28 Year Old 2 C-Sections Tummy Tuck - Indianapolis, Indiana

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Had 1st C Section at 19 years old. Had 2nd child...

Had 1st C Section at 19 years old. Had 2nd child child at 26 years old . First csection ruined my stomach. Now I have an abdominal overhang. I hate my stomach and ready to feel normal again! Ready to buy cute panties and bra sets and not hide my stomach in oversized tshirts. Ready to wear 2 piece bathing suits again

Picked a surgeon and scheduled Tummy Tuck for 12/23/2014

Went for my 4th & final Consultation ended up picking that doctor and scheduled my Tummy Tuck! Its scheduled for 12/23/2014 . Im soooooo excited!! Been wanting this surgery for 9 years now and cant believe my dream is finally going to come true!! I cant wait to put on a two piece bathing suit this summer! Not the stomach showing ones because I know I will still have plenty of stretch marks even after surgery. Im fine with that and have accepted them but I have never accepted my abdominal overhang. So happy it will be gone in 3 weeks. My Dr suggested lipo but Im on a budget so it will have to be done at a later time. I just stand in my closet for times at a time just looking at all the shirts that I can now wear and look presentable in.

1 Day Post Op

Last night was horrific! The pain was so unbearable. Today I am doing alot better. The pain is do-able. Been taking my meds as scheduled. The drain sites hurt the most. Been trying not to accidentally tap them.

3 day Post Op

I havent been in a lot of pain. I have a sharp pain near my drain site whenever I try to lay on my right side. Today is the first day I will try to avoid all meds with narcotics. I will just take my ibuprofen as scheduled and see how it manages pain. I havent had a BM yet but I have passed gas. I still have been taking colace everyday. Everytime I used the restroom I take a peek at my stomach. Im so inlove with my new stomach. No more abdominal over hang. Its a dream come true.

3 days Post Op Constipation Problem

So I finally got the urge to go to the restroom today at 2pm. No matter how hard I pushed it wouldnt happen. I tried for hours . During this time it was torture because I could not sit on my bottom. I couldnt lay down and my legs kept falling asleep when I would try to sit on the toilet again making that painful. I been taking Colace twice a day. Today I also drank lots of lemon water,Milk of Magnesia, Dulcolax and last resort finally took Enema and two hours later at 11:30pm I was final able to relieve myself. I been constipated bad in the past when on medication so I knew it could possibly happen again. I thought eating fruit and taking Colace twice a day would prevent it but it didnt... That was what I was mostly afraid of about this surgery and Im glad I was able to get through it. The straining didnt hurt my incision any. It just made my muscle repair sore. Ive only had one ibuprofen today and im still doing fine after all of that pain wise.

6 Days Post Op Drains Removed

The most uncomfortable part of the tummy tuck healing so far for me has been the drains. They hurted everytime I touched them. It feels so much better now that they are out. The removal process wasnt bad at all. I also had the stitches around my belly button removed. That was painless. I can now take my 1st shower tomorrow and I cant wait! I havent needed any narcotic meds in days. I have taken the ibuprofen as scheduled every 6 hours even if I havent had any pain. I had my 1st sneeze yesterday and it hurt my muscle repair so much. I can handle coughing but the sneezing pain is something terrible. I hope I do not get sick to where it involves sneezing!

7 Days Post Op - Return Back to Work

To start off I have plenty of leave time from work so if I felt terrible trust me I would have not returned. I have a desk job so it's a pretty sedentary job with no physical demands. The hardest part today was the walk to and from the office to the parking garage. Walking from the garage into the office was the hardest because it's the farthest I have walked since having the surgery. I got out of breath and could feel myself swell up as I walked. Leaving at the end of the day was not as bad as I had been making sure I was up and walking every two hours. The most uncomfortable part of today and everyday is the compression garment because it is so tight!! 6 weeks is a long time to be in this thing. I have never been a girdle wearer so this is sorta torture for me as it is even tighter than a girdle. I hope the stage 2 garment that I will purchase next week isn't so bad. I didn't have much pain today so I skipped out on the ibuprofen today. I feel fine just swollen and very uncomfortable with this compression garment.

18 days post op Tummy Tuck

How many follow up appts
1 weeks , 2 weeks 2 months 6 momths and a year

Today is 18 days post op. I feel great. Im walking back to normal now. Up until 4 days ago I was kinda of waddling because I would swell so much throughout the day to the point I looked 3 months pregnant. Now I dont swell as bad but I still swell as the day goes on from doing my normal activities. On day 14 at my 2 weeks appt my PS put a game marble in my belly button. He told me to wear it majority of the day for 2 months to help shape my belly button and give it a more natural shape. I dont even notice it's there so im fine with that. After day one I noticed my belly button was more rounded already. Now that im starting to hea I notice that I wish I would have gotten lipo in my hips. I guess that will be one area I will exercise away rather than pay for. I dont have a terrible body self image so I am more than happy so far with the results even with my hips and stretch marks. I still cannot believe my dream actually came true. No more abdominal flap.

4 week post op tummy tuck

Feeling great!
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr Fata has been wonderful!! I had no worries about the tummy tuck surgery because he thoroughly explained everything to me which gave me great to confidence to make the decision to go through with surgery to correct my stomach . Dr Fata was my 4th plastic surgeon consultation in Carmel. Im glad I chose him. I feel so blessed to have found him!

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