34 Years Old, 3 Kids, I Want to Have Nice Breasts Again;) - Indianapolis, IN

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I am 34, three kids all nursed. I have lost all...

I am 34, three kids all nursed. I have lost all volume, and want my breasts back!

I have been looking here for about a month, and considering this for about 3 years, I wanted to wait until we were done having babies. I had my pre-op and initial visit today. I went for the initial consultation and my doctor had an opening for surgery on Monday, so we went ahead and scheduled it. They did the pre-op appointment right then, which is awesome. I wasn't looking forward to driving back twice, for surgery and pre-op. I am a little nervous about how fast it is happening, but it's really great timing for the surgery, wont loose any boating time this summer and I have a few weeks off work now, so I'm jumping in!

I am 5'8", 130 lbs. I chose 375 mentor moderate profile silicone, under the muscle. My surgery is so soon! I think the recovery will be fine and my husband is helpful. I'll have two weeks to recover, I don't plan on telling anyone besides my best friend and my hubs. Just three days away! Thanks to all the past posters on this site, I've enjoyed reading your stories and getting some inspiration from you!

Tomorrow is the day!

Oh my gosh, I am way over-thinking this! Sugery is in 24 hours! I am driving my self crazy, and probably my husband too, but he's too nice to say so. I've been taking the Arnica and Bromelain, and I have read my packet twice. Today I'm going to pack up all our stuff for tomorrow, clean the house, and make a final grocery store visit for ice packs and sprite and such. Yesterday I finished Christmas shopping, and wrapped all the presents, even stuffed stockings in case I'm too sore. I ended up having to tell my parents, which is crazy that I'm still nervous talking to my mom about personal issues at 34.... but we needed child care so I felt like I should to share the news. My dad was amazingly sweet, like always, and not surprised since I've talked about this for a few years . My mom was snide. So now I'm making up all kinds of crazy scenarios in my head of what she'll say tomorrow and in the coming weeks. Ugh! so in my head! Cant wait to be on the other side!

I'm on the other side!

I did it!! My surgery was at 10:30, and it's 6:30 now. I'm feeling okay if lay propped up in bed, I'm groggy and only in pain if I am moving around. I did feed my little guy some baby food, so I moved my arms a little. I don't remember a thing about the surgery, my doctor said "we started the medicine, so good night", then I woke up about two hours later in recovery. I think I said some confusing things to the nurse, my husband had to translate, but it was still all nonsense. If I'm not moving I would rate my pain at a 3, and moving around at a 6. I haven't seen the girls yet, I was told to shower in the morning, so I'll post some pictures then. So far the pain is mainly in my armpit, and under my boobs. My back hurt really bad right when I woke, but that went away in about 30 minutes. Thank you ladies for all your support, it is sooo nice to be able to talk about it with no judgement, and know that you're here and have advice!! You're the best!!

Ta Da!!!

It's day two, and I'm getting around okay. I can really feel it when the ibuprofen wears off. I showered this morning, my husband helped. I was able to help get breakfast for the kids and sit on the floor to play with the baby. Last night I slept pretty well, I woke up at 2am when the meds wore off and was in a decent amount of pain, but I took some meds and went back to sleep until 5. I took off the surgical bra last night, which was amazing, and am now wearing a soft band nursing bra. I'm moving around in small spurts, then laying down to rest a little. The girls look pretty good, very high still and little bulge by my armpit that seems bigger on the right side.... I think that's normal, is that normal? The side picture looks pretty good, the front looks a little weird still. I really like the size, I think 375 was perfect for me! I can't wait for them to drop and feel more natural. So, far I'm really happy I did this!

Day three is so much better!

I feel so much better today! I'm no longer taking the percocet, and I haven't taken an ibuprofen since 3am... and I'm not in any pain, just sore under my armpits. I will continue the ibuprofen as I need it. I used arnica gel after my shower today and it felt really nice. My new friends are sitting very high and tight still, but I know its really soon to expect anything other that that. My husband is in love with them! Until this morning I have been so focused on getting through the pain, I haven't really even thought much about me having new boobs. But I put on a sweater and jeans today and I have boobs, even in a sweater! Yay!!! Excited to feel better each day and start getting more enjoyment out of finally having boobs!!

Day 5, a little rough

Merry Christmas! Here's my update on my girls: I don't see much change as far as dropping, I think they feel a litter softer, but not sure I see a difference in the pictures. Today was rough, I think the exhaustion caught up with me, and I've had some bowel issues all day. My stomach is SUPER bloated, I'm pretty sure that my family thinks I'm pregnant again (common thought when you've had three kids in under 5 years).... because, I'm bloated, not drinking, not feeling well and a little fuller up top! Anyone else have the belly bloat?? My range of movement is improving, I can easily (but slowly) lift things above my head now and do more lifting/opening/pulling. I still have one really sharp pain under my left armpit, that radiates a huge shot of pain if I turn to the left and to pull something toward me. I read that that is probably nerve endings healing, I hope so at least. My rib cage on the right side hurts on the front and the back, and that is pretty uncomfortable. Hoping to got to bed early tonight and feel better tomorrow! I did wear a v neck tee shirt tonight around the house and got a glimpse of a not flat and bony chest, so that was awesome!

Ibuprofen intolerance?? Day 7

I think I discovered that I was experiencing "rare but serious" side effects of the 800mg ibuprofen in my last post. I had an epiphony on Saturday after the area under my rib cage on the right side was incredibly painful, that it might be my liver....located on the right side of the body below the ribs. I looked up ibuprofen side effects and web md said to stop taking it immediately if you experience "pain on the right side of rib cage and a sharp pain in the left armpit"!! I had been feeling terrible, all week and definitely getting worse in my stomach, and rib area each day. I stopped taking it and I feel 1000 times better. I have my first post op appointment tomorrow so I can check with doc to make sure I don't need to do any follow up organ checking, but I feel relieved that I stopped taking when I did and wanted to post this in case anyone else had a similar experience! Ugh, it's a slow process to heal... I'm glad I have another week off work. I'm positive I'll be happy with the final results, but not sure I'm patient enough to get there!!

Day 9 Post, Post op and new bras

I had my first post op appointment yesterday. Doc says that the pain in my left breast is due to being left handed and the fact that the muscle is thicker. He suggested trying to do more with my right hand and taking Aleve and Valium at night, but he thinks it is normal, which is great. I went bra shopping yesterday and had so much fun! I'm a 36 C, in all the brands I tried. I ended up with 7 new bras, and a few new fun things for the hubs. He is absolutely in love with my new boobs, it's been really great to see him so into this. I'm posting some bra pics and a sweater pic because when I was researching size I had a hard time finding clothed pictures, and I wanted to see how each size looked in clothing. I still think we picked the exact right size for me, in clothes I can tell a difference, but no one else would notice the difference. Without clothes there is a big difference, and though they are still high and tight, I love the shape and volume I have with 375cc. I'm still having a little pain on the left side, especially at night. But I'm pretty much back to my normal activities, except not picking up my kids yet since they are all over the 20 lb limit and I'm not exercising yet. I'm still too sore to hand the kids things in the back seat of the car and to rough house with them. I'm not a medication type person, but I'm going to try the aleve today and see how that goes, kinda nervous since the reaction I had to the ibuprofen was so bad.

Day 11 pictures

Feeling better each day! Here are my day 11 pics, I see small differences.

Day 17

On day 14 I had my stitches out, which was very easy. I also went back to work that morning. Things are going pretty good, the 'morning boob' has moved more to a stiff/sore feeling and not so much shocking pain. And after that calms down I feel pretty normal until early afternoon, at which time I start to feel like I have fiberglass in my bra. This feeling is easing up, but it's really uncomfortable. Today my boobs look veiny, and I wish the muscle protrusion on the upper outside would go away, and that they would lower a bit. They are also still sitting farther toward my armpit than I'd like, so hopefully when they drop they will move inward a little too! I'm ready for week 6 when they are soft and feel a little more like a part of me! I think they still look like I just had them done, I don't really see much change yet.

Day 26

I think they are softening and dropping a little. The top portions don't look so squared and stretched at least. I'm starting to like them a lot! The left one is still a little in my armpit, and tends to be a little more sore, I'm not sure if this is swelling or it just still needs to drop and settle more. I'm putting Maderma on my incisions and wearing a regular bra now that I'm almost 4 weeks past surgery. The fiberglass feeling has subsided, which is awesome. Each week I feel a little more normal. I was getting nervous that all the bras I bought would end up too small, it seems like others with 375 have a bigger cup size than a c, but I think since I have a broad rib cage that makes the cup wider, all my 36 C bras still look and feel like a good fit. Oh, my belly bloat finally went away! Maybe more so to the fact that I'm exercising again. I'm still taking it pretty easy, with just the elliptical, squats and abs being all I do. Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their new accessories!!

Side by sides

5.5 weeks

Though I feel like I'm writing to myself;) im posting an update because I got my first swimsuits since my new boobs! My left side has moved out of my armpit so I'm feeling pretty much back to normal especially too because I have no more afternoon tightening. I still feel like I can't wear a regular bra all day, I'm curious about when any of you could you comfortably wear an underwire?? I'm still in my ugly old nursing bras, and hoping to move on to new cute ones soon. Im back to regular exercise and I did do push ups for the first time tonight, just a few.. Baby steps! Here are my new suits, I really like the side boob in the black one!

3 months post op

I'm three months post ba! So you don't have to read all the way back through: I had 375 cc, mentor moderate plus silicone implants. I'm 5'8, 133 lbs, and started as a 36a and am now a 36c.

I think my girls have settled all the way now, they are soft and I only rarely feel a little ting of pain, when I do it's a very faint feeling at the incision, likely the cut healing. I have to say I'm very happy with my size, I don't feel at all like I should have gone bigger. We went on vacation a week ago and it was probably the first time I ever felt ' hot' in a swimsuit! I'm loving filling out all my summer dresses and tank tops! And, not one person has asked, I have only told my parents (because they babysat during the surgery) my husband (obviously;) and my best friend, and no one has seemed like they noticed outside those few that I told. I'm a little nervous that when my local friends see me a suit that they will notice, but maybe not since I've been so up and down in size with having babies in the past 5 years. Over all I'm very happy I had this done and I hope if your considering it that my posts have helped some! This site has been amazing to have through this!!
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fata is a knowledgable and careful surgeon. I was impressed with how quick I was able to schedule my surgery, and with how great his staff is. I had zero bruising, and think he recommended the perfect size implant for me, I love the way I look now. His staff is easy to contact, I get quick answers and appointments are quick and easy. I would recommend him to anyone!

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