36 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 5'1 103lbs, 300cc Mod + :) - Indianapolis, IN

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I am new to RS but have quickly become addicted to...

I am new to RS but have quickly become addicted to it lol. I love reading abt ppls stories/journeys so I've finally decided to share mine. I've been wanting a BA for 14 yrs. I was a nice 32B before having kids. My boobs got massive big after each were born and then quickly deflated into the sad mess they are now lol. Mentally, I just can't take it anymore so I finally decided to go to a consultation and just see what happens. My husband and I did a ton of research on Drs and we found one that we both felt comfortable with. On June 2nd I went to my consultation and was told that I'd definitely need a lift as well *that sucked cause it's more money but I pretty much figured that'd be the case anyway* I tried on two sizes, 275 and 300ccs. I liked the look of the 300 better but after being told the total price of the surgery I pretty much gave up on the idea and left feeling pretty depressed. This is when my husband stepped up and without me knowing much, he went ahead and got a small loan, called me at work and told me to go ahead and schedule the surgery!!! WHAT?!? I couldn't believe it lol! So, I called the Drs office to see what I needed to do and that's when I found out that my husband had already called them to let them know I would be able to get the surgery. They were waiting on me to call and schedule :) So, on June 17th I paid my deposit, scheduled my post and pre op and on July 29th I will go in for my BL/BA!! It all happened so fast, I feel like I'm kinda in a shock lol! I can't believe this is finally going to happen and I couldn't be more excited!!! I'm so happy to have found this site, I feel like it'll be a great support! Let the countdown begin!! :) pics to come

So close, yet so far away...

It still feels unreal that this is happening! Monday, I received the money for my loan along with all the paperwork from the bank, and all the paperwork from my Drs office as far as scheduling and some Do's and Dont's for now until surgery day. I feel extremely calm which surprises me considering I've been wanting this for so long. Don't get me wrong, I am really excited and happy, Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet or I'm subconsciously waiting for something to happen to mess this all up lol. I'm going to make all the payments tomorrow so that way I'm not holding onto all this money, plus I just wanna get it all paid off so that's one less thing to worry about. So, my pre-op is July 14th and surgery day is July 29th @ 9am! 5 weeks and 2 days to go! It seems so far away and right around the corner at the same time! Right now, the only thing that's stressin me out is size. I'm starting to rethink going with 300ccs. I want to be a full D and think that I need to go higher, maybe 350?? I'm very petite and short (5'1 103lbs) and I currently wear a 32B but I don't fill it, they are very saggy :( I have a very hard time making decisions lol, so this is gonna be rough for me! Any advice on size would be greatly appreciated :) T - 38 days!!

Almost forgot...

The Dr I chose is Dr. Fata in Indianapolis. I've done a TON of research on him and seen enough of his before and after photos to know he's the Dr for me. Even before I met with him, I was comfortable with him and his staff are all amazing and so sweet! Here's some pics of how my pregnancies left my boobs

Wish Boobs :)

Nerves are getting to me...

It's been a while since I posted last, mainly because there's been nothing new to say...I've been trying not to think much about my upcoming surgery (July 29th) because I felt that it would make time seem to slow way down lol...I've been wanting this for 14 years, I'm ready! However, I paid everything off in full yesterday and even tho I'm so excited, the nerves have started to take over! I can't help feeling scared...scared they won't look right, scared that I won't be able to get used to them, scared that I didn't choose the right size, scared that something goes wrong and I don't wake up! I know these feelings are normal, and I've been put under before but now that I have kids, it's different! What if I leave my girls motherless over something so selfish! It's definitely been a back and forth up and down roller coaster...one minute I'm so excited I can't stop smiling, the next all the "what if's" roll in...my husband has been very supportive and trying his best, bless his heart lol, to keep me from a total freak out...maybe I just need to freak out a little, get it over with lol...I have my pre-op in 8 days, and I'm hoping that after that appointment I'll feel better about everything...there's just a lot of unknowns right now and I don't think that's helping lol...I just can't wait to be recovering :) this is normal, right?!


I have come to total peace with this whole process...finally! I had my pre-op yesterday...I walked in feeling unsure, anxious, nervous with a shit ton of questions...I walked out feeling completely comfortable, confident, and very well informed!! Now I can just relax and be hella excited for my surgery!!! Except for everything that needs to be done in the next two weeks, I'm ready lol...i feel like the worst part of this process is figuring out size...it was driving me nuts, I was OBSESSING about it, but I was pretty sure that I had an idea of what I wanted...that all changed at my appt yesterday lol...it was a straight forward appt...I got all 5 of my prescriptions (2 pain meds, an antibiotic, a muscle relaxer, & something for nausea) went over my "personalized pre-op booklet" initialed everything that we went over (surgery, risks, healing, ect.) took pictures, asked questions, and after listening to my very knowledgeable, very experienced, TWO TIME certified board PS (sorry, I feel like I should brag abt him a little lol) I/we decided on 300cc Mentor MemoryGel Silicone Smooth Round Mod + Profile, under the muscle with a lollipop lift...damn that's a mouthful lol!! He will decide during surgery if my areolas need to be smaller...I was expecting to have high profile due to my small frame, and was very surprised when he said I should go with mod +, but after he explained why, I completely agreed that those would be best, I trust him! So, now that all the craziness of choosing cc's, profile, shape, size is finalized, it's like a weight has been lifted lol...im OK with everything that I've decided and I feel that I'm going into this with very realistic expectations...I know I'll probably get "boob greed" I'm almost positive I will lol, and that's ok, but I know that I've chosen a size that is safe and will fit my body...I know one may be a bit bigger than the other, but that's just normal! I know they will heal differently, one may drop faster, one may be more swollen, and that's ok, that is just the healing process and I know I have to be patient! Being patient is gonna be that hardest part cause I am NOT a patient person lol Most important of all, I know I need to listen to and follow my Drs orders..he's the boss! All the nervous anxiety is gone (which is good cause that was making it hard to quit smoking) and is now replaced with total excitement!!!! I also found out that I am for sure his first surgery of the day, which I'm very happy about lol! Off subject a bit, I really enjoy this site! Even if no one responds or anything, it's kinda like a personal diary to remember where u were at during your surgery process :) It'll be fun to re-read later on, wayyyyy down the road lol Hopefully u can help/comfort someone or meet some new people along the way :) So if there are any ladies out there reading this, I'd like to say: To those who are still on the fence deciding whether or not to have it done, Just go for it!! :) To those who have just been scheduled, Congratulations!! :) To those who are heading to surgery, Good luck!! :) and to those who are on the other side, Happy healing :) T - 14 days!!! Im so ready :)

What a roller coaster!!!!

Well, I thought I was content with everything after my pre-op, but no, I wasn't lol...I am just really worried that 300cc will be to small...and I'm paying a lot of money to come out just one cup size bigger! I mean, I don't want to be huge, but I definitely don't wanna be to small either!! The struggle is very real lol...so, I called my Drs office yesterday and asked if I could go up anymore..I wanna be safe and not risk my lift or nipples by going larger, but I just needed to know! She talked to my dr and called me back...she let me know my bwd is 12.1 and that he will go up to 325, but that's it...at first I was a little upset cause I was hoping somewhere in between 350 and 375, (dr did say that if I wasn't ok with 325 then I needed to come back in and basically have a new consultation) but I asked her to give me a day to think about what I wanted to do...here came the stress...again!!! My husband and I talked abt it for a long time after work and after that conversation, I feel much better and decided to go up to 325, even tho I know it probably won't make any bit of difference, it's like a mental thing lol...I'm back to feeling completely ok and comfortable with my decision :) I just hope I stay this way cause I have a week and 3 days till surgery day, I have so much to do before then, I don't have time to stress abt size anymore lol! So it's set 325 Mod + under with lollipop lift! T - 10 days!!!!!

And an unexpected visitor...

So I'm gonna be very busy from now until my surgery...not sure if it's a good or bad thing lol...I feel like I have so much to do and not enough time, but isn't that just how it goes :) I went and got my nails and brows done yesterday, ck that off my "to do" list...Came home and TAA DAA..Aunt Flo! She came with an attitude and a week early, but I've never been so happy to start lol...I didn't wanna start while just coming out of surgery so YAYYY for starting a week early lol...sorry if that is TMI...maybe that's why ive been extra crazy about every tiny thing the past week! My kids start school the day before my surgery *of course!!* I still have to get one of them their school supplies and both of them new school clothes/shoes...we have to register them both..I have to figure out how I'm gonna get my youngest to school Friday (day of surgery) I have so much laundry to do...I have to super clean the crap outta my house...Oh Lord ladies, I dread leaving house cleaning of ANY kind to my husband lol...bless his heart, he might try to clean, but that's a big fat might! I'd just rather do it so I know it's done my way lol...I have to get ready for my sister n law and her family that are coming from out of state this weekend!!! I have to go to 2 different places *one which is pretty far from my house* to get my meds filled...I just know I'm forgetting something! it doesn't sound like a lot when I see it typed out, but it stresses me out to think abt it all lol...but hey, at least I started my period early :)

Home stretch!!!

I just got a conformation call from the Drs office confirming my surgery on Friday!!! I got that excited, anxious, nervous butterfly feeling after hanging up the phone...I'm in the home stretch, 3 more days :) I'm feeling like I'm in a better place than I was last week...I haven't doubted or second guessed my choices on size and I've decided im not gonna waste anymore time worrying about house work, and other issues that are out of my control (at least issues that I can deal with later) cause that was stressin me out more than it should've lol...I made myself a list of things I "need" to do before Friday and I've got all the important things crossed off and if nothing else gets done, oh well, lol...I've received some great advice from some great ppl on here and I decided to listen to them...I don't know what was up with me, I just had a meltdown for like a week lol..it's been more emotional than I thought it'd be for me, especially with my dads anniversary of his death over the weekend...maybe that is normal? It definitely helped tho, that at work this morning a lady from some new florist shop came in and introduced herself to me, she then handed me a small but beautiful arrangement of little orange flowers with an attached medium sized butterfly in a cute little orange pot with a big orange pink and yellow plaid bow tied around it! I thought they were from my husband at first, but nope, just random "advertisement" just in time for my surgery, so I'm taking them home lol...I thought the butterfly was a little symbolic of how I'm gonna feel after all this...it may sound weird, but is was like a little reminder that everything is gonna be ok cause I'm still a little nervous abt being "put under" can't lie abt that...so, for now I'm just gonna hang out with my girls and husband while we get them ready for their last year at elementary and middle school...T - 3 days!!!

Tomorrow is the day!!!

So, today my kids started school!! Ughhhh!!! One started 8th grade and the other 5th grade...I got up extra early and walked my oldest to her bus stop, reared up but held it together!! Walked my youngest to her class for the very last time, and lost it! Lol...but at least I wasn't the only mom cryin...it just hit me all at once: no more walks to class on the first day, no more cute Christmas/any singing programs, no more field trips, no more holiday parties, no more track n field day! This is gonna be the last year and I'm gonna be a mess lol....HOWEVER, tomorrow is surgery day and I'm so excited!! Just gotta get through this day at work :)

Yayyyy, it's done!! :)

So yesterday was my surgery...I was just to tired to update when I got home..here's how it went: woke up hella early to get both my kids up and ready for school...we then left for the surgical center at 7:30am...got there a little after 8 and had to sign a bunch of papers, got my arm band and waited...abt 10 min later I got called back to my room, had all my vitals taken, changed into my gown and support socks and IV started...that was probably the worst part cause I HATE getting an IV lol...after that they brought my husband back to my room and shortly after he got back there, the Anesthesiologist came in and introduced hisself...asked a ton of questions and explained everything he was going to be doing...he was great...right after he left, my ps came in drew all over me, confirmed what he was doing and left to get ready...abt 10 min after that my nurse came in...she was awesome!! At this point I was really scared and nervous and asked her to please make sure I woke up! She said "oh honey, it's Friday, that would be a whole lotta paperwork I'd have to do and I'm tryn to ride my Harley after work today" lol she had me laughing and distracted...I loved her!! She rolled me outta my room, I kissed my husband and off we went to the OR...my ps stopped us before we got in there to let me know he was definitely gonna try to get 325 in, but it may be to much...I told him to do what he feels is safe, I trust him...once in the OR there was another nurse and the anesthesiologist and all 3 of them were all busy hooking me up to stuff and getting ready...I started to get really nervous again...I think they noticed cause the anesthesiologist started asking me a bunch of random questions...he let me know he was giving me something to relax, once I felt that the nurse put a mask over my mouth and nose, told me to just breathe and then I was told I was abt to get the good stuff...both the nurse and anesthesiologist started to sing to me "toes in the water, ass in the sand..." Lol, I was laughing at them and that was it...lights out!! Woke up in recovery to my awesome nurse making sure I was good...I actually felt fine except my areolas were stinging...that was really all I noticed...I got moved again to my post op room where my husband was...stayed there for abt an hour, passed all their discharge tests, asked for some anti nausea meds and more pain meds for the ride home and we were off...I haven felt nauseous yet, thank goodness lol...my ps told my husband that everything went great...my left breast hardly bled at all, the right one bled more and he also cut off a mole that I had under my right boob!! He also told him that he tried to fit the 325s in and it just wasn't gonna work, I'm way to small so he put in 300ccs and I'm totally fine with that...I guess he said it was a struggle to even get 300 in lol...knowing that everything went "perfect" as the nurse put it, made me feel much better...we got home around 3pm and I ate, took my meds and laid on the couch pretty much the rest of the night...sleeping wasn't to bad but it wasn't all that easy either...I got up at 5am and too my pain meds...finally went back to sleep till abt 8:30 and have been up ever since...I changed outta the bra they put on in the hospital, which felt great to take off, put on a regular sports bra and got some pics...ill post those in a little while...other than them being hella tight and hard and a little sore, I feel great...better than I thought! I'm just so happy to be on the other side cause the days leading up to surgery were so stressful for me...so far so good! I didn't realize just how much u use ur chest muscles to do basic simple things, it's definitely been an adjustment but my husband and kids have been very helpful...i hope everyone is doing well and has a great weekend...ill post pics when my phone charges :) xoxo

After pics

Morning boob is no joke!!

Y'all were NOT lying when about this morning boob mess!! Good Lord is it uncomfortable...but thankfully once u start moving around it gets better...my ps is having me put my arms above my head once an hour which hurts, but feels good at the same time..if that makes any sense lol...so as soon as I get up with morning boob, I raise my arms...it definitely helps! Day 2...pain isn't horrible but still feeling pretty tight..sleeping isn't to bad but my back is starting to ache from sleeping propped up on the couch...I wake up between 3 and 5 in pain so I take my pain meds then sleep till abt 8 when I'm up for good...at this point in the game I'm really glad I didn't go bigger, I don't think my body coulda handled anything more lol...I think they are gonna be just the right size for me! I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but my ps also reduced the size of my areolas which I'm so happy abt that...he wasnt sure if he was gonna do that or not till surgery day...I'm excited for the healing process, I feel like even tho it's only been 2 days, I can tell a little differences each day...I can't stop touching them and staring at them lol and if I push very lightly in between my boobs, it feels like little tiny bubbles...is that normal??it doesn't hurt, just feels weird

Sleeping sucks!!!

Day 3: they are definitely getting softer at the top and not feeling so tight throughout the day, just in the morning...sleeping is horrible!! Im still waking up around 5am in pain and have to take a pain pill...I woke up this morning with my heavy ass cat snoozin on my chest...I'm glad one of us was comfy lol...morning boob is still lingering, it's awful!! When does that stop?!? I'm a side sleeper and my back and shoulders are killing me! I just got a call confirming my post op appt this Thursday and I asked how long I have to sleep on my back...she (my ps coordinator, who I LOVE) said if I want to sleep on my side, just put a pillow between my boobs and I'll be fine! I'm gonna try that tonight cause it's back to work tomorrow for me :( I wish I woulda taken a few more days off, at least until my post op appt, but I didn't and I have a feeling it's gonna be a long day tomorrow! Thank goodness I still have some pain meds left lol...I have a desk job but still, moving around still isn't all that easy, although it's getting better :) my advice, if u can take off at least a week!! I LOVE my girls!!! I have had no issues at all, other than the normal pain! No bruising, no nausea, no feeling loopy or tired from the meds, not much swelling, no signs of infection, no bleeding, no boob greed (which I'm sure that'll come later lol) no booby blues....I absolutely feel great! I hope I'm not jinxing myself lol, but so far I am so happy I did this! I was told yesterday that I look more proportionate now and that I look like I have a butt too lol...ill take it :) I'm going to take my first shower since the day before my surgery tonight, I'll post more pics when I get out :) one more thing, how do I make a profile pic? I wanted to wait till after surgery to post one, but I can't figure it out lol

Work fail!!

So today is day 5 and I attempted to go back to work this morning...I made it an hour and was sent home cause I was in so much pain, I just couldn't do it...I took my first shower last night and my husband had to do everything, even wash my hair...that was interesting lol, I have a lot of hair and he tried, bless his heart! It felt good to shower and change into a smaller fitted sports bra...by yesterday the large bra I was wearing was starting to feel loose, so I put in a medium and felt way more secure...anyways, not long after my shower, my right breast started hurting...i felt this very tight pulling feeling every time I moved or took a deep breath...it hurt and I was scared I did something wrong...I called the surgery center and they had my dr call me back...he call immediately, it was like 10 at night so I felt bad but he was so sweet, kind, and understanding...told me it sounds like it's the deep stitches hitting a nerve..,not much can be done till they dissolve and basically I have to deal with it...it hurts!!! I'm out of the pain meds, I'm just hoping that when I go tomorrow for my post op he can prescribe me more...other than that they look fine to me...I'm having no other issues and my left breast is no problem at all...the bruising isn't that bad, pretty much what I expected...ill post pics later...I just wish I felt more myself and not feeling like this almost a week out :(

Day 4 pics

Post op

Today was my post op appt..it was short, sweet, and to the point! I got my Mentor ID card, and waited all of 2 min for my ps came in...I love that every appointment I see him...not his nurse or a fill in...him! So he checked me out, pushed and pulled and moved things around lol...he said everything looks and feels great, aside from the bruising that will fade over time...I have all feeling in both breasts and in both nipples...they're sensitive but not to much...They're starting to itch and tingle at the same time...thankfully it's nothing that drives me crazy lol...then he got into my right breast issue...he explained how he cuts into the muscle and showed me where...he re confirmed that it sounds like the deep stitches are irritating a nerve...it should pass soon since they should be dissolving soon...it was nice to be validated...this isn't in my head, this isn't me overreacting...and most importantly to me, this is nothing major and will correct itself in time...I was supposed to start massaging today but he said "no, u are not ready!" He's going on vacation for 2 weeks so he wants to see me again when he gets back to check on me, take off all the tape and start massaging...So even tho my right breast is my "problem child" all in all I really shouldn't complain, so I won't :) pretty happy and excited to see the final result! Patience is key...patience is key!! :)

Bruising cream??

My pharmacist referred this cream to me for my bruising...it has aloe and arnica in it so I figured I'd give it a try...started it today after my appt, so we'll see how well it works :)

Days 10-12: incisions, and scars, and work OH MY ;)

Hi ladies!! It's been a few days since I've posted, but I've just been pretty busy and very tired after getting back to work lol..So I first wanted to talk real quick abt that cream for bruising...ladies, I used it for 2 days and the bruising was gone--GONE!! I was shocked...it works, at least on me, YAYYY!! So happy abt that! Ok so today is Wednesday the 10th and I started back to work on Monday the 8th. I was worried due to what happened last time I tried to go to work lol, but it went way better than I expected! My right breast is still pretty sore and started getting very tight throughout the day (Valium! Valium has been amazing lol) and by the time I got home I was exhausted!! All in all it went well tho...Every day has got better as far as work goes and I feel that the light arm movements I have to do at work have actually been helping...I haven't woke up in the middle of the night, nor with morning boob **thank God!!** since Tuesday the 9th...so that's good :) I'm still having that pulling, pinching nerve pain in my right breast, but that seems to be getting a little better day by day too...My left breast I'm having absolutely no issues with at all! My sternum is still pretty sore tho! Especially the top right side...sometimes it feels like it's burning/stretching and it can get pretty painful, but again, everyday it gets a little better...I've been noticing since yesterday that my nipples/areolas look as if they are peeling a little as well as in between my breasts (is that normal?? and if so do y'all have any suggestions as to what to put on it??) and that my right nipple is wayyyy more sensitive than the left...it's almost a little painful, but I'm not getting those "zingers" just a sharp to dull pain every once in a while...Yesterday (Tuesday) at work was easier than Monday and today was even better...still sore in the armpits, especially the right side, so I'm babying it a little...they are still high, I feel like they're in my throat lol and I feel like I have some side boob which is a new feeling for me when I put my arms to my sides and there's something there now lol! Love it :) Of course they're still pretty hard, tho lefty is getting a bit softer and I think it's starting to drop a little bit...I can't wait to start massaging them!! I was supposed to start that last Thursday at my post op appt, but due to righty havin stitch/nerve issues, my ps wants me to wait till I go back for a follow up on the 18th...hopefully that'll kick start the dropping process and help my right side feel better :) As far as incisions go, they are a tad bit tender on the vertical incisions (more so on righty) and not painful at all around the nipples...I still have tape on the incisions so I don't know what they actually look like, but the tape is coming off at my next appt and I'm hella excited and a little nervous to see what they'll look like :) I'm so ready to start the scar treatment phase!! If anyone has any advice on what to use for scars, please let me know :) So basically I'm still extremely happy with my decision to have the surgery, my Dr, my choice of size (so far no boob greed..so far lol) they way they look, and my healing/recovery! I would definitely recommend ladies who haven't had surgery yet to PLEASE take off at least a full week of work if possible!! Don't do like I did and try to go back after like 3-4 days lol...I'm almost 2 weeks post op now and I love this journey! It amazes me how everyday I notice something new and different...I just hope and pray that it stays all good until I'm fully healed :) Sorry that was so long lol but this is like a "Boobie diary" and I don't wanna forget anything! And if I can help anyone else during all this, well that just makes the posts even better!! Happy healing to all and I hope everyone is having a great week :) xoxo Here's a pic from today...

Fur Baby :)

I know this is wayyy of subject, but I wanted to share with y'all the newest member of my little family! He's our adopted fur baby, Kane! We got him Monday and I just love him to pieces already :)

2 weeks today!!

I'm 2 weeks post op today! It's crazy how much has changed in that short amount of time! Going from barely being able to move and do anything by myself, to being almost fully back to normal **except for the healing pains of course** Nothing has really changed since my last post 2 days ago other than my sternum doesn't really hurt anymore (unless I push kinda hard on it) and my right nipple is getting much more sensitive...it's buggin the shit outta me lol...oh, and I'm itchy all over my chest! I just wanna (lightly) scratch my boobs all day lol...the tape is starting to come off a little in certain areas, but I'm not messin with them till I go back for my next appt...ps said he'll take all the tape off at that time...I'm kinda nervous to see what the incisions are gonna look like! I know I just posted a pic 2 days ago, but I gotta get one on my 2 week mark, so I'll post another one tonight lol...I think the hard part for me right now is figuring out what the hell Im going to wear to my nephews wedding tomorrow!! This should be interesting lol...I hope all u ladies have a great weekend :) xoxo

2 week pics :)

Morning boob returned :(

So Saturday I went to my nephews wedding! I'm pretty sure I tried on everything I own to find something that fit, looked right over a sports bra, and was wedding appropriate...it was so frustrating lol...but I finally found something (I'll post a pic of the final outfit) and all was well :) I felt fine the whole day through the wedding and reception and was hardly in any pain at all...it was great...until I woke up at like 5am in the same kinda morning boob pain I had experienced my first week or so post op! I took some pain meds and took abt 2 hours to fall back asleep...woke up a few hours later still hurting...I was so confused cause I figured I was past the morning boob stage lol..thought maybe I over did it at the wedding... girls were sooo sore and then I noticed they seemed much bigger than normal and it hit me...I started my period lol...I forgot how sore they got that time of the month! So to those who haven't had surgery yet, be prepared for the girls to be hella sore and more swollen ur first period after surgery! Don't freak out thinking something is wrong like I did lol...I sure hope that doesn't happen again that bad next month! Also, I have an appointment tomorrow to take all the tape off my incisions, make sure everything is healing well, and learn how to massage! I'm excited but a little nervous since I've yet to see my incisions...I hope they look good and nothing is wrong...we shall see :) Hope everyone has a good night...we just had tornadoes drop right down the street from us! It was a bit intense, but I like that kind of weather :) everyone is safe and sound tho and ready for bed! I know this post was a bit all over, sorry abt that but i just wanted to write a quick weekend update lol! Wish me luck tomorrow :)

2nd post op appt!

Hello ladies! So, yesterday I had my 2nd post op/follow up appointment...all the tape was removed and I was taught how to massage...I can now start sleeping on my sides and shower normally lol, thank God :) I was told that I can stop wearing sports bras in about 2 weeks...yayyy!! :) I'm so ready to wear a regular bra and get sized...I know it may not be the final size, but it'll still be exciting :) Dr said everything is looking good and my next appt is in 6 weeks...that was pretty much the appt....so I started my massaging today and man are my girls sore! My nipples are also more sore since the tape has come off...they feel more irritated rubbing against my bra...nothing horrible, but definitely more noticeable...is this normal?? The skin between my breasts is peeling like crazy which I was told is normal, it's just gross lol...the nerve pain I was experiencing is gone now but righty still feels a little tighter...all in all everything seems to be healing like it should and I feel great! Not 100% pain free, more like 98%, I'll take that lol...ill post the wedding pic I meant to post the other day, as well as my tape free first normal shower pics lol...Happy Healing Y'all :)

3 weeks...well, a day after 3 weeks :)

Not much has changed since my last post except that yesterday at work I started to feel an uncomfortable "pulling" feeling on the outer side of my right boob...if I lift my arm over my head, it's not as easy as the left and it pulls...I don't understand what it is and I don't wanna freak myself out overthinking that there's something wrong, so I'm just telling myself it's still early and I'm still healing and if it's still happening come Monday I'll call my dr...hopefully it's nothing, but I've come to the conclusion that if anything goes wrong during this process, it's gonna be with my right side lol...I've had no issues with the left at all...the right side has seemed to give me minor issues since day one...even during surgery it was bleeding more than the left...so, she's my problem child lol...The incisions are still a little sore and still a little sore in my armpit area...the incisions around my areolas are a tad more sore and my right nipples hypersensitivity is finally starting to go away :) they are still high and feels like the right side is in my armpit a little, but I just started massaging a few days ago so hopefully they'll start dropping soon...other than those little things, I feel great and so far I have no boob greed lol...I was bored last night so my husband and I wanted to see what my bras would look like on me now...almost all of my bras were hella padded and when I put one on we just cracked up...it was ridiculous how small they were on me now lol...definitely will not be able to keep any of them...YAYYY :) I can't wait to go bra shopping in a few weeks :) I did find one bra that wasn't padded at all...I don't even know why I ever bought it cause I never filled it out right...my poor saggy boobs would pretty much fall out if I bent over lol...anyway, I tried it on and once again we just laughed at how small it looked now compared to how big it looked before...i wish I got a before pic in this bra, but I got after pics that I'll post...it's weird how they look so different in pics than in real life...they look better in person lol...well, I hope all is well and everyone has a great weekend! xoxo

4 weeks post

I'm 4 weeks post op today and a lot has changed...first, that pulling sensation I was feeling has gone away and lifting my right arm is much easier than last week...my incisions are still sore which I expect them to be for a while...not unbearable, just noticeable...the incisions on the right side look much better than the left...I was given some scar gel and have been using it for a few days now so we'll see how this stuff works...I was having some a "burning/tearing" feeling in both my nipples for about 2 days, but that has gone away too...I've been a little worried about all the new feelings this past week, both inside and out...wondering if they're normal healing pains or if there's something wrong! Nothing seems bad enough to call my dr, and I don't wanna stress to much cause I feel that I'm still early in the healing process, but I'm getting a little stressed out! There's two things that are bothering me the most...one, the incisions on the left side seem really red, but just in spots...ill post pics of this...I don't think there's an infection but I'm just not sure...the right looks much better! The second thing that's really got me worried is that my implants just aren't dropping...it almost feels like they're stuck! I've been doing the massaging I was told to do, but nothing is happening...they're still above my nipples...when I bend over, the bottom (below my nipples) is empty...I can see the implants are high still and can feel them, if feels tight/hard...I swear I feel like they're stuck...both of them! I'm going to give it one more week since I've only been massaging for a week, and if nothing still hasn't happened I'm calling my dr...my next appointment isn't until the end of next month but I don't wanna wait that long! I just hope everything is ok and maybe my muscles are just tight causing them to drop slower....pleasssseee let that be the case!!! Anyways, I'm gonna post my 4 weeks pics go to bed, it's been a long day...oh, I mentioned in my last post that I was trying on old bras last week and took a pic in the only non padded bra I had...well, I guess I did take a pic in it before surgery which I was so excited to find lol, so I'll post a side by side of those as well :) Hope u all have a great weekend! Xoxo

Confused and freaking out!

Ok, so at first my (if u read my last post) my husband didn't think that spot on my left breast was infected...then he took a pic of it up to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist her opinion and she said it is infected! She said I should wash it with antibacterial soap, then put a triple antibiotic ointment on it and cover with a non stick pad...she said absolutely call my ps but to do this treatment until I can get there to see him! So, I've been washing it and keeping it clean like the pharmacist said and I just called my ps to see what he wants me to do...wellllll, he doesn't think it's infected, he thinks I'm spitting a stitch and wants me to leave it alone and come in on Thursday (2 days from now) I just hate not knowing!!! However, I think I'm hoping it's just a stitch and not an infection lol...I feel like that'd be easier to take care of...has anyone had or have spitting stitches?? What did u have to do to treat it? This just sucks :(

Infection or spitting stitches?!

I blew it up as big as I could get it and still be able to see it lol...anyone have any thoughts as to what's going on?

Spitting stitches!

So I came home from work today and had my husband check my incisions..and there they were...stitches popping out...and a bunch of them! After talking with a few ladies on this site and a few Drs on this site (along with my own dr) I was pretty certain that that's what was going on, but I hadn't actually seen or felt them...well, my husband rubbed his finger over a couple of them and I could totally feel them...EWWW, such a weird sensation lol...so, to the dr I go tomorrow! I hear he'll need to pull them out, but what about the ones that haven't came through yet? Does it hurt to have them pulled out? Is this gonna make my scar look worse? Will I have to be re stitched? I honestly can't wait to get to the dr, I want this taken care of...and quickly lol!

5 weeks!

I am 5 weeks as of yesterday! It's crazy how fast time flys :) I would have posted yesterday, but I had a migraine alllll day and was in bed until about noon today...anyways, so on Thursday I went to my ps to make sure I didn't have an infection, and I don't (thank God!) I just had spitting stitches, which I figured but just had to make sure...he pulled them all out and cut one down...there was only 3 that he pulled out that hurt like all hell lol, but other than those it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought! I'm not sure exactly how many he pulled out, but if I had to guess, I'd say about 8 to 10! I asked him if that was a lot to have spit out and his response was "well, I put A LOT of stitches in there, so no, that was nothing" lol I didn't think of it that way, I guess he's right :) He let me know that it's very common and not to freak out if it happens again, just come back and let him pull them out..he does not want me to pull them out myself, which kinda sucks cause his office is abt 45 min away...but he's the boss and my luck, I'd mess it up somehow and do some damage lol...the best part of the visit was actually him reassuring me that I am looking great! That my incisions look very good, there's no infection, and that i am starting to drop!! I've actually been worried about that and told him I feel like they're stuck and not doing anything lol...he showed me just how soft they really are and that it can take months to fully drop, not to worry cause they are looking "fabulous" :) that was a huge relief!! I asked him about the redness in parts of my incisions and he said that was due to the stitches coming out and it'll go away soon...he told me (and showed me) that when squeezing the top of my breasts to make sure it's "stretching" the bottom out...so I don't think I've been as aggressive as I should and maybe that's why they're not dropping like I want them too, so I've been doing exactly what he said and hopefully by next week I'll see a difference :) All in all it was a good, weight lifting appointment!! Oh, speaking of weight, i weighed myself at his office and I've gained 3lbs since my surgery lol...I don't know if it's boob weight, lack of being as active, or snacking more than I usually do...or all of the above lol...I was 100lbs when I went to my consultation (I rarely weigh over that) 103lbs on surgery day, and 106lbs as of yesterday...but I like it, I feel like I have more of a "womanly shape" especially with my new boobs, I don't have the body of a little kid anymore lol...at this point in the game I feel amazing! Mentally, physically FINALLY, emotionally! No weird aches and pains stressin me out, boob greed, no boobie blues, NO REGRETS!! I want to thank u ladies who have been such a great support system for me! y'all have truly helped me throughout some of my down and stressful times and I greatly appreciate that support and encouragement!! I hope I can do for others as y'all have done for me! Happy healing to all!! Xoxo :) here's some week 5 pics...

6 Weeks

Well, I'm a bit late (4 days) posting for my 6 week update, BUT I did take a pic on Friday :) There's really not much to update on as everything is going so well...I have no more pain when I move my arms around, no more spitting stitches as of now, the areas that were spitting stitches have pretty much healed, I'm sleeping on my sides better and better each night, and basically all in all I'm very happy...I still haven't dropped fully yet but I did notice Friday, when I took a picture, that my right side has started dropping!!! Yayyyy :) I also noticed in the pic that my incisions look redder in the picture than they really are...I'm just excited that at least one is starting to drop lol...So that's basically it at this point, I can't complain :) I hope everyone is doing well and happy healing to all! Xoxo :)

7 Weeks

So I'm always at least a day late posting my weekly updates since Friday's are my late days at work, by the time I get home I'm exhausted...but I always take pics tho lol...I'm 7 weeks post op as of yesterday and honestly there's not much of a difference since my last week pic..however, I pulled out some old bikini tops and tried them on just to see...needless to say, most, if not all of them will have to go! They just don't fit lol...all but one are smalls or extra smalls, I think one is a med and the black one that I'll post is a large that still had the tags on it..idk why I bought it to begin with lol..I took the little bit of padding out of it so it would fit better and damn near cried lol...so, since there's not much to update on (everything is going well) I'll post a few of the bikini pics! Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

8 Weeks

Well, it's been a crazy weekend to say the least...I had a migraine all weekend, and my husband was in an accident and his car is totaled :( thankfully he and the other driver are ok, but it definitely shook us both up! It could have been worse, the car can be replaced, he can not be...so, we've now been dealing with that on top of starting the process of buying our first house...it's been a bit stressful lol...however, my boobs are healing great and that puts a smile on my face everyday :) I have an appointment this Thursday and I'm actually really excited to get my Drs opinion on how they're doing, cause I think they're healing great :) Other than a sharp pain in my left nipple here and there, I'm feeling great, no problems at all anymore...I still haven't dropped all the way yet...the right side is dropping faster than the left , but I'm being patient (which is very unlike me lol) and my incisions on the left side, are still a tad red...but I've started using Vitamin E oil on both breasts and it seems to be working, so I think I'll stick with it :) So at 2 months out, I really couldn't be any happier!! Of course I'd love for them to be fully dropped and fluffed by now, but I know it can take months for all that to happen, so I'm not gonna complain lol...I love them, and so does my husband :) It's been so fun trying on clothes that never looked right on me before, or just didn't fit cause I had nothing to fill out! It makes me a little emotional sometimes lol! It's amazing what this surgery can do for your self esteem :)

Dr Appointment

Today I had my 8 week appointment..it was short, sweet, and to the point! I still have a red spot (though it's not as red as it was when I had spitting stitches) on my left side incision, so I asked him what it was...he said it looked like it could be another stitch, so he had me lay down so he could pull it out...thankfully it wasn't a spitting stitch, but it sure hurt like hell when he picked at it with tweezers lol...basically, he said, it may have been a stitch that never came all the way out and so my skin just scab'd over and the redness will fade away eventually :) He did the normal 'check the girls' routine and said everything looks and feels great, my incisions are healing nicely, and that I'm about 90% dropped!! YAYYYY :) lol! More so on my right side, my left is slacking behind a little but dropping nonetheless :) I am sooo happy to hear that they are almost done dropping, because I was a little afraid of losing the upper pole fullness that I have now...I've seen some girls lose a lot of upper pole fullness with mod + implants, so I was definitely a little worried about that...I can now wear any bra I want, except an underwire and I don't have to go back to the dr for 4 months! I'm thinking I'm going to hold off another month or so before I go bra shopping...I don't wanna spend a bunch of money on bras that may not fit once I'm completely dropped and fluffed, but I'm so damn excited to know what size I am now...I do know that I'm DEFINITELY not a B anymore, not one single bra I own fits me...they are all wayyyy to small and I couldn't be any happier about that :) Maybe I'll buy just one lol...I'm curious, after uve dropped, do u get any bigger after u fluff??

Dress up :)

It's really hard to believe that 8 weeks ago today, I had the surgery that I had dreamed of having for 14 years! I NEVER thought in a million years that I'd ever be able to have it done! I don't even have words to express how happy I was when I woke up from surgery, it was a very surreal moment and one I'll always remember as (after the birth of my kids and my wedding day of course) one of the best days of my life! :) Even through the pain, medications, uncomfortable sleeping, and a few scary days thinking something was wrong, I've not once regretted having this done. I know I'm only 2 months post op and not fully healed yet, but I absolutely could not be happier! From what I looked like before, which was very hard on me mentally, to how I look now, I feel like a whole new person...mentally and physically :) It's done wonders for my self esteem and honestly, my marriage! I'm so lucky to have such a supportive husband, family, and friends...and I'm so grateful I found this site because of the love, support, and advice from so many wonderful women, who all know exactly what I'm going through on every level, from before consultations to well after surgery and everything in between! So thank you, all of you for all you're support...it truly means so much to me! I just feel so blessed and wanted to reflect on that for a moment. Yes, I'm feeling a little emotional tonight lol! So, after all that, I took some pics earlier in 2 of the only bras that somewhat fit...they are both unpadded 34 C's but I'm thinking they may be a little to small once it's all said and done...but if not, I'm completely content with being a full C :) No boob greed here lol! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Much love to you all!!! Xoxo :)


For some reason only one of the 10 pics I posted showed up, so I'm gonna try it again...

It's been a while...

So, it's been a while since I've last posted...mainly because there's really been nothing new to update on...until now :) So to start off, everything is healing and feeling great! Absolutely no pain at all anywhere...my incisions are getting lighter but definitely not as light as I'd like them to be, but I know that can take up to a year...so I'm not to worried about it...even tho they feel "normal" I guess I'm still just not used to having larger boobs lol, because they don't feel "real" to me yet, if that makes sense...my husband disagrees tho lol...I love how they look naked and even more how they look in clothes! As for an update, I finally got sized...idk why I waited so long to do it, I guess I just wanted to make sure I was done dropping before I got a final size..I didn't wanna buy new bras that I could possibly grow out of...anyway, I went to Victoria Secret this past Saturday and asked the First lady I seen to size me...she did and said I was a 32B! I was instantly annoyed and angry...I told her that's the size I was before I had my boob job...she tried again and then said that maybe I'm a "smaller C"! I was not happy! That couldn't be right because not one of my old 32B's or C's fit, and if I just went through surgery and spent all that money to be the exact same size, I was gonna lose it lol! So I went to find the sports bras and seen another lady that worked there, told her what the first lady had said and asked her to remeasure me...all she did was just look at my chest and said "no way, ur definitely not a B!" She handed me two bras and had me try them on...they both fit, but one was a little smaller than the other...so, I got the most comfortable (and very first ever) VS bra I've ever worn, and my final size is 32DD!! :) pretty big difference from what the first woman measured me at lol...needless to say, I absolutely couldn't be happier! I feel that I definitely got my money's worth and still feel that having this surgery was the best thing I've ever done for myself!! I'll post some pics, but I feel like they look so much better in person...for whatever reason, they look different in pics...I hope everyone is doing well and has a wonderful holiday weekend!! :) xoxo

Half way mark

It's been a while since I've updated, life has been pretty busy with holidays and birthdays! I just wanted to give a quick update and soon plan to give my review on my Dr. I wanted to wait till the 6 month mark to do that...So, I go on the 16th for my 6 month appointment! I really can't believe it's been that long since I had my surgery, it went by so fast!! So, about a month ago, I started getting concerned about the shape/look of my boobs, and it really started to bother me...my husband thought I was crazy cause he didn't see what I saw...to me, it looked like my left side just didn't drop fully...it seemed very minimal, but I stared at them so much that to me it became completely obvious! I also noticed that tho my right side seemed to have dropped fine, my nipple seemed off center...however, when I bend over, both boobs look as tho my implants are higher than I thought they'd be and they almost look empty around the nipple area, if that makes any sense lol...I'll post some pics later tonight of what I'm talking abt, maybe y'all can tell me what u think...or maybe it's just me lol...but I'm definitely going to talk to my ps about those concerns...all in all tho, I'm still very happy with them and none of those issues would make me wanna get a revision! I love them and how I feel abt myself now!! The last time I was sized I was a 32DD, now I feel that I could go to a DDD...I feel that they've gotten a little bigger, I just hope they don't get any bigger than that lol...I definitely do not have any boob greed at all...they are the perfect size for me :) as far as scars go, I have to admit that I'm not great about using anything on them lol...in the beginning I switched off between scar gel and vitamin D or E (I can't remember) oil...but honestly I just got lazy with it, and I haven't used anything for about a month or two...however, I think my scars look pretty damn good for not being on top of treatment :) again, I'll post scar pics later too...I really can't complain, I have no regrets and when I look back at my before pics, all those negative images I see now, just disappear! I hope everyone is happy and healing well :) xoxo

Checking In :)

It's been a little while since I've updated..mainly because there's just not much to update on...which in a way, makes me feel very fortunate :) yes, I've had minor "concerns" due to nitpicking, but all in all nothing major and I am extremely grateful for that..so next month will be my one year anniversary of the surgery that changed my life (I know, a little dramatic lol, but true) and I'll do my final review...I actually just wanted to take a moment to add some pics...I just bought a few more VS bras, but they're a little to small..I was comfortably fitting in a 32DD, but now I think I'm gonna have to try a 32DDD, which is insane to me lol...but I absolutely love it!! I love that I can hide them if I want, or flaunt the hell outta them if I want lol :) So, I plan to flaunt them this summer! Of course last summer I'd just had my surgery and was unable to buy or wear anything cute yet, so this summer it's on lol..I've ordered a few bathing suits (still waiting on those) and bought a few bralettes...it's been so much fun trying everything on...everything fits, feels, and looks sooo much better...I seriously couldn't be happier!! I'm also gonna add some pics of my scars...I had a lollipop lift and to be quite honest, I wasn't very good at all with my scar treatment...however my ps told me not to use anything anyway, that they'll lighten up on their own...for abt the first few months I was on top of it, but after a while I got lazy, plain and simple, and haven't used anything on my scars in around 8 months...I hope everyone is healing well, and have a safe and happy holiday weekend :)
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