or what I assume is swell hell! I feel fat really. Muffin too and puffy stomach and some days squishy, some days hard but round! Omg I keep panicking that the couple weeks of flatness was a dream! I feel so sad. Plus, the inside of my right thigh feels so swollen. I measured both legs and he right measure 1" more around! What would be causing that??! I have been hitting the gym here and there and must say for two days worked very hard outside helping to haul cut up wood and such. Not the big pieces. Just normal fire price sizes. I did a lot of walking and bending. I'm thinking I just swelled up from all of that and pms at same time cause it??? I will try to post some pics but hard to see in pictures. The crazy fat roll is got me freaked out. Wasn't there before now. Ugh. This must be the TRUE swell hell. 3 months later? Wth! I'm over this lol. Besides all of that, I feel wonderful! The little burning area beside my bb doesn't happen very often anymore, here and there. I feel like my top back fat by bra is more noticeable now. I would love to have that lipo'd lol. Also, I had lipo on hips and back area (see pic of doc marked up in earlier posts) yet it still looks fat? Squishy? Swelling? I still have very little feeling In back and it hurts to touch still. Esp in squishy areas. Hmmmm.
That's all I have to update really - me ranting over swelling lol
I'll try to post pics here in a few :)

Pictures! Swelling and comparisons ugh

take a look and let me know if you think just swelling and what is up with my leg?! Yikes.
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