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I am 37 and I have had 2 children, and breast fed...

I am 37 and I have had 2 children, and breast fed both children. I am 5"5 at 145 pounds. I decided to have a breast lift with implants.... My doctor suggested Mentor Gel Implants that were 350 CC Smooth Round Implants placed under the muscle. I was a 36 D ( very saggy ) before surgery and I am a very nice 36 D ( very very full ) post op. I also had an old scar revision from open heart a long time ago work on. My doctor used an anchor scar. It goes around the nipple and down the breast and along the cease of your underlying breast line. I am a very active women and has the surgery done on a Thursday and was back to work on Monday. ( light office, sit at desk job ). I am very pleased and I am only 9 days into my recovery. I am happy to answer any questions or provide you will any photos. I took photos every step of the way.

Added more pics, and feel free to ask me questions

Added more pics, and feel free to ask me questions

I am at 13 days post op and very worried. I have...

I am at 13 days post op and very worried. I have done everything correct. No exercise. No advil. No Lifting. No arms above head for 7 days. Simple Range of Motion. Live in Surgical Bra 24/7. Sleep in Bra. First Post Op Visit was good.... and I love the out side appearance but very sore in the brusing area at day 13. PS said at visit on day 12 I had hematoma and to add heat and gentle massage and hope the body will absorb the hematoma. Hope we don't get capsule contracture... I have felt ressure which I told him about from day one on right side. At day 6 post op, PS said it looked good and he would see me in 2 weeks. I have taken Vit C and One A Day Multi and Vit E. I am still in special bra and the right breast has me really worried. We shall see what happens.

I am day 15 and starting to feel a little better....

I am day 15 and starting to feel a little better. I have been putting heat on my breast with a rice bag in the microwave ( warm to touch - NOT HOT ) and using a heat pad over my blanket to help break up hematoma ( bad bruising ) I am feeling more relaxed and stretching is becoming much easier. I have been massaging with no pain and my range of motion a little more often since the hematoma. So we shall see. My pictures are all out of order so you have to read the dates. I am sorry for this... I will keep posting..

Adding Day 15 Pictures

Adding Day 15 Pictures

18 days post op and go to doctor in 2 days. I am...

18 days post op and go to doctor in 2 days. I am getting better and the hematoma seems to have broken up and is looking better. I am a little sore from over massaging I think ( lol ) I am so scared of capsule contractor that I am always moving and rubbing and trying to be so very careful. I walked 2 miles for the first time on the treadmill, and IT Felt GREAT. I miss working out... I am very sore from the walk and after alot of reading I think I could have walked a little sooner. I was told no walking my treadmill for 2.5 weeks. Either way it felt good and below are pictures with each post...

3 Week Post Op is tomorrow July 14, 2010. I am...

3 Week Post Op is tomorrow July 14, 2010. I am excited to see what is said in reference to the hematoma and tightness in right side and I am more anxious to get the tape off. I have been covered for almost 3 weeks now with 2 exceptions ( doctors visits ) I am hoping the tape comes off for good, but we shall see. I post update later on Wednesday after my appointment.

Added 20 day Post Op Pic

Added 20 day Post Op Pic

Today was my 3 week post op visit. Dr. W said...

Today was my 3 week post op visit. Dr. W said everything looks great, feel great, and he took off my TAPE...they also cut away a few stitches and cleaned off everything. I am TAPE free now. I can wear a normal bra at 3 weeks, but it needs to be a good one. His PSA said Maidenform is a great bra to wear and it covers the, "always hard" nipple look. Dr. W said I could start using Scar Guard which is $65 for 1 ounce and apply twice a day for 2-4 months. My scars look fantastic for 3 weeks at least from comparison. My open heart surgery scar revision is a little undesirable at the moment, but it will subside in time. Pictures are Posted Below as 3 week Post Op.

3.5 weeks post op and doing much better. Went bra...

3.5 weeks post op and doing much better. Went bra shopping and purchased my very first NO WIRE Bra... OMG its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee feels like heaven after the surgical and sport bras for 27 days... Pictures are below. The right breast has healed nice since the hematoma but is still tighter and not as comfortable as the left. The left breast is a little to loose and my scar underneath is almost to high. I think my end result will be a scar above the cease line, but its to early to tell. When I lean over my left breast feels like its falling out.. It is very strange, and I go back Aug 11. So we shall see between now and then. I am using scar guard twice a day and Mederma. I like the Mederma and I think the scar guard is a waste of money. As soon as it dries it starts to flake off. I have been using Mederma on the other scars I had touched up ( open heart in middle of chest ) and I think the Mederma is working great too. Again time will tell.

Added Pictures for 3.5 Weeks Post Op

Added Pictures for 3.5 Weeks Post Op

I am 4.5 Weeks Post Op - I am looking better and...

I am 4.5 Weeks Post Op - I am looking better and feeling more comfortable. I still worry everyday about a new possible issue, but for the most part I am healing great and will wait to make a final determination at my 3 months. I am pain free. I am liking the way I look in my clothes. I posted tons more pictures to help you along the way as well in what it looks like every step of the way.

Posted Pics with bra - with shirt - without shirt...

Posted Pics with bra - with shirt - without shirt - scars. We are 4.5 weeks post op.

I am 6 weeks post op and have appointment for next...

I am 6 weeks post op and have appointment for next week for a follow up. At this point I am still unsure of my overall feeling. My right breast is very tight and the scar tissue in the fold is not getting better. My left breast is very loose and is starting to bottom out. I can see the implant under my scar. I am still early on and making many judgments. I am waiting for 3 months to say it was worth $10K or not.... It looks nice and feels very strange BUT the emotional side to it all is wearing thin on me and NOT having feeling yet in my nipples or even in parts of my breast along with having the few issues I have are starting to make it not worth it. So I am in the middle on my choice. Again, I am at 6 weeks post op for BL & BA with additional scar revisions to old heart scar and a mole removal from face.

I am at my 7 months now from a BL & BA and all...

I am at my 7 months now from a BL & BA and all is well with the lifted and renewed twins. The scars have healed nice for an anchor scar, compared to what I have seen. My breasts have relaxed a little more then I was thinking they would, but they look natural and have a tear drop shape instead of a lifted basketball shape. 350 cc with your own breast tissue is alot if weight. I am a 38DD at Victoria Secrets, but most of my old 38 D bras from Kohl's still fit just fine. I have gone back to a wire bra with no problems. You just have to give everything time to heal and use wire free during that time. The feeling is still coming back in little sessions and I hope to regain more very soon. This had been a huge upset in the sexual department. NO NIPPLE SENSATION for 7 months. I am still hopeful in due time, because I can feel a little more. Overall what I like the most is NO ONE can tell. I look like the same me, just when I take my bra off, my twins don't fall to my belly button, they stay the same and are nice and perky. I love walking around the house in my pretty nighties and jammies with no bra. Its wonderful........Running on my treadmill is a little more uncomfortable but I bought a very firm sports bra and a lycra workout top and it takes alot of pressure away. good I have also had my 1st mammogram with the implants and it was a breeze, it was no different then a mammogram without them. So good luck to you all and I will post my 7 month pictures soon. I have my last follow up appointment in February and hope to post the doctors before and after images too.....Happy 2011.

We are approaching year 3 and I am over all very...

We are approaching year 3 and I am over all very happy with my outcome. I look natural with minimal scaring.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

I can say that Dr. Wagner is very quiet and straight forward. His bedside manner is focused on your plastic surgery desires and concerns. He isn't the Mr. NEW BFF surgeon, but I think that is why I liked him the most and his former work in the medical field. His work speaks for itself. His staff is semi friendly at first and they grow on you as you become more comfortable in your new skin,. My main concern was the Plastic Surgeon and what he could do for me. I interviewed with 5 surgeons in my city and with tons of research and I chose Dr. Wagner in Indianapolis, Indiana. July 2010. It is now May of 2013 and I am almost at my 3 year mark since my lift and Mentor 350 CC gel smooth round implants. It did take almost 2 full years for , "sensation" to come back, but it did !!!!! Everyone's body heals different. I have had no problems at all. I have mammograms with no issues or problems. Dr. Wagner gave me exactly what I wanted, which was a lift and a fuller breast. Most people don't know I had anything done and the people that do can't even tell I had anything done. For me that was very important because my decision was for myself and not for a new set of trophy twins. I wanted my 20's back and I got it ;) . So now that we are on year 3, I can say I have perfect, natural looking breasts. Thanks Dr. Wagner!!!!!!!!!

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