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I have read a few stories so far and I am so happy...

I have read a few stories so far and I am so happy I did! I saw my surgeon for my pre op appointment today. I found out that my breasts are too large for just a lollipop but she will do an anchor with a lollipop nipple procedure. ( I'm sure I'm getting phrasing confused but she drew what she was going to do and it made perfect sense. ) I'm still apprehensive as to what my breasts will look like after the surgery and in a year after they are totally healed. I hope that I still feel like myself and that my husband will approve. ( He does now and will afterwards) I'm just paranoid. Looking forward to a newer version of myself and one that can do Zumba and not be in pain anymore. Play golf, fold my arms under my breast, jog without pain, fit into clothes that fit my frame instead of my breasts. I could go on and on. Until next time... Take care ladies! Blessings and prayers your way throughout your journey.

4 days before surgery

Well I'm trying to get house in order before my surgery. I'm the only female in my household so I'm going to be pretty much on my own during recovery if you know what I mean...????
I had one breakdown on Sunday trying to wrap my head around what I will look like after my reduction. Happy then sad, excited then scared. Mixed bag of emotions at this point. I will post again tomorrow. Praying for a healthy recovery.

2 days post op

Just tired and sore. My incisions are still oozing just a tiny bit. I think I'm a lot smaller than I thought I would be. I'm not complaining just surprised. I wish I would have shown my surgeon a picture or two. It's ok though. I haven't healed yet or anything so I'm not sure what they are going to
Look like. I do have fat under my arms that I wished were lipo-Ed out. I will post a picture tonight.

3 days post op

Felling a lot better. Just taking Advil now and still using ice packs. I can say that ice packs are the way to go. They have kept the swelling to a minimum and hence slowing down the pain. I have added a picture. I think my right breast is smaller than my left. But who know at this moment. I will have to give it time. Getting ready for my post op appt.

Post op appointment

My appt went really well. I found out that my doctor took out 1400cc's out of my breasts. She said that I will most likely be a Large C or small D. She said that the ice has been my friend and to keep using it for a couple more days ( it doesn't help much a week after surgery). I have fluid in my breasts that I can hear sloshing around. Weird. My doc said not to worry that she prefers to let my body reabsorb it. If it becomes hard or painful then she can remove it with a syringe. Most likely that will not be necessary. I asked why she doesn't prefer drains and her reply was that they can become Infected which can cause more scaring and a slower recovery. She said a good diet and lots of fluids will help it to reabsorb more quickly. I also had gained 10 pounds which I thought I would at least be 3 pounds lighter. Haha. She said its normal and that the weight will come off when the fluids reabsorb. thanks for all the nice comments. I'm so happy I was able to finally feel like a normal person.

Day 5 Post Op

Well I worked from home today and it kicked my booty. I pushed myself and shouldn't have. My surgical bra is driving me crazy and every other bra I bought for after surgery is either too tight or rubs my incisions. Im taking Benadryl to ease the itching of my nipples. My doc was right, it does feel
like my "milk" is coming in. Tightness and fullness. Sorry for the rant. I'm still so happy I did this. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Day 6 Post Op. Crazy bras!

Day 6 and feeling better. Still tired but getting a handle on it. I just want to start working out and getting my body healthy. My old breasts held me back but no more! Im so excited to be able to exercise and breathe at the same time. I'm going out tomorrow and look for new bras tomorrow night.
Symptoms for day 6
Itching nipples. OMG
Tightness along the top of my breast
No Advil. yea!
Some of my steri strips are getting loose
My bruises are turning yellow. It's really a pretty color. Lol
Still retaining fluid in my breasts Sloshing. Weird.

Day 7 Post op

I'm one week post surgery and this has been my best day thus far. My husband took me to find different bras. I found two that were comfortable for me right now. They were both 36 Ds. One is an Anita sports bra Anita's the other is a Champion. I'm kind of surprised, I thought I looked more like a C. I have come to grips with the fact that this is a dial and not a switch and that I will be buying new bras every month or so. Happy healing!

12 Days Post Op

I've been super busy and exhausted. All I want to do when I stop working is sleep. Overall I feel much better. I only have an irritating feeling under my breast where the tape and glue are on my stitches. My steri tape around my nipples is starting to come loose which leads me to believe that they are healing very well. Does anyone else feel like you arms still won't lay flat at your sides? I'm wondering if I'm wearing the wrong kind of bra? Help please.

4 weeks post surgery

Nerve rejuvenation is the worst part of recovery! But it's worth every sharp pain. So happy with my new me;being able to feel
normal and look normal. This is my last picture with my steri tapes on. I still have a lot of swelling and my PC said it would take a good six months to a year before I see my final results.

Itchy Itchy

Has anyone had the itchy nipples? OMGosh I've had it all day around my nipples mostly. I feel like I have ten mosquito bites on each nipple. I'm going to try hydrocortisone if the Benadryl doesn't kick in soon. Loving my new me and the itchies won't bring me down! I've been walking a lot and just started back sleeping in bed. My PS suggested I try to sleep in the recliner as long as possible so my breast will have a good shape. Hope everyone is healing nicely. Take care.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr Gillespie was very professional and has a wonderful bed side manner. She knows her specialty and is very knowledgeable. She is "realistic" and what I mean by that is that she is honest and tells you how you will most likely look after surgery; Dr G. also lets you know her expectations are for you and asks a lot of questions to make sure you are working off the same page. Her staff and especially her nurse Shea , is the best. Very helpful and just plain nice! I would recommend Dr G. to anyone contemplating a breast reduction.

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