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This was something I've wanted to do for a while. ...

This was something I've wanted to do for a while. I have never liked my boobs, and after breastfeeding my two children, they were deflated. So I saved up my money and went for it. I still can't believe I did it! Looking forward to having my "final product" and knowing what they will be like.
35 yrs
113 lbs
300cc silicone under the muscle

10 days post op

I just found this site after i had my BA. I made the choice to do it, and after that I really just stayed away from looking things up online because I didn't want to go back and forth and I had enough 2nd thoughts on my own without the help of running across any bad experiences of others. But...I sure wish I would have known about this one! Love the support on here.
So anyway...I'm 10 days out and feeling a little discouraged. I'm still glad I did it, but they're so high up I'm feeling like I should have discussed my desired placement with my surgeon more. I want more underboob. And right now I feel like they're all up in my collarbone! I see other 10 days post who are much further down.
Like I heard someone else say, it feels like my milk is dropping for those of you who have kids. Mine kids are 3 and 6 and for the last couple of days I've had a constant feeling of THO and my milk dropping. Almost all of my soreness and pain is gone, just this uncomfortableness. Plus I guess to be honest I'm kind of scared of them. I haven't spent a lot of time trying on clothes and different bras, mostly bc I don't want my boys walking in on me, I know they'll notice! So they've been in hiding. Plus my husband has been out of town for the last week. (Comes home tomorrow..he's dying to see them!)

My day of procedure went well. My husband took me (about an hour away) and the surgical center was really nice. Got there at 7, procedure at 8. The nurses and my anesthesiologist were all awesome. All made me feel at ease and not at all judge mental about my choice, in fact one joked is this your Christmas present? I went back, scooted over to the surgery table where they make sure I was comfortable and started my drugs. I was a bit nervous, but it all went fine. I told them I get really nauseous with anesthesia so my anesthesiologist gave me a patch behind my ear, which I kept on for 3 days for nausea, as well as a few things through my IV. One or all of them, worked bc I didn't have any thank goodness! I woke up and was just super super tired. They told me my chest would just feel tight, which was exactly right. After I woke up a little more they gave me some crackers and sprite and an hour or so later I was on my way! I pretty much just slept most of that day. My husband kept up on my pain meds and made sure I was taking them when I was supposed to, which was nice. The next day, I was supposed to take my mom to a dr appt and I hadn't told her yet. So from about 11-4:30 I had to pretend like everything was fine and also took no pain meds. It was hard, but I did it. That evening I just ate dinner and went to bed early. After that, each day has gotten easier and easier. I ended up telling my mom and she was supportive, thank goodness. She asked a bunch of questions and basically just said, well I knew it was something you wanted to do. :)
On Sunday, 6 days post op I had dinner w some family and hugging them bye, one of them hugged me really tight, and it hurt so badly, and was super sore that night. Other than that it hasn't been too bad.
My dr has had me on muscle relaxer at night. But I only took that for 6 days. I was off all pain meds by Friday.

Couple other things..

I breasted both of my boys for about a year. 34b before hoping for a C. (although i imagine i was really an A after my kids, just never bought new bras)
PO I had a lot of bloating and constipation....all went away. I took colace, which is a stool softener for a few days and it did nothing. Ten I took Senna which is a laxative and that worked.
10 days PO, I have a couple of shiny patches on my chest...strange.
Also, I had no bruising at all, which is pretty amazing! Thanks Dr. Fata! :)

Found some befores..

Found my little befores.
After I breastfed they were definitely deflated...well then I got back into running and when I arrived at my goal weight, they were just unbearable. I wouldn't want my husband to catch me getting out of the shower, and when he would I was so uncomfortable, feeling so bad that those were the boobies that he was stuck with. He always maintained that he loved them, he's been so supportive through this entire thing. Always saying "I love them the way they are, they're perfect! But I'll support you no matter what you want to do." It was like he read the manual on How To Be The Most Politically Correct Husband When Your Wife Is Considering Breast Augmentation. :) I almost wanted him to be like "Yes! Do it! I'll be so excited!" But in the end, I really appreciate him being supportive no matter what. And I'm sure he didn't want to say anything he might regret if I ended up backing out at the last minute.
Although on the day of my surgery he pointed out that he was wearing his "Life Is Good" shirt. haha!! Love him :)

15 days Post

Had my two week check up (a day late) today. I got out my stitches. I was so nervous about that and afraid it was going to hurt, as pretty much my only complaint lately has been my incision. So itchy and tender! And all my bras are riding up kn my incision. But she started peeling off that tape that's been there for 15 days and ohhhhhhhhh! It felt so good! Like the best scratch to my itch I could imagine. Anyway then it was done! So easy. I can take a bath now, exercise, pretty much whatever. Just listen to my body. Can't wait to get back on that treadmill!
I'm feeling better about them, a little, this week. My left is dropping a little bit faster than the right, which is strange, but I'm in the waiting game anyway as they both still have a looong way to go. My incisions are still really tender and red. Probably just as much from the tape. I have very sensitive skin. She also put another piece of tape on my scar to leave for about another week.
I'm still completely concealing them with my clothes. They still feel so high up that my cleavage looks like melons, ridiculous, so I'm waiting until they soften and drop until I wear anything that's not crew neck or doesn't include a scarf.
I'm having trouble shaving my armpits...it's like now that there's sideboob there, when I raise my arms I have a pit and its hard to shave in there. I'm still pretty much sleeping on my back, sometimes my side. I'm supposed to do massage 3-4 times per day, 10 count. Squeeze top gently, push in, out, up.
Still having the THO discomfort. Actually I thought of a better way to explain it... If you've ever gotten a sunburn then you have to wear a shirt over it...that's what I think it feels like on my nips. Alllll the time.
No bra shopping yet, as there's absolutely no point. They're so hard and high up. I'll try to be patient. Today she told me it will take a couple of months for them to drop. (Twiddling my thumbs)
I guess that's all for now!

Feeling better

I finally feel like I"m getting used to them. I had my three week post op appt today. I didn't get to see my PS last week bc of the holiday so it was great to get to talk with him today, and he made me feel better. I was a little discouraged because I see so many women on here just out of surgery and they're implants have already dropped so nicely into place and they look so natural.....and mine are literally up in my collarbone, it's so discouraging. But he measured me and got out my pre pics and told me that I had enough skin below my nipple to begin with, that my skin needs to just stretch a little bit more and the implants will work their way down into the pocket. He said it doesn't happen overnight, to be patient. Massaging will help. I didn't have a lot of extra skin anyway and he said 300cc was about as big as my body could handle, plus my chest muscles just need to get uesd to them and adjust and then they'll drop, but he thought they look great. He said 4 months until I can get a better idea of where they'll be.

Also, on that note, I have a "string", is what it looks like. I'll try to get a picture of it. I see it under my left breast when I raise my arms. I was a little unnerved by it, but he said he puts in anchoring stitches to make sure that the implants don't go down below where they're supposed to. He says that sometimes you can see a "pull" as a result from that, but that it's temporary and when those stitches dissolve it will go away. whew.

My nipple sensitivity is better. I'm definitely getting more used to them and more comfortable with them.

here's what it feels like. It feels like my old boob is just hanging out down below at the bottom and my new boob is up in the top. In fact, today I tried on a few bras at Kohls for fun bc I was there (I think i'm going to be a 34C which is EXACTLY what I wanted - YAY!) but it was completely pointless. My boobs are so high up they just fit perfectly into the bra cup and don't move a bit when I take off the bra. It's crazy. It looks like I already have a push-up bra on, my cleavage is just already built in. Hopefully in a few months my "new boob" will fit down into and behind my old boob, because it sure is crazy looking/feeling.

I'm supposed to stay in my soft bra for a total of 4 weeks and then still soft bra during the day but I can go without at night. So I'm just going to be patient before "real" bra shopping. Which is fine becaue I don't feel like being in anything but a soft bra anyway right now.

I ran for the first time last night. I usually run 2-2.5 miles on the treadmill. Between taking 3 weeks off and it being Thanksgiving I just felt gross and needed to get back on. It felt pretty good. I wore 2 sportsbras and I felt very supported, but I did worry about smooshing them. It just felt strange. I ran my 2 miles, just a little bit slower than normal...but it felt great!

That's all I can think of now. I'll post pics from my iPad, so they'll be separate from this post.

Feeling good!

Hello foxy ladies. Thought I would post some pics, as its been 4 WEEKS! I can't believe it. I'm feeling great. No soreness whatsoever, just some pulling when I stretch and move my arms in certain ways. But rarely.
I'm so glad I made this choice, and while I know they have a way to go as far as dropping, I see improvement and will continue to be patient. But honestly, even if they stayed right where they are, I would still be so much more happy than I was before.
I'm running on the treadmill twice a week ...may try to get up to three times a week now.

7 weeks I think?

feeling Amazing.


I look back at my pre pics and my immediately post op pics and I'm disgusted. I want to delete them, I don't even want to see them, they're so ugly. But, I won't because I want to show those who are going thru the boobie blues (right after surgery when you're feeling down in the dumps - I know I went thru them!) how far things progress. Time flies. And even though they're not perfect now, they will never be perfect, I LOVE them. I LOVE my results and I'm so so happy I did it. And they've changed soooo much since right after my surgery. Thank goodness :)

11 1/2 Weeks and BRA STRESS

I can't believe it's been 11.5 weeks since my BA. I'm feeling great, I think they're just about where I want them to be now. My main stress lately has been over bras. It's funny I've never cared too much about how my bras fit, didn't need any support, my main concern was getting a bra that looked good with my clothes over it. Now I'm obsessed with finding the right fitting bra. I went to Victoria's Secret and I tried on a 34 C - and it seemed too small. I was in a hurry though, and didn't buy anything. I went back for the semi-annual sale. They offered to measure me - over my sweater..... :/ ......and told me I was a 36 C. I was surprised - I've never worn a 36 before, but whatever! I bought 4 new bras! I was so excited! I wore them and washed them a time or two before I realized they were most definitely NOT the right size. I am not a 36. So I took them all back and to my astonishment and pleasure, they exchanged them for me. So my official size at VS is a 34 C. ALthough one of the styles is a tighter fit (the one I tried on first) and I need a 34 D or I bust out of it. So I guess I'm at the large end of 34C. I'm quickly learning that I need a bra that is tight around my body for support. It's funny - I've never in my life wanted a bra that fits this way. I've always worn a 34 on the loosest hook, not wanting it too tight or any back fat (haha!) and now I'm wearing my bras on the tightest hook to get the tightest fit which I feel gives me the most support.
I'm also on the hunt for the right sports bra. I've been wearing 2 sports bras when I run (I'm back to running like I was before my BA and I don't even think about them anymore) but I feel like I'm just smashing them. I really want to get the right running bra because I'm stressed either I'm smooshing them too much or on the other end they'll bounce around too much and I'll either bottom out or my skin will stretch and they'll get saggy. Got to protect the new girls!!!!

Anyway I love love love them I finally feel like they're a part of me now. Couldn't be happier!!!!
(I'll post photos from my phone)

Pics almost 3 months

Here are my almost 3 month pics
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

He is wonderful, and everyone at Renaissance Plastic Surgery is so nice, personable and professional. So happy with my choice of surgeon!

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