31 Y/o Mommy Makeover in Progress--Step One TT/Lipo - Indianapolis, IN

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I have been researching tummy tucks for the past 5...

I have been researching tummy tucks for the past 5 years. I gained 100lbs with my son (c-section) and I have since lost all the weight. I work out 5 days/week and over the past few months began weight training. I am happy with my current weight and size but not my stomach as I have the overhang. During the weight loss I also lost all volume in my breasts. I have only noticed it the last 6 months so just recently began researching breast augmentation. I had four consultations before I decided on a doctor. The first doctor was nice and really inexpensive (in comparison with other doctors in the area)...almost too cheap but had many years of experience. In addition, he did not accept care credit so he was a no. The next doctor I really liked, he gave even more information than the first doctor, was really laid back (not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing), but there was a 5k price difference (at the time I was getting quotes for ExtendedTT/BA/BL)...which is a pretty big price difference but between the two doctors, but I was definitely more comfortable with him overall. The third doctor I did a virtual consult, and believe it or not his communication was AWESOME. He was very informative, answered all my questions, and he got back to me right away. He was a little more thorough with his evaluation (even with just viewing my pictures) and was right on with procedures and expectations...however he was 5K more than the last doctor! (9k-20k between the three doctors which is a pretty big range). My last consult was with Dr. Wagner, and at this point I was overwhelmed and completely over getting consults. All the doctors pretty much agreed on the procedures it was just a matter of what I hoped to achieve. Dr. Wagner and his staff were great. From the initial contact up until scheduling his patient coordinator Kara has been amazing. All of the nurses were friendly and helpful. I felt comfortable and he was beyond thorough. He spent an entire hour with me discussing the procedures and going over my options, he did not leave a single question unanswered and I felt that I had his undivided attention. He really made me think about my options, and I really appreciated his honesty. Price point, he was less than the last doctor, but higher than the second doctor (so right in the middle). Kara was great at working with me on pricing. After careful consideration, weighing out everything, I decided to schedule the Extended TT/lipo of flanks for mid December. The plan is to get the BA/BL around this time next year, assuming all goes well. Scheduling was a smooth process. Can't say enough about how helpful Kara was. I feel confident in my choice and hope to have a great experience with Dr. Wagner and his staff. Way too soon to feel nervous so today I am just excited that I have actually scheduled the surgery.

Tomorrow is the Day!

Scheduled for surgery tomorrow...and I haven't read a lot about people being crazy busy! I am a control freak so in order for me to allow others to handle things after surgery, I'm trying to get done anything I can...cleaning, shopping, picking out my sons clothes, grabbing treats for school party next week, wrapping all the damn Christmas presents, as well as trying to finish up everything I can at work. I am typically a very busy person so sitting at home not being productive scares me. People keep asking me if I'm nervous but honestly I'm more nervous about not getting everything done today!

Made it to the flat side...I hope! Lol

Had my surgery today. Was scheduled for 11:30 but there was a delay so didn't get in surgery room until about 12:45. I was freezing and starving during my wait ...and of course more time to get anxious. However, I understand these things happen so no biggie. I dk what happened after surgery, but I remember being fully coherent around 7:00 pm. My doctor requires a one night stay. So somewhere in there a good 3 hours we're lost! I woke up feeling like I did after my csection 7 years ago, but movement was a little painful. Scale of 1-10 like 6. Until I got a cough! And OMG worst feeling ever like 9 in pain. Someone had recommended having cough drops So I had brought some just for the hell of it and I am Forever greatful. The nurses gave me a pillow to put on my stomach. not sure that did anything but I've left it there for comfort. Overall pain is bearable with Percocet. My nurse will be in shortly for another dose and to get me up to walk (and remove catheter). I'm beginning to feel some discomfort, not pain as I'm writing this do surely the pain meds are wearing off. Will posts pics when I can get some! So far no complaints.

Before Pics

No more Percocet!

I had to stop taking the Percocet yesterday (day 3) I felt too groggy, would fall asleep mid sentence and was itching like crazy all over. I also had a horrible migraine yesterday that made me sick. So I went down to ES Tylenol every 6 hours and I feel fine. I can feel that I have had surgery but I'm not in any pain, just a little discomfort. I also had a shower yesterday which was nice. Was able to get a peek and everything looks good just crazy swelling! Like crazy in both my tummy and thighs. I pretty much showered myself but my husband stood outside the shower in case I needed help. He has been awesome!! Almost standing straight up. Only time I have trouble is getting in and out of bed, but gets better each day. Feel a lot better today off the meds. So far so good. Wish I could get a pic but I only take binder off to shower.

After pic

Strange feelings ...

I was just having these sharp ripping feelings while trying to position myself to go to sleep. Made my husband help me get up to see ...which it persisted while trying to stand. Undid my binder and it went away. Not sure if it was too tight on my incision or positioned too high or too low. It was also hard to determine if it was at the incision or where the drain is. I also went down to one extra strength Tylenol earlier today so not sure if I'm just feeling more than before. I'm not in any pain tho but that surely was a scary feeling. Can't wait to get drains out...other than this I have been feeling great. Hoping it was nothing as I checked and nowhere along my incision or near my drain is damp.

Drain removed

Today I had my follow up appointment. I had quite a wait when I got to the office (and My PS is an hour and a half away from where I live ). There were a number of patients in the office when I arrived which Was unusual from my prior visits. I was only in there about 15 minutes. Which was fine because I haven't had any real issues. He checked everything out and the nurse removed my drain. For some reason I was a little freaked out and thought it was going to hurt, but I didn't feel any of it. The doctor was pleased with my healing and noted to continue to use compression to rid the puffiness of tummy...I had an extra firm spanx At home that I had ordered in a size small but there was no way I was trying to get into it with both drains. After I got the one drain out I felt like a new person. I can stand completely straight up, and I don't need Tylenol. I think I was taking it because I was scared not to.

Got on the spanx...took forever and I'm sure I looked like a nut in my bathroom trying to get this tiny thing on and over my drain but I got it. It gave a lot more compression. Not cutting off my circulation but more than I was getting from binder. I put binder on over it just for the hell of it. The more the merrier. All in all things are going well. I could go back to work next week really, but luckily I can work from home so really no need. Once I get this other drain out (hopefully next week) I'm anticipating that I will feel 95%! We shall see!

Puffy Tummy

So healing is still going really well. I get around pretty good and despite this drain can't really complain about recovery. I am starting to feel a little soreness in the flank area. It's so weird because you can't see where any lipo took place (since I had no bruising) but I can feel it now. Nothing that requires medicine just tender to touch.

Swelling is ridiculous!!!! It's making me worry because it is making my tummy look puffy as opposed to just swollen. I know it's early but I don't look that flat...I go see my PS on Wednesday which seems like forever from now. I wear binder religiously, had an extra firm spanx but too difficult to get on and off with this drain so I haven't put it back on. Even with both on I felt compressed but not like they were flattening my tummy if that makes sense? My husband just ordered me a faja which should be here Monday but wondering if I will feel the same way in it. I've seen videos of people who use compression boards to get flatter. Anyone here used a compression board?
Trying not to ruminate on this puffiness because I don't want it to kill my mood.i LOVE holidays so don't want it to be ruined with me moping about this stupid tummy. I also don't want to complain to anyone and they think I am ungrateful considering even with puffiness it's still a hell of an improvement. Ay yi yi!
The ups and downs of recovery...blah. I really wanted to get a BA/BL in a year or so, but I don't think I can another recovery. Even tho mines has gone pretty well I just don't want to put my body though it again. I also couldn't imagine doing both at the same time so I Tip my hat to my full mommy makeover ladies! You are the Real MVP. Well happy holidays.
Nothing like a new tummy for Christmas!

Not flat...or am I trippin?

No more Drains!

Went to the PS today and he removed my other drain. Thankful! Feel so much more free! He also removed tape from my incision...not bad. I usually heal pretty well so my incision scar doesn't bother me at all...of course still swollen but not as bad as the other day! Going to try to get this faja on today as my ps said good compression is really important with both drains out to reduce the risk of a seroma.

Faja Fiasco

So my husband ordered me a faja...which is really great compression. You feel so much support in it, only it was the wrong size. I used the size chart but all the reviews said runs really small so go up a size...(made in Columbia). I'm usually a small in regular clothes so I ordered a medium. Got it on but there are four rows and I was able to close all 4 rows. Still was compressed but felt it could be tighter and knew (hope) in a week or two it would be too loose. Husband went on amazon to make an exchange, they sent another in 2days but he ordered a damn XS which of course I can't even get up my legs! Super annoyed! I've been wearing my spanx with binder over it and the binder is just not as comfortable. My spanx were really tight before but now just keeping me smooth. I've never liked shaped wear...but now I'm eager to wear it! So disappointed.

Happy New Year

So...sleeping is still a bit uncomfortable as I am sore to touch for some reason. I sleep still with two king sized pillows supporting my back and head and then one under my legs. I also sleep on my sides with my knees bent and a pillow between my legs but not the entire night. I would say I rotate between laying on back and each side throughout the night which is hella annoying and makes it difficult for my husband to hold me. I would say sleeping is up there with swelling as my top recovery issues!

On to swelling, it gets better each day. It's like a mind game...you look one time and you look good, the next your back swollen again which sends me through quite the emotional roller coaster. I keep reminding myself that it hasn't even been 3 weeks yet...patience patience patience.

On a good note, I was in target Friday exchanging a gift and they had their swimsuits out. Confession: I have never owned a two piece (monkinis and one high waisted that only made my tummy look bigger if you ask me)...so I figured that would be the day. How glamorous...I got my first two piece from target! (Not that there's anything wrong with Target lol) Not where I would like to be by the time the weather breaks but I felt the best I've ever felt trying on a two piece. Hopefully it gets better and better! Can't wait to hit the gym and start training again!
Happy New Year TT dolls

1st Day of Work

Didn't really have to go to work until next week, but needed to get some things done so decided to go into the office. (Working at home with the kid and hubby working from home I am not productive)...right before I left the faja I ordered was delivered so I put it in. Definitely great compression in all the right places. It held me in tight and helped me to stand up completely straight! However, sitting in my office at the computer was anything but comfortable! I ended up swapping my computer chair for a regular chair which helped a little. I may need to cut the lace part of the faja on the legs as it was rolling up. It fits my thighs but the lace is not that fitted to it rolls and then cuts into where my thigh and pelvis meet...no bueno! The only other downside was having to undo it to use the bathroom. There's a way to open it at the bottom, but I'm not trusting that and risk peeing on it and having to walk around pissy lol...so I'll go through the work of getting it on and off when I have to use the restroom. I will say that every time I went to the bathroom I was pleased with how much flatter I looked. I don't know if this compression is just what the doctor ordered or the fact that I barely ate anything during the time I was at work but swelling def went down today!
Probably won't go back into the office again until the end of the week, but I will probably take some pillows for better support. Luckily I am not glued to my desk so I can walk around freely. I can also shut my door if I need to adjust myself or do anything weird to ease some of the discomfort. Anywho, I did get some work done and it felt good to be productive (even with no1 else there since we were technically still closed for the holiday). Ready to get back to my normal routine completely

P.S. anyone else have crazy muscle spasms in the morning before they get out of bed...like it feels like your abdomen involuntarily stretches out causing pain for a second? It only happens in the morning like my body forcing itself to stretch but hurts like hell. Today I had like 3 in a row. Sadly it's my cue to get out of the bed and stop laying. Ugh


Had my last weekly follow up appointment with my PS yesterday, so I won't return for 3 weeks this time. I liked having weekly appointments, it didn't leave a lot of time to stress and worry about things, the downside was the 1.5 hours I had to travel each way each week. They removed the stitches from my bb...was still numb so I couldn't feel it at all, but could def feel something going on in my bb area for the rest of the day...can kinda feel it now. My Lower abdomen under my bb still swells a lot. My PS said it was still "doughy" (soft and puffy) which made me cringe. It becomes tight by the end of the night with swelling. He was not too concerned just told me to wear CG and the binder for next 3 weeks really tight and should get better. I'm starting to wonder if when the swelling goes away (if that ever happens) will this leave loose skin. Trying to stay positive as I know it's still pretty early. Back on the emotional roller coaster!
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